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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: D.I.Y. Trippie Redd 8-Ball Chain | Cheap Thrills | Tatered

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Cheap thrills.


Sup, family?

It's your boy, Nate, aka Tabasko Sweet.

You're watching Cheap Thrills.

[SOUND] You already know what it is.

Anyway, I've been getting hella requests for more jewelry.

And you know your boy delivers.

So I'm gonna make the signature chain of a dude who brags that he spent a million

bucks on jewelry.

I'm talking about my boy, Trippie Redd.

Now you might know Trippie Redd from The Slappers, Love Scars, and

Dark Knight Demo.

This fool vowed that he'd spend at least half a million on his neck alone, and

he's made good on that promise, family. >> I told y'all I was gonna put 400,000

to half a mill on my neck. >> This jewelry game?

Straight violent.

Now he just recently added a $400,000 ooka ooka chain,

aka that little evil man from Crash Bandicoot.

Now that's, dare I say, off the chain.

But I've got my eye on a different piece.

Now I'm trying to cop that iced out spiky eight ball.

Now this thing goes hella hard.

Got that thick, diamond encrusted chain, you don't see that too often.

But that iced out combination lock, in case fools are trying to jack you, and

that spiky eight ball, whew, fuego alert.

Trippie's looking like he's about to roll up on Bowser's castle one time.

Now the real necklace even has a secret compartment inside the spike ball.

And guess what's in there, family?

If you guessed another pendant, [BLEEP], you guessed it.

And you was right, family.

Now personally, I'm gonna stick to the main spike ball for my version.

We flex from afar, family.

Now if you're close enough to someone for you to open up your spiky exterior and

show them your little, delicate, diamond-encrusted pendant inside,

then you're close enough for them to jack that [BLEEP].

So close it up, family, cuz they're probably not texting you back.

And they're gonna take all your links, and they're gonna break your heart.

Anyway, safety first, family.

Now, this chain is on fueg fueg, but

you know your boy doesn't have 200k to drop on jewelry.

But in the words of Trippie Redd when Drake left him off his number one hit,

God's Plan, I'm not gonna be salty about it.

I'm gonna work on my own [BLEEP].

Your boy's a trap game Frank Sinatra.

I did it my way, or some [BLEEP] like that.

So what do you say?

Shall we cop the ice without paying the price?

Here's what you're gonna need.

Black and silver rhinestones and some super glue, a dog chain and

a combo lock, a styrofoam ball and some styrofoam cones, silver and

black acrylic paint, silver nail polish, crafting glue.

All right, now the first step, we've gotta glue our spikes onto our ball.

Now you know I'm about to call in the guns for this one, family.

Bra, ka ka, pew pew, pew pew, pew pew pew, ba ba.

Now make sure to leave a blank area front and center for

where we're gonna paint our eight for our eight ball.


Now don't go too crazy with the hot glue, family, cuz it will melt the styrofoam.

And that's a dead giveaway.


Now we got our first row laid out.

Now for the back one, just place a cone in between each cone you already have.


All right, now that all the spikes are laid out,

it's time to start painting this thing.

We're gonna paint it all black on the sphere, except for

a circle in the front where we're gonna put our eight.

And the spikes will be painted silver.


All right, now that our black and silver paint are technically dry,

we're gonna draw a silver circle in the front with a black eight inside of it.


Take your time, family, precision is key.

Very clean.

I'm gonna go speed mode with the hairdryer and get this dry.

[SOUND] Now that it is dry, it's time to draw on the eight for our eight ball.


Damn, family, this eight ball's looking ready to hit the slopes.

And before we start bedazzling, it's time to seal it in with some crafting glue.


And I'm just going over the entire surface with a thin layer.

It'll seal it in and prevent the super glue from melting the styrofoam.


All right, family, I've got my spiky eight ball painted up.

And I covered it in some crafting glue to keep it sealed.

Now it's time for the tedious part, it's time to ice this thing out.

I'm gonna cover the entire surface of my eight ball with these black rhinestones.

Now you might remember from the Rolex episode,

I got a little stick with wax on the top to make it easier for me.

Just hit it with a little super glue, and go one at a time.


Damn, family, you seeing this [BLEEP] right now?

We're well on our way to a $200,000 necklace.


Fuego alert, this thing's on fire.

I wonder if this is one of those magic eight balls.

Am I the most fuego of them all?

Must be broken cuz it still says eight, but you already know what it is.

While we set this guy aside to dry, we can start bedazzling our combination lock.

Now for this one, I'm gonna use some medium silver rhinestones.

You know I got that bag on me.


Hey, now we got all our diamonds laid out on the front side of our lock.

Let's set this aside and work on our chain.

Now first, we gotta get these loops off of here.


Now, these are for crafting, not jacking scooters.


One more.


Very clean, now on the real chain, there's little tiny diamonds covering the entire

thing, but that would take us ten years to do.

So we're gonna go speed mode and use some glitter nail polish.

And they don't teach you this in school, family, but

I'm practically a real jeweler by now.


Damn, family, if you've been following along my tutorials,

you should have more ice than the Ice Age franchise.

I'm talking Ice Age 1, Ice Age 2, Ice Age 3, Ice Age 4.

Is there an Ice Age 4?

On the real, though, shout out, DreamWorks.

Shrek was lit.

And if you don't fuck with Shrek, get out of my swamp.


It's time to get back to the eight ball.

Now that the black diamonds are done drying, it's time for

the silver ones on the face.

Now it's easiest to start by outlining your eight.


Damn, family, this thing is getting hella stoned.


Damn, this thing's really coming along, family.

And now, it's time for max precision.

We're gonna take our tiny diamonds and center them on the black for our eight.

Be very careful when you lay down your glue.

We're running out of space here.


And you wanna make sure that there's black outline showing on either side of

the diamonds.


Damn, family, about to go snowblind off this eight ball.

I'm gonna need some protective gear before we keep going.


Much better and remember, family,

you gotta protect your eyes if you're gonna be shining on them like that.


But we're not done icing this out yet.

It's time to hit these spikes.


Nobody said this was gonna be easy, family.

If you don't have 200,000 bones, you better be ready to lay 200,000 stones.

Leave no stone unhinged.


Damn, family, this [BLEEP] on froze.

We need to get this thing on a chain ASAP.

I'm gonna use this little half link and loop it through one side of the chain and

glue it into the top of the ball.


Now Trippie rocks his piece kind of like a choker up top with the ball hanging low.

So measure it out on your neck and secure it in with a combination lock.

And don't forget the combo, family,

unless you're trying to rock this [BLEEP] for life.

Now I'm never telling any of you guys what my combination is.

It's 420.

Locked and loaded family, I'm ready to flex this thing.

But I never thought I'd say this, my neck is a little too heavy right now.

I need to let this thing shine on its maiden flex.


Bye, old friend.



And there you have it, family,

Trippie Redd's spiky eight ball chain worth $200,000.

The haters will say it's Kira Kira Plus.

But your boy knows it's real.

Keep shining on me, Cheap Thrills fam, and

stay hitting me with those requests in the comments.

Ladies, you know what to do.


Slide into my DMs.


Make sure to keep sending me fit pics of the DIYs you guys are doing at home.

[BLEEP] Is tight and making your boy proud.


Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fam.

Who else is gonna keep you steady as your boy?

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show your cousins.

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some more wholesome time with your boy.


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