Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet Randy Santel: The World Class Professional Eater

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during a challenge I wear headphones

because I like to listen to music I love

girly pop music Miley Cyrus Katy Perry

Taylor Swift frickin awesome music helps

me get my mind off the massive amount of

food that's sitting in front of me it

allows me to eat more eat faster without

even noticing my name is randy santel

i'm a professional eater in the United

States I specialize in food challenges

competitive eating and nutrition my goal

is to have food challenge wins in all 50

states along with all 27 and hopefully

by the time it gets to that over 30

countries with food challenges you've

got to have the proper strategy you

can't just take a five pound burger

pick it up and eat it you got to be able

to break it down know that you have to

eat that meats first then the veggies

then the breads then you usually add

your fries or onion rings or whatever

your sides are there's a whole lot to it

that most people don't understand that's

why over 90 percent of people lose food

challenges it's all about being ready

train strategize dominate we are at meat

liquor and I am freakin starving so it's

definitely time to you

okay that's really cool you're


probably on Facebook what's nice about

your little like routine that you like

okay what can I get fine can I get it my

friend hey everybody

this is Randy santel Atlas with Atlas

and Zeus promotions

I'm here with my friend Vicky and I

think Vicki's gonna try the challenge -

yeah that would be good that would be

cool to watch but let's get this

challenge started the whole flexing

thing I get a lot of flack about that

Alice Atlas Alice that's just more fun

than anything it was more just flexing

on it cuz I was basically showing the

food who's daddy ah appreciate you guys

coming today this is awesome

holy cow hey everybody this is randy

santel atlas' with atlas & zeus

promotions and proud owner of i'm here at meet

liquor in central London I'm taking on

their triple chili challenge now I'm

going for overall win number 246 and win

number 36 of my 2015 UK & Ireland tour

we've got all kinds of deliciousness

over here we're going to do I think the

burger first then the hotdog and then

work on the chili cheese chip I've got

10 minutes to do it

the record is frickin 2 minutes and 47

seconds I'm gonna try to break the

record so even if I lose I'm still gonna

get it free if I win in under 10 minutes

oh I had my hat on wrong I need to

redo that hey everybody this is randy

santel atlas' with atlas & zeus

promotions and proud owner of let's get this

challenge started a lot of people ask

about who Atlas is I'm a big Sylvester

Stallone fan and I love the movie over

the top before every big armwrestling

match he turns into his alter-ego he

calls a machine he basically takes his

cap does this and then you can just see

in his eyes that he's just complete

focus ready to dominate the task at hand

he's ready to destroy anybody in

armwrestling that even comes up to the


when I turn my hat around and turn into

Atlas rub my hands together any food

sitting in front of me is going down all

right one two three go

the big thing to eating fast is not

chewing it's about swallowing basically

take a lot of small bites almost like

CPR they tell you to open the throat you

just do that maybe with a little water

pushing it through just and then just

swallow you're able to move on to the

next bite it's all about practice

training strategizing and then soon

you'll be able to if you work hard

enough down there I was born in st.

Louis Missouri throughout my life I've

always been kind of a big kid I used to

be about 205 pounds which is over a

hundred kilos back when I was in fifth

and sixth grade so I've always been able

to eat a lot my very first job I was

working at Subway I was a senior

sandwich artist is to eat three double

meat footlongs with extra vegetables and

everything within about a five-hour work

period then I went on to Burger King I

used to basically fill up an entire tray

of just everything and I was able to eat

that because I was wanting to gain

weight so I can be better at American

football as a big guy I've always wanted

to just be really really ripped I mean I

think a lot of people that have been

really really big they always have that

oh man I would look so freakin good just

all cut up sexy physique ripped up body

well I've always wanted that

in 2010 I found out about this national

USA Men's Health sponsored body

transformation contest I compete it in

this big big transformation and then in

two months I was able to lose 26 pounds

I got down from 250 down to 220

basically the results that I got were

really incredible I mean I've never seen

myself like that before

I was so just stoked to be really really

rep that I ended up getting all oil DUP

I did a 10-day tanning package and I

bought this gladiator Halloween costume

and tighten up winning once I finished

with the transformation contest my buddy

had done this pizza contest before this

pizza challenge he lost it with another

partner but he knew that I was very very

good at eating so to celebrate and to

treat ourselves we did the big pizza

challenge we got 500 American dollars

for that no lie mr. Minetti it's the

real thing so you're watching on youtube

it's the real thing brother

yeah after that I was like hey I'm

really really good at this we borrowed a

camera from one of my friends turned a

40-minute challenge into a 10-minute

actual video we posted that people

started to watch a month later I did

another challenge more people started

watching the videos friends were like oh

yeah that's freakin awesome I cannot

believe you can do that

if I could say there's any one thing

that bothers me sometimes is to call

competitive eaters wasteful I may eat a

lot of food but it's my one meal for the

day obviously it's not that healthy to

eat 7,000 calories of fried breakfast

food but doing it every now and then is

not going to do any sigh any kind of

long-term health effects the big big

trick is to keep up the exercise the

cardio a little bit of the weightlifting

when you're fit trim feeling good you're

able to eat a lot more than when you're

a lot heavier obviously you can see

there's a little bit there but it's only

going to take about two or three months

to get it all back before all my big big

tours I always get my blood levels

tested to make sure that my cholesterol

is fine

blood pressures doing great everything

else is great cuz obviously I'm not

doing this to hurt myself

my first time traveling out of the

United States was back in 2010 for that

I never even really had a passport

whenever anybody asked me what I do I

say I'm a professional leader and people

were like what the hell does that even

mean the hardest part was deciding to

just leave what I went to school for to

focus full-time on all this food

challenge stuff

I really don't own anything anymore

other than my camera gear my piece of

crap car that's sitting at home all my

stuff actually just fits in a small

vehicle I'm not really money driven I've

got some investors and I still live with

them my parents yeah mom and dad they

just want to see me happy and I'm very

very happy doing all this different

stuff and that's kind of why they're

helping financially right now my sister

she's single I'm obviously single they

just got a little bit of money stashed

away for our weddings and as far as I

know there's not really anybody that

even likes me

so we got all this money that obviously

isn't going to go to any weddings

anytime soon it's a double room ah very

nice I'd say definitely when you're on a

tour like this in order to be able to do

a challenge every day not only do I have

to drink a lot of water but I have to

drink a lot of fiber or eat a lot of

fiber too and since I can't really have

any other meals other than the food

challenge I supplemented with this thing

that I've got I got in the states I

brought it over here called super colon


it's basically just full of plant fibers

and sterols and stuff like that along

with some natural laxatives and just to

make sure that my intestines and

everything are empty in there I can just

fill it all up again with the new

challenge that I do on that day look at

how frickin awful that looks it's just a

whole bunch of just plant sterols just

running through the water it's going to

clear me out pretty good


is so gross now it's finally time we're

going to be heading into wicked waffle

I'm going to be taking on their wicked

waffle challenge I'm very very excited

because as I can already see there's a

whole lot of different posters

advertising I'm going to be there and

there's going to be a lot of people

watching so it's going to be a good time

let's go on ahead in Harry Hey nice to

meet you yeah you tell you too haven't

eaten today so now I get to see what

kind of ice cream there is do we get to

choose yeah what it is you get to choose

two scoops of each flavor obviously if

you've got people choose tell vanilla

thank you it'll be a little bit easier

oh yeah yeah

Ferrero Rocher very very delicious but I

don't know if I'd want to eat two

massive scoops along with all the other

stuff so that would be more once I

finish I'll get it for dessert today for

the wicked waffle challenge I've got to

eat for massive Belgian waffles I've

also got to eat 12 scoops of ice creams

all stacked layered up in between all

the waffles so I'm really going to have

a pretty simple strategy in order to

avoid brain freeze I am going to be

drinking some warm water I will also be

using a really really big spoon so I can

get as much ice cream in my mouth as I

can and then chase it with the warm

water found out Randy through YouTube

discovered one of his videos which was

this hot dog instant challenge it was

the biggest hot dog that I'd ever seen

yes since watching that videos does just

hooked it defies logic the fact they can

eat all of that seems like you and I a

genuine person and seen his

transformation from the used to be like

to the man-mountain that he is now is

just incredible almost gold connection

with the bloggers I've known of him for

a couple of years I heard about the

challenge through Facebook I tried twice

last year completing it once and failed

the first time I saw Randy was coming

down and thought I'd come down and have

a go again this is going to be win

number 248 throughout my life since 2010

and I'm going to be doing it the same

way as I've done all the other ones when

before you begin I won this challenge

before I even walked into the door and

that's because I trained I strategized

and I'm about to dominate

holy hey everybody this is randy santel

atlas' with atlas & zeus promotions and

proud owner of very

very excited tonight I'm here with my

buddy Simon we are in Portsmouth England

down south of London at wicked waffle

taking on the wicked waffle challenge if

we fail it's 25 quid but if we win we'll

get the meal free I think we may even

get t-shirts we got 45 minutes let's get

it started all the way

to all these different families these

kids all these people that have been

watching all my videos I'm not going to

lose it in front of them

one challenge there were probably 50

people there was cheering Randy Randy

Randy Randy when it's like that it's

just like I am not about to let these

people down

thank you is nice neutral you to run you

take technique I appreciate yet there's

a lot of things that I've sacrificed in

order to go anywhere I need to go do

anything I need to do there can't be any

type of serious relationship involved

spend a lot of time alone which kind of

sucks but I've learned to cope and be

able to be fine with that

I ended up making myself single we'll

call it that most of my friends that I

went to high school in college with

they're all doing what society calls

growing up

they've all got families and they've got

babies along the way and it was kind of

pissing me off that every time I get on

Facebook somebody's getting engaged

somebody's doing this having a baby

buhbuh buhbuh blah so I ended up just

for myself getting a ring and died

basically just says married to my dreams

it can't get lonely sometimes but I mean

I've got my music and my career that I'm

always working on there are some days

where something bad might happen like at

the end of every day I'm really really

broke cuz I mean I've spent thousands

and thousands it's probably over 30

grand over the past couple years on all

this different stuff

randy santel calm stuff but at the end

of the day I would rather sleep in a

freaking gutter than ever really quit on

giving up on my dream so they're going

to happen it's not a question of really

whether they are going to happen once

somebody gives me that call of that

email and says Randy I think I really

got something that we need to be doing

needs you to be here

you don't even need to give me more than

a few hours notice how be there I'll be

packed up and ready to go

this is what my life is dedicated to hey

everybody this is randy santel atlas'

with atlas & zeus promotions and proud

owner of just want to

remind you guys if you wanting to do a

food challenge never forget when before

you begin train strategize and dominate

just like I do you do those three things

you'll be able to do too


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