Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 안 먹겠다고 해놓고 내가 다 먹었을 때 남자친구 반응 [국제커플]

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I wanna cook ramen~


Yes. You wanna eat with me?

-No? - (Agree)

- I'm on a diet

If you eat with me even if just one bite, you have to was dishes

LOL. He know me so well

So if I do to you and you accept it, you have towash dishes.

I will not eat.


I don't wanna eat. I don't wanna get fat

You are not fat. Don't worry. You are beautiful

He's cooking ramen

I'm cleaning the floor

He're is the ramen

(Looks so delicious)

I made the best ramen in the world. - I agree

We are so poor

We have only one chopsitcks and spoon

(We didn't bring it when we moved)

I'm broke~

We are broke. We spend all of money T.T

Subscribe and like. So we can go so we can buy a steak

Finally he start to eat

(Shit, looks so delicious)

What time is now

What time is now


I'm watching eating show in front of my eyes at 3

I really wanna eat ramen...

But you are on a diet~

(So, are you happy eating alone?!) (You can ask me to have one bite if you want) (I will not reject)

What are you looking at

Is that delicious? - It's really delicous

You wanna eat?

Looks so nice right?

You know if there have like one more Chopsticks

are we going to eat lof

of ramen It's okay. You can eat with me.



I'm tryna have one bit

Big bite

It's really delicious

one more time

It must be a dream

so hot

I think you finish my ramen

I finished almost half

my turn

So delicious

So good

Can I have one more bite? Just one spoon. Can I?

He don't reply LOL

Answer me

I could cook to ramens

I'm just having one bite.

This is not a one bite. HEY

My turn?

NOOOOOO(in Korean)

Can I have one bite more? Not noodles, just soup

Can I ?

He's not answering again LOL

Can I?

Yeah, you can. Go. Do it.


He's keeping his noodles LOL

What a devil

I was just helping gathering noodles..

I can gather by myself

I'm sorry I didn't know that you are hungry this much

I didn't know you gonna eat as much as this

He makes me guilty

Yeah, it always happen.

He seems like one of character of Korean TV series

He understood 100% how Korean eat ramen

It's good. You don't need to wash it

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