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Ok so you have this great idea, that could potentially change the world and you want

to start to take action.

the idea is so great that you just can't help to blog about it.

And wow, the article is five thousand words.

You share it with your friends through facebook or twitter, but they barely get to the end

of the first paragraph.

Let's face it, the majority of people are lazy readers.

If they find it too wordy they'll throw it away.

You try talking to them personally, but they'll forget it sooner or later.

But did you know that a two minute video is worth a bazillion words? Online videos can

cover the wholeness of your idea, no matter how big or great it is.

And people tend to stay longer and give more of their time watching a video than reading


It's been said that watching a video would help an idea to stay in a viewer's head for

five times longer than if they were reading text, or conveying the message in person.

Ok, so let's say you're a bit convinced that a video is a great way to market your idea.

But, well, you don't know how to make a video!

You've tried making your own, but sadly it sucked.

Then you went to a bunch of companies and they're just ultra expensive.

The truth is, it is possible for a video to reach a bazillions of audience members, but

creating one can be very expensive.

Well, worry no more.

We charge only around 10 percent of what other companies are charging, but of course not

sacrificing the exceptional results.

And what's unique about us is that we explain your whole, world-changing idea through simple

concepts, because simple ways are easier to understand and more fun to watch.

Here's how it works: you can either give us the script, or simply your idea.

Give us time to study it for a while and using our simplistic ideas and ingenious creativity

- BAM - you can one plainly simple video that works.

You then upload it to the internet, and in just a while people start sharing it with

their friends, and to their friends-friends, and to their friends-friends-friends, you

get the idea.

And that's the story of how you get a ga-bazillion views.

Isn't that how marketing should work?

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