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Jeff: Greetings internet viewers. If you're watching this video You are coming to Chico State

To live within the Residence Halls. Well today, I'm in front of Shasta Hall.

Which is very similar to Lassen Hall

They're like, two buildings, but one community.

This is Megan. One of the RA's here. Meagan: Hey Jeff: That's enough. Let's go inside and check them out.

Oh this is pretty cool. Meagan: Yeah Jeff: What's going on here?

Meagan: Well, this is the front desk

It's essentially like the heart of the community.

Shasta and Lassen have the same set up they're just two different buildings.

So you're going to see kind of the same thing when you go over there as well. But the front desk

always has a desk attendant here

24 hours a day. They're here to answer any of your questions. Jeff: What so she's here

24 hours a day? Meagan: No

but the desk is always open, and there's always A desk attendant here.

Jeff: Oh, I gotcha. Desk Attendant: I'm not always here

I have to sleep.

Jeff: Sassy, I like it.

Meagan: You can make appointments with them at the front desk

for your ARCC or RCC. Jeff: Like if I get in trouble? Meagan: Yeah.

Your RCC is your Residence Community Coordinator.

So they're kind of like the big boss of the building Jeff: Oh cool.

Meagan: The ARCC is the Assistant Residence Community Coordinator

and they're more in charge of programming.

And also, you're roommate situations.

So if you're having a problem with your roommate you want to schedule an appointment

with your ARCC you can do that

But they're also in charge of Hall Council. Which is like student government for

the residence halls. Jeff: That sounds like a lot of fun. Meagan: Yeah its definitely awesome. Jeff: Cool.

So can we maybe check out the study lounge

and then anything else?

Meagan: Sure yeah

Jeff: This is cool.

Meagan: Yeah and we've got a bunch of couches and desks

a lot of little tables

couches are nice for group projects.

Jeff: These are cool

Its nice and quiet.

Jeff: There's a light switch

Love clap ons.

Meagan: But they don't clap on. Jeff: Yeah that's cool though.

Ok well,

let's go check out the TV lounge Meagan: All right maybe they'll be some more people in there.

Jeff: This is pretty cool

Meagan: Yeah, so we have a little bit of everything

We've got our pool table, ping pong table and a piano

over there as well

Jeff: Ok, and

a seance circle over here?

Meagan: Chairs are moved every time we come in. So it just kind of depends on what youíre looking at.

Jeff: and through here we have what?

Meagan: The TV room.

Jeff: Oh, look at this. Nice!

I heard thereís a kitchen in here. Is that true?

Meagan: Yeah! It's actually right in the game room.

You can just get the key from the front desk and you can use that as well.

Jeff: Cool. So I can check out pots and pans and stuff so I can cook? Meagan: mhmm. Jeff: Oh, very cool!

This place is awesome

Meagan: Yeah it's pretty cool. Do you want to go check out the residents rooms? Jeff: Totally Meagan: All right, letís do it.

Jeff: Nick and Nick-o

That's cute. Do they do it as a joke?

Put the same names in the same room? HEY!

Nick and Nico: Hey Jeff: I'm an incoming freshman and your RA said I could come check out

your room, is that true?

Nick: Yeah, come on in. Jeff: This is awesome.

Typical bachelor pad, right? Ok, give me a tour what do we have here?

Nick: All right

wall of memories. Jeff: Are these all the people you've met in your life? Nick: Pretty much. Jeff: Nice, ok.

Nick: Here's my desk, laptop and some wolves, from high school.

That's my bed.

Jeff: You made your bed? Cool, I don't think I've ever made my bed. Nick: It's occasional.


Jeff: See right now,this looks more like my house.

Typical.So what's underneath the beds? I see like drawers and

all sorts of things

Nico: Some clothing drawers

Jeff: Nice.


Nico: We have a lot of space. Jeff: I see you have a lady on the wall. Nico: Yeah, that's my girlfriend.

Jeff: Sweet.

Jeff: And race cars, all sorts of man things.

Nick: So this is the closet

all are clothes are here. Jeff: Oo, all organized. You're a clean boy! Nick: Only here.

At home I'm really messy.

Jeff: So tell me, what's the vibe of Shasta Hall?

Nick: You know itís really close. It's a nice family.

Ever since weíve moved in, we've been like going to dinner

together,or doing homework together, going to parties together.

Jeff: Thatís kind of cool.So you're studying together? My mom's probably watching this

I gotta make this real.Studying together, right? Yeah. So you guys go as a floor

to dinner to Sutter Hall? Nick: Yeah, we go to Sutter Dining or we'll go to Madison

Bear Garden

Jeff: Oh nice. So you'll go as a group other places?

Nick: Yeah. Jeff: So you've got your own little cohort of friends? That's kind of cool. Well guys,

I appreciate you showing me around. But I guess this is good bye.

(Awkward)A hand shake, and

Let's do a low-five

Thanks guys! I appreciate it. Nick: No problem.

Meagan: Well, that's about it for Shasta/Lassen we hope

you saw something you liked to come back and live with us real soon! Jeff: That was my line.

Meagan: I've had enough of the sass, Jeff.

Jeff: Thanks for watching.

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