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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Season Gag Reel

Difficulty: 0

Donald Ressler, FBI.

You look like a pack of (BLEEP) heads. What's with the vests?


Have her notify Reddington. See if he can help.

Tell her time is of the essence.

Yes. Uh, McCay, please.

Oh, he's gone?



(CHUCKLES) There's...

Isn't there more to that or is that the whole line?

Is that the whole line?


That's it?


It's always Pete's fault.

Pete's fault.

Pete's fault, everybody.

We're rolling, right? I wanna make sure that...


I just wanna make sure that LA knows as well.

I wish I was on the insert unit.



(CHUCKLES) Did you get that?

Let's find out. Pay the girl and her doctors a visit.

Find out what we're dealing with.

Thank you.

We all know the same thing here.

Whatever Reddington's hiding, it's time the truth came out.

I was done.


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