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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VS Episode 42: Michael vs. Gavin

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ha, what does that spell?




so uh, v.s episode: whatever

trying new mic (ASSCOCK) holding style (IT'S A ASSCOCK!)

decision a Ryan

yeah thanks I really appreciate that I was hoping you guys yeah you are always

you're helping Michael trying to raise your you guys were having that you guys

have the same church and uh yeah that and so this week of my old the current

champion of the world

I leave town for one who can you somehow lose vs without in peggle hey what

happened right here at all blame me should have a chevron right there i

think the end to talk this thing right here

yeah right here today without listening to you without my help

all right all right is that it was still so what you doing what are you doing

I got here up challenging Michael that so what to get a little under a single

box game will be put aside my rubbish desk

yeah your desk is a piece of shit okay i mean there's glass careful it's glass

don't make your overall it is not Gavin's gonna knock something to Jack's


welcome to the entire episode all right people try to knock over some piece of

glass cabinet next to his desk can you reply hid in plain sight of his eyes

what the hell is that what is that what is this do you see Michael You cheeky


hidden in plain sight let's leave aside

- he'll free to record and or sink

let's meet by the chair

what are you doing

that's no all right all right

hidden in plain sight vs haha right thing

Gavin pull the jack do you purpose chaired it's going to fall apart

obviously had a spectacular moment lead with it rock with that lean back lean


huh all right I'm player to Gavin you're playing is gabby no free your legal

birth milan and i'm playing as part of a player to not purple - but when I

reporting this . that's 1 2 3 1 2 is very Hubert's to go

okay all right I guess what I these the controls right folks at all right let me

speak to you on friday

okay we are one of these people right yeah I don't know who I am

all you are actually had a first thing you have to do is figure out which one

you are ok you don't have to run to the end if i stop at one of them as you i

can try and shoot you but I have one bullet

haha . first to wonder how many whatever

listen first two verses 33 your site best-of-seven that's not a god

that's 25 best of five ok what should be the best of seven

I don't know it's not that pretty quick and if you said mastersound the best sex

ever again

four in a row in the game zone all right all right we go if you run by the way if

you run

it's obvious because none of the NPC's was just like why this little one but

you're making on him being able to make the shot let ya know what I just like

book and hope you miss me yeah that the only got one shot . I gratitude short

shot all right here we go

we were much the white that we'll figure it out

- I move I don't know it wait whoa a walk wise run was the other cross it is

not looking good

haha both are walking in you're both so this will speed up my line the one read

somewhere so Michael is one of these will discover your eye is it this guy

got do you think the guy who made the papers and the money

Keysha jing can you shoot yourself you can

I'm not sure if you cannot be repaired fucking do it

don't you bother you this fuck right here who is this you see you too Michael

looking at you have you guys good

it's kind of hard on him if it really is wise to kevin is here you son of a bitch

I show him your brother that was bad what happened

yeah yeah yeah

the other ones where when you're running a little i was younger that is that why

you hold her for ages and you would shoot it haha well you only have one

gather wood hay and make extra sure I tried that yet he's making a run for it


booking it now I stops oh no my goal to Montauk intense

it looks pretty tense and more people play this another table can play this


no I'm not know Gavin knows which was the worst in the fireplace

it's that snow versus you can fill up or down you can only go right yeah

therefore only one only walk

what's gonna happen what is running the pretty obvious yeah that one looks like

it's the white button is this unit because important shirt off

I don't know which was Gavin I was this next to me i was you i'd try to book

your mind games

Oh shot given maybe don't think it was this connection more fucking depends on

the cerebral is one to one and the inside part on the outside of it my

heart jumped at the chance

oh my god we look at each other like all God take a shot take the shot

oh you gonna be my god

oh alright what happens if one of the NPC's makes it I guess I got night

I don't know I did people ever had everybody with i played this game once

who did you play this way someone - all right there you go

let's play it with some of you i'm betting somebody's one of those green

goblin news

little green Oh No so that is another job and I wish you're looking dudes this

wizard fucking the speed demon over there

cast a horse melons and even you shoot the wrong one you lose

now you're just waste your bullets don't you pull it ok

wow yeah which one will you get married i was thinkin hey both little girls

the only cars together is up to lon Hart

I to get this to work you think we always do this to one

almost there is to win wow that was quick shot

all right sure why person is the show is running however the other person is the

one that you know he's the one that how you see the pretty pictures that you

find my clients do that

I paddock why didn't want to tell you you are mature and turn into the crowd

and if I so I do twitter because doing that which make it go to a crowded so

here it is to clear all of the guys moving

they got an inch off and you have to fucking god instead we're done we're

going to be looking 4ward would have been impressive me to get you it

wouldn't be crazy i was just confused I'm like why can't we just do that

little orange guys a lot of guys fucking Ronnie and he is out there

nope oh that was not going yes no

oh yeah we could take you with the next one . the devil's head with it all

oh don't go together is an intense game

yeah but you guys probably sweating

I get my I'm getting there right scary spaghetti

Michael all the pressures on you and oh yeah that's a little off game haven't

got around to learn the only thing you've got going for you is that there's

a high percentage chance that Gavin's gonna fuck it up

this guy's there's no way that we're going to replace know what you want to

do that right front

no no baby it's probably Gavin actually I got stops all right look at Ariana

myself on way to take this shit . are

oh my god ten school all the movies and the snipers about to take a shot to the

heart of someone running

you are you going to run more like your balls throughout the other side around


Jones this is it why don't you go all right fire just run why don't you try d


just water's gonna bring heaven it's a raisin

haha so two down to the wire

who is it this guy is that guy in there and I don't know man

the game's over if you take a shot you're wrong the game is over and he got

in the best he just fucking sit still just hanging out all the bullets nerves

hanging out a gun to shoot hanging out there is this son of a bitch

oh yeah they're all items of blood on these guys moved in ages he's thinking

about it the nights are getting past that which make which one is what for

that night in the back of the dog making a run for it oh I know

and so many like a large happy

God let it get away

I don't know


every way engine girls clothes yet I feel like you best to be almost every

round and you be

yeah he knows we're going to one natural abilities graduation

christmas comes early to you this year buddy who thank you very much a belt in

a trophy

paroles everyone is popping that always bored you oh yeah

isn't happy christmas for you happy Christmas Harry

alright so congratulations for the next seven days you get to be the king of the

world until next thursday when this guy challenges you re on what's it gonna be

I don't even know who live in downtown area

game over

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