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NATHAN HRDLICKA: There is only 25 people in

the world with my condition. That makes me feel pretty unique.

COMM: 34-year-old Nathan has an incredibly

rare medical condition, which means he was born without thighs.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: My condition that I have

is bilateral PFFD, grade D, which basically means Im missing from my hips to below

my knees on both legs. These are where you can see the bones that they separate here

and right here. They are not attached. There is only 25 people in the world that have grade D.

As far as I've been told Im the only one that has figured out how to walk.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: Im not really made to

walk and so everyday I choose to do that, it comes with a pay off. Im just literally

walking on the tips of bones. So, throughout the day eventually that wears me out and brings pain on.

COMM: Nathan currently lives with his long-term partner Chelsee.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: Chelsee and I are about a

foot or so in difference in height. CHELSEE STEWART: When we first met, I did

think the height difference was going to be sort of a problem because this was my first

time really being with someone that shorter than me. It took us a lot of time to really

learn what works and what doesnt work, but now its just like normal.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: The height difference between

us, never really affected me. Im used to having people be way taller than I am.

CHELSEE STEWART: He is very capable of doing a lot of things, more than I would have ever expected, really.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: Chelsee supports me, emotionally in a way that Ive never had in my life

before whether its just to put a smile on my face or a glass of cold of water. She is there.

CHELSEE STEWART: Having this condition sometimes can really get to him, especially with the

pain that he goes through. But me being able to really, you know, support him and make

him smile when he is in that pain and really show him that he is loved, really changes

his perspective during those times.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: Growing up with this condition, I was in the hospital quite a bit. When youre

one in 25 in the world, its really hard to find anybody thats even lightly specialised

in something like that.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: Socially the biggest thing for me to deal with was just being able to

be okay with peoples curiosities. People call me a midget a lot, which is an uneducated thing.

COMM: Due to his unusual condition, Nathan struggles to work full-time. He and Chelsee

make what they can from a small jewellery business.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: To be able to cover medical

expenses when your health is very unpredictable. Thats been my biggest challenge and trying

to keep a stable job where you can be reliable every day. Thats why I guess, I lean towards

doing things like jewellery because then I can go on my schedule.

BOB SHERWIN: A lot of us are born with no

limitations, no obstacles and still find ways to limit ourselves. Nathan on the other hand

has been born without femurs. And thats a game changer and everything that you want

to do. Yet, he doesnt see it as a limitation. He figures out how to make whatever situation

he is in, how to figure out, how to make it work. He could become an inspiration to more

and more people if they heard his story.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: I really want to be able to help people. I want to be able to use my

experiences to help people get through the hard times that they are having with healing,

whether its emotional or physical.

BOB SHERWIN: He has learned that there is no thing that he cant do. He can drive

a car, he can basically do anything that he needs to do in his own way. He doesnt self-impose

limitations on himself. He figures out how to do it. The only thing that Ive not seen

him be able to do is dunk a basketball.

CHELSEE STEWART: Having Nathan by my side all the time, its like having the greatest

teacher that you could have in life. He really inspires me and shows me that I can do anything

that I put my mind to, just by him simply being him.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: No, I dont see myself

as different. I think that a lot of people that have disability really live in that disability.

NATHAN HRDLICKA: In my disability, something

that, that doesnt define me.

CHELSEE STEWART: Oh my goodness. NATHAN HRDLICKA: Youre so cool.

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