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It's 8:30 AM

and I checked out from my hostel in Chiang Rai

my bus is at 9:45 AM

but I was getting bored in hostel so I left

I also wanted to walk so now I'll walk and

reach bus station in a few minutes

and then I'll sit and wait there

It will take 20 minutes to reach bus station

I'll walk slowly

its just one kilometer from hostel

I have sliced watermelon with me from yesterday, I kept them in refrigerator

I'll have them at bus station

Thailand has

very similarities with India

Some things are different

and that's why it's a different country

People here are same, culture is quite similar too

they also stay with there families

I'm back on the same road I was on yesterday

I have to walk towards the bus station

I think the bus station I arrived at and

the one I am going now are both different (I was wrong)

it's very confusing for me

even yesterday when I went there it was a whole different scenario

I guess, it's because of the night market

maybe that's why it looks totally different at night

otherwise it's a completely different bus station (I was confused)

I did not check the location till now

yesterday I was asking for directions on the way

that bus stop has both local buses

and Greenbus which goes to Chiang Mai

the road to Chiang Mai

is been constructed

right now

that's why the bus is slow over that part

otherwise the bus is at quite good speed

another thing that I saw over here

in every commercial vehicle is

they have speed limit buzzers, it starts to beep if they exceed the speed limit

and good thing is, you will not listen that beep many times

they drive in the speed limit

in the previous bus, AC vent was not working

now I have got 5th seat from front

so, the AC must be working properly

and another thing is, Thailand still has

more than 60% land

covered in green

which means its properly conserved and dedicated towards nature

and after that too

you will find many small

and big plants at every house

even some big trees

like this one

and more

you will find many trees and plants here

this is appreciable that they take care of Nature

even if they have

a lot of tourism here, but nature is not getting hurt

and another thing that we can

do to save nature is to use less


but they use a lot plastic in Thailand

they give you 2 or sometimes 3

plastic bags for just one item

most of the things are sold in plastic bags

even the plastic water bottles are very thin

I just got one bottle which had hard plastic

that too I got from a Buddhist temple

I was walking by the temple and I was tired

so I went inside the temple to refill the bottle

I asked them for help


they gave me a water bottle, and they did not take any money

I actually went after temple got closed

so there were only

monks in the temple

there were no visitors and tourists

there were only monks

I did not talk much with them

we just had a small conversation while asking for water and while drinking water

then I left after drinking water

and at every big temple you will get

first aid facility and toilets

I did not see first aid facility everywhere

but wherever it was, it was very good

I don't know if it was a camp

or a regular thing

but yes there was this facility

there were 4-5 people

sitting over there

I don't know if they were doctors or nurses

another thing that I like about this place is the Architecture here

you will get very good architecture everywhere

where am I right now!!

oh this is the same place

in front of me is the clock tower

I have to take a left from ahead

I am walking without looking at the maps

because I have spare time left with me

I will start navigation from ahead

and then walk and sit at the bus station

there is the clock tower

I showed you in the previous episode

I will resume the video once I reach the bus station

until then I will check maps and navigate till bus station

I think I am nearby

I asked for directions from somewhere here

its 9:20 AM now and I am at the bus station now

I had the watermelon I had

this is the Greenbus

stall over here

it just has 3 platforms for Greenbus

and now I am waiting for the bus

the timing of bus is 9:45 AM

the bus should arrive by 9:30 AM

it's 9:20 AM right now, also the bus station is very clean

behind me is the bus stop

they have enough place to sit

and yes, that was a different bus station

which I arrived on

that one is only of Greenbus

this one is of both local and Greenbus

the bus arrives here

15 minutes prior to the Greenbus station

then it stops on that station and leaves for destination

behind me is the bus station of Chiang Rai

you can also see the

Greenbus booking counter from here

and in front of me are the local buses

I got my bus for White temple from same place

at 10 AM yesterday

there are many type of taxis here, AC Taxi, Grab and

taxis are like old tempo that used to run before

and there are also vans

there are many options here but still I think it's weak and expensive local transport

the local public transport in Chiang Rai is not strong

and it's a bit expensive

but I am still not confirm about

this thing in Chiang Rai

Chiang Mai and Bangkok has

very good local public transport system

you can also get direct bus to

airport from here

you just have to come at this bus station

there are buses in every 15-20 minutes

if you need something to eat

here are many shops and small restaurants near the bus station

you will get something to eat but you have to wait for fresh juices and drinks

they start selling after 10-10:30 AM

because they come by 9:30 AM and then do preparations

and then finally start till 10:30 AM

these are my two bags

the bigger bag goes into the luggage

and smaller bag stays with me

I was sitting alone the previous time

lets see how it goes, I did not get a window seat this time

finally I am in the bus

the bus arrived right on time

I had set an alarm for 9:30 AM and the bus

arrived at 9:29 AM

there are 3 platforms for Greenbus

as I told before

you don't have to do anything, they'll put a tag on your luggage if you have any

and attach it with your ticket

this green one is the luggage tag and this is the ticket

my seat number is 5C

I met a guy from Portugal when I was standing outside

we were both sharing our experiences about the trip

I could not visit many places but that guy rented a scooter and it was a better option

he could explore more places in one day

I should have rented the scooter

here we also have a safety card

it's printed in English and Thai language

you will get seat belts in such buses

the previous bus had Car like seat belts

but this one just has a small one

bus is about to leave now

it's 9:48 AM already

it's not usual that these buses get late

you also get a water bottle

I'm carrying water bottle with me but yes we get one in the bus too

the bus has now started

and I am sitting on one of the seats in front section

my seat is 5th from front

I will resume shooting once I reach Chiang Mai

Finally I got down at Chiang Mai

it's very hot here

the temperature in Chiang Rai was below 28°C

maximum was 28°C

but the temperature here right now is 32°C

and I've already walked 500 meters

I've to walk 3 KM in total

good thing is that I know the directions

because I came by this route 2 times

first time at night

and second time

when I walked from hostel to the highway

I just got down from the bus and started walking

towards the hostel

I did not even look for tuk-tuk or taxi

the red one going ahead is a local taxi

they have both red and blue colors

I don't know the difference

I guess they take 20-30 Baht if you sit in it

I am not willing to pay 30 Baht for 3 KM

Now I have to figure out that where is

the river, once I find the river

then I have to walk straight on the same road towards the hostel

I can see a square ahead,

I will check maps for directions from here just to confirm

it might be the same rent for bikes here too

somewhere around 150 Baht and above

plus deposit amount and licence

Yes, I have to go straight!

I have to walk straight for one kilometer

then I have to take a turn

it's 2.8 KM left

I will resume shooting after reaching somewhere near the hostel

still, the hostel is 800 meters away

from here

but I got a good road to walk

after coming out of the bus station

then I started walking as you saw in the video, then I took a turn

since then I am walking on the same road

I came till the very end of the road, near the bridge


now I am walking parallel

to the river

the river is on the right side

there are 2 bridges still left

after then I'll arrive at my hostel

and this is the river

I have to just walk straight

I am already drenched in sweat

I will take bath after reaching hostel

and get freshen up!

this time I've booked the AC dorm

unlike previous time which was just fan

it was getting very hot

I'm getting Non AC dorm for 90 Baht

and AC dorm for 110 Baht

so I booked the AC dorm

I can see the first bridge in front of me

I have to go straight, not on the bridge

Finally I crossed the first bridge

I was waiting for the green signal

my hostel will come after the next bridge

that bridge is the closest to the hostel

if I would have taken a taxi, I had to come here

I think they also have a taxi stand here but I didn't want to take a taxi

I am feeling more tired

as I am getting closer

this footpath is very big and even the road is big

maybe because it's near the river

there are similar big footpaths in Bangkok

In front of me is the iron bridge of Chiang Mai

they light up the bridge at night

so it keeps changing it's colors at night

even if I have to go somewhere

like seven eleven, it's on the same road

you can buy stuff from here

otherwise you have to walk ahead anyways

after the bridge the road will get smaller

it's not as broad as now

and there is no footpath after the bridge

finally I am near

the bridge

this is the Iron Bridge!

and here ends the footpath

they don't have footpath after this point

this is the Iron Bridge, it can be accessed by vehicles from that side

it's especially made for vehicles

and if we go on that side

we can reach the Night Market of Chiang Mai

and this is the taxi stand, I guess!

I don't understand how these taxis work

are these taxis private

or on sharing basis, I do not get this

it took me around 40 minutes to walk from bus station to the hostel

but I am walking continuously without any stop

finally I am near the mapping hostel

I have walked a lot on this road

at least 15-20 rounds through this road

because there is a local grocery shop ahead, where we used to get things from

I have easily walked

15-20 rounds on this road in 3 days

even if you want to go to night market, you have to cross that bridge

I am very near by the hostel

I am remembering when I arrived first

I was standing outside the hostel, early morning

and here is my hostel...

Finally I am outside the hostel

Sah wah dee khrap (it means 'Hello' in Thai)

Finally I am inside the hostel

and this is the same old cat

(whistling sound)

oh, it saw something

so, this is the river I was talking about

seems like it got a bit far

they cleaned it all

they removed the grass from here

we guys used to sit here

I am feeling very relaxed after coming in the hostel

I've been walking from an hour or so, and finally reached

my room is on first floor this time, I have not got the bed yet

they are cleaning and getting it ready

I guess, there are not many people in the hostel

yeah, there are not many people at the hostel

I can't see many shoes and bags here

I stayed in this dorm room the previous time

on this side

it is a Non AC dorm, this time my room is on first floor

I will take bath

and freshen up soon

then let's see what will I do today

I don't have any plans for today

we sat here for a long time when I was here earlier

and here, Oskar was

doing his training and weightlifting

he was doing his exercise over here

now I will relax for sometime

my legs and arms are in pain

I will keep the camera now

I am not able to speak properly, I'm so tired..

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