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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE LAYOFF FOOTBALL CHALLENGE

Difficulty: 0

Hey guys and welcome to the layoff challenge

Basically, you lay it off to someone,

they lay it off back to you,

You've got to try and score past the world famous...

[Scream of Pain]

Black goalie!

My name's on the t-shirt!


Oh my God...

It's good!


Oh, he's done him dirty!

Oh, come on man!

Oh, we are useless!

[High voice] Hiya!


Wha... We're so white...

What are you doing bruv?

He's sleeping, 'cause no one's hitting the target

He's sleeping on you!

Oh, do him dirty...

Hit him, hit him real hard [hit him hard]!


Good keepin'...

Wow, what a save...


Now, it seems clearer



That was a nice shot as well!

What a save!

Has no one scored yet?


Am I really going to be the-

I'm going to be the first person to score

and it's goint to be amazing, watch this...

I think I have choice over this... [chuckle]

Fuck him over!

Dink it, dink it!


Oh God...

It's good!

It was a good shot...

This one should go on target, hopefully...

On target, not in...?

No it'll be on target, that's all I need to aim for.

On target! Rebound!

That was a pass...



If I was a girl, I'd be called Jennifer.


I would.

You would?

I would.

I just wanted you to know I would.

I would too, give me a good pass please?

Oh, we are useless...

I tried to finisse [finesse] it... I tried to finisse it... [Bad remark about the shot]

That was on target you little peasant!

Hashtag #GoalsGoals


Oh, I like that, I like that!

Goals Goals!

Go on mate!

Hashtag #GoalsGoals mate...

Hashtag it! Oh...

Hastag Hashtag Hashtag, which way, who knows?

Go on...

Can we get a goal? [3x]

Oh, that's good! That's really good...

It's good!

It's goood!

Ok, my second chance, to be the first to score... Here it goes! Right, Simon please...

Yes, that's the one!


That's the best one so far?


Always improving, miss, on target, goal!


It makes sense, it makes sense!

It makes sense, it's just not going to happen...

Oh that is... savage.

Oh what is that?

What so you mean?

That's a beautiful finish!

You told me to put it wherever I want!


Miss, on target, miss!

My nickname used to be Skeltor... Now it's not.


Subscribe to Callux for some more banter.

Go on...



The goals too big.

Uh... Yeah, top right, top right.

Here we go!


We are useless!

Right, history in the making.

What history are you making?

[Music build up]


[Wild screaming]


We've had a goal! Oh shit!

He became the ball! See! [Chuckle]

Two goals in a row, can we do it? Can we do the impossible?

Oh, I reckon so...

Let's go Simon...

Oh! Oh!


[Wild sceaming]

What a save! What a save!

Black goalie! Black goalie!

What a save...

How's he done that?

Uh, was that neccessary?

[Repetition of earlier audio in slow motion]

I'm not goint to say anything this time. Well I have already... But I'm not.


[Music build up]

Oh my God!

[Wild screaming]


That was awful. [Chuckle] That was awful...

Ow, that really hurt! [Laugh]

I can't support this...

Look! Sidemen tracksuits, really good, high quality! No rip, no rips!

Bang! Oh...

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm... Give me your shoes... I'm the cleaner now...

I'm not a fucking football player anymore...

Leed scum! Leeds scum!


Yeah, that was really bad.

Ey, that was first attempt!

Go on Simon! Go on Simon!


Stop that, ey stop that!

[Chanting] We love you Simon!

Oh, it's far...


Straight through!

Did it go in? I don't know!

It went in!

What?! [Laugh]

Oh boy, oh boy! Oh...!

[Wild screaming]


Tobi's go!

Tobi's the best of the Sidemen!

Oh, shut up!

Let's go Tobi...

What a let down, Jesus, he's terrible!

Ey, that was a warm up...!

Warm up, yeah. Everyone get's a warm up!

It is quite warm...

Oh, baby!

Oh, here we go...


He's done it!

So that was the layoff challenge, if you want to see more football check out their channels

And, yeah, that is it, they're in the description


[Jumbled talking, shouting]

Aw... It's not good!