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Hi and nice to see you again to watch this new video from the Christmas village builders!

Today we are going to show you how to make these stairs out of stryrofoam!

Today we are going to show you how to make these stairs.

We use this staircase in several videos and we got the question from a lot of people

how do you make such a staircase?

We generally make these with the Proxxon only not everyone has one,

so let's see how you do with a knife or with a hot wire.

These are basic stairs, but if you build something around it with a little more effort,

you can make a base for houses.

So 2 houses can go up here with the stairs in it and we added some xps foam bricks.

If you paint it a bit, you get about something like this with the stairs added

that we gonna show later in this video!

Lets get crafting! :)

Okay, let's start with the first steps.

This stairs were made with a hotwire tool.

There are different attachements but we've used the wire.

Also we need some styrofoam, a marker and a ruler.

I always like to compare with a figurine so I know a little bit about the scale ratios

This block consists of two centimeters wide steps and the figurine can go on it exactly.

You also have figurines with a large base, then you make larger steps or

you just don't put them on the stairs..

I always like it when it's a bit in proportion and I'll show you

how we did that.

You start with the block of Styrofoam, and then you draw the stairs where you want them

I'll do this on a small block but you you probably have a very large block.

You can cut off a small piece and add it back later.

The staircase has a total of 5 steps because the last step is the block of Styrofoam.

You can put the stairs in the block styrofoam or place it against it,

as you can see.

You can decide the different options for yourself I'll leave it to you. I just show you the basics.

First sketch were you want the stairs.

I've made this one before but I will make it again.

The stairs are about 10 cm.

And it's also 10 cm wide, so I skecth a box of

10cm bij 10cm.

And later we will cut this out.

You can use your hotwire tool to cut it out.

Sometimes you have the problem that the stairs are unreachable for your hot wire.

Then you just have to cut it out with a proxxon and if you don't have one then a knife.

Make sure you have replaced your blade because Styrofoam quickly dulls your blade and

then you see that you no longer have those sharp cut lines but that it crumbles more.

I'm going to cut this one out and I'll be right back.

Ok I just cut out the block and then you have this.

In this one you will add the stairs. And this becomes the stairsteps later.

So just keep this with you and in the same way you took the block out

so that it fits nicely in the styrofoam block later.

Then we're going to draw stairs here and so we do that with a ruler and a marker.

And I like two centimeter wide steps that go up 1 centimeter.

So two centimeters and one up. Two centimeters and one up.

And again you can decide how big or small you want the stairs.

I then draw a few lines of 1 centimeters high.

And then you get this. And here we go draw the stairs.

So the first step is two centimeters and so the next one is 4 centimeters.

Then you get this and in the end it becomes this the stairs.

Ok so this has become the stairs and this block goes right back into the styrofoam.

So if you draw the stairs wrong like this the stairs don't fit. Because the block goes back like this.

Then the stairs won't fit.

So if you sketched wrong, stop and put back the block in the good way.

Look how the staircase should be and then just draw a new one, it doesn't matter:)

And we are going to cut this out with the hotwire tool, I'll turn it on.

So you basically just follow the lines that you just drew. Slow and steady cut it out

Follow them slow and steady.

Make sure to do this in a well ventilated area. Open a window for example.

So this ended up being the stairs. And the leftover block is a new stairs!

Okay now we're going to make a staircase with using a knife.

The blade has just been replaced so this one is good sharp.

The principle remains the same, skecth it first and then you draw the stairs in the block

and we're going to cut it out with a knife.

Be careful of your fingers of course.

So I have a line here, at the top and so you cut it in.

I cut another one and show you what I did.

So I made two cuts here and here. I then go all the way down to the bottom.

But I not cut it trough yet, that will come later.

Okay so I have cut from top to bottom and now we are going to cut horizontal

And then you keep going until the block comes out and then you have a beginning of your stairs,

and that's how we go all the way down.

And what you can do is that you draw on both sides of the block the stairs

so you know exactly where to end up with your knife.

Sometimes you have that it won't come loose then you have to cut from top to bottom again.

And there it is.

Then you can put it back and you also have made a staircase with a knife.

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