Difficulty: 0

Ayyo Chey !!!

Why did power got off now

I had to mail the RJ samples

I don't know how much charge is left in the laptop.

Hello, I'm your Sindu Speaking. After Sindu's appearance there is only happy talks.

First of all I have to tell a big thank you for all your love and support.

Today I'm so happy, before revealing the reason why, I have to tell a small story to you all but after this song.

You are still here?

I had told you right not to show your face again.

Just go away...Just leave me alone.

Instead of repeatedly telling the same thing,

You only say, how can I live without you?

(Having decorated the pathway of our friendship) *POEM*

(Having lit lamps on the either side of the main door) *POEM*

(It isn't fair to ask me to walk away now who have already entered without an invite?) *POEM*

Just stop!!!

Whatever you may tell I just don't want you.

Please go...Go away...

Nobody will stay with me forever

Everybody will leave me and go away.

That's left to you

I will never leave you and go away.

Even if you want me to leave you...I will not

why are you not understanding, what I'm telling

Just... Just... Go away.


This was my dream Radio Jockeying.

I had built this dream from my childhood.

That I could do in a Creative way.

But now i don't want this too.

I don't need anyone nor anything


( It Isn't fair to chuck the aspirations if it doesn't work... ) *POEM*

( Just because the plant is full of thorns, doesn't mean it doesn't bear a flower ) *POEM*

( Stop thinking about the past ) *POEM*

( Whatever it may be ) *POEM*

( At-least change now... ) *POEM*

If your one dream hasn't turned into a reality

That is your responsibility not to let your dreams drown

You continue that.

He had built a new dream world for me

My boyfriend.

I had vowed my entire life for him.


One Sunday morning he came,

and he said you are not a right match for me.

and told let's break up and he left.


Again and again for every silly issues there was clashes between us and that too from me.

In that case I was the beginning for those clashes

How much can he tolerate me !

I can't even maintain a good relationship with him...


He left you because he couldn't solve some silly fights.

If he had been there with you now , would he able to lead a happy life with you?

You have to feel happy that he left you.

Will anybody feel sad for this issue.

The person who loves you will not see your outer beauty.

He will understand your feelings and be there with you forever.

That special person will be waiting only for you.

One or the other day he will come for you.

At that time, you won't have any problems and you won't remember about your EX.

(The one who comes to mind wont he come to heart?) *POEM*

(The one who comes to your heart wont he stay with you?) *POEM*

(The one who stay with you will respond to your feelings? ) *POEM*

(why lead life with confusions when you can just go with the flow) *POEM*

Don't try to convince me by telling something and all.

You are always the same.

You change my words and convey it in some other way

I don't like you.

Since my childhood, my mom

Didn't say no to anything

she brought me up with so much love and care.

But for the first time she told NO for a trip with my friends

I had only planned the trip and I couldn't go.

Because of me even my friends canceled the trip.

Everybody are angry on me and also not talking to me.

I became alone.

" I'm unlucky"

what would have happened if she had sent me for a week trip.


If you would have gone to trip today

Then you would have not been here now.

And even your friends too.

Did you see today's newspaper headlines??

Due to heavy rainfall, private vehicles smashed under land slide causing a deadly disaster.

This was the same private bus which you had to travel in

As always said, Whatever happens is for a good cause.

In that case it's good that your mom stopped you by traveling.

Because of this you and your friends are safe now.

But they won't understand all these things know.

(Any thunderstorm may occur) *POEM*

(If u strongly face it without losing your hopes) *POEM*

(The friendship becomes more stronger without any bumps) *POEM*

For now they are angry

After sometime they will get to know the real fact,

Even after knowing the real fact if they don't understand,

Then just think once that do you really want such kind of friends or not.

Damn ! My thoughts...



Whenever I start to think,

The person who come in front of my eyes is my dad.

My dad was a great Poet

He never brought me up like a girl

I too have a wish to stay with my dad all the time

I would have not been like this if he had with me right now

But he is always there with me.

Tell me the truth aren't you my dad??



Just go away

I just cant

(Isn't it against the nature to either stop or mislead the river which is flowing towards the ocean) *POEM*

Are you a philosopher or God??

Who are you to cheer me?

What are you to me??

Good question,

I am none of them

( I am a Spectator of your mysterious life ) *POEM*

( Capturing your actions and reactions in a mirror in your darkest life ) *POEM*

( Dancing within you as a puppet ) *POEM*

( Roaming from Beginning till The end ) *POEM*

( Composing a silent music to the sorrows of mind ) *POEM*

Spreading across like the branches of a tree *POEM*

( Joining hands in decorating the front yard of our home ) *POEM*

( To showcase your own vulnerabilities and paint the character as it is ) *POEM*

( To take off everything which is not you without hiding anything and to project the real you ) *POEM*

( Hidden within you ) *POEM*

( I am your ) *POEM*



*phone ringing*


[Is this Sindhu?]


[we liked the story sample which have sent us]


[Congrats you have selected as RJ]

Thank you so much

[I have mailed you the details please check your Inbox]

Sure thanks a lot [See you]