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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Intermediate Level Lesson 1 Practical English Drama

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okay so my students are reading about

this holiday that you have in North

America called Halloween but we don't

celebrate that so I didn't know how to

answer their questions they talked about

wearing costumes monsters and stuff like

that you guys help Turk do you mean you

don't know anything about the best and

most fun holiday ever no really I don't

know about it at all

well it's a really great holiday that

involves a lot of fun and scary things

for kids and adults too

tell me more well on October 31st kids

and young people dress up and scary or

funny costumes and go from door to door

in their neighborhoods and show their

neighbors their costumes uh-huh what

else happens well the kids say


and the neighbors give them chocolate or

candy which the kids collect all night

from all the houses they go to hmm so

the kids dress up like monsters like

Dracula werewolves mummies and ghosts

stuff like that yeah and don't forget

there's also pirates witches superheroes

and fairy princesses David Monica you

guys are from North America too

did you do that as well when you were

kids of course

Halloween is great fun I love dressing

up and collecting big piles of chocolate

and candy for my neighbors what about

you Monica

sure Halloween is my favorite holiday I

have a bunch of pictures of all these

costumes I wore when I was a kid okay

I'm getting it now Carrie you said

adults like this holiday - what do they

do well many adults have Patties too and

they enjoy the dressing up part of the

holiday of course the costumes are

different and the parties can be really

fun if the adults can get really

creative about what they wear

hey this is October and this Halloween

thing is coming up on the 31st right

yeah well what will you do for this

well I like to start Halloween off by

watching a lot of scary movies you know

really scary movies like The Exorcist

The Sixth Sense Bram Stoker's Dracula

and The Blair Witch Project David what

do you do for Halloween I like to watch

horror films too but year-round not just

on Halloween in fact I think there's a

new horror film opening this weekend and

I'll probably see it on Saturday night

after I teach and for Halloween well

since I have a lot of scary movies I've

recorded a lot of the screams on a

cassette tape and I played them at my

front door all night it's really scary

and it annoys the neighbors a lot I see

well Monica what about you well back

home in Boston we really enjoy Halloween

both kids and adults before a little

holiday I think about the most

outrageous costume I could wear one year

I went as a snowman and the next year I

went as the mad scientist and the

following year I went as Cruella De Vil

you know from the Disney movie 101

Dalmatians okay this Halloween seems

like it could be fun no matter what

country you come from I think I'll rent

some of these movies you guys have

mentioned and think about what I can

tell my class tomorrow about Halloween

hey what do you think of this idea on

October 31st we could all have a

Halloween party in my class and we could

all dress as characters and wear

costumes and eat chocolate let's do it

so let's do it yeah want to be a table




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