Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BiRTHDAY surprise for MOM!! Adley & Dad decorate a Chocolate Cake and make Moms bday Party Poster!

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- Watch, watch this!


(lady laughs)

- Okay, get your butt out of here!

I'm tryin' to draw a poster!

(Adley giggles)

(Adley screams)

The cake's gonna burn up!

Ah, your finger's in my mouth.

- Chocolate.


- What?

- Oh, delicious.

(Adley laughs)

I wanna do some.

- Maybe one more than you.

- Da, da, da, da, da, da.

(Dad screams)

- Get over here right now,

'cause we need your help plannin' this party.

- Oh, we forgot to get rid of Mom!

Welcome to A for Adley.

Today we're--

- Shhhh, Mom didn't see me.

- Welcome to A for Adley.

- We need your help, Nick.

It's mom's birthday tomorrow.

- Yeah, get a bicycle for her.

- Yeah.

- Hide it somewhere safe.

- Well, I know which bike she wants.

- I even asked her, - Yeah.

- I'll send you a link.

You gotta help us to get the bike.

- And then hide it somewhere safe in the garage.

- Let's hide it at the lake house.

She won't see it.

- Hide it at the lake house

and then come over to our house and help us make a cake.

- Yeah, what kind of cake are we gonna do?

- A cake with sprinkles on it.

- Yeah!

- And a pink cake.

- 'Kay, a pink cake, she would like that.

So, and then we also need,

what else do we need for the party?

- And we need a pretty card saying,

"Mommy, we love you."

And we wanna make your birthday special for you

to thank you for being the best Mom in the world.

- Yeah, that's a good idea.

- And at the birthday, we can put this down.

- Oh!

And have a beach birthday at the lake?

- Yeah!

- Should we do that?

- Yeah! - I like that idea.

- Her birthday can be at the lake.

- So tomorrow is Jenny's birthday.

We're gonna have it at the lake,

but right now we need to make a cake and some cards.

- And we got some helpers that can help us

put the sprinkles on and make the cake.

Want me to show you?

- Who's our helpers?

- The first customer is gonna help.

Okay, I'm gonna show you the first customer,

who's gonna make the sprinkles for us.

- Ohhh, sprinkles, she'll be good at helpin' with the cake.

She has sprinkles on her shirt.

Who else?

- And the next one makes the cake with us.

- Oh, and Minnie!

Minnie could help us with the cards.

- Here's our next customer.

Kitty's gonna help us.

- Oh, and Kitty's gonna help us?

Do you wanna help us make a card?

- Yes, please.

- All right, Nick, get over here right now,

'cause we need your help plannin' this party.

(record scratches)

- Oh, we forgot to get rid of Mom!

- She's here, with Nico.

We gotta get rid of both of 'em.

- We can ask her like,

"Hey Mom, I'm so hungry,

can you go get me food." - Oh, I'm so hungry!

Please, I'm gonna die if I don't eat food!

Please Mom!

- Mom, get food far away.

We want food far away.

- Oh, what's food far away?

- Chick-fil-A.

- Yeah!

She could get Chick-far-away!

It's like Chick-fil-A, but far away.

Guys, we're gonna tell her to get

Chick-far-away in the mountains.

- Yeah.

- How 'bout you do it, 'cause she won't be suspicious.

She might be suspicious if I do it.

- Okay.

I'll secretly film, okay guys?

- Okay, here.

I'll hold this camera.

- Okay, and I'll hold this camera.

- [Dad] Okay, let's go.

Hey Mom!

- Hey Mommy!

(Jenny screams)

- [Dad] We're so hungry!

What are you guys doin' in here?

- Mom, we're so hungry.

- [Jenny] We're just playin' with animals.

- Mom, can you go get Chick-fil-A?

- Chick-fil-A? - [Dad] We're so hungry!

But we want the Chick-fil-A in the mountains,

'cause they have the best sandwiches.

- What?

- Yeah, please Mom.

- Yeah, please, were so hungry.

- But I'm playing with Nico.

- [Dad] Well, will you take Nico?

- Should we all just go?

- No!

- [Dad] Me and Adley wanna stay home to clean her room,

'cause it's really dirty.

- Oh, okay. - Yeah.

- Please, Chick-fil-A in the mountains.

- Okay, I will.

- Yay!

- [Dad] You're the best, Mom!

Love you.

- You guys are so cute.

- [Dad] Okay, we're gonna go play in Adley's room.

- Love you too, baby.

- Oh, she's movin' right now.

Just like that.

- [Dad] Let's go.

- Hey, guess what?

Hey guess what?

Watch this.


(Dad laughs)

- Ahhh, the tent's falling!

- [Dad] Don't fall.

- I got my glasses.

- Okay Nico, let's go get some food.

- [Dad] Bye Mom!

Thanks for gettin' food!

(Nico squeals)

- This is gonna be easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

- Okay, Mom is out of here.

She just left.

- I have 20 pounds of money.

- [Dad] For mom's birthday?

- Yeah!

- [Dad] What are we gonna get Mom for her birthday?

- We're gonna get a purple and pink bike.

That we could ride in and stuff.

- Yeah, her and Nico will sit in the back.

- And look at all this money we could use!

- Oh yeah!

- Watch this!

Money water fountain!

Which money do you use?

- We probably need like, let me see how much is there.

Probably like this much for Mom's bike.

- You can take all my dollars I have.

I can have more.

- [Dad] Oh, you're so nice.

We need to get a cake in the oven,

so we can start decorating

and cards.

Nick, get over here so you can help us film.

(Adley yells)


- Got the markers.


- Whoop!

All right.

- We got all the markers.

- We've got a cake in the oven.

We're gonna make her a giant poster

and then when the cake's done, we gotta decorate the cake.

And Mom is far away getting us food.

- Oh, and we got some of these.

- Yeah, we can stick 'em on, to say things.

- Well, I'm gonna start with the A.

- Ah, that's a four, but it looks like an A.

- Okay, I'll start with.

- Do you wanna write your name?

Like, Adley?

There's a Y, so we need a Y.

Oh, there's a purple one, you wanna do a purple one?

- Yeah.

- 'Kay, put the Y, and then I'll get you an E.

- Do you know what I'm spelling?

It's a secret.

- What are you spelling?

- It's not done yet.

- For you!

You're saying for you?

- There's more letters to put on, so you can't guess yet.

So I start doing the letters, like these.

- 'Kay.

And you do the markers, and then we switch,

and you spell what I said.

- Okay, I'll do the markers, then we'll switch.


- She likes purple and pink.

- Purple, like this?

And this pink?

- Just do whatever looks pretty.

- Okay, whatever looks pretty.

Guess how old Mom's gonna be.


- Dad, that's good.

Can you please get out of my way,

you're gonna solve the mystery.

(Dad laughs)

- The mystery of what you're spellin'?

- Okay, it's almost done, Daddy.

Look at your markers, Dad.

- I'm lookin' at my markers.

I'm not peekin'.

I'm gonna write happy birthday on my side.

- Mommy loves pink.


- Sorry, I gotta write Mom over here.

Hey, switch me sides.

- Switch me sides!

- Switch me sides!

- No you switch.

- No you switch me sides.

(Adley gasps)

What did you just find?

- Nothing.

- What did you just find?

- No, you can't look!

- Okay.

- I'm on the marker side.

You can't look at what I'm drawing with.

- Okay, then you can't look what I'm drawing with.

- Okay.

- I finished a part.

Look what this says.


Happy birthday.


- I'm almost done with this.

You wanna guess?

- Does it say,

"For you,


I love you Mom?"

- Okay.

- Okay, my thoughts exactly.

I'm gonna maybe draw some pretty balloons

for Mom down here.

There's one balloon.

Oh, a blue balloon, good idea.

This one's gonna be a long balloon.

- Okay Dad, I'm all done.

- Oh, can I see?

- This is a storm, and we're trapped in the storm

and then Mommy having her birthday up here.

- Oh, that's cool.

So Mom's birthday's not the storm?

- And that's a little mice tryin' to get in the storm.

- A little mouse!

(Adley laughs)

Adley, I made some strings over here,

but they need balloons.

Can you draw balloons on 'em?

- How 'bout pink and purple balloons?

- That would be perfect.


'Kay, and then I'll draw over here.

I'm gonna draw Mom a crab, 'cause she always goes,

"I'm a little crab, I'm a little crab."

- And here's Mommy trapped in the storm too.

(Dad gasps)

We'll save her and then we'll be in the storm.

- And then she'll be so happy we saved her

and then she'll have a surprise birthday party.

- Yeah.

(markers pounding the paper)

- Oh, those are pretty balloons.

I drew a crab and he's saving her.

This is his cape right here.

He has a cape, 'cause he's a superhero crab.

- It looks like he's mad, look.

- Oh no, he's happy.

I'll draw a big smile, look.

Wheee, like that?

- He's impressed now.

- He's impressed?

- Yeah, he's like impressed now.

I think I need bright red.

- What else does this poster need?

What else does Mom like?

(Dad screams)

You almost colored in my hair, crazy!

(Dad squeals)

Don't start that again, remember our paint war?

- Pretend they're spider girls

and they're coming to visit the party.

- Oh, that's a good idea.

Oh, we should draw the new little baby,

'cause Mom loves the baby.

- Yeah!

Okay, this is the baby girl in Mommy's tummy

and it's super creepy.

(Dad laughs)

This is all the baby girls.

- Those are all baby girls?

Ah, you turned our balloons into baby girls.

- That's because they look like babies.

(Dad laughs)

- Look, I've drawn the baby and she's all wrapped up

and that's her little face.

But what color's the baby's hair gonna be?

Brown, or black, or red?

- I thought violet was.

- Violet hair? - Violet!

Violet hair, so I'll do the hair.

- Okay, you do the hair and then I'll do the smile.

- Violet, violet.

- What if our little sister really has purple hair?

- Yeah.

- That would be so cool.

Little baby!

We should have a beach themed birthday tomorrow.

Do you like that idea?

- Yeah, birthday. - At the beach?

Okay, hey, get your butt out of here!

I'm tryin' to draw a poster!

(Adley laughs)


Okay, we're switchin'.

Look at me, I'm drawin' coconuts.

- I'm gonna build a rainbow, Dad.

Look at all these colors I'm gonna use for a rainbow.

(Dad gasps)

- That's a good idea!

Mom loves rainbows!

Okay, where are you gonna do the rainbow?

(Dad makes beeping sounds)

- I know a beautiful song (mumbles).

- You're gonna sing?

- Yeah.

- What are you gonna sing?

- Well, it's a surprise.

- Oh, a surprise song.

(Adley sings notes)

You may go, as long as we know

(oven beeps)

(record scratches)

(Dad gasps)

- Cake's ready! - Cake's ready!

Okay, let's hurry and finish!

- I got a rainbow.

- Okay.

- I made these letters.

And I made these trees.

- Look, I made an ocean and a crab and a tree and fish.

And the crab's saving Mom from the storm

and he's gonna take you to the birthday party.

'Kay, are we done?

Is there anything we're missing?

- Ahhh, we forgot the birthday cake.

It's burning!

- Let's go, hurry!

Wait, clean up the markers!

Clean up all the lids.

(Adley screams)

Hurry, go, fast!

Fast, fast, fast, fast, fast.

Okay, go fast.

- There's one over here.

- Okay, get 'em.

- Here's the markers.

- Okay, put 'em all in the box now.

(Adley screams)

Hurry, the cake's gonna burn up.

What if we take the cake out and it's on fire?

(Adley screams)

Lid, where's the lid?

- Lid!

- Boop!

(Adley screams)

Two more!

One, two.

- There's three more down here.

I'll go get 'em.

- Okay.

- Dad, put 'em in.

I gotta get it.

- Okay, I got the markers.

You got the poster.

- Let's go!

- Let's go get the cake.

The cake looks delicious.

Start gettin' the sprinkles ready.

- Okay, I'll start gettin' the sprinkles ready.

- Whoa!


These is frosting.

We put these on their cakes, so it looks frosty.

Then we put pink on.

And we put green.

I'm gonna get more stuff.

Cake almost ready!

Cake almost ready!

Cake almost ready!

Cake almost--

- Incoming cake!

(Adley screams)

Are you ready?

- Hey Dad, there's no, there's no.

- It turned out perfect, smell that.

- Yeah. - Chocolate, my favorite!


- We don't have all the stuff we need.

- I'll get some knives to spread the frosting.

- And then you go get some more sprinkles and frosting.

- 'Kay, let's go get the rest of the stuff.

- Chocolate.

These are bumpy candies.

You put 'em on the cake and they look super bumpy.

- What do you think Mom would like,

chocolate or vanilla frosting?

- Both of them.

- Mix 'em?

- Yeah, mix 'em.

- I like the way you think.

- Okay and we gotta share this brush.

- Okay, let me open up the white for ya

and you can get started.

- Okay.

- Mom is gonna love this cake.

Oh yeah.

- And then you put chocolate on the white?

- We got sprinkles over here.

What kinda frosting do we have?

This is blue frosting, if we wanna write something.

- Oh yeah! _ Pink.

- Get the cake all over it.

(Dad screams)

(Adley laughs)

- You got frosting on my arm!

Oh yeah!

- I'm almost ready.


- That's a lot!

Hey, this is my spot.

Get outta here!

(Adley laughs)

- Dad.

- What?

- Delicious!

(Adley laughs)

Vanilla and put.

- Looks like a Oreo cookie.

- I think we should do sprinkles.

- Okay.

- White sprinkles, check.

Dad, look!

- Whoa!

It's snowing on Mom's cake!

Okay, okay, okay!

Holy cow!

That is a lot of sugar.

- Let's spread it.

- Don't use your hands!

Use a spreader, crazy!

Sprinkle spreader.

- Sprinkle spreader done.

- Next sprinkles, we got colorful rainbow sprinkles.

- Has this been on already?

- No, not ready yet.

This one's ready.

Just use a little bit though,

it doesn't have like a lid thingy.

Just a dash of sprinkles.

Oh, perfect.

- Next.

- And guess what color sprinkles I just got?

- Pink.

- Go for it.

- Whoa!

That is lovely.

- Snowing pink!

- Okey dokey!

(Dad laughs)

Mom, I hope you like sugar,

'cause you got a very sugary cake!

We prob'ly don't need more frosting.

Should we put these letters on there?

- Hey, no!

That's supposed to go on the very end!

- Oh, candles are at the very end.

What are those letters?

Do you want me to open these?

- Yep.

(Dad screams)

- These ones are ready.

- I'm gonna write somethin' special.

- Somethin' special?

Oh, that's cute.

We've got some candles ready.


- Py


One, two, three.

- Happy birthday, - Happy birthday,

You're our favorite Mom, and our best friend. ♪

And you'll be one kind, kind

So if you say, shout for Mommy

We love Mom

She always gets us food

And makes us happy and plays games

There's a diddly-doo

And a diddly-da

You can say everyday goes pretty fantastic

This cake is the best

♪ 'Cause her Mom is the best

Mom in the whole world

- Hooray!

- For Mom!

And says G

And you'll be pray

As one that believes

We love you Mom

Here's some sprinkles. ♪

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do. ♪

- Now let me do some.

- Maybe one more do.

- Da, da, da, da, da, da, da!

(Dad screams)

- Okay, okay!

Oh, that's looking good.

Let me try and sound it out.

- No, not yet!

- Ah, your finger's in my mouth.

(Adley laughs)

- Not yet!

I'm gonna zip your mouth.

Super tight and throw away the key

and I'll never get it back.

(Dad mumbles with mouth closed)

I know.

We can't yet.

We're still building the cake.

(Dad groans)

Zip the key.

- Oh, are you done?

- Try and guess what it says!

- Does it say,


- Look.

I love you Mommy.

Please be my best friend, and we'll go play together.

And thank you for being the best Mom,

'cause I hope the baby looks really cute and really nice.

And I-- - There's more message?

- And I hope that all her dreams will come true one day.

Love you, Mom.

- That is a good message!

Oh, I love you!

How are you so cute!?

Oh my goodness!

I want a birthday cake with such cute messages!

Mom's lucky!

This is the most fancy cake we ever made.

- Yeah.

We better hurry and go to the lake.

It's almost.

- It's almost dark.

Should we go set up the party?

- Yeah, let's go set it up.

- Okay, let's go set it up.

- Ahh, what if Mom comes back?

- We gotta hide all the evidence.

What are we gonna do with it all?

- We could hide all the birthday stuff in the lake.

- And then she won't see it?

- Yeah.

And she won't see it.

- 'Kay, let's go.

- I got a secret place we could put it.

- Yeah, bring the poster, get out everything.

- Oops, we almost forgot the cake, Daddy.

And I got a secret place we could hide the sign.

- Okay.

- The sign and the cake.

- Perfect.

Let's roll.

- Want me to show you where the secret hiding spot is?

- Yep.

- Okay, it's somewhere in my room.

I got a perfect place for the poster.

- Where are we gonna put this cake so that Nico

and the dogs don't get it?

- I know where it is.

- Where?

That is a good spot!

You're so smart!

- Until it's Mommy's birthday, we'll keep it safe.

- That is such a good idea.

And what about the poster?

Do you have a good spot for the poster?

- Yes, I do!

- What about behind here?

- Oh yeah.

- Yeah.

- Or, we could put it under my bed.

- That's a good idea.

Let's do that.

- I got a surprise for after the video.

- Really?

What is it?

What's the surprise?

- Big chocolate!

- What?!

(Dad laughs)

Where did you get that?


- We're gonna have that after the video.

- We need to have a talk about this!

That's too much chocolate!

- I'ma got it from the pantry.

(Dad laughs)

- Okay, hold on!

We'll figure this out after the video,

but right now, let's hide the poster.

I think everything's ready.

- Okay, let's end the video.

- 'Kay!

Guys, tomorrow's Mom's birthday.

- Thanks for watching.


- Bye!

- Okay, now the piece of chocolate!

- Okay, we need to talk about this.

You can't just have chocolate under your bed!

- I know what we're gonna do.

- You're a stinker.

How 'bout this, you get one piece

and then I take the rest back and hide it.

- No!

- No?

One piece.

Here, here, here.

A big piece, deal?

Shake on it, deal?


Okay, we're puttin' this back, I'm hidin' it!

(Dad screams)

The Description of BiRTHDAY surprise for MOM!! Adley & Dad decorate a Chocolate Cake and make Moms bday Party Poster!