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My professors matter to me at OCU because they just take the initiative into the individual and the students.

They are willing to put their heart and soul as this university. And they want to give it all back to everyone,

because they want you to succeed. They do not want you to fail or anything like that. They want you to succeed.

And I think it's so cool that they are willing to push you and make you the best performer and student that you can be.

You definitely feel you get more attention, and you can perfect things a little better. It's not like you're in this great lecture hall of 500 students.

It's just very, they focus on you and they know you by name, and so I like that, that you have this relationship with them and you can talk to them.

They really care about you. And like, not only as a student, but as an individual.

You know, and like, if you're needing someone to talk to, if you're needing like, a parental figure,

a lot of them are very good at that. But I'd say the biggest thing is that, even aside from academics, you can just go talk to them about pretty much anything.

My OCU professors matter to me because I feel that the experience that I'm gaining from them is very personalized,

and I know that their first priority is my success, and that's just really good to know that I'm definitely, again, not a number but definitely a name.

My professors matter to me because they seem to care about my success, so they want everybody to be successful,

they wanna make sure no one's struggling.

They often have "open-door policies", they call it, so any time you wanna talk, they're in their office, just walk in, ask for help.

My OCU professors matter to me because they care about their students.

They go above and beyond to make their students' four-year experience, or in going to graduate school,

a memorable one. And not just memorable, but just a time where you're gonna learn, and you're gonna grow, and you're gonna build on

these practices that you've taken time to study in your university career, but also just after graduation.

So that they have given you the tools that you can build on after graduation.

And I think that is something really key that OCU really - not just in the art department, but just in the university as a whole -

They seem to have that nailed down, and they've got it really good.

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