Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Repairing Ripstik wheels

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Today we are going to be repairing

The standard Ripstik wheel

To begin you will need a few things

You will need a pair of needle drivers

Which will act as a crowbar to remove the bearings from the wheel

You will need a new rollerblade wheel or two

If you are going to be replacing both

You will also need two Allen wrenches 3/15ths in size

First of all what you are going to want to do

Is take the wheel out

And once the wheel is out

You are going to take the needle drivers

And pry out the bearing

It will look something like this

Pretty thin

Then you take your new rollerblade wheel

And there will be a middle part in it

Like this

And two of the bearings

Put the middle part in

Taking care that it doesn't fall over when it's in there

And press in the new bearing

Sometimes it gets put in backwards like I just did

So just flip it around and press it in

It should be relatively easy to press in

Once you have that in, take your original crossbar piece

And you should have two slightly large washers

That go along with it, and you will put it back in its space

And once you're done

It will look like this

And you will have a new Ripstik wheel to race along with

The Description of Repairing Ripstik wheels