Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Backfist Heard 'Round The World ? Jersey Shore Throwback Clip

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(electric guitar music)

You took me home, I drank too much.

Because of you my liver turned to-

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight sweetie.

- Yo, how do I taste, bro? I saw my-

- (indistinct)

- Yo, how does my (beep) taste bro?

- I committed the robbery.

- Yeah, you committed the robbery.

- I committed the robbery.

- Bro, I got her and I passed her over to you.

- The robbery was committed.

- Who are you?

- You're a little upset right there.

- Whoa.

(slapping sound)

- Oh! - Oh! What are you doing?

All of a sudden Jenny starts coming at me,

throwing out the wig, throwing out the fake nails.

(puffing sounds) coming out of you hard.

I'm just like, damn.

- Chill the (beep) out. Chill the (beep) out.

- You better get off me.

- I got it. I got it, I got it.

- Just chill the (beep) out.

- Don't hate him, why did you do that?

- Get the (beep) off me. - Why you doing that?

- Get off me.

- What are you doing?

- Are you going- - Get off me!

- Are you going to punch me in the face?

- He kicked me out of the club.

- All right, but don't punch him in the face.

- I kicked you out of the club?

- Get off me. - Get the (beep) out of her.

- Are you going to punch me in the face?

(thumping sound)

- Oh - Oh, see what I'm saying?

- Goodnight.

- (punch imitation sound)

And like (beep) connected to this kids cheek.

- Oh! - Oh, see what I'm saying?

The power that was behind it, it was some (beep) video game.

It was nuts. - Right! That ain't right.

- Bro, she's a girl, bro.

- Yo, go, go to sleep you stupid (beep)


- If I get to you.

- Bro, stop! Jenny don't! Jenny don't!

(beep beep)

- (indistinct) cry?

- Yeah! Yeah!

- Don't!

(everyone talking)


- Oh yeah! - Really?

- Yeah-

- Really? - Horrible.

- Really?

That's why it takes three guys to hold me back?


- Oh my God! Take some more testosterone girl.



- Get off me!

- Go home, girl.

- Let go.

- Get the (beep) out of here.

- I think the fact that Mike got punched

in the face by Jenny is pretty funny.

- Did you see that? I'm ashamed.

- I tried to get her off you.

It couldn't have been more perfect.

If it was like Pauly or Ronnie I'd be like,

a different story, you know?

But it's Mike!

- Hey, (beep) you all right in there?

- Constantly running his mouth, talking (beep)

blah, blah, blah.

- Horrible.

- Just stop. Just let her alone.

- (beep) hoe.

I would love for that girl to come at me again.

She was like this.

- She did a swim move. - Yeah!

- She's still like that. - Yeah!

- Is she a man? Do I hit back or is she a girl?

- Yeah well she (beep)

- I didn't know what to (beep) do.

But I will toss her out like the trash, real quick.


- She came out swinging.

- Yo, this broad!

Yo, I came home and

this broad tried to hit me tonight, twice.

- She said she was going to punch you.

I was like one, two, three, four.

(smacking sound)

I was like oh (beep)

- We have a week left in the house and

I think everyone's starting to

not give a (beep).

You know what I mean? At this point,

I think like people are past like hurting people's feelings

and like dealing with other people's (beep).

And I think a lot of people are going to start exploding

on a lot of people right now.

- I'm going to call Tom, and leave.

- No, you're not leaving.

- I'm not saying for this.

- Okay. There's (beep) one week.

If you leave,

I'm going to stuff your (beep) nose with tampons.

So shut the (beep) up.

You're not leaving.

- Can't wait to see that (beep) whore in the morning.

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