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So I wasn't originally going to bother with this, but I feel like now

it needs to be talked about because I talked to my friend natori and

She was suggesting that I do a video on this because this could be a major clue about events coming up in Dragon ball super


possibly what could end up being the true purpose and meaning behind the tournament of power, so

Herms tweeted out from the newest edition of V-Jump a very small image very very small

Text which on the surface may not seem like a big deal, but actually might be a big deal. Herms writes

What does this new Back say?

Goku tense back this new visual signifies that

Something terrible is going to happen don't miss a second and it's a picture of goku is back now

We've already seen this picture

you know it came out a couple weeks ago the picture of goku looking really angry with power coming out of him and

You know it could be a new form it could be a new power up

We really don't know yet

But the interesting thing about all this is that it says something terrible is going to happen now that to me

Now that I really think about it, and thank you natori for pointing this out to me if you're watching

That to me like it hit me like I'd like a ton of bricks

I was like wait a minute this tournament is not going to have a happy ending right away in other words

I'm not saying that super is not going to have a happy ending at the end of the entire

Story will have a happy because we know it will have a happy ending

But I mean something terrible is going to happen

signifies to me that

There's something bigger on the horizon now a lot of people thought that the universe 6 tournament with champa was going to get interrupted

Right like like the buu Saga tournament, and it didn't it really didn't but now

After reading that something terrible is going to happen

Something terrible's going to happen. They wouldn't just say that like this is not just going to end with Goku VS. Jiren

I refuse to believe it's going to end with Goku Vs. Jiren after seeing that I know that. It's kind of silly to

Magnetize just one sentence like that

but why would they tell us that something terrible is going to happen what could this be could it actually be the betrayal of

The Angels and the Grand priests could it be something to do with futures then

Oh could it be a villain that has not shown himself yet appearing and disrupting things could it be a higher power than Zeno

Something from a different universe or a different multiverse or a different timelines. I don't know I don't know

I'm just talking out of my ass right now, but I want to really get some engagement on this video

Leave a like and also leave comments. I want to know your best theories

I want to know what you think it's going to be if it's just you know the angels going rogue

That's cool, too, but if you have any wacky theories

Creative theories you gotta let me know because I'm you know I consider myself a pretty hardcore Dragon ball fan

and I'm

Pretty sure that the vast majority of my audience is like you guys are pretty close to me like you guys are pretty hardcore

You watch all the videos and I really appreciate it

And I feel like the more hardcore fans are going to have a really smart answer

So please leave me your answer. Let me know what could happen that it's so terrible

What is that does it mean let me know. I'll talk to you later

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