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Captains Log, Stardate 4847.3

The Farragut has been ordered to the Ocasta system on a mission

that exemplifies the best nature of our Federation.

The only inhabited world is an icy moon orbiting the gas giant Solon.

The Solonai, an ancient race of scholars and historians,

have kept themselves at a distance from

galactic politics and alliances for centuries.

Now, for the first time,

they have invited the Federation to meet with them.

This is my first diplomatic mission as commander of the Farragut,

and reports indicate the Solonai are friendly.

Lets hope the reports are correct.

Full Stop, Captain.

Thank you, Mr. Baker.

Mister Akiva,

contact the Solonai and let them know that weve arrived.

Aye, sir.

Any update on those strange energy readings?

Yes, sir. They have increased in intensity, but I still cant identify the source.

Could it be some sort of background radiation?

I dont think so. Its too strong.

It doesnt appear to be affecting any of our systems.

Keep an eye on it.

Any luck?

No, sir. No response to our hails on any standard frequency.

Thats odd.

They asked us here.

Why dont they want to talk to us?

Mr. Prescott.

Yes, sir?

What's the manual say about initiating contact

with an advanced species on their home world?

Regulation 46 B, Section 1:

"Federation vessels should remain with reasonable communications range

and await contact for at least one solar day."

I recommend alert status.

One solar day?

Yes, sir.

All right. Condition Yellow.

Helm, maintain relative position.

Ill be in my quarters.

Let me know if they respond to our hails.

RT, you have the bridge.

Welcome to our world, John Thomas Carter

and the crew of the U.S.S. Farragut.

It is time to begin our great work together.

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