Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [ENG SUB] 퀸의 세 가지 조건 #힘 #참을성 그리고 #담력 [보았다 ; BOATTA 8화 (G)I-DLE]

Difficulty: 0

Script : (G)I-DLE makes an entrance

Soyeon : Be quite! I am going to say hi.

Hello? We are IDLE

As you all know, We are very Charismatic.

(Do we?)

Wanna die?


As you all know, We are very Charismatic.


So I've always wanted to try sth


I want to make sure who is the real queen among us

We need to know it

Shuhwa/ Right!

Yuqi/ Do we have to do it?

Yuqi / It's obvious

Soyeon/ It's me right?

(Passion for victory)

Yuqi / What is that confidence?

Yuqi/ It's obviously me!!

Sujin / YOu~

Need to step aside~

It's not your place to butt in

Soyeon / So I prepared three different games

With StudioK

(G)I-DLE contend for the throne

BOATTA's 8th guest (G)I-DLE

You need to strong if you want to be a queen

Is it?

So the first game is

First condition of queen : Power

Gain the highest score to win!

Each one of them will have 2 chances

Let's shout out loud

First : Shuhwa

Soyeon / There's penalty if we lose

Hey Shuhwa 7, 6, 5, 4, 3... Do it quick!

One more time!

(warming up)

Second : YUQI

Okay~ I got it~

Let's go

I'am the highest

Scroe : YUQI 683

Third : Soyeon

YUQI / I am still the queen, Thank you guys~

Soyeon / Quite, I will beat you


Yuqi / Hey~ Hey~ Hey~

Fourth / Sujin

Shuhwa / You can do it!

Score is...

Very close!



higher than Yuqi!

fifth : Minnie

Soyeon / Minnie, your hair look strong

(Oh that running!!)


Soyeon / Same Score as me!

(Oh that Sound!!)

Minnie / I am the worst..

Last : Miyeon

Yuqi / Miyeon, just do it pretty

Seriously, What are you doing?

That was amazing ^^;;~!


Did you see her running?


(Miyeon's score is lowest)

Sing please

(IDLE's Punch Queen)

Soyeon / So the winner of 1 round is Sujin!

Sujin / So~ Don't joke around with me~

Be careful ^^~

Second condition of queen : Patience

Don't lose your concentration no matter what happens

The one who bears tickling for the longest time will be a winner

Soyeon / First will be the oldest one of us!

Miyeon : Okay I will.. try..

Miyeon : But do not torture me please..

(Can use both hands and tools)

What should I do now?

You're out If you make a sound...

(IDLE - punctual to the rules)

(Miyeon - 5sec)

Second - Minnie

YuQI / Do more

Yuqi/ I think she's about to laugh

Miyeon / She's even enjoying it;;

(Really Enjoying it)

(Even tickling a foot but..)

Minnie - 30 sec

Third : Soyeon

Sujin/ are you scratching her?

Miyeon / I guess I am

YUQI / Make some noise!

Minnie / Make some noise!

(Shuhwa's laugh)

YUQI / hold her!

I will hold her!

(Silent screams)

Sujin / She laughed!

Soyeon / 25 sec

Fourth / Sujin

(She got no feelings)


(Experience Tranquility)

Sujin / It's not tickling, It's scratching!

Sujin/ 43sec

Sujin / YUQI's easy

Minnie / I think so too

I am very ticklish

Yuqi / I even hate you guys touching me

Whatever, start!

4 sec

(keep tickling even the game is over)

YUQI - 4sec

PD / Let's start


Don't touch my armpit

Miyeon / how can we not touch armpit!!

Start and end at the same time

Shuhwa / 0 sec

Soyeon / There's only one game left!

The last game is

for testing how courageous we are

Third condition of queen : bravery

Put your hand in the box and guess what's inside

First : Make-up puff

Soyeon / Can you see the box?

Show me your reaction


This box is....

Is it a cube?

This box is...


This box is...


In this box..

There is something cripy in it

(Finally finished)

Shuhwa / I am scared

If you know the answer then go tell PD

First! Maknae!

Always me..

YUQI / That's Maknae!


YUQI / Don't talk SHUHWA!

Shuhwa / Is it scary?

I am scred

Shuhwa / Where is it?

YUQI / don't do that! you will kill what's inside!

(Death..? to puff...?)

(Staffs are also freaked out)

YUQI / What..?

Miyeon/ Can you see it on the front?

Soyeon / Is it moving?

(RUMOR) Minnie / It's moving!!

(She grabbed it)

Shuhwa / I don't know it in korean but I will explain

(Very Quick)



Why is it so moist?


"Is it peeing?"

Shuhwa / yes it is

(It is wet so.. whatever..)

Don't do that!!!

(Only Shuhwa's having fun)

(frightened YUQI)

How many are they?

YUQI / Seriously it's moving!!

YUQI / What!!!

SUJIN / I am really scared!!

Minnie / Is it a animal?

(Finally grabbing a puff)


YUQI / I think I just killed it

Shuhwa / right

YUQI / I grabbed it so hard

Minnie / What is it..?


(Liar) Shuhwa / It lost its one leg because of you!

And soyeon trusts it

(From now on, YUQI's going to be best actress ever)

YUQI / It's alive

Miyeon / alive?

YUQI / Is it really urine???

ah -

Soyeon / I am too scary

Shuhwa / close your eyes

Soyeon / I can't do it

Yuqi/ be careful

Yuqi / just don't do it too hard

Yuqi / It's not scary but I'm worrying about you to kill it

YUQI/ Don't kill it!

YUQI / Look! it stopped moving!

Soyeon / no I can't do it...

Soyeon / no I can't do it...

Soyeon / I can't do it...

Minnie / It's okay

Soyeon / no I can't do it...

PD / Let's just try to touch it a little

Soyeon / I can't do it...


(Time to check the answer)

(What..? make-up puff..?)

(Even Soyeon's starting to act)

(Next Sujin)

Sujin / It's too scary


Shuhwa / You can do it!

BGM - Shuhwa's scream

YUQI / There is one

SUJIN / What about here?

Miyeon / What..?

Miyeon / Is it slimy?

SUJIN's about to cry

YUQI / But seriously do it gentle

YUQI never stop acting

(And fooled again)

YUQI / grab it gently

and slowly

Sujin / Buy this...

I can't do it...!!

Sujin / But I can know the answer!

[Spoon Worm]


Soyeon / Sujin look at this

Sujin / Ah....

Next Minnie

Minnie / there is nothing

Shuhwa / come forward

Minnie / Ah!

I don't know..

(of course she's wrong)


( Now Minnie's acting)

Miyeon / Is it something that can hurt me?

(This is shuhwa's scream)

Is it a jelly?

I think It's jelly

(It is soft like a jelly)

Miyeon / I know the answer!

Miyeon / It lives in the ocean!


Miyeon / What is the name of it?

sea cucumber?

sea squirt.

sea cucumber?

(Time to check the answer)

Are you kidding me?

Shuhwa / I will go first!~

Soyeon / I really can't touch this

YUQI / Stop acting!

Soyeon / This is really alive

Shuhwa/ really?

Second : shrimp (was alive, now dead)

YUQI / She's really brave


PD / Come get a tissue

(Need Tissue,,,?)

Shuhwa / I don't eat this


(Why smelling your hand..?)

Soyeon / Hey don't kill it

I know it

What is the name of it?

Soyeon / crawfish?


Soyeon / crawfish?


Soyeon / crawfish?


Ah.. This is too much

(Brave Shuhwa)

Soyeon/ so there's two queens~

SUJIN AND YUQI are the winner!

Soyeon/ Congrats

Soyeon / Now it's time to get a penalty

(Each of losers will have a number)

(Winner will pick two numbers)

(Then the two will do the punishment)

SUjin / What do you want for punishment?

Sujin / What do you guys want to do?

Shuhwa / Couple dance?

Sujin / A funny couple dance

(Minnie doesn't look confident.)

YUQI/ So the penalty is

YUQI/ At least one of us should laugh

YUQI / Pick a number


1 and 3


(Soyeon and Minnie)

(Silent laugh)

YUQI / Think It's gonna be fun


One two three go!

(I didn't edit any BGM for you do experience the sense of realism)

(Not satisfied)

(SHUHWA laughed)

Soyeon / You laughed

Soyeon / So we picked a queen of IDLE, how was it?

(It was fun~~)

Soyeon / Winners come forward!

Soyeon / Show me the queen's pose

Soyeon/ And as you all know our new album came out

Soyeon / Let's show them our title song 'Oh My God'!!

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