Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TheNigel's cohesion project

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Oh hi world. I didn't see you there. (Dog howls). Today I'm going to perform a very

special magic trick today using the powers of coheesion. Cohesion is when a polar molecule,

such as water (Spiderman hands TheNigel some water) (cough/clearing of the throat) that

has a positive end and a negative end the positive end is gonna be because the topside

has less protons than the other side so the electrons are gonna come to the positive side

which means thats how it's going to have a positive charge and the other sides going

to have a negative charge. Now, today I'm going to use the powers of cohesion to keep

the water going on a straight path, well a straightish path cause it's water, through

the air. Okay watch as my lovely assistant comes Spider-Man! (Spider-Man strokes himself

in an odd way) Okay. Now (clears throat again) Spider-Man I want you to be very calm. I'm

not going to harm you. (Spider-Man acknowledges him) Okay stand up straight with your arms

off to your sides. Watch. WHAT! Yay cohesion. AHHHHHHHHHHH!

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