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Onion & shallot

This is the most precious. Secret spices.

This is homemade. You can't find it in shop


Mutton Soup only available on thursday. Usually it will finish early, around 12.30pm

Soup spices from Mak Siti brand

No oil will be used

. Water only added after the meat tender


Call for Subuh prayer

Water added after meat tender

Salt, white pepper & fried shallot

Fat on top of soup is still cloudy, once the oil clear, soup is ready

This pot is already clear

Wak Sururi - Owner of Restaurant Sururi

Excessive fat will be removed

We only want this part of soup. Not the oily part

This need to be removed

Usually queue start at 12 noon. During lunch hour.

The soup is complimented with bean sprout, spicy soysauce, fried shallot, lime wedges & coriander leaves

All is self-service

Pineapple drink & barley drink. One cup for USD0.24. Self serve.

Contain real pineapple

Meehon with lamb soup. USD 1.89 for a bowl. USD2 for takeaway

It is still early, so still not too busy.

Delivery service also available. Delivery around Kuala Lumpur. Contact number at the end of video

3pm after lunch usually not busy, but the soup might finish, safe bet is to come early

Parking is limited, better come with Grab.

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