Practice English Speaking&Listening with: TSP's Bachelors Vs Landlords | A Rant

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In today's vlog, we will see how you can ask for likes from girls on social media.

Yes, friends! For this, its a very easy...

...wait a minute! I have received a message.

10 percent increment.

No. Not in salary, in room rent.

Don't know what my landlord has done in a year...

...that he needs an increment of 10 percent directly.

No problem.

You won't get an increment...

...but surely you will get something today.

And that is 'answer'.

So tell me what is going on?

I mean one side there's a fight going on between Chota Bheem and Chutki's friendzone.

And on the other side, Yalgaar is going on breaking records.

Here Gulabo vs Sitabo is going on in Amazon Prime Video

But even after all this, I am the biggest problem for my landlord.

I mean the moment I get up in the morning, I will receive a text from my landlord.

Few days back I had received a message asking me whether I had food or no.

The weather is bad outside. Don't get out of the house. Stay at home.

First I thought sudden change in his behaviour.

When did he become a such a good man?

Then later I came to know that it was the first day of the month.

Uncle was concerned that what if I die without paying rent.

I pay 75 percent of my salary on his rent.

And what do I get after that, his mood swings.

And have you noticed a dog in a car who shake his head,

so does his mind and comes out a lot of rage.

And lot of complaints.

Then he says that why do you sing a song while taking a bath?

Why do you shake the bed at night?

Why do you shake the bed at night?

Why the door is open? Do you want to go out?

Have you gone mad? I stay in Mumbai.

I have kept the door open so that ventilation air could enter inside.

You have just a hole given as a ventilation in your room.

Dude! I have a bigger hole in my pants.

And then he says why do I listen to a loud music?

You never had a breakup nor had a heartbreak.

If you had a breakup, you would know that

Arijit's songs can be heard only with loudness.

That too in a dark room and also by locking yourself.

You won't understand. And what loud are you talking about?

When you come every month asking for 'maintenance' all the time,

It is better than this.

'maintenance', 'maintenance.'

And maintenance, that too for this?

It seems like Mirza's palace in Lucknow has been handed over.

Your flat is worse than ruins.

Do you know, for sneezing and coughing, I have to go 2kms away.

If I accidentally sneeze inside the room, walls might fall on me.

'maintenance', 'maintenance.'

Have you seen the dampness in the house?

Every month I don't ask for a newspaper so that I can read.

I don't like to read. It's to cover the dampness.

'maintenance', 'maintenance.'

And when I go and tell him to repair the dampness,

There is a water leakage. I will die in this water droplets.

So he says everyone has to die one day.

And talking about the dampness,

if we fix it now in the rain, then may be later we have to fix it again.

Then again it might get damaged. Do one thing, come after rainy season, we will fix it.

Then when I went to him after rainy season, he says rain has stopped,

there is no problem now. We will fix it next time.

Have you gone mad? If we are lazy then you are 100 times lazier.

Sometimes I feel I should go and give him a punch in his stomach.

But then being a bachelor, I have some respect.

Don't know whether I will get a house or no.

No. I am not taking his age into consideration,

because I have hit many people like him by calling the boys of the university.

I don't consider his age.

Let me show you a picture.

See. He is my landlord.

Bro, abuse him later. First look at the pic.

It seems like this is a photo of some pickpocket on Dadar station.

I don't understand one thing why all the landlords are so irritated?

I mean if I talk about the movie 'Gulabo Sitabo',

I feel its my story. I am watching my own film.

Let me tell you one golden rule.

Do anything in life,

like anything but whenever you buy a flat, make sure...

..that you stay 1 or 2 kms away from your landlord.

I thought due to social distancing, I won't be able to see his face for two months,

life will be good but this man will do a video call everyday...

...and ask me to show the house whether it is cleaned or no.

Now maid is also not coming. Show how much have you cleaned it?

In front of him, through a video call, I have swept in so many ways,

turned my hands in so many ways,

that if dad had given me a bat at the right time,

I would have been jumping in front of Anushka as a kangaroo.

But still he is not satisfied. He wants to see... bedroom to check if there are any girls inside.

No girl can come to the house when you are there.

And friends, let me tell you one thing that Instagram takes two months to say any girl,

to go from saying 'hello dear, hi dear' to 'clouds are good, let's benefit'.

But this evil will come in the middle at the right time.

And somehow, somehow if a girl agrees to come in the house,

after coming home, she will look at this damage house and say that 'You are so poor'.

'I didn't know this' and leaves the house.

For how long people should remain self reliant?

For how long do I get off alone from both sides of double bed?

And you don't let single to double and then you say 'bachelors are not allowed'.

At least let me be a couple then you say that 'bachelors are not allowed'.

Do you know, I still remember the day when I had purchased the flat.

He was so sweet. He started saying that there will be no problem in this flat at all.

We are good people. You will not face any kind of problems.

And there will be no water issue.

And thanks to God, there will be no water issue because there is no water.

When there is no water, how can there be any issue?

And his biggest lie is at the time of taking deposit.

At the time of taking deposit, he says that its your money, be it with you or with me,

no problem at all. It's your money. It will be in my account.

In my bank.

And then later when you go and ask for the deposit, he makes such a face,

that I have asked his daughter's hand.

Landlord like these has led me to lose faith in 'Hera Pheri'.

In that film, Baburao was such a good landlord.

Such a good human being he was.

He supported each of his tenants with every problem, every mistakes.

And this landlord who does not support us even in national activity.

Do you know, one day I had gone to purchase liquor,

after standing three hours in a queue, I brought a bottle.

I boosted the economy. Didn't do anything wrong.

But later the way he insulted me in front of everyone.

I felt that I had uploaded a 15 seconds lip-syncing video on app.

Now I don't want to get insulted by taking the name of the app.

And look at his hypocrisy,

Even after all this, he will come in the night by putting a cover and a monkey cap,

and ask for a peg of alcohol.

And I give him.

As much as he wants.

It's okay if you finished the alcohol but...

...why did you finish the snacks, you motherboard.

why did you finish the snacks, you motherboard.

I don't understand who has given this name landlord?

Their name should be land devil. It should be land devil.

You are not a lord from any angle.

See. Speak of the devil and the devil calls.

Hello, sir!

Early morning started screaming.

Now if I get a voice, I will throw you out from the house in broad day light.

You know what, I'm not talking to you.

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