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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Untold Story of Steve O's Fake Teeth | Steve-O

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Yeah, dude!

(air whooshing)

Yeah, dude!

All long as I can remember I've been super insecure

about my teeth.

When I was a kid I had these vampire fangs.

And sometimes kids would make fun of me.

I never thought

about getting cosmetic dental work done

until I actually broke teeth.

I was 1995 and I threw myself off a balcony

at a keg party.

Landed on my face on the concrete below.

Fractured my cheek bone,

broke 7 teeth, had ten stitches

in my chin and a broken wrist.

My mom was so kind she offered to pay

for me to get them fixed

and she made me a dentist appointment.

But I missed the appointment

because I got arrested for drunk driving

and I was in jail.

(jail cell closing)

So, I called Mom from jail

and she pretty much said

"Fuck your teeth, your going to rehab!"

I had to live with that busted ass grill

for two years.

Woo, dude!

All right dude, let's go now, hurry, hurry, hurry.

(flames whooshing)


In 1997 my mom took pitty on me

and gave me money to go to the dentist where I lived

in Albuquerque, with my sister.

I got crowns on I think 3 or 4 front teeth.

Those first crowns were a godsend

because I got 'em just in time to go to

Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College,

without broken teeth.

But they were so yellow because they had

to match the rest of my mouth

and I was never known for good oral hygiene.


And my clown makeup was so white.

It was just super noticeable

and little kids would be like,

"What's wrong with that clowns teeth?"

And that just never felt good.

I tried to not show my teeth as much

as possible when I was a clown.

(clown horn tooting)

But, then came Jackass

and now I'm on national television

with these ugly teeth,

that I was so self conscious about.

And I had them for the movie as well.

(upbeat piano)

But then I decided, in 2004, you know what, fuck it.

I can afford it

and I'm gonna get my teeth totally fixed.

So I got 'em all redone.

And man, the sight of those numbs all

in one go, whooff.

That was my first real set of fake teeth.

Which I had for the second Jackass movie.

(upbeat piano music)

And even though they looked a lot better my mouth

still smelled awful

because I never flossed.

Which is my biggest regret in life.

I had this bacteria in my mouth, which meant

that no matter how much I brushed,

it still smelled.

And one time I got in the van with the Jackass guys

and Wee Man said

"Dude Steve-O, your breath."

And then Knoxville goes

"Saying Steve-O has bad breath is

like saying Wee Man's short, it's all the time."

- It smelled like someone left a sardine can

out in the sun too long.

And because I never flossed,

in 2009 my Interdental papilla's blew out.

You know the triangle shaped part of your gum.

They fuckin disappeared.

So now I had these big holes where my

Interdental papilla's used to be.

And of course, I went racing to go get another set

of fake teeth.

Which are the teeth that I had in Jackass 3D.

(upbeat piano)

So if we're keeping score I had a totally different set

of teeth for each of the 3 different Jackass movies.

And if we make a fourth

Jackass movie I'll have a different set

for that one to

because after more gum problems

I got these obnoxious fuckin things in 2014.

Yeah, dude.

These ones, when I saw the first photo I thought, oh no.

I started pounding coffee

because they're so obnoxiously white.

For all the crowns I've had they've always been mounted

on my real teeth, which are the numbs.

But a few years ago, the nubs started coming out.

I've had two teeth pulled so far

because I've got bone loss.

And they tried

to give me bone grafts where they hammer my face

and that's why it got all blown

out multiple times.

I'm sure I'm gonna end up with full dentures

and who cares.

All this insecurity has done nothing

but cause me pain and suffering my whole life.

And how can a guy who's so comfortable with a beer bong

up his ass be so worried

about what people think about his teeth.

It makes no fuckin sense.

So yeah,

if you guys have any insecurities, man let 'em go dude,

that's my advice.

And you know what other advice I have.

Try to find something on this channel that sucks.

Because you won't and hit that like button

and get your notifications and subscribe

and all that fuckin shit YouTuber's say.

Isn't that right Wendy.

Such a good girl.

(kissing sound)

Such a good girl.

Let's go good girl.

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