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shorts, where Pirlo has taken up position, unnoticed

and can drive in, what a sensational goal

Iaquinta good first touch Iaquinta rounds the Goal-Keeper

It's a win for Italy now surely

Samuel coufal is absolutely.........

and He will try and curl it away from Keeper

brilliant goal

Italy lead here and Alberto Gilardino does what he could'nt........


there is a chance sliced into his own goal

Surely it's an own goal by Zaccardo

And he cannot believe it there was always a fake smile on his face

3. Italy vs Czech Republic

Francesco Totti will take this


He's only been on from the bench for a matter of moments

and Marco Materazzi

It's Inzaghi who's through 1 on 1 with the goal-keeper, has his confidence

It's not bad is it

Filipo Inzaghi

has the beating of Petr ech

Italy have the beating of Czech Republic

4. Last 16 Italy Vs Australia

and still goes through, he has done brilliantly

play on says the Refree O it's going to be a Penalty Kick

for the Italians

Lucas Neill cannot believe it and Fabio Grosso

has won Italy the chance to snatching this one in the very last second

how cruel it will be on Australia

Italy go through

Totti is the name

Totti has won the Italian Jackpot

5. Quarter Final Italy Vs Ukraine

5. Quarter Final Italy Vs Ukraine

5. Quarter Final Italy Vs Ukraine

Here is a good run from Zambrotta, ouff what a goal

from Gianluca Zambrotta

He has only ever scored One in his entire life before

It's too well, and what a goal for.....

.....Totti now useful ball in

They have got their second and Luca Toni

has plunged his first World Cup goal

They are on their way to play Germany now you would feel

Progression into the last 4

and a run here from Zambrotta, must be 3

What it is of is it Toni? having not got a goal

in 4 games he has got 2 in less than 10 minutes

Ukraine are taught a some......

6. Semi-Final Italy Vs Germany


wonderful strike from distance, he hit it so sweatly

Poldoski for klose,Schneider

a glorious oppurtunity and he has'nt been able to take it

Schneider trying the ball in towards our near post area

Poldoski, on the turn straight to Buffon and Friedrich

smashes it over the bar

Causing problem for the German backline

and it's Perrotta, Lehmann comes out makes the save and he has caught Simone Perrotta

nasty falling for the Italian

and play will now stops and we can see whatever......

getting the better of Metzelder, still Alberto Gilardino

and it's back of the post

the closest that either side have come so far

Cleared out as far as Zambarotta

O it's of the bar

So they have now hit the post and the bar

Picked only in 120 minutes, Pirlo

not quite this time

The clever ball for Grosso

A moment of Grosso glory

and German heartbreak

The breakthrough ultimately...... is away


and it's Del Piero, 2-0

there is no way back now

Italian glory magnified by the last kick of the game

and Alessandro Del Piero sealing one of the......

7. Final Italy vs France

Tonight here in Berlin

We will find out who will take Brazil's

crown and earn the right to call themselves

The Champions of the World

great header into space for Malouda

who takes it on and goes down, Penalty

What a start for France

A penalty from their first meaningful attack of the game

Yes, Just

The bounce of the underside of the bar, come the right side of the line

and France lead

thrown in deep form Pirlo for Materazzi

a moment of near instant redemption

Having conceded the penalty and stylish in turn.......

Pirlo's delievery, O it's of the bar

almost of yard and copy

this time for Luca Toni as the French backline fail another

little injection of pace and it appear just got in here

Only for Zambarrotta to mop up for the Italians

speed of feed and fo.......

Here's Malouda in support for him

and the challenge from Zambarrotta

No penalty this time

It's Grosso who bends it in for Toni

2-1 Italy, No the flag is up

French holding their line

Good save

Cannavaro doing his bits in now with the angle

that's a lovely given go from Malouda

it might open up for Ribry

angrish glance of the heavens

tryiing to make a delievery for Zidane

what a save

Just as you look......incident that

has happened so way away of the ball and it look's like Materazzi

is the player who is face down on the deck

we can see here he is in conversation with Zidane

O my word

that is extraordinary, headbutt to the chest of Materazzi

the only issue

It's penalties to decide the winners of 2006 World cup

First up it's Andrea Pirlo and against Fabien Barthez

excellent penalty

and he scores again tonight

long run up from the centre half

Barthez went the right way

what can he do here

O it's of the bar and did'nt go in

a night of fine margins

Daniele De Rossi to make it 3-1

another excellent penalty went for height this time

perfectly placed in the top net

Abidal only scored once in his entire career

but that is a fine penalty under pressure

4 out of 4 for the Italians

Sagnol has to score keep them alive

another excellent penalty under pressure

And if Fabio Grosso can put this penalty away

then the Azzuri will win the World Cup

Italy are champions of the world

A night that has excercised demons

and for the ultimate prize

No mistakes from the spot this time

No ifs, but one Butt that will make all the headlines

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