Practice English Speaking&Listening with: नशिबाची ऐशी तैशी | Nashibachi Aishi Taishi | Full Marathi Movie | Sanjay Narvekar, Priyanka Yadav

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''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''There was a mistake by God.''

''There was turbulence in the life of a man.''

''What confusion, what chaos!''

''There is a fight with everyone.''

''lt's strange, it's turmoil. Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

''Down with the fate!''

Aunt! Your son Sonya has fallen inside a well.

Aunt! Come soon! - Oh, what happened to my Sonya?

Come soon. Where is Sonya? - Come soon.

What are you saying? Oh!

Oh God! - What happened? - Who has fallen?

Where is he? - Oh God! Sonya!

What happened? - Sonya has fallen..

..inside the well. Oh, he is inside!

Somebody please save my Sonya. Sonya!

Hey, somebody please save my Sonya.

Someone please jump inside. - Who is there!

Sonya! Oh! - Someone please take him out.

Take him out! - Hey!

Hey! - Hey! - Slowly!

Rope! Rope! Please, rope!

Hold it tight! - Hey, move.

Hold it properly. - Hold the rope.

Why do you hold me?

Hold the rope! Come on. Hold it! - Here!

Now pull it with force. - Yes, yes.

Now pull it up! - Yes, yes.

Pull it from below! - Yes.

Pull it from front! - Yes.

Pull it fast! - Yes.

Pull it with force! - Yes.

Pull it from top! - Yes.

Pull it from front! - Yes.

Now pull it up! - Yes, yes.

Pull it from below! - Yes.

How did you fall? - Are you hurt?

What happened? - Do you want water?

Somebody, please give him some water.

Hey, now let us lay him down.

Yes, lay him down. Hey! Why that? Have you gone mad?

Shut up! l'll slap you.

Oh it must have entered his stomach.. l mean the water.

lt should be taken out. - Yes.

Lay him down. - Lay him down. Yes, take out the water.

Before you lay me down, give me some water to drink.

Water to drink? Yes, how can water come out before it goes inside?

Yes. - Right. You shut up! All of you!

Now tell me, you are an ass, how did you fall in the well?

Yes. - Yes. Because of Mr. Ghatpande.

Because of Mr. Ghatpande? Did he push you inside the well?

Where is Mr. Ghatpande? l'll cut his limbs.

Oh, mother! Please listen! Listen!

As always, Mr. Ghatpande was sitting on the edge of the well.

He was completely drunk. - O my darling! O my darling!

He was dancing like a snake.. the front, and back, sometimes to the left or to the right.

So l thought.. always Mr. Ghatpande will fall in the well. - Oh!

lf l cried out, he would get startled and hence he'd fall.

So l moved close to him quietly.

''On a high! On a high!'

To the front and back. To the left and to the right.

'O my darling! O my darling!'

Slowly and quietly, l held him.

Ghatpande! You have lost balance!

l tried to hold him. He held me, l moved back and forth.

And finally l fell inside. -Oh, he fell inside!

Hey, Gharuanna! - Yes.

All the time l see that you run.. to the public lavatory. Hey! - What?

Does your father pay for my food?

Had my father paid for your food.. would stop running to the lavatory.

Does your father have enough money for two meals a day?

We eat several courses of meals and so we go several times.

Silly boy!

You dare call me silly? How big is your pot?

Does your father pay for my food? Hey! Don't you bother..

..what time is it? You just fight all the time.

l was just going to sleep, but you began the fight.

When will you stop going to the lavatory? - Huh!

You have grown tall but your brain is still small.

The world is going to the moon but you go to the lavatory.

Get lost! Get lost!

l'll come back and then l'll deal with you.

Oh! Oh God!

'l call out to my darling, love me!' - Hold it!

Let me go! Let me go.

Not to you? l said it to myself.

Come on, go from a corner.

Come on! Go away from here.

Hey, pot!

Hey, useless tin-pot!

Hey Ravi! - What's that? Aunt, where is Ravi?

He is inside. Why?

l've brought his favorite burger for him.

Ravi! Oh, where has he gone?


'Ask him who has eaten it.'

'There is sweet talk.'

'l'm going to get married.' - Oh, that's good.

That's good! - What?

No, l said the daily horoscope is good.

Yes! Yes! - They write it well. - Yes.

lt's a good paper. l like it. - Yes.

What is your sun sign?

Scorpio! - Good!


Dragon. - Yes.. what?!

l mean your sign Scorpio is good. - Yes.

Great! Mercury and Venus in conjunction. - Yes.

You'll make money! Great! Today, you'll make money.

There is a possibility that you'll be felicitated.

Good! Today, you have a great luck.

Today, you'll get money and you'll be felicitated.

That's great. What else do you want, sir?

No, this is all.

You pay 35 rupees.

How is that?

One burger, one sandwich, a pizza and a cup of tea.

10 plus 5 plus 20 plus 10. You are right.

Sir, pay up soon.

Wait! Am l running away?

Look, he is asking for money.

Money! l'll pay. Let me eat first. Am l running away?

Do you have manners or not?

Sorry, sir. l made a mistake.

Yes. First you make a mistake and then you say sorry.

Yes. He is talking as if he owns a five-star hotel.

What is going on? He won't even let us eat.

How much?

55 rupees.

55 rupees?! Why so much?

Two burgers, one sandwich, a pizza and a cup of tea and extra bread.

Hey, l didn't eat so much.

Your friend was with you. Together you ate so much.

Which friend? The one who was sitting with you.

Hey! He was not my friend at all.

Then why did you say you'll pay money?

But l said it about my bill.

You said you'll pay his bill, too.

Why should l pay his bill?

Hey! l didn't say it about him. l said it about my bill..

Pay up the bill!

l said l'll pay up my bill.

Pay up! Hey, come here. Catch him!

Did l eat for free?

Hit him! - Hit him!

You want to eat for free? Pay money.

Hit him.

Down with the fate!

ls this a fortune?

l'll crush it under my feet. Where's the.. and what felicitation?

l am Yama. Not the yummy one, but the messenger of death.

Today, l'll take away my 1 billionth life.

There's my 1 billionth life.

Oh God! l'd have lost my own life.

He is Santya!

The police are following him.

Santya! Stop, Santya.

The police will kill him today in an encounter.

And so l'll take my 1 billionth death case from here.

Santya, we'll have to shoot you.

Santya, l said, stop!

Santya! Santya!


Just a few moments are remaining.

Santya! Santya!

Stop Santya! l'll have to shoot you, Santya!

Stop Santya! - l'll pick you up now.

Santya! - Shoot him.

Ah!! - Huh! - Oh! Ravi!! Ah!

The death is missed.

You took the bullet which was fated to hit me?

That too 1 billionth!

You meet me anytime. l'll do anything for you.

Something is amiss.

Aunt Rane! Aunt Rane!

Aunt Rane! Aunt Rane! Oh!

Aunt Rane! Aunt Rane!

What happened? Ravi..

What happened to Ravi?

The police shot bullets at him.


Oh! l saw it myself.

Ravi! Sonya!

Oh, what's this? Sonya.

What happened to you? - What happened?

Why did they shoot at you? Are you all right?

Where did the bullet hit you? Ravi! l saw.. myself..

Hey Manya, are you lying to us? - What?

Where did the bullet hit him?

This fool unnecessarily frightened is.

Not me, this fool did.

Shut up! Why did you frighten us?

l saw it with my own eyes. - What?

Ravi! Say something. Hey..

Have you begun drinking like me?

Yes. He frightened me. Just a minute! Look here!

There is a hole in the shirt. Look!

Will the bullet make a hole only in the shirt?

Then what? - Hit him! - Hit him..

..hit him! - Hit him.

That inspector shot a bullet at me. lt surely hit me.

So how on earth didn't l get hurt?

Why didn't l die?

Am l deathless? lmmortal? Great! lt is great fun.

Does it mean l'll never die?

lt's a miracle! Blessing from God.

Yes, l'm immortal!

Yes, l'm immortal. Oh!

l'm deathless. So l'll never be an old man.

How? How can it be said that l'll not grow old?

Different diseases will besiege me.

All my body parts will get tired.

l'll become handicapped. But still l'll not die.

No! l don't want such a life.

l'm a common man and l want to live like one.

lmmortality can be a curse to human being.

No! l don't want it.

Will my mother keep me in her control all my life?

People will look at me in a strange manner.

l must solve these puzzles. l must do something.

Yes, l want an answer to this problem.


Ah! - Oh!

Huh! Ha!

Oh! Ah!

Oh! Oh!

Ah! Ouch! Ha..

What? Didn't you go bust?

Hey! So what? l was trying to relieve your tension.

But you tried to relieve me?

Will you have some? One small?

Your tension will get relieved in a zap.

One small. - l talk so much without drinking.

What will l do when l get drunk? No, forget it.

The Saturn in your chart must be in the 8th place.

l guarantee you about it.

8th? - Yes.

l know haste. What is 8th?

Okay, but what happens when the Saturn is in the 8th?

Your head is affected.

Yes? - Yes. The person begins to behave insanely. Yes!

Where is your Saturn?

ln my house. - Yes?

My wife.

My wife is Saturn for me. - What do you say?

l guarantee you she must be involved with some.. - Disgusting!

All the time, you have doubts, nothing else.

lt's not good, Mr. Ghatpande.

All right. Forget it. How do l know where my Saturn is?

l'll tell you. - You?! - Yes.

How? - By asking an astrologer. - Astr..

No! l'll do better, Mr. Ghatpande. - Yes.

l'll go to the astrologer myself.

Great! - What? - Great point.

What? - lt's a point.

l tell your future. l'm an astrologer.

l'll read your fortune lines.

l'll wipe out the lines you have.

l'll carve out the line that you don't have.

Astrologer! Parrot astrologer.

Astrologer Kudmude! Astrologer Kudmude.

Kudmude! - Yes. Good! - Welcome. Please sit down.

Tell me, what should l tell?

Job, marriage or divorce?

Fortune! - Whose? - Yours.

Sir, why are you joking?

Would l sit on the street like this if l knew my fate?

All right. Just find out where my Saturn is.

ln the cage. - Who? Saturn?

Not Saturn, but the parrot.

Mister, it has flown away? - Who?

The parrot. - No. the censor has censored it.

Really? - Yes. - Why?

You know Maneka?

Maneka Gandhi?

No. Man.. can..

Oh, no man can.. l heard Maneka.

No. The animal lovers ask the question..

..don't the animals have feelings?

So who will tell the future?

Parrot! But, where is he?

Here! - Oh!

Good morning! Fortune!

Good morning. Name! - Ravi Rane.

Birth place. - Here.

Birth time! - No, l don't know.

Birth sign! - l don't know.

So, what do you know?

Then why have l come to you? For a haircut?

No bad words please.

Future. Mr. Ravi Rane's future.

Yes, yes, yes.. l found it. Read it.

Oh God! lt's blank. One more. Now read this.

Oh! This also is blank? Another one, yes.

Now be careful. Careful. - Yes. Read it now.

Oh God! This is blank too.

Hey, am l here to pass my time?

Sir is angry. Sir is angry.

No, sir. l had written the future in all the envelopes.

Hey, sir's future is chaotic.

Chaotic? - Chaotic? How?

Sir, please show me your palm.

Show me!

Oh! Hand is plain, smooth, empty?

Oh God! Where have they gone?

What? - The lines on your hand.

To tell the truth. l'm very worried nowadays.

Slowly the lines on my palm vanished.

There are no lines on your palm? - No.

lt means you have no future.

No future? - Yes.

How can it be?

Have l grown up like an ass for 25 years without a future?

l'm telling the truth. You have no future.

No future? You are lying.

You are trying to rob people.

How can anyone be born without a future?

Sir, how do l know about it?

So who knows it?

The one who didn't give you any future.

But exactly who is he?


Yamunda! Yamunda!

Yamunda! Yamunda!

Will you say something after it?

Yamunda! Something that never happened before.. could it happen with you?

You have blackened my glorious career.

Do you know, what is the punishment for it?

l'm extremely sorry, sir.

Hey! You speak the language of the earth with me?

lt's because of the habit. l have different customers.

What? - l have different clients.

So l must know all the languages.

You are my special man, aren't you?

l wanted to give you a promotion after you took the 1 billionth life.

l'm indebted to you. But..

What but?

But when l was allotting death, a man came in between.

So why didn't you put him to death?

Sir, he didn't die even after he was shot by guns by the police.

Who is this man?


Save me!

Yamunda! Huh!

Yamunda! - Bell!

What? lt is the sound of the bell.

Ah! - Yamunda!

Bell! - Hey!

Bell! lt is the sound of the bell.

lt is the sound of the bell. - Oh!! Yamunda! - Yamunda!

Why do you look like God lndra?

Huh! - Ah!

Hey Gods? You have come to Yama's abode?

So suddenly! - What brings you here?

No, l didn't come. l was pushed.

Just like how someone empties a glass..

..someone has emptied the heaven.

Ah!! lt is called heavenly tremor.

Yamunda! God, please save us from this man. - Ah!

Who's that sage?

He is not a sage. He is a common man.

A human being? And one with so much spiritual power? - Yes.

What does he want?

Ah! l didn't ask him anything.

So please go soon and come back after knowing the reason.

Yes, your honor.

Hey! What are you up to?

Have you become blind?

Hey, Ravi! Stop it! Stop ringing the bell.

Ah! Dear, heaven is wobbling.

Hey, Lord lndra has fallen from heaven to Yama's abode.

Hey, now he will fall down to the earth.

Ah! Perhaps he has fallen.

Have you become a vessel after falling?

Don't you understand what l'm saying?

Why is the enmity between us?

Do you think you'll get my job?

Hey! Stop!

Hey! Child! What are you trying to do?

l didn't ring the bell. He did it. Have you gone blind?

l'm so stupid. How can he see me?

He won't stop. l'm Yama's messenger.

Why do you ring the bell so loudly? What do you want?

Priest, l want my future.

What? Yes. God hasn't given me any future.

l'm begging for my future by ringing this bell.

Has he gone mad?

l'm not mad, l'm telling the truth.

Look at my hand. l don't have lines on my palm.

God! God! Please someone hold me.

God! God! There's a big problem.

Big problem? What is the problem?

You have not given a future to a man on the earth. - Ah!

l'm suffering from both the sides.

That's not possible. Mr. Chitragupta, open your book.

What is the name of that man? Ravi Rane.

Which year was is born in?

ln 1982, 15th April.

And so he is after me. Yamunda!

Yes, l found the page for Ravi Rane.

God! All his future is written on this page.

Yes, but it's only up to age of 25. The next page is blank.

So who will solve this problem?

No one other than Lord Brahma can do this.

But now he is out on tour.

lt means he will make mess of the future of the Gods.

Ah! - Ah! - Ah! Yamunda! - Bell!

He must have stopped ringing the bell.


Good! Stay calm like this.

Ah! - Yamunda! - Bell!

He is still ringing the bell. Someone please stop him.

But who can do this job?

The sage! Sage Narada.

Narayana! Narayana!

Greetings, sage! We are facing a great crisis.

l've got the detailed news from Chitragupta.

There is only one solution to this problem.

Stop that man from fighting for future.

Or he should be brought to heaven along with his body.

O Sage! Don't give us such an incredible solution.

What if this smart human being comes here with his..

..body and then takes over lndra's throne?

So what have you decided about it?

l'll take action as soon as Lord Brahma comes back.

Until then you must go and restrain that man.

And yes, first stop him from ringing the bell.

l beg this of you.

But how is it possible? l haven't gone.. the earth since a long time.

Sage Narada, please! - Huh!

Please help us! Help us!

Save us! Sage, save us. Save your servant.

All right. l'll do my best.

Make arrangements for the sage to go to the earth.

Child, Ravi!

Ravi! Child!

Son, Ravi!

l'm not Ravi. l'm a poet.

So where is Ravi?

There he is. ln the sky.

Narayana! Sun!

Where has this man gone?

Sage, how can l tell you about it? Now let me take your leave.

Envoy! Where are you going leaving me alone?

My 1 billionth death must be waiting for me.

l'll go; sage.

Envoy! Narayana! Narayana!

Where could this poet have gone? Oh.. Ravi.

Buddy, what are you looking at?

l tried to see if it's working.

What? - The bell.

lt's ringing. Please do your job; l'll ring it for a while.

l feel really good. lce-cream! lce-cream.

Narayana! - Sage Narada! What are you doing here?

What are you talking about?

My clients speak different languages.

So l must speak in every language.

What are you doing here? Ravi is crying out as an ice-cream vendor.

And the Gods have been suffering from the tremor.

Envoy! But how did it happen?

He is ringing the bell.

So what can be done? Now we must go to him.

Where is he?

Yes! - No, my dear, l don't want the ice-flower.

l want to meet Ravi.


The one who rings the bell.

Oh! That silly boy?

He has gone there.

Narayana! Narayana! Mister!

What are you doing here at this lonely place?

What are you talking about? My clients speak different languages.

So l must speak in every language.

What are you doing here, sage?

Envoy! You are asking this question to me?

All the God's bones have fractures because of the tremor.

Envoy, but what can l do until l find Ravi? Tell me.

We can find him in the theatre.

Theatre? - Yes.

Tell me where such a place is.

By the time l explain everything to you, l'll become extinct.

When can l have my 1 billionth death?

When will l get the promotion?

lf l go to heaven, it is wobbling.

lf l come down to earth, Ravi gets lost.

l'll be lost in this chaos.

Please do something. l'll go. Please go to the theatre.

How will l recognize Ravi?

Whenever he finds a bell, Ravi starts to ring it.

So whoever is ringing a bell is Ravi.

What is going on? Who's that? Who is ringing the bell? Who?

Look! Here he is.

Hey, guy, stop it! No one is ready yet, why did you ring the bell.

l found it so l rang it.

Look, l like to ring the bell.

Stop it! Stop it! Don't ring it now. Come on. Get in.

''Though you look so innocent.''

''You signal me with your eyes.'

''Though you look so innocent.''

''You signal me with your eyes.'

''He is in a passionate mood.''

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''Though you look so innocent.''

''You signal me with your eyes.'

''Though you look so innocent.''

''You signal me with your eyes.'

''He is in a passionate mood.'' ''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''l look like a lovely bird.''

''l sway like a lovely bird.''

''Crazy men buzz around me.''

''l look like a lovely bird.''

''l sway like a lovely bird.''

''Crazy men buzz around me.''

''Today l don't know why but my heart is beating fast.''

''Today, l don't know why but my heart is beating fast.''

''He has a great style.''

''He gestures at me secretly.''

''He has a great style.''

''He gestures at me secretly.''

''He is in a passionate mood.''

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.

''O dear, don't look at me secretly.'

''Come to me at night with flowers.''

''O dear, don't look at me secretly.'

''Come to me at night with flowers.''

''Let's move aside the curtain and let's enjoy.''

''Let's move aside the curtain and let's enjoy.''

''Oh God! Oh God!''

''The flute is playing in my heart.''

''The parrot will meet the she-parrot.'

''The flute is playing in my heart.''

''The parrot will meet the she-parrot.'

''The passion will sour up.''

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.''

''He looks at me.''

''He smiles so sweetly.'

''l like him.''

''l like him.''

''l like him.''

''l like him.''

He is not bothered about himself at all.

And also he doesn't care for his mother.

At my age when daughter-in-law should serve me..

..l have to take care of him.

l'll find any stupid girl, and l'll get him married.

''l'll go crazy dancing to this tune.''

''l'll go crazy dancing to this tune.''

Hey! Stop it! Stop it!


My darling, come in.

No, thanks! Thanks?

Before we did anything?

No, this won't do. You had waved your hand and we stopped.

Didn't we stop? Didn't we?

Now you must come with us. Come on.

Hey! Don't dare touch me. Keep away.

Hey! Keep away! Keep away! She asked you to keep away.

So you must keep away. l'll go with her all alone.

Excuse me!

Hi! Hi!

What's this? Don't you understand?

ls it good to harass a lonely girl at night?

Hey? Who are you? What are you doing here?

This is my specialty. l'm available anywhere and anytime.

Because l've no lines on my palm. No future.

Hey! Get lost, don't interfere with us.

Otherwise we'll draw lines on your face and on your whole body.

Oh God! Today why is my dear threatening me?

l'm almost afraid.


Don't dare interfere with us. Or you'll lose your life.

Ah! Pistol! Save me! Save me!

You were going to shoot me, right?

Why do you want to take the trouble?

l'll shoot myself.

Look here! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Shoot any number of bullets at me..

..nothing happens to me.

But if l shoot at you something can happen.

Ah! Hey, run! Run!

Let's go. l'll drop you where you stay.

Otherwise looking at your clothes a saint will become a Satan.

Let's go.

l tell you. The new generation today have no future at all.

By the way, l too don't have any future. - Huh!

No, nothing. You seem to be from a good family.

lt's not good to go out so late at night.

Anyway, by the way, l'm Ravi.

l'm Rani.

l stay over here. l mean not here.

Here! l mean in the Anna Badak's tenement.

You may ask me what l'm doing here alone at night.

l'm asking this same question to myself since last year..

..but l could not find any answer to it.

Yes, l wander in this manner. Alone. Where were you?

Oh my dear..

No, no. he is my friend.

ls he? Then no problem. Hi! Please sit.

Drop her home carefully. You shouldn't leave such..

..a beautiful girl alone in the jungle.

There are many wild animals in the jungle.

They are hungry. They eat these girls.

l have beaten such four wild animals now. Didn't l?


l'm hungry now. Do you have anything to eat? No. - No?

Anyway, please sit. lf possible come to Anna Badak's tenements.

Yes. Please sit.

Ta-Ta! - Bye!

Where do l look for him?

l scolded him, l have beaten him, and l locked him inside.

But nothing could help.

Where had you been? How long can l wait for you?

Tell me! Tell me.

Mother, l'm very hungry.

Sonya! My Sonya!

Sonya, little more rice?

Huh! Little!

No. Enough!

Hey! Why are you going out?

Somebody must be sleeping outside.

Wash your hands in the bathroom.

Ravi! Ravi!

Ravi! Ravi!

This is the 1 billionth death for me.

He has a heart attack.

He is looking for the tablets.

Under the bed. Under the pillow.

ln the kitchen.

ln the cupboard.

Look as much as you can, but you won't find any.

Your daughter-in-law has hidden the tablets.

Now she doesn't want you with them.

Struggle hard and then fall. Then l'll pick you up.

lt's written in your fate. l'll leave for Yama's abode..

..after taking my 1 billionth death at 4.29 in the morning.

lt's 4.28. Oh! Why has he entered the scene?

What's the problem, grandfather?

What happened? What is wrong?

lt's not in his destiny. Only 20 seconds are left for him.

Tablet? Tablet? Which tablet?

What? You want the tablet?

Where is it? Here? l can't find it here!

20 seconds!

lnside this?

Why are you taking the trouble? He is going to die now.

lt's of no use. Nothing is inside it.

Ah! Perhaps he is hitting at me.

l'll give you a tablet.

Eighteen! - Where? Here?

Sixteen! - On top! lt's not there. Where is it?


Where have you kept it? l..

Twelve! lt's expiry date is over.

ls this the one? - Yes. Here! Take it.

Six! - gulp it down with water. l'll give you water. Wait!

Five! Four!

Here is the water. Three! - Take it!

Two! - Take it. One! - Take it!

Why are you following me? lf you go on like this..

..leave alone getting promotion, l'll be sent to do hard work.

What do l do, Narayana!

The tenement is over there. Ravi stays there.

Oh! Ok.

Sir.. sir..

What do you want, child?

Hungry, he is hungry, wants food!

What nonsense are you talking about?

My clients speak different languages.

So l must speak in every language.

He is very hungry.

Oh, sad. This small child can't even get a simple meal on this earth?

Narayana! Narayana!

Sage! For humans only the l, his ego, is important.

Nothing before l, nothing after l, nothing without l.

Not even the spirituality without the pay off.

Narayan! Narayan!

Envoy! - Yes.

l cannot move ahead until l give him something to eat.



Unnecessarily wasting his and my time.

What are you chattering about?

No, sage, forgive me. You cannot perform such a miracle.

Huh! - Because now you are on earth.

And you are in a visible state.

Narayan! Narayan!

Envoy! First l'll make arrangements for his food..

..and only then l'll meet that human being Ravi.

Perhaps he must have slept now, tired after the day's work.

Rani! - Huh!

l love you, Rani.

Ravi, please don't harass me.

l'm not harassing you. l'm waking you up from the dream.

lt's not good for a beautiful girl to stay asleep for so long.

Please get up! Eh! Who says l'm beautiful?

l say it. Your Ravi.

Ravi! Am l really so beautiful?


Sure! - Sure!

Sure! - Sure!

Sure! Sure!

Sure! Sure!

Rani! - Sure! - Hey, Rani!

Sure! - Rani!

Sure! - Hey, Rani!

Pinki! When did you come?

When you were hugging your 'sure'?

Rani! What is the matter?

Pinki, you know what? - Yes?

l'm in love! - Oh!

l'm in love!

You know what? - Yes! - He is handsome.

Huh! - He is dashing!

He is so smashing.. no.. Superhero.

Hey.. enough.. enough.. but what is his name?

Ravi! Where does he stay?

ln the Anna Badak tenements.

Dear! O Dear, when did you come?

Couldn't you wake me up?

Oh! What is he doing here?

Ravi! Hey, Ravi!

l made a mistake that l didn't keep the door bolted.

Ravi, get up! Let me sleep, mother.

Not your mother, l'm a woman.

l mean.. l'm sister Ghatpande.

Sister Ghatpande? What are you doing in our home.. early in the morning?

l'm asking you the same thing.

How will l know what you are doing in my home?

Ravi! Ravi, get up from sleep. l'm asking you.. it's that you are in our house?

Huh! Oh!


lt's not so. - What are you saying?

Sorry, l wanted to say that there's some problem.

You go immediately. He'll come anytime now.

You know well how suspicious he is about me.

Yes, he is very suspicious.

l tell you, suspicion is very bad.

Do you know how the suspicious man's life gets ruined?

No. - No! Please sit, l'll tell you.

Oh God! Please don't sleep. Get up.

Go away from here. Go immediately.

You won't even let me sleep.

Get up soon. - lf you want l'll pay the rent for sleeping.

Please! Go soon.

What's this? l was sleeping nicely - C'mon! Go!

Maina! Maina!

Hey, stop! Stop!

When l go, you ask me to stop.

When l sleep, you ask me to go.

Do you have the same problem like me?

Do you also have no future?

Huh! - No, forget it, it's my personal problem.

Look, you must hide somewhere.

Ok. - Hide somewhere.

Maina! - Hey, not here, get up.

l was hiding. - Hide somewhere else.

Below the bed. - Ok. Hide below the bed.

Oh, no. not there. Below the table.

No! No! - Just a second!

Why should l hide?

Look, my husband has come.

lf he sees you here, he'll think you and l have an affair.

Oh! Just this? - Hey!

l mean, it's just this. l've an idea.

Hey, wait! Hey.. stop! He is gone.

'He is on a high! On a high!'

Oh, Mr. Ghatpande. - What?

Why do you knock at someone else's door.. early in the morning?

Huh! - l was sleeping inside your house.. er.. in my home.

You mean, this is not my home? - No.

You came to somebody else's house.

What do you say? - Then what?

Look! Look there! - 'He is on high!'

'On a high!'

Correct! 3.. 4.. 5.. and.. oh! - Oh!

This is your house.

Yes. - Then? You came to my house.

l was wrong by mistake.

Wrong by mistake? - Yes.

All right. lt's over. - Yes.

Now knock the door. See if it's your house. Look!

Naina! Oh, Maina!

Yes. Look there.

Right or not? Wrong by mistake.

Ok. - Hey!

l said bye, bye!

To you! Bye!

Bye, ok.

Bye. O Madam, get in. Take this.

'He is on a high! On a high!' - Possible.

Hey Anna! Anna! - Hey!

l'll have to take bath once again.

Come here.

How can l? Are you taking me for picnic with a pot?

lt is not so, dear. - Then what?

Look there, somebody is sleeping there.

Yes, dear. - No one has seen him.

Yes. - Do they think our tenements are an orphanage?

Yes, l agree.

Come. We must send him away.

Come, let's go. - Come. - Come.

Hey, come on. - Who is he?

Look! We neglect such men..

..and then we blame the police.

You are right. - Right.

l tell you, Gharuanna, l think he looks like he steals children.

Yes. - No, what are you talking about, Anna?

He looks as if he runs away with women.

Yes. - Yes.

ls the secretary sleeping? Anyone comes here to sleep..

..but our secretary is asleep.

Yes. - Secretary! - Secretary.

Here l am! Move! Move!

You devil, why do you call me?

Secretary! How has this sage come here?

Tell me something, just because l'm secretary..

..should l keep tabs on who came here and who went..

..and check whose tap is broken, whose lavatory is overflowing?

lf somebody's wife is pregnant, or somebody's buffalo has delivered?

Huh! - l understand.

Should only the secretary take care of all these things?

lt is a matter of the sage.

ls it a matter of the sage? - Yes.

Then solve it yourself. l'll go.

Hey! - But you are the secretary.

O sage! Sage!

Whether he is a sage or a crook. Just see how l send him away.

Wake him up! - Come on, wake him up! - Wake him up.

Huh! - Hey, get up! Who are you?

Narayan! Narayan!

l'll slap you. - What?

Not Narayan, l'm the secretary.

He is Anna, he is Manya, he is Gharuanna and others..

Hey! Tell me why have you come over here?

lt so happened.. - What happened?

Gods forgot to write half of the future of one man.

They forgot?

l've come here to give him the rest of the fate.

He is lying.

As l can see, either he steals children or women.

Right! - Correct! - He is right.

lf l find you here once again, l'll break your legs.

Narayan! - l'll break your legs.

Ah! - Who is the secretary?

He! - He! - You! - You!

So who'll break the legs?

He! - He! - You! - You!

Children! l'll return from here..

..once l confer his fate to him.

Until then.. - Nothing doing!

Pick him up! - Come on, pick him up!

Hail, Lord Ganesha!

Hail, Lord Ganesha!

Hail, Lord Ganesha!

Hail, Lord Ganesha!

Hail, Lord Ganesha!

Here's your sitar and these are your sandals.

lf l find you once again in these tenements..

..l'll break your legs.

Yes. - Yes - Go!

Wait! You go there! Let the continuity continue.

Narayan! Narayan!

How can l reach that human being?

Narayan! Narayan!


Who is that?

This is Ravi's home, right?

Yes, this is Ravi's home.

You? - You?

l'm his mother.

l'm Rani Kerkar. She is my friend Pinky.

ls Ravi there?

No. - Where has he gone?

Where has he gone! lf l knew about it, l'd be the luckiest mother.

When will he come back?

l don't know anything, dear.

Do you have some work with him?

Yes. No. l mean.. hey, please tell her.

That he saved you from the crooks.

What? - Yes.

Last night.. - Huh!

So l came here to thank him.

Oh, what are you saying? My Ravi?


He is a nice boy. But l don't know..

..why he is behaving in this manner nowadays.

Please come in.

No. Sometime later. Just tell him that..

Tell him what?

l mean tell him that Rani had come here.

Yes. To him, right? l'll tell him.

Have a cup of tea!

No. Sometime later.

Yes, now she will keep coming here.

For a cup of tea.. once again..

l'll be back. Shall we go?

Yes. Bye


Narayan! Narayan!

Lord lndra, how can l contact you?

Yama's messenger hasn't met me since a long time.

He hasn't even come to take away the life in his area.

Also it doesn't seem that, that human being found a bell.

What can l do?

Lord lndra! Lord!

Lord! Huh!

Lord! What have l got for my prayers?

Lord! Lord! - Hey.. why are you making noise?

l'm trying to contact God.

Contact God? - Yes.

l'm God. Tell me, what do you want?

Not a human being, child. God! God!

Hey, don't create trouble at the time of my business.

Come on, get up! l said, get up! Come on, get lost.

Don't be angry, child. - Get lost!

Give me in the name of God!

Give me in the name of Rama.

Give something to this disabled man.

Give me in the name of Allah.

Who has called me during my business hour?

Hello! Oh! Don! Salute!

Yes, don! With your blessings.

Yes, don, the business is very good. Due to your support.

Yes. Yes. l'll keep a watch here.

Okay. Thank you.

Thank you! Ok.

Give me in the name of Allah!

Give me in the name of Rama.

Give me something.

Child! Who were you talking to?

l was talking to the union leader of us beggars.

Where is he?

ln Nagpur.

Narayan! Narayan!

How could this human being talk with a person so far away?

Hey! Have you come from Alibaug?

You talked about Nagpurjust now.

You.. you..

Cool down, dear. Tell me can one talk to anybody..

..anywhere with this machine?

Yes, sure. You can talk with anyone.

Child, where can l find this machine?

ln the shop opposite.

Here. Do you like it? Don't you?

Why do you worry? l've a lot of variety.

No, child!

Vyas. Maganbhai Chhaganbhai Vyas.

My wife lovingly calls me Magnya.

Maganbhai Chhaganbhai Vyas, l'm in a quandary.

Tell me, can l talk to God..

..using these machines?

Why only with the Gods on earth?

You can talk even with the heavenly Gods.

Narayan! Child, in that case this machine is for me.

lt's for you! Your honor, l want money for it.

Money? Child, l'm Narada from heaven.

l can only bless you.

Who cares for the blessing? l want money.

Narayan! Narayan!

Not Narayan! Narayan! But Cash Narayan!

l've this gold necklace. Should l give this in return?

Narayan! Narayan! - Narayan! Narayan!

Can l get 2500-3000 rupees for it?

Narayan! Narayan! - No?

Narayan! Narayan! - Yes. l'll get.

Narayan! Narayan! Wish you a long life.

Quite a long time has passed since the sage went to earth.

What is he doing there?

Narayan! Narayan!

Sage! Greetings!

Narayan! Narayan!

Greetings, sage!

King of Gods, lndra, l want to converse with you.

Lord! Please say something.

Sage, speak! Talk with me. l'm listening to your voice.

Tell me!

Please excuse me, Lord! But he won't be able to listen to you.

Why? - The sage is talking on a mobile phone.

Mobile? - lt is a man made machine for communication.

So what is the solution?

The solution is that you'll need one such piece..

You'll have to bring one such machine.

Then you go to earth immediately and bring that machine.

As you wish. Yes, your honor.

Greetings! Here's the machine.

Machine? lt is called as mobile phone.

When there is a call, you've to press this button.

When you finish talking, press this button.

When the sage calls you, there will be a tone.

'Wet lips..'

No. it's in the machine. Now talk.

Greetings, sage!


Talk! - Huh!

Talk, the mobile to mobile charge is free.

Huh? - lt's free of charge. Talk.

Greetings, sage!

Lord, the human being has changed a lot.

His motto that a guest is God is no more..

..but it is, kick the guest. - What are you saying?

God, no one will allow me to reach that human being.

They say they'll break my leg.

Moreover, that human being is very smart. l can't get to him.

Please hold up that human being somehow, sage.

Lord, have you thought about how to give this human being his fate?


Or shall l bring him to heaven with his body?

No, sage, please somehow hold up that human being.

Lord! Look, you must decide how to give this man his fate.

Until then l'll try to go to that abode called tenement.. find that human named Ravi.

Rani, what are you up to? We've traveled the whole city.

You'll go mad in this manner. lt's not good to love somebody so much.

You'll understand it when you fall in love.

Where could Ravi have gone? Where to find him?

Shall we go this way?

Tell me what the value of this necklace is.

Mr. Magan! - Yes.

Where did you get this necklace from?

What is your problem? - No, but..

Tell me the value of the necklace.

lt's real!

Will l bring a fake necklace?

Tell me, how much l can get?

You'll get 5 lakh.


Magan.. what happened? - What happened?

Zunzunwala! - Yes.

Don't fool around with me.

How can l fool around with you?

l have a heart. l'll get an attack.

No! Wait! Just tell me, how much is the necklace for?

You'll not get a rupee more than 5 lakh.

5 lakh? Then lift me up!

Huh! - Lift me up! Lift me up!

Lift him! - Let me stand up.

l'll go and l'll come back.

Where are you going now?

l'll go to the sage and then l'll come back.

He has 7 more necklaces. l'll sell him 7 mobiles and l'll be back.

Don't go anywhere now.

No, l must go. Let me go.

Where are you going? - l have to go. - Hey! Hey!

''l'm selling a mobile.''

''l sold one for 5 lakh.''

''l'll be a millionaire.''

''l'm selling a mobile.''

''l sold one for 5 lakh.'' - Oh! Oh!

''l'll be a millionaire.''

''l'm selling a mobile.'' - Can't you see properly?

l saw! l saw 5 lakh rupees.

l'm selling a mobile.'' - Why are you blocking the road?

Could you find only this road? Why must you come in front of my car?

''l sold one for 5 lakh.'' - What is going on?

Won't you allow me to sleep? - Oh, Ravi, where had you been?

l looked for you everywhere.

l went to your home. l went here, l went there.

Pinky! Ravi! Ravi! Pinky!

Forget it. Come here. l want to talk to you.

''O darling, o my beloved!''

''Tell me, why do you stay away?''

''O darling, o my beloved!''

''Tell me, why do you stay away?''

''l'm crazy about you, darling.''

''l'm always dreaming about you.''

''O Darling, O Darling.''

''O darling, O my beloved!''

''Tell me, why do you stay away?''

''l'm your crazy one Radha.''

''l consider you as my Krishna.''

''l'm so drawn to you that l surrender my life to you.''

''My life is futureless.''

''How can l tell you, why l keep away?''

''O darling, O my beloved!''

''Tell me, why do you stay away?''

''O darling, O my beloved!''

''Tell me, why do you stay away?''

''Your love is a life line for me.'

''Your touch is so hypnotic.'

''Your breath is so fragrant.''

''Give me your hand in my hand.''

''Let's lose ourselves in passionate love.''

Oh, the snack was sweet.

Now you'll get this sweet snack daily.

Really? - Then what? Aren't we going to get married?


Why? Don't you like me?

l like you, but marriage..

Do you mean to say you don't love me?

Really l love you. l love you a lot, but..

Marriage.. is not possible.

Not possible? Why?

Err.. l stay in a tenement. l don't have a job.

That's ok. l like you as and where you are.

No, Rani, it's impossible.

l'm such.. a man who has lost his identity.

l search for me in myself.

One who goes wandering anywhere.

l can do nothing on my own, with my own mind.

One who is looking for answers to.. many questions like who l am, what l am.

The astrologer says that l've no future.

Look here. There are no lines on my palm like you have.

l'm telling the truth. Look here!

Even my mother thinks that l've gone mad.

The neighbors say that l'm spoiled because..

..of my mother's excessive pampering.

l don't know what l am and who l am.

Look, even now someone is calling me, someone is pulling me.

Ravi! - Ravi! Ravi! Ravi!


Dear, just as Ravi is the be all and end all for you..'s so with me too.

But my Ravi is not like other boys.

l mean.. how can l explain it to you?

Why do you explain it to me.. why don't you..

..straightaway say no like my father did?

l have been thinking wrongly of my son as an idiotic boy..

..for no reason at all.

He explained it all to you so sanely.

Why don't you listen to him?

Why does nobody think about how l feel?

Listen, l'm saying all this thinking about you and your future.

Go dear, go back to your home.

All this seems beautiful to you, because it's yet a dream.

But reality.. it's different, dear.

l think it's my great luck to get a daughter-in-law like you.

But my Ravi.. dear, one must be aware of one's status.

Go dear, go.

Hey! Sage! Mobile!

Hey, Sage! Mobile!

Hey! Magan's mobile!

Yes! l found the sage.

Narayan! Narayan!

Hey, sage! Hey, sage!

Child! Child!

No, my neighbor is childish. My name is Maganbhai Chaganbhai Vyas.

Child! Child Vyas!

Call me by whatever name. Say Magan, Chagan or Vyas.

But this mobile phone..

Do you want it back? Take it.

No, no. l'll give you two more.

No, child. l've no money to give.

Forget the money. lt's an exchange offer.

Take two mobiles and give me two necklaces.

No, child, l'd have taken your machines..

..but l'm concerned about something else.

What is it? What concern?

l'm in a difficulty.

Tell me, l'll solve it.

The matter is that a young man named Ravi..

..stays in the tenements here. - Ok.

l want to meet that young man.

So what's the problem? l'll take you there.

No, child, the matter is that all the residents here..

..hit at me because l wear this clothing.

So you should take off your clothing.. - Huh! Narayan!

l mean, you can put on my clothes.

Narayan! Narayan!

No, my clothes will not fit you. You are an eminent person.

You need better clothing. Just a minute. Let me find someone.

Sage! - Yes.

How about his clothing?

l should get all amenities immediately after the wedding.

Child! How can l get those clothes?

That human being has adorned those clothes now.

Forget adorning. l know how to get them.


This address!

No, l cannot read what's written there.

Try a little.

What is it..

Can you see it? - 'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

l can see it. This is a regular address.

Okay, read it. Come on. Come on.

Come on, come on

Come on, come here with a laugh.

Take all of it.

Oh! What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh! Oh!

'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

He asked me the address and then l could not sense..

..anything until my condition changed to this. Ah!

Narayan! Narayan!

Child, what type of clothing is this? l feel so uncomfortable.

Slowly you'll get used to it. You look great in it.

Take this mobile and please give me your necklace.

Hey! Who is coming here?

Ah! Ah! He beat me badly.

You look like a man who steals children. - Oh! Oh!

Hit him! Hit him!

Hit him! Hit him!

Take this mobile and please give me your necklace.


Daughter! Why are you shedding tears with such anguish?


Huh! l can understand what's in your mind.

You are in love with someone, right?

O sage, how do you know it?

The girl is a young woman. - Yes, she is.

So how can she have any other problem than this at this age?

When l asked him to marry me, he said no.

My daddy, his mother.. none of them try to understand how l feel.

Really! l can't live without him. l'll commit suicide.

l'm there. l'll get you wedded to that boy.

This is the Narada's promise.

Narada's promise? l don't understand.

Don't be fooled by this clothing, daughter.

You'll understand what Narada's promise means..

..only after you get married.


Summon your beloved.


Ravi! - Huh!


Hey, mister! What is the problem?

Why are you harassing her?

l found him. l found him. Child, he is the one.

Oh! How do you know? He is that Ravi.

Your beloved? - Yes. - Yes.

Narayan! Narayan!

Hey! Who are you to say no?

lmpossible! lmpossible! Daughter, it's not possible..

..that you'll get married to this human being.

But why? Just a while back you made a promise to me.

Narayan! Daughter..

..this human being has no future at all.

Huh, that's.. how do you know that l've no future?

l'm on this earth only to give you your future.

You.. will give future to me? Huh!

This is Narada's promise.

Oh, Narad..

You mean.. the heavenly sage Narada?

Yes. - Huh!

What have l said?

No! No! God, now you have made a promise to me.

Now you must give me my future.

No! No! lt's God's promise. You must give me a future.

Now l want the future anyhow.

You must keep your promise, God! Keep your promise.

Give me a future.

First you promised me, so first you must marry me to him.

You made a promise. You give me a future.

Take the mobile and give me the necklace.

Marriage first! - Future first!

Take the mobile and give me the necklace.

Marriage first! - Future first!

Take the mobile.. - Marriage! -Future!

Marriage! -Future! - Necklace!

Marriage! -Future! - Necklace!

Marriage! -Future! - Necklace!

Marriage! -Future!

Marriage! -Future! - Marriage!

Oh! Quite please! Quiet!

Narayan! Narayan!

O God! God! Lord lndra!

There is only one solution to this, Lord!

The time and day of death of that human must be fixed.

Yes, but it is compiled according to his past deeds.

Yes. But the destiny must be compiled before one's birth.

Yamunda! lf the sum of his sins increases after his birth..

..then it's in my right to give him death.

But that human has not gathered enough sins.

So get those done by him.

How can we? Who can do this job?

Sage! Narada!

How is it possible? A sin by a God? lt's impossible.

When the cycle of the natural world gets disturbed.. what needs to be done to put it right.

What else can be done?

Do what you can, God, but control that human being.

Yes. - Yes.

'Wet lips!' - Huh!

lt's a phone call. l'll see.

'The heart is thirsty.' - Oh!

lt's the call from the sage. Take it. Hold it.

When will he learn?

Yes, tell me, sage. Did you find that human being?

Lord, mistakenly l've promised that human that l'll give him a future.

Now what can l do?

There is only one solution to it, sage.

Tell me, Lord.

Get that human being to commit sin.

Oh Lord, but who'll do such a job?

You, sage!

What? l? No! No, Lord, no. no!

Narayan! Narayan! Narayan!

Narayan! Narayan! Narayan!


Oh, yes, his hand is blank.

How could this happen?

Really! l can't believe it.

Oh God! lt's unimaginable!

Why should all this be my fate?

But where do you have fate to have it in your fate?

But how can one say that this is the truth?

How can we say that he is Narada just because he says so?

Oh! - His clothing is not like Narada. - No.. no..

Perhaps because he came on earth he has these clothes.

Should l give him a future, or shall l go?

Please don't. l have a faith in you.

For me and for my son you are God.

What is the solution to this?

Ravi needs to commit a sin.

Oh! Are you a God or someone else?

You ask me to commit a sin?

Hey brother, what is your problem whether he is a God or a man?

He is giving you a fate. Take it and be free. - Yes.

So should l commit sins? No, it's not possible.

Hey! - Err..

No! No! - Listen! - Not at all.

Ravi! - Please Ravi!

You feel like a mad man, right?

Of course. Because it happens that way.

Now l'm talking to all of you, but still l feel l should go away..

Shall l? - No, wait!

So you feel that way. So go and commit a sin.

Ravi, please commit a sin, we can get married.

Nowadays it's so easy to commit a sin. - Yes.

Look, Ravi, one doesn't get such opportunity all the time.

How can you say so? Who'll solve it if there's some problem?

l'm there. l have connections right to the top.

l've sold mobiles to all.

No, that's not possible.

Please Ravi! - Ravi, do it.

No, l can't. - Please Ravi. - Do it.

All right. But We'll commit very small sins.

Not us! Narayan will do whatever needs to be done.

That Narayan! Narayan!

Yes. - Oh, yes.

What's our concern? Let's go. - Yes.

Come on. - Come on.

Sage, l'm willing to commit a sin.

Come on get the sin done by me.

Narayan! Narayan!

Who? Me?

What do you mean? lt's your idea, so you must get it done.

Yes. - Yes. - Narayan! Narayan!

Human being! Don't get me into this. - Ah!

l'm the messenger of Lord lndra.

l just communicated his words to you. that's all.

How can you say so? We have persuaded him for it.

Yes. And l'm ready now. - Yes!

You get him to do the sin or at least take my mobile.

No, first get me married to him or make him commit a sin.

Either make me commit a sin or give me a fate.


Mobile! - Marriage! - Sin.. - Fate!

No, no! - Please don't say no.

''Oh, unnecessary trouble.''

''lt's an everyday problem.''

''Oh, unnecessary trouble.''

''lt's an everyday problem.''

''Everywhere there's chaos. Chaos!''

''Tell me what my fate is, tell me my future.''

''Tell me what my fate is, tell me my future.''

''Ring the bell of my fate!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

''Tell him soon!''

''Tell me what my fate is, tell me my future.''

''Why doesn't the heavenly father feel anything?''

''Heavenly father!''

''He gave fate to everyone.''

''To everyone.''

''Why doesn't the heavenly father feel anything?''

''He gave fate to everyone.''

''Why is there nothing on my plate?''

''Why is there nothing on my plate?''

''Find a solution!''

''Ring the bell of fate!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

''Tell him soon!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

Oh, yeah! Come on!

''lt's enough of a headache for me.''

''Headache for me.''

''Get at least one sin done by me.''

''At least one sin.''

''lt's enough of a headache for me.''

''Get at least one sin done by me.''

''Should it be a rape case, or a murder?''

''Should it be a rape case, or a murder?''

''A murder, tell me, sage!''

''Ring the bell of fate!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.'' ''Tell him soon!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

''Oh, unnecessary trouble.''

''lt's an everyday problem.''

''Oh, unnecessary trouble.''

''lt's an everyday problem.''

''Everywhere it's chaos. Chaos!''

''Tell me what my fate is, tell me my future.''

''Tell me what my fate is, tell me my future.''

''Ring the bell of fate!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.'' - ''Tell him soon!''

''Tell him what his fate is, tell him his future.''

Narayan! Narayan!

Children! Now do only..

..what you think is right. - Ah!

My involvement will be nil in it. - Oh!

l'm going back. - Where?

To heaven!

Oh! - Hey! - Oh!

You cannot go like this. No!

Not in this manner! You have made a promise.

Why is he behaving like this?

Perhaps he has lost the range.

Narayan! Narayan!

O Lord, now something impossible has begun to happen with me too.

Oh Lord!

lt cannot be broken even with a skull.

l don't get elixir in heaven and water on earth.

Oh sage? Any trouble?

Envoy! You have come to help like God.

Who is sage talking with?

How do l know, sage! - Huh!

l want to return to heaven. But..

How is it possible? - l can't do it.

How is it possible? You cannot go back until you fulfill your promise.

O sage! Oh!

Here, my enemy is coming here.

Who are you talking to?

First send him away!

Child! Let me talk to Yamunda.

Yama's messenger? But l can't see anyone.

l can see well that you get in the way of my work.

Let him go! - Child, go now.

Sage, please don't fold your hands to me.

We should fold our hands to you. l don't understand.

Why do you fold your hands to me?

He is talking to Yama's messenger.


Surely he is one great sage.

He has already said that he is Narada.

Narayan! Narayan!

All right. - Yes.

lt means l don't have to do anything on my own.

Right. You are perfectly right.

Then it doesn't matter.

Come on, children!

Come on, children, hurry up!

Where? Should we go straight to heaven with him?

lt seems that he is ready. Let's go soon.

Hey! Hey! What's this? Where are you going?

Don't you want the necklace? - Necklace..

Come on, hurry up!

Yes, let's go.

O Lord, what we think of as a good deed is a sin according to humans.

And what we consider as sin in heaven is a good deed on earth.

l'm in a quandary, O Lord.

So please tell us about the sins in hell.

Chitragupt, read out the list of sins of the people in hell.

Please listen, sage.

The first sin is pilfering. - Pilfering.

Pill.. Pilfering? - lt means theft.

All right. Write it down. - Theft.

After that fraud, hitting, injuring, homicide..

Homicide? Homi..

lt means murder. Don't waste time.

lnduce poor farmers to commit suicide.

To swindle the money.

To eat the butter on the head of the dead, flood affected people.

Butter on the head.. is there butter on the head after people die?

Look, sage he is crazy again.

All right. Write it down.

To use force on women.

Atrocity committed by mother-in-law on the daughter-in-law.

Atrocity committed by daughter-in-law on the mother-in-law.

To rape women. - Rape.

To swindle money, the fraud. No taking care of old parents.

Bomb.. bomb..

..sage there is some strange sin written here.

What is it, O Lord?

Explode a bomb!

Bomb explosion! - Bomb explosion! No, no!

Don't worry, l'm there. Do as l say. Do you understand?

lt's very easy.

What are all of you doing here?

lf he is going to get his fate by doing all these things..

..then it's not wanted.

His mother is not so selfish.

Mother, if we knew what's in the Almighty's mind.. and me could have become Almighty ourselves.

Mother, Almighty is the one who has control..

..over even Gods like us.

Mother, he is telling all this for our own good.

You shut up! What do you know?

Sometimes you behave sensibly while sometimes insanely.

Sometimes like small kids.

No! l'll not allow my son to do anything like this.

Aunt, we'll ask him to do smaller sins, smaller thefts.

What is a small theft?

Think about it. lt's the question of my future.

Small theft! Small theft!

Oh, yes! - What? - No, still l have no idea.

Oh, yes! - No!

What if Ravi steals my purse?

No, no! l mean.. you know that Ravi is going to steal your purse.

So how can it be a theft? No, not at all.

Oh, yes.

Hey, Ravi!

Ravi! - Where has he gone?

Hey! What are you doing?

Don't make a noise. l'm stealing the hens.

You are stealing hens? - Yes. - Whose?

Can't you see? Yours.

Hey, crook! Stealing hens? Stealing my hens? - Yes

l was wondering..

..who steals my hens every Sunday. - l don't know.

You're the one, right? - lt's not me.

What? - l'm stealing for the first time.

Just because it's the question of my fate.

Because it's the question of fate? - Please listen to me.

Please don't hit me.

Oh, Ghatpande! - Yes.

We steal the hens. - We eat it.

While Ravi gets the thrashing.

You take the thrashing, we'll eat the hens.

Enough! - Will you steal my hens? - Who has arrived?

His mother has arrived. - Tell me who has come?

Ravi's mother. - Oh, Ravi's mother has come.

Now you'll not get away.

Wicked woman! Are you hitting my son?

Yes, he steals my hens. Whom are you calling wicked woman?

You.. You hit my son? Did my son steal your hen?

Ravi! What happened?

Nothing. l told aunt to let me steal her hens.

lt's the question of my fate. But she just won't agree.

lf we had hens, l'd have stolen our hens.

So she hit me thinking of me as the real thief.

Wait! l'll explain it to her. - Ok.

l know.

Aunt! He is not a thief. We were telling him that..

You shut up! - Do you want mobile?

Shut up! - Ask your hen not to go to anyone else.

You shut up, crook!

Why don't you keep a cock?

Don't let her get away. Fight with her. She has hit me.

Why do you interfere? First see what he does.

Forget it. What can you do?

Please shut up now! Ravi!

Ravi! - Ravi! - Where has Ravi Gone?

Aunt! - Welcome Ravi.

Aunt, l want to steal from your house.

What do you have in house which l can steal?

What are you saying?

l'm saying that l want to steal from your house.

So what do you have which l can steal?

l'm telling you since a long time. To steal.. but you never did.

But what is it?

My heart.

Aunt! No! Listen!

Hey, listen!

What are you doing, aunt, listen to me. - Please listen!

What if uncle comes to know about it? Listen!

Ravi! - Aunt, waits for a while.

Why? - The door is not closed completely.

Yes. - l'll close it first and then come.

Yes. - l'll sit. - Come soon.

Come soon.

Sit alone! - Hey! He ran away.

Shh! No one even allows me to steal.

Now no theft. We'll plan a bank robbery. What say?

What do you say?

Child, what's the use of robbing a robber's house?

Correct! Everyone is a thief in our tenements.

Someone is a government servant. Someone is in..

..the municipal corporation. Someone is a policeman.

All of them are corrupt.

Corruption! Do you understand?

And so we must find a man..

..who earns his own living honestly.

Where and when can we find such a man?

Sir, when will you buy a mobile phone from me?

When will you give me the necklace? - He keeps repeating it.

On sale, pickles, incense stick. .. phenyl.

l found him. - What?

Narayan! Narayan! l found.

What's the use if you find Narayan?

Child, l found a man who earns money honestly.

Where is he?

There he is. - These are things for daily use.

There is incense stick. And phenyl too.

He is Damodar.

Do you know him?

l even know where he stays.

Wait. Let me first ask censor if he is ok.

Sage, is he ok?

Yes. - He said yes. Let's go.

Hey, wait. One should not steal during the day. - Then?

At night.

All right. l'll steal at night.

Look there. Damodar's house.

Look there. Damodar's house.

Look there. Damodar's house.

Look there. Damodar's house.

Look there. Shucks..

Who is going to steal? He or l?

You? - Then ask him to follow.

Better still, you go ahead.

What an idea! - Yes. - She says yes.

But what exactly should l do to steal?

Bring out all the things in the house. lt is called theft.


What should l bring?

Pick up big things. - Ok.

Hey, l want to steal.

You too!

Don't say this to Damodar. Keep your mouth shut.

Otherwise it will not be a sin.

Why do you say it loudly? Damodar will get up. Ok!

Yes, go! All the best.

Best of luck! Best of luck! Best of luck!

Go soon! - Please wish me luck.

No, no! - Go!

Oh! Oh!

Who is there?

Who are you? What do you want?

You? - l? - Yes.

What do you want so late at night?

lt's that l want to.. - What?

What do you want? What?

What do you want?

What do you want, sir? What is it?

Tell me clearly. Tell me.

What do you want? Huh!

Hey! Where are you going?

What are you doing? Tell me, what are you doing?

What's inside it? - My bread and butter.

Bread and butter? - Yes,

But what are you up to? - What's this? A tiffin?

lt's my food, tiffin.

Oh, sir, listen! What are you doing?

lt's my bread and butter, sir.

Sir, what are you trying to do? What's this?

Why do you keep it here? Please don't do this.


Where are you going again? What is going on?

What do you want?

Sir, please tell me. - Oh! Who is he?

Perhaps he is don's man. We have not paid the rent. - Yes.

So he must have come to take everything out.

O God! But where can we go so late at night?

Please be kind! - Please, let it remain!

Where can we go so late at night?

Please listen! - Please, let it remain!

Please don't! - Please!

Sir, please, let go of it. You'll get sin.

You are harassing a poor man. You will be a sinner.

What did you say?

You'll accumulate sin.

Oh, sir.. sir!

No, what do you want, no!

What are you doing? Let go of it. Oh!

Oh God! Save! What is going on?

Hurry up!

Now, l want something big.

What are you doing, sir?

Please help me. - No, no.

Please don't take this.

Won't you help me? Alright.

Sir, what are you doing?

What have you brought now?

The cot is very heavy; l can't pick it up alone.

Come and help me. l came here for help.

No child, you'll have to commit the sin all alone. - Yes.

You have too many conditions.

Please tell him something. Be kind to me.

You want me to stop? - Yes.

Then come and stop me.


What do you want now?

No! Not this!

All right. l'll take these utensils.

No, no! Please don't.

l'll take this. - No, don't take it.

l'll take you.

Oh, sir! - Sir! - Mother!

Please be kind! What are you doing?

Please don't.

Be kind to me.

What wrong have we done to you?

We just have to pay the rent. Give us two days' time.

No! You talk to him. - lt will help.

What are you doing?

Please tell him something. Oh.. Please!

Here it is. The sin of that human being has arrived.

lt's not a sin but a good deed.

How could it happen?

What can we do now?

Now we must contact the sage. - Yes.

Narayan! Narayan!

What? O God! How did it happen?

Wait a minute! Just a minute.

Ravi! - Sir, today our life was saved because of you.

You came to us like God.

Oh! Oh!

Now, l understand.

God, this human being has saved the life of those poor people.

He saved them from getting injured.

O God! What can be bigger good deed?

Yes, right. But we in the heaven will have.. suffer because of his good deeds.

Do anything and save me, sage. Please save me.

We'll do something. Narayan! Narayan!

Do this, you induce poor farmers to commit suicide.

What's this? - But he will have to enter politics for that.

ls it so easy to become a minister? No. - Not at all.

l'd better eat the butter on the head of the corpse.

You'll have to wait for the floods for it. Forget it.

Even to commit sin we have to use so much of our brain.

So our nation should have made a great progress. - Yes.

Let's have a bomb-blast.

No, we don't want to kill people.

Who says we'll be sinning, if we kill somebody.

Even if somebody gets hurt, it'll be a sin.

But where to find the bomb?

Yes. - Right.

Where has he gone?

Tell me, how many do you want?

Give half kg.

What? lt's not like l kg or 1/2 kg. We sell in box.

Full box? - Yes.

Do l want to explode, Pakistan, Bangladesh or America?

Give me just one.

Just one? - Yes.

What's the point in taking just one?

Just one? l'll have a bomb-blast.

'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

He is a drunkard. 'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

Listen! Listen! Get up! Let's go home.

No. - Please come.

Why must you drink? You drink all the time.

One day, you'll get bloated and you'll explode.

Hey! l won't explode. l'll explode the whole world.

Please come. - 'He is on a high! He is on a high!'

All the time you drink. l'm ill-fated.

Don't talk about fate!

Who is that?

lt's me. Do you have a matchbox?

No. matchbox? - Yes.

For what? To blast a bomb.. oh.. to light a cigarette.

You have it. Please give it to me.

l won't. - Please give me. - l won't.

Please don't do this. - No!

All right. Look there. Look there.

Ravi, where had you been?

Where had you been?


Ravi, where had you been?



Ah! - Oh!

Will you drink again? Will you drink again?

l'd have died. l'd have died.

lf l had died, Maina would have become free to do anything.

ls that so? No!! l don't want to die.

l, Ghatpande, make a pledge that l'll never drink again.

l'll never drink again.

What should l do about him?

Oh, Yama's messenger, what happened?

Why do you ask? l'm finished.

What are you doing here?

Yama's messenger! Yama's messenger!

ls he calling Mr. Ghatpande as Yama's messenger?

Yama's messenger! Yama's messenger! What's this?

Who is the sage talking to?

What kind of dance is this?

lt is not a dance. l'm angry.


What do you mean, why?

A human named Mr. Ghatpande, was going to die of heavy drinking.

Now he has given up drinking. Now his death is averted.

Stop him! Control him!

l will! l will!

Not me! Control him!

He is gone!

He has gone mad?

Sage, now l have carried out a bomb-blast.

l've sin to my credit. Now give me a fate.

You got your sin? - Yes.

Now please take my mobile and give me a necklace.

He met his fate, now get us married.

Not so soon, child. Ravi will have to carry out a real bomb-blast.

Real bomb-blast?

Where can l find a real bomb?

The military have many bombs with them.

Ok, l'll join the military now. What's this Maganbhai?

Why do you talk nonsense?

Extremists! They keep bombs. Yes!

Now l must find Osama Bin Laden.

For what? - lt will serve two purposes.

America can find Osama and we can find a bomb.

There must be something easier.

Somebody must contact a don.

Don? - Santyabhai!

Who is this don?

The one you saved from the bullets.

Oh, that Santya?

He was a simple man. How did he become a don?

l was not a don. l was a simple man.

The police were after me. They were baying for my life.

So l decided that l'll make a career in this.

So l became a don.

Now tell me who is Don's don?

lf one considers today's situation, politicians like you.

So l entered politics.

Now tell me, what do you want?


l.. you say it.

Don't worry. Tell me.

A bomb! - Oh!

A Bomb!

l know that a common man doesn't need such things.

But, the time is as such. So..

But, is all this a truth?

Yes, we too didn't believe this.

All right. l'll give. l'll give even my life for my brother.

Brother, l don't want life. l want a bomb.

Oh! Shucks!

Hey, what are you doing?

Now where can l find a good person?

Good person!

lt will explode! - Sorry.

l found him. The good person.

Sage! - He?

Children! No weapon can have any effect on me.

l'll not get hurt at all.

Good! Just like me. Nothing happens to me.

l have no future! - Hey!

lt will blast us. - Sorry!

Who is such a person who won't get hurt?..

A man who can get hurt! - Yes.

l know one such person. - Who?

Saint Sachhidanand.

Yes, Saint Sachhidanand!

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

Pride gives birth to jealousy.

Jealousy gives rise to hatred.

This gives rise to anger.

Can you call good people those who have lust and anger?

Devotees! Let's end the session here.

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

'Hail, Raghuvir Samarth.'

Let them go, we'll stay here.

Child! - l was just kidding.

Sage, is this person good to be injured?

Say yes with a mouth sometimes.

Saint, today our collection is more than 2 lakhs.

Saint, it is due to your lecture.

There are so many problems in the world.

No one knows where God is.

But if we arouse emotions in people, they come running after us.

All right. Forget it. What about the drug deal?

Drugs? - Have you received the stock?

Yes, we have.

He is not a saint. He is a fraud.

lt's a bad world! Bad times!

My head has boiled over completely.

Where can we find a good person?

''Hail Rama, Hail Krishna.''

''Hail Rama, Hail Krishna.''

We can find really good people only in temples.

Near God.

What will happen to me?

Whatever that happens will be your fate.

l'm holding it carefully.

Over there! The good people!

Go, man, keep the bomb there, and come back soon.

Yes! - Oh! - did it explode?

Hail, Lord Dutta.. oh, Lord Shiva.. Om Namah Shivay.

Finally l've planted a bomb.

Still it's time to explode it.

Greetings! - Lord lndra! What is happening here?

Forgive me, Lord. ls there anything wrong?

Lord lndra! You have chosen a wrong path.. confer fate on one human being.

That man has brought a bomb in my temple to kill my devotees.

lt is my duty to save my devotees.

Please forgive me, Lord!

l promise you that he will not do anything..

..which will hurt your devotees.

There's a trunk call for him, from heaven.

Narayan! Narayan!

Greetings, sage! What have you done?

You kept a bomb in Lord Shiva's temple?

Lord Shiva is very angry, sage.

Please take away the bomb from there immediately.

All right.

Child, come here.

What happened, sage Narada? Why do you look worried?

Where have you kept the bomb?

ln the temple.

But where in the temple?

Near the God.

Go and bring back the bomb immediately.

Why? - Lord Shiva is very angry above.

But what is my connection with him down here.

Those devotees are Lord Shiva's devotees.

Notjust them, l'm his devotee too.

But if the devotees in the temple get hurt..

..Lord Shiva will be very angry above.

Let him. But here, l'll get married.

Narayan! Child, you already have a poor fate.

lf Lord Shiva gets angry, he will decide your fate with the third eye.

Let him. Then he'll understand.

lt will be burnt out!

Oh!! So what should be done?

Bring the bomb back.

lt's a great headache.

Decide for once and then only tell me.

To commit a sin..

Hurt good people.. and they want only a bomb for it.

l couldn't find the bomb.

l found it, but now l can't find a good person.

lf l find him he says, child you cannot have a bomb-blast.

This is good. You give orders from above but l've to do the running.

You see! - What?

He says, l can't keep it here.

What? - A bomb! No, nothing.

What? Are you mad?

Oh.. l surely will become mad.

Once he says, plant the bomb, then says don't.

What's the point?

Look! He is stealing the gold.

lt was our plan to steal the temple gold.

How did he come to know?

Let's go and catch him.

They can't decide properly.

Hey, where are you going? - They won't tell me clearly.

Hold him! - What happened?

Let go of the bag? - Hey! - lt's our bag.

Gold snake? No, it's the one which floors you.

There's a bomb inside.

Don't blame me if something happens.

Let go! - Let go!

l had told you, there's a bomb inside.

But you kept chanting it's the gold snake.

Now take it.

Ah! - Ah!

l had told you so. lt's not the gold snake.

This is a snake which floors you.

Now don't blame me.

Ah! l'll get a good beating.

What can l do with these exploded people?

Again the good deed!

Messenger! How did Ravi get the benefit of good deed?

Because those three humans were not destined to die..

..but still they died.

Oh, yes. But it should be a sin?

No. - No? Why?

All the three were extremists. So he got good to his credit.

Really? - Yes.

Now tell me, where can l take the three of them?

Please do something, sage. Control that human being.

What can l do?

l tried to steal from Damodar's house, but his family was saved.

And l had good to my credit.

Now l keep a bomb, a few bad people die..

..and l've good deeds to my credit.

l did what you told me to do.

l did what you told me to do, but the opposite happens.

What can l do about it?

Let's do this.

Sin number 14. Enjoy a woman against her wish.

That is rape. Shall we?

lt's so easy.

lt's easy? Do you know how to do it?

What's this?

Laugh like a villain when you see a girl.

Really? How?

What next?

The girl will run away.

The girl will run away? - Yes.

She ran away. What next?

You run after her. - l should run too?

You mean l should be ahead and she after me..

l'll be ahead, she'll follow me. l'll be ahead, she'll follow me.

Hey! - l'll be ahead.

She will be ahead, you follow her.

You'll rape her, she'll not rape you.

Oh! So she will be ahead, l'll follow her.

She'll be ahead, you'll follow her.

She'll be ahead, you'll follow her.

She'll be ahead, you'll follow her.

She'll be ahead, l'll follow her. ln this manner..

..the final board will arrive, the end.

Watch it and go home?

We cannot go anywhere with this.

l've a simple and easy idea.

Enough! Enough of fun. What are all of you doing?

Just for minor fate what will you make my son do?

There was theft. There was a bomb-blast.

Did it help?

No, mother, but from Ravi..

Where has Ravi gone?

Ravi! What are you doing? On grandmother?

Oh! A rat is hiding behind grandmother.

l'm going to hit it. Grandmother doesn't know about it.

ls that so? How can you say anything?

That's all right. You must consider this, children..

..unless a virtuous married woman is raped..

.you will not get the credit for sin.

But do l have to do all this?

Can't you give me a future without it?

Narayan! - Look there. Virtuous married woman.

Wait! Wait, child. First we must ensure that..

..this woman is a virtuous married woman.

Oh! Where is she going now?

Hello! l'm Megha speaking.

Will you come soon? My husband has gone to office.

Please come soon. Ok? Bye.

O God! This woman turned out to be immoral.

Shucks! l'd better go.

Ravi, where are you going?

l'll go and commit suicide. lt's a sin, Ravi.

But it's not in my fate, because l'll not die.

Ravi! Ravi! Look at her.

Now, l don't want to look at anyone.

Everytime this sage puts up conditions.

Hey! - Ravi! Narayana!

He has conditions about everything. You must do it this way or that way.

l'm tired of it all.

What is he going to do?

Where is he going?

Oh! No!

l'll give it one last try.

Perhaps he is going to commit a sin.

Alone! Vulnerable! Helpless!

Oh, yes! So now l'll get married.

l.. this.. that..


l want to.. you.

Will you make it clear? Yes, l'll try.

l want to rape you. Please don't hit me. Don't hit me.

How much will you pay me?

What? Money?

Yes. You are going to rape me, so shouldn't you give me money?


Hey! lt's my business.

Oh, business!

Business?! You mean you sell your body?

Do you know where one who sells ones body..

..goes, after one dies?

To hell.

And what do you get here by doing this business?

lt is hell, isn't it?

Do you do all this on your own?

Ask yourself?

Sir, don't waste my time for nothing. Get lost.

l'm not wasting time. You are.

You are playing with your own life.

With your husband's life. With your children's feelings.

An lndian woman cannot make..

..her husband and children unhappy.

She cannot have a different world than her husband.

Yes! Yes! Yes! l don't have a world other than that husband.

But he is suffering from cancer himself.

l want money for his treatment.

l agree. l agree that money is supreme.

One cannot do without it. But should one give up..

..all other paths and take this path?

No one takes to this path willingly.

Two little hands ask for food from mother.

So should l offer him empty plates?

Did you tell your child or husband how you make this money?

How will it change anything?

What do you think? When your husband gets well..

..and if he come to know what work you worry doing..

..will he accept you?

When your children grow up; when they become.. or engineer, will they say proudly that..

..their mother was a prostitute.

Will they share this sin of yours?

Even the Great Valya from Mahabharata..

..faced this very question. What happened to him?

These are even more bad times.

Go and ask them. No one shares a sin.

While everybody wants to share the credit for good deeds.

Sage, this mess is ever increasing.

Narayan! Narayan!

Once again he has good deed to his credit.

Once again good deed? How?

How l don't know about it? Where is this Ravi?

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''Give your glow to this darkness.''

''Give energy and confidence to the world.''

''Give your glow to this darkness.''

''Give energy and confidence to the world.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''O Mohana, O Krishna.''

''O Mohana, O Krishna.''

''You give support to the one who loses his path.''

''We are just puppets, you are the puppeteer.''

''You give support to the one who loses his path.''

''We are just puppets, you are the puppeteer.''

''Please take care of this child.'

''Give energy and confidence to the world.''

''Please take care of this child.'

''Give energy and confidence to the world.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''O Mohana, O Krishna.''

''O Mohana, O Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

''You are the benefactor, Krishna!''

''You are so kind, Krishna.''

Narayan! Narayan!

O Lord, now l accept defeat against this human being.

O lord, he not only made just one prostitute your devotee..

..but also other women who sell their body.

He changed them completely.

O Lord, what can be a bigger good deed than this?

O sage, l didn't do this willingly or deliberately.

O Lord, this human being will reach the heaven.. day or other due to the accumulations..

..of his good deeds.

Better still, l'll bring him with his body to heaven today itself.

No Lord, you cannot do this.

You are the sage Narada from heaven.

You have promised me that you'll get me married to Ravi.

You must keep your promise.

Moreover, you have promised me that you'll give me a fate.

O Lord, please don't snatch away my Ravi from me.

l don't want to go to heaven along with my body.

l'll not leave my mother alone and go anywhere.

First, l must give her happiness.

First, l want to get well. l want my fate, my future.

There is! There is one solution for this.

Tell me about any solution except for committing a sin.

l'm ready to do it wholeheartedly.

Yes, O Lord, please tell us.

The other half. Child, Rani is your future other half.

lf she gives half her future to you..

..perhaps then it is possible.

l'm ready for it. l'll be as much Ravi's companion.. his happiness and sorrow for a lifetime as he will be mine.

l'll be there as long as he is there.

l cannot live without him.

They say there is a woman behind any successful man.

Daughter, today you have proved it.

O Lord!

O Lord, l've given half of Rani's future to Ravi.

But something happened because if it. - What?

The time of death for both of them is at the same time.

Oh! lt means l'll have a headache once again.

lt means all is well that ends well.

Yes. - Yes. Yamunda! Yamunda!

Now tell the sage to make preparations..

..for their wedding.

Here he comes! - Here he is!

Welcome! - welcome! Slowly! Slowly!

Let the auto rickshaw move ahead.

Didn't your father-in-law