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Don't you think An's very fierce? I really wanna tease her

I know, right? But she's got heavy slaps

I've got goose bumps thinking about it

What's wrong?

You weren't chased after like us


So why so gloomy?

How would you feel if you saw a scene you'd never expected to see in this life?

The hell? So abstract

The thing is, I saw that scene and I was totall shocked

I should've prepared my heart since there's a chance it cloud happen

What are you on about? I don't get it

Yeah, me too

You know I like P'Leo, right?

Why do I need to know that?

I don't even know your name

What do you think?

Something smells fishy

Did you fart?

Be quit

I was talking about Fiat. Fart my ass

Look at his face

I bet there's more to this than meets the eye

Should we tell my bro?

Didn't you get enough scolding las time?

Your bro swore to kill us if we get info trouble again

Why don't we tell Leo and An?

Not Leo

He hasn't settled the old score with me. I'll be dead if I bring him another one

Now I'm even too scared to joke with him

Then go tell An

Yeah, An

If you wanna pick a fight, you're barking up the wrong tree

How confident of you

Don't you know?

P'leo's dating a guy like you because he's never dated woman

And once he tries dating a woman, he'll definitely love it

Oh I'm confident

But what are you confident about?

We both know who P'Leo's parents are

He'll get married some day

His family has a reputation to uphold

So he'll eventually end up with a woman anyway

His parents aren't even this stressed

Who are you to feel stressed about it?

I'm gonna prove it to you

In your dreams

Are you saying this because you're scared?

If you're not

Then how about giving P'Leo to me for a few weeks?

And I'll prove it to you

I think you're daydreaming

Wake up and grow up

Live in reality

Don't be delusional

If there's nothing else, then excuse me

He's leaving

Let's follow him

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