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Hey guys!

Today I've got another Scrawlr box, and I'm super excited to see what's inside, so I'm gonna open it up right now!

Let's open up the tissue paper.

And inside...

Got a Scrawler box sticker, a list of the supplies, some fizz wiz.

This is the Wink of Luna brush. I actually destroyed my last one so...

Lesson learned. I will not destroy this one. This one looks like it's in the color metallic green. I think everything in here's-- oh what the?

What on Earth is this thing? Can you see the magic that is happening on the end of this pencil? *laugh* And it's like glittery and galaxy.

(whispering) magic.

I don't know how that's gonna work, but it looks cool. Maybe it'll work cool?

So this looks like it's a box of a bunch of like metallic stuff.

Dual metallic.

Hybrid, in blue plus metallic green.

How can it be blue plus metallic green?

It's kind of hard to see, cause it's so reflective, but hopefully you're making that out.

Also in the box is....

Same thing. This is violet plus metallic blue.

Okay, so does it like write in two colors?

I'm interested to know. And then lastly, the last pen in here is the v5 high-tech point 0.5.


I think I have one of these in purple, actually. It's basically just like a gel pen.

With pure liquid ink, apparently.

Right, then under the tissue paper.

We have the print.

And some random cardboad, okay.

There's a bunch of little bottles.

Those are very, very cute.

Those could be really cute charms or stickers.

These are all draw by Anna Karoline.. I don't know?

If you're interested in her work, there is her linkies. Oh, she's has a Youtube.

Just speed paints, tricks.

Checking her out. I don't think I've heard of her yet, so that's exciting. And then underneath there

we have two different sheets of paper. This one got a little, eh...

bent up, but

Little sad. Poor guy. I don't know how. I guess the box is a little bit...

That's unfortunate, but we have a black sheet. That's in perfect condition, and if we take a look at the list of supplies

Oh, did they start doing that? They did not used to do that! Look, look, look, look, look, look, look:

If you look right there, it says March 2018, so it's the March box.

I live in the US, and the Scrawlr box in the UK, so when I get the box it's usually a little late.

I'm finally feel like I'm not in the dark, and I understand what's going on. That's really, really cool.


So this month's box has been taken inspiration from the mysterious and the magical. The selection of supplies included might not all be

as they first appear

Strange shapes, magical patterns and mysterious inks. Combine these supplies in your cauldron of creativity and produce a potion of pure art.

It's funny like all the words in that description makes me think of Professor Snape, but I don't think he would come near anything

this glittery and beautiful. And even the candy like fits into the theme. This is really fun. This is a cute box!

Okay, and then on the back the..

Prompt word for this month is magic potions.

I'm gonna test out these supplies first. Let's see what they look like.

But I'm kind of excited to see what they do, because they don't seem very...

They're all sort of out of the ordinary, which is really really fun. I've got a big smile on my face.

Let's see what happens. We'll use the...

Messed up paper first for all our swatches

Although I do want to see what it looks like on the dark toned paper as well, so...

This could be exciting. Let's use this guy first, just cause I need to redeem myself.

Mistakes were made last time.

Okay, I believe you take off this ring.

Then you just apply this, twist it in there, and then it works like a watercolor brush.

I can see it. It's comin'. Green. That's actually a really pretty green!

There we go, I got it. Oh that is...

Ooh la la!

It's kind of wet right now, but I think it'll look really cool when it dries. It's kinda like my nails.

My nails are all bubbly.

I don't know. Do you know why it nails get bubbly did I apply the layers too fast?

It kind of looks cool, but I also looks warty

So yeah, if you have any tips on how to not get bubbly nails leave them below

I really don't know much about makeup. This is the high tech point in point 5

Okay very smooth

As a motorcycle farts by okay Casey now just a little ways oom doubt. Yeah, this is the high-tech pen

I really like that. I have one in purple


Yes, I know I did

If it exists I own the purple version I would actually use it that much because you know when I really like a pen

I'm scared of using it but

Yeah, that's what I think because it no doesn't smudge. I don't know why I don't use it

Yeah, these are really nice this was a present from my friend. Thank You Rene

And I have the black version very cool. Just pretty pens

Maybe I'm just in a good mood. I don't know okay. Let's try

saving this guy for last

next I want to try the

Hybrid dual metallic in blue and metallic green whatever that means?

Okay, looks blue

looks blue looks blue I

Haven't used a good gel pen in forever

You see any magic happen

No, I just got like a blue there's like hints of green in there, but they're

very few and far between

This reminds me of elementary school

Girlfriends were the absolute bomb okay, I guess you should try the purple one on next mmm

How do I get it to do the blue thing?

You tell like when it shines it's blue

That one shines, it's green sorta

It's kind of an interesting effect. It's not like crazy out there, but it's pretty and then lastly

The time has come

What does this do?

I'm so worried. I'm gonna be disappointed too cuz that's so fun on the end

Well, okay, that's not at all what I expected you just drew like a highlighter color

Now it's a warrant


Basically any time you rotate the pen you're gonna get a different color. That is so weird

You could do some really cool plaid

That's some weird I mean that makes sense I also think I just noticed there's glitter in it is it cluttering

Maybe not maybe it's just the texture of the pencil. I don't know how you use that in a practical scenario

But I could find just say here doodling for a while


So we have this fence all this purple one this pink one this big green one and this black one and some

Fizzy candy and together we have to use those pieces and see what we can make

I do wanna I used a lot of this paper, but I do want to see what

This stuff looks like on the toner paper

So if we can try and stick to just like a little corner here and see like the purple

Whoa whoa, whoa whoa okay? Wait much the same color no

No, that looks bluer to me than that but I could be wrong. Let's try the blue one

Mmm. Kind of green looks like I drew glasses look

The blacks probably not gonna show up it Oh a little bit, and then the blue number

Okay, that shows up. That's nice. That's pretty and then lastly this funny mesh pencil

Yeah, that shows up pretty good, too. How cool is that you have no idea what to do with this? I'm at a loss I

Can't stop doing using this weird pen so

It's so weird. Specially if you like rotate it while you're moving you get like this creepy line

Kind I just want to draw some elem fish below fish you just drawing my here and see what happens

They have two things a big stuck through our head two big circular eyes usually kind of cross-eyed or Wagle

And then

Sometimes they're smiling sometimes they're not oh that looks that's really showing up on camera

I cannot barely see that but I can see it it when I look up there

Just test these things out see what we can get

That cool ended up being two different colors. It's very interesting

Bubbles some bubbles kind of interesting every time I put down the pencil. It's a different color

Should come in maybe

Kind of lost his mouth in their

Mouth where'd you go get to get him out back? Yeah?

Should I risk and try to color the eyes a different color than the body or do you think it'll all look the same

Chubby cheeked you look so concerned

Why don't we go over with the I think this one was green

the blue green

How's that look how does that look?

on a non-existent

Outline how did that finger so big what happened?

I like that metallic that is really pretty

Kind of looks better on camera. They didn't real life like in real life

I have to go like this to see it, but you guys are getting like a perfect reflection

I'm not trying to do the eyes. I really don't like the ice being black a

Little demonic do I have?

This is the lightest color up there you could try it, let's see what happens

It helps

Definitely looks different now, but does it better?

We have a lot of control over the width of this brush

That's really nice

like little dots

scaly dots

Either like a glow-in-the-dark, Blowfish, Oh what if I made of an angler fish?

You know one of those all right those are those like fishies with like the little lights on yeah, that could be really really cute

Just the black and try to make the eyes dark


Little build fish

Has this big long thing the light on the end all to be so funny if he's like looking at it, that's why he's cross-eyed

This looks like several things I've seen in I think a movie or two

But I can't place it. What is that it look like something? Oh?

Okay, so now from what I've learned from that what do we want to do to this? I?

Kind of don't mind his eyes being black, maybe he's like you know an evil fish eats other fishies

So maybe I'll color them in and this

Color over a tooth oops

Did I manage to mess this one up, too

It was supposed to be my Redemption story, but I think I broke this one, too

And I squeezed it like the juice comes out of their own place

That weren't supposed to come out

That's not going down to the brush comes out we hide. That's the same thing my last one did

And then see that brush is dry, but it's all goopy up there

Hi world

Good got that base layer of the really bright green down. I don't want that to be a different color

We don't have a lot of options, so I guess we're going in with this thing

When you mix them all together it kind looks like barf

Maybe the fin up on the top whatever that's cold

There any angler experts that know what this thing's called cuz I don't

Karen's look I think when he's this now

They gave me them too, bright doesn't really look like a dark under water anglerfish

Really quickly

Getting it all over me I always get stuff right there does anyone else do that always there

It's actually a little bit of a callus there, so I don't know what I'm doing

That's some funny scale sir police that looks very blue

Pupil made all the difference looks so silly now

Let the colors don't go that well together. We can kind of miss Michie

What they should have included with some kind of white pen that would have been awesome

You're gonna draw a little blood fish staring at it

That under them because of the light and then

Looks just like a little blob a little blob

Funny that you should say that

So anything we didn't use I don't know how I use just purple. Well. No the purple is I just used for that

It's use some blue, which should be green right?

Bubbles went in doubters and robos

Yeah, these things are really really fun for like doodling and stuff

But what I'm trying to like actually sit down and do anything in particular. It's not

Parties cool, but these would be like so much fun for like writing little notes to your friends


You I mean it I'm gonna switch pens he's another one


Was gonna totally freaking hearts everywhere because that's how I feel, I don't know if can read it from there, but

There you go dear friends. Thank you for being you I mean it if it weren't for you

I'm not sure I'd be the me. I am today lots of huggles your friend Wow

I kind of want to sign my name with this one no

Looks really cool at focus oh


This is kind of a standout product for toned paper when it comes to writing on white paper. I really like the gel pens

this on dark paper though

It's beautiful. I like the way it dries. I like the color of it

And you have like a lot of control because it's a brush pens you can do thin strokes and thick strokes

This was definitely a standout product stuff that I think I broke it again

This was just crazy and fun and it made me happy, but it's kind of a little bit of a gimmick

This is practical. I will be using that again even though it didn't work very well for anything here

So that was kind of tricky, but yeah

this is a nice pen and then this and this part both very nice gel pens that I

Think I'll be using the purple on white because I really like that perfect color

Um oh yeah again tone paper, maybe not so much

Yeah, this is really fun to just kind of like go through and play around with stuff. You know not take anything too, seriously

Um yeah, I'm a little disappointed. I wasn't able to make something really really cool, but I know it's a lot of fun and

Yeah, I want to thank you guys for watching if you're interested in checking out scroll box

I'll have a link in the description where you can pick up your own subscription box of monthly art supplies

Um yeah, till next time. Thank you guys for watching, and I mean this okay? I

Hope you all have a delicious evening falafels hey

This thing this makes me smile, I want to like just go give it to someone

See what they do with it?

I like the way it reflects

Cool really just kind of like I'm not like drawing anything in particular, but I just gonna enjoy

Swooshing around this

It's probably good exercise it's good for my wrists because I do have difficulty with like brush pens because sometimes

I just push too hard all the time, so I'll learn to draw lightly

Yeah, baby

KInda making a mess, but it's not fun. It's (whispering) super loud popping action

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