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Hey, what does Shankaboot mean?

Rommel, I met him by coincidence

He was a delivery

My son Rommel, he's been kicked out of school

You pick him up

And you keep him with you

Until I'm done with work

So this delivery turned out to be a kid

He's the smartest kid I've ever seen

He's not a normal kid

Do you know what this monkey did today?

He pinned the teacher on her chair

He can do anything

He dismantled an AK-47 right in front of me

In like 15 seconds

In 15 seconds he had dismantled it

And put it back together

Son of a bitch!

Who taught you how to do that?!

This guy, he learned from his dad

His dad used to fight in the civil war

He taught him ever since he was a kid

Guns guns guns guns

So it's all about guns in his head

In summer he takes me to camps

With lots and lots of people

We play football

We climb on trees

And my dad and I train with guns

Kids nowadays, they're all about toys

Before they used to get them hammers and stuff

Tools and stuff... Now they get them guns

And Power Rangers and I don't know what

And they teach them these things as kids

And during the holidays

It's all a mess

Everybody has a BB gun

And they're all shooting their eyes off

And hurting themselves all over the place

It's a frenzy

It's nobody's fault

The problem is everybody turns a blind eye

And nobody says anything to them

And whoever doesn't have an actual gun

Has a pellet gun, with the round steel bullets

And these guns make a sound like real guns

Guns are so cheap here

And they're everywhere

In Beirut, outside Beirut, in the Bekaa

You can get guns from anywhere

Real guns, real guns!

Pistols, AK-47s

I'm serious!

Where I live they were firing B-7s the other day

Just because a politician spoke

They fired a B-7!

What do you think?

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