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hey guys what is going on its your boy firerockyoyo

and today and today im going to be telling you brand new 2016 codes

now i dont mean codes from 2 3 months ago i mean

i mean from 2 3 weeks ago that are still relevant to this day and they actually are not

expired yet so lets get started

now for todays daily giveaway we are going to be giving away a blue long collar

now to be in this giveaway

all you have to do is subscribe to my channel

put your username in the comment section down below

and then leave the video a big thumbs up

lets see if we could hit 300 likes

and with that being said lets go ahead and get started

alright now the first code we do have in store for you guys

today is ajbday6

and yes lets go ahead and click out gift

now this gift is a really awesome gift

it is the 6th birthday cake of animal jam

alright lets go ahead and keep that

alright now the next code we do have is fashion

lets go ahead and type that in

and as you guys can see i just got a gift

and you gonna get a whooping 500 gems

so thats pretty awesome

the next code we have is party

all you have to do is type in party

then your gonna press ok

and then your going to get another 500 gems

the next code is phantoms

the next code is phantoms

and your gonna get another whooping 500 gems

now the next code is llamas

and another 500 gems

the next code is arctic

your going to click ok

once again

and you get another 500 gems

and the last one but not least

is birthday so just go ahead

just go ahead and type in birthday

and as you can see your gonna get another 500 gems

so in total you got roughly 3000 gems

which is literally insanity for like 2 minutes of work

so ya i hope you guys did enjoy this animal jam codes video

if you guys did enjoy this video in any way whats so ever

be sure to leave it a big thumbs up

and i will see you in the next video peace out

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