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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Lush Bath Bombs Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

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- Hi guys, its Audrey and I'm here with my sister,

- Jordan, from JustJordan33.

- And today, we are going to be playing

the Lush Bath Bomb Challenge!


So, we've never actually been to Lush.

- Well, I've only used one Lush bath bomb

and I got it for Christmas like 2 years ago

and it was really nice.

- So I went to Lush and got bath bombs

and Jordan has no idea which bath bombs I picked out.

- No.

- So it is going to be a surprise, mystery revealing,

- Unboxing.

- Unboxing haul.

So, lets go on with the first three.

I don't even know which ones I'm gonna pick outta the bag.

this is random guys, this is random, here you go.

- Oh, it comes in its own separate bag?

- Yeah, they package them.

- Fighting against animal testing, yes!

- Oh my gosh!

Okay, this is the one I was talking about earlier.

There's names for each one of them, I took a picture.

- This is so exciting!

Oh, also this is a challenge

cos' there's gonna be one ultimate Lush bath bomb winner.

So, this is kinda a competition between the bath bombs.

So my bath bomb is...

[Sings a Fanfare]

An Apple tree!

- So, this is so cute, its called 'Under the Umbrella Tree'.

- What does that mean?

- And these are all new, like Valentines Day additions.

- Oh, what is this smell, smell it, its like herbs.

- I can't tell, I'm like getting sick so like...

- Herbs.

[Together] - Herbs!

- Its smells like, yeah, herbs.

- And the one I got is super cute,

its a flower and its called Pink Pedigree.

- It's a spinney one!

- It's a spinney one so as you're filling up your bath

you let the water run and it just like foams the bath.

- Oh my goodness that's so cool!

So you can put it in the water and I'll turn it for you.

- I can't tell what it smells like.

- I'm nervous.

Smells good.

- Do you want me to spin it for you?

Okay, ready?.



- Oh!

- That scared me for a second,

I saw it going up fast, I was like..

- I think its going up fast still,

Wait, how do I add this in?

Ready, ready?

Spin, spin, spin, spin.

- No, put it on the side.

Oh maybe you can't move your hand like that.

It's so fun!

- Oh, its like, really pretty.

- Yeah.

I think its supposed to have running water,

oh, what just happened?

- It just like splat!

- It burst!

- Jordan, This one is like, hello.

- I don't think its a foamy one,

I think this one is meant to be put under hot running water.

- This is really pretty though, and it feels nice.

- Okay, I'm doing stainage test.

- It's sparkly too!

- Oh my goodness, this one does not burn my eczema.

- This one doesn't either.

- This is the first bath bomb that hasn't, like

burned my dry skin.

- It feels a little oily.

- Oh my goodness, this actually feels really nice,

feels like its healing my dry skin.


- Praise!

- I love Lush!

- Alright, okay this next one is super cool,

this is called Rocket Science.

It is actually the very first one I picked out.

- I'll do stainage test for this one too.

- Ta da! It's a spaceship!

- I wanna see it.

Oh my goodness its sparkly too.

That's so cute.

- What does it smell like, I can't smell.

- Smells like berries.

- Really?

What kind of berry?

Blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, orange-berry?

- Oo! like lemon and blueberries.

- You really stuck your nose on it.

- I know, because I knew if I didn't

it was gonna go up my nose.

- Ready?

Here we go, blast off!

- Oh my goodness that's pretty.

- I like this.

Wait why is it green, though?

You'd think it'd be blue.

- Blue and yellow...

- Makes green!


Oh, its so cool!

- Let's see.

It did not stain!

- This one is, like see-through.

- Audrey, we have upgraded, it doesn't stain,

it doesn't hurt the dry skin.

It's soft.

- The flowers are just chilling at the bottom.

- Flowers just chilling at the bottom.

- Wow, this one is so pretty.

- This is cool too but I wish we had the running water!

- (screaming)

- Audrey!

- It's exploding!

- Hurry!

- It's exploding!

It's so cool though.

- It's calm but its still exploding.

- I wanna go back to Lush.

- I wanna go back to Lush too, I wanna get...

- I love it, don't touch it.

Is it stained?

I can't tell.

I don't wanna stick my hand in it

because its just so beautiful.

- Its so pretty.

- ♪ It's going down

- Okay, it kinda stained but I think its because,

I got like, let me wipe it in water first.

Oh, nope it didn't. Just kidding, it didn't stain.

- Wow, ten out of ten. Okay, we gotta...

- That is so cool!

- We got to vote, which one is our favorite.

You ready?

- I'm ready, I've got my choice.


(bell rings)

- Yes, this ones so pretty, the Rocket Science.

- High five!

- Oh, oh.

- Yes!

- Yes!

- These two are out of here!

- Alright, round number 2.

Let's see what we pull out of the mysterious Lush bag.

Here you go.

- Yes!

- Don't smack it!

- I'm sorry.

- It is precious!

- It's delicate.

- Oh mine is heavy.

- Oh!


Look at this!

It's a unicorn horn, oh my goodness!

Is this like a soap bar?

- Yes, exactly.

Well I think it's a bath bomb.

- Oh! It smells so good!

Smell it.


- Its a bubble bar,

so I have no idea what that's gonna do.

- It creates bubbles if you put it under

hot running water, right?

- I have no idea.

We are not educated with professional bath bombs.

- It smells so good and it's so cute,

lets dip it in and see.


I think you need to like...

Oh, it's stuck!

It's stuck.

Oh, it's so soft.

- Oh my goodness.

Okay, oh my gosh!

I got a super cool one, so this one is called, Goddess.

- Oh!

- Look at this.

- Oh my goodness that's so sparkly!

- It's so cool, it's like a crater kind of.

- Oh! I love that, that's so cool!

Hey, I get why its a soap bar,

cos' it's literally soap.

- Does this smell good?

- It smells delicious.

- This one is so cool and the people at Lush said

that was one of their like, top three favorites.

- Yeah, that's like...

- So,

- I love that one.

Ah, I love the bubble bar because I'm using it

to wash my hands.

- Okay, you ready?

- Look, look its soap.


- Maybe I accidentally got a soap one.

- I love it!

- Okay, here we go, you ready?


- Yes!

I love that color!





- Ah!

- My hands!



I stained!

- That jacket is ruined.

- No!

- Oh, I could actually smell it.

- Sad, sad day I just stained my jacket.

- It smells really good.

- I stained my jacket.

- This one is still going strong by the way.

- I love that color, like the periwinkle.

- This is the only color of purple that I like.

- That's such a pretty color.

Ah yes!

The bubble bar!

- I wanna feel it.

- It's so soft and bubbly.

It's literally a bar of soap.


A little bit of fizzy.

- Oh my gosh, but look how sparkly it is!

This is like princess, Barbie, fairytale pink.

- Its like Barbie-fairy-topia.

Oh, you could wash your hands with this.

I'm just washing my hands.

- I don't think its meant to wash your hands.

- Well, I think it is.

In my book it is.

- Okay.

- Time to rinse my hands.

Ow, I can't fit both my hands in there!

- Oh my goodness gracious, this is so cool!

- I love this!

I love this one.

- This is so amazing, its like...

- Oh my goodness the crater is still there.

Its cold?

- Yeah

- Really?

- Yeah, the bath bomb is cold.

- What? Science.

- Whoa, wait.

- Pink?

- Wait how did this one get pink?

- Mystery surprises!,

there's some pink?

- This one became pink.

- Lush, what kind of tricks are you pulling on us?

Color changing bath bomb?

- Oh my gosh, its so vibrant still.

- It's so bubbly and vibrant.

- I love that one.

- It's so cute.

- These are so cool.

I just love them, like, individually.

- Yeah they each have something, like, cool about them.

Like this one has sneak attack, surprise color change.

Oh, my hands are soft Audrey.

They are so soft.

- I know, I know,

They are so smooth.

- They are so soft I love it!

- Okay, we got to choose our favorite ones.

Its so hard.

This reminds me of Barbie-fairy-topia, this one

reminds me of like mermaids and this reminds me of like...


Like galaxy.

- It reminds me of...

I don't remember what it was called but its

another Barbie movie.

- Barbie-fairy-topia?

- No, its the one with the unicorn and she...

- Oh, Barbie Pegasus.

- Yeah, Barbie Pegasus, yes.

- Our childhood shows.

- I don't know I can't decide, they're all so good!

How am I supposed to pick?

- Okay, we have to choose though.

You ready?

- Awe I can't, wait, there's something good

about each of them.

- Three.


Oh, smell test.



(Bells ring)

Oh, what.

- I was in between all of them, but like

especially these two.

- I think its just so cool, like the sheer pink

and sparkles.

- Okay, we've got to rock-paper-scissors it out.


- Oh my gosh.

Okay so.

These two leave the zone.

Oh my gosh, we have dissected this bath bomb.

Its like a ring.

If you like it then you shoulda' put a ring on it, ♪

- ♪ If you like it then you shoulda' put a ring on it. ♪

- Look at it,

it's so cool.

- And its like a little slab.

- Like a UFO, whoo!

- I love it, it's so foamy and amazing.

- I know very foamy and amazing.

- Yeah.

- The waters at the bottom, and everything else

is like fizz up here.

- I wonder is there going to be a color change on this?

Probably not.

- Thank you.

Alright so this is the

- [Together] last round!

- This is so sad, we're going to have to go back to Lush,

because these are amazing.

- These are good bath bombs and I love

the smells of them, and the colors and just

everything about it.

- (sings fanfare)

- Oh I'm so exited, what is it gonna be!?

The last one.

- Okay which one, did you choose?

- Oh it's a sea turtle!

- Oh my gosh, yes, yours is called...

- Oh mom, this is gonna be your favorite.


- Look how cute, it's a jelly bomb,

I've no idea what that means.

- Jelly?

Is there a jelly cube inside?

- Maybe?

- What?

- Smells good though.

I love it.

- Oh, that smells so good!

Its so cute!

I love it!

- And then this is a Valentines Day themed one.

It's called Love Boat.

- Ah!

Let me smell.

- Its a cute little boat.

Oh my gosh it has hearts in the bottom!

- Heart sprinkles.

Wait let me smell it.

- Oh!

It's strong.

- It's like...

- Citrus?

- Citrus?

- My sniffer is off.

- Oh, citrus on the bottom.

- Oh, maybe that's what I was smelling.

- Yeah, its a little bit citrus, but

its also a little bit like you know


Its like butterscotch, but like kind of like orange.

I smell orange and then butterscotch on top.

I don't know, it actually smells really good together.

- Ours are both like ocean themed.

- Yes!

- Okay, you can go first.

If it fits.

- He's chillin' over here.

Oh, ready, set, whoa!

Oh, we have to break him.

(grunting noises)

- Just like tear off its little flipper.

- Audrey, no that's his head!

You've gotta karate chop it, karate chop it.

Ready? Ready 3,2,1.


- Ow!


- Oh its flippers.

Poor flippers.



I got a bowl! I got a bowl!

Whoa its slippery, its slippery!

- Ooo, the color though is like a vibrant young green.

I bet that ones going to stain.

- Oh feel!

It's so...

Feel it Audrey! Feel it!

- Whoa!

- It has the coolest texture, what is this?

Is this the jelly?

It feels like slime!

It is!

It literally feels like slime!

- It's a slime one!

- Oh my goodness!

- Mom's like I need to get in this action.

- It feels like slime.

This is slime

- So that's what a jelly one is.

- Oh, this is the coolest thing ever!

How do they do that?

- I know but when you're like taking a bath you're

going to feel like you're in slime.

- Yeah!

- That's what everyone wants.

- That's so cool.

- Whoa, it's literally like jelly bath.

- It looks like a regular bath bomb still though.

- Oh, I feel so like...

- Oh I see its like regular on the top and

its jelly on the bottom.

- Ew.

- Its so good!

It feels like slime!

- Its like very smooth, I feel like its like lotion.

- Look, literally look!

it looks like slime everywhere.

- That is so cool.

- I can't pick it up.

How do they do that?

- My hands are really slippery.

Okay, we have to add in mine which is the Love Boat.

I'm super excited to see all the little

heart sprinkles rise.

- Yes!

- Alright here we go, choo choo!

- Oh I love those colors!

Audrey get it, get it!

That was a close...


close call.

- It is like, unicorn.

- Oh! There's yellow!

- It has all the colors in it, this is beautiful.

- Look at that!

Awe those are like my favorite colors,

cos' that's the yellow, pink and like Rapunzel purple.

- It is so pretty.

Look there's like yellow.

[Jordan] Look at it.

- What do you do with this jelly?

- I don't know.

- I'm confused.

What is the purpose of the jelly?

Just for fun?

- Yeah.

- I like it.

- Okay. I want to try this one.

- I love this.

- My hands are really jelly.

- It feels so cool.

- Oh, there's a little hearts in here!

- Where are they? Where are they?

- I found one.

- Awe!

It's so little!

(blowing noise)

It's adorable.

It's so cute.

- In honor of Valentines Day coming up.

- Soon.

- It's cute.

Oh my gosh this literally is slime on me.

- I love that.

That is so adorable and this one smells really nice too.

- This one is like pretty.

It has purple, pink, yellow.

And awesomeness.

- Oh, also some jelly on this one.

It's starting to do.

(gasp) White.

It's starting to do, like more bath bomb now.

- Weird.

- Cause look feel down here, this ones jelly.

- Wow! What happened to this one?

It like, moved.

Okay, we have to vote on our favorite.

This is extremely hard.

I don't know.

- They're all good!


How are we supposed to pick.

- Okay.

Oh man.




3.. Vote!

(Bell rings)

- This one.

- I had to say this one because its so unique,

- Yeah.

- I've never seen...

Like pull it out.

- I would pick the others because they're so good.

But this is literally like...

- A slime in a jar.

- I've never...

- Maybe not like, maybe I would not bathe in this, but..

- I would!

in a heart beat, it's so cool!

- It's very cool.

- It's so jelly and slime like I love it.

It's like the texture just feels like Jell-O.

Yeah, love it, look at that.

It looks like Ghostbusters.

Who you gonna call? ♪

- [Together} ♪ Ghostbusters! ♪

- Alright you guys should tell us

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- Yeah, definitely.

- So cool.

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