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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Pie in the Face! | Eat It or Wear It Challenge #3

Difficulty: 0

- You got this, guys, you got this.

- Ahh!

Oh, my God!

(upbeat music)

- Okay, guys, you know how this works.

They're gonna bring out some weird food for us,

and we have to decide whether we're gonna eat it,

or have it dumped on our heads.

- And this time we brought our Thanksgiving leftovers,

so bring on the feast.

- [Narrator] The classic turkey dish

with a mound of potatoes and sweet corn soda poured over it.

Will our contestants eat it, or wear it?

- We are going to start you off

with a little Thanksgiving feast.

We have turkey, cranberry, and sweet potato yams.

- Okay. - And then we're gonna

top that off with a little corn soda.

I'm just gonna

over your shoulder. - The old reach-around.

It kinda turned it into like a weird soup.

Ah, oh God!

- I was like! - Oh, my God!

- It was an attack.

- I need you to eat your bowl in three minutes

or it gets dumped on your noggins.

- Are you guys gonna eat it or wear it?

- I feel like I could eat this.

- The whole thing?

- I think if I try to eat it, I'm not gonna finish,

and then I'm gonna have to get it dumped on my head anyway.

I'm gonna wear it.

- I think I'm gonna go ahead and try to eat it.

- I don't think I can eat that whole thing.

- Alright, I'm gonna try to do it.

- You can do it, Drew!

- I don't really like sweet potatoes.

I'm learning that now.

- Does it taste as bad as it smells?

- Mm-hm.

- Okay.

- There's so much.

- There's a lot. - I would think

the turkey, the soda would help wash everything down.

- Oh! - Oh!

That's the worst part!

He's slowing down, he's slowing down!

Choke if you have to, Drew, it's worth it!

30 seconds, Drew!

- Three bites, go!

- This is not three bites!

Shut up! - Go!


- Mm.

- Drink it!

- Chug it!

- How are you feeling?

A little full?

- A little full.

- Drew, you are welcome to make a slurry out of their meal

for eating it, then go ahead and dump it on their heads,

if you wish.

- Woo!

- Ah!

Aw, my hair is ruined!

- It's getting all over me now.

- That was so cold.

- Ah, I didn't need help for the temperature.

Ah no!

Oh, it smells so bad.

It smells awful, and it's cold.

On to the next round!

- [Narrator] The extremely spicy

Carolina Reaper jerky and gravy.

Would you eat it or wear this spicy dish?

- Now, this is a first for our establishment.

It's a spicy dish.

Carolina Reaper jerky topped with our unknown meat gravy.

You must choose to eat all of it or wear it.

We've never done spicy on this.

So I don't know how it's going to affect your skin.


- That's ominous.

That is not a good smell.

That being said, I'm sort of addicted to

Carolina Reaper beef jerky.

- I don't do spice at all.

I can't even eat Hot Cheetos without wanting to die,

so I'm feeling like this is not a good idea.

- I don't know if I can do the rest of this game spiced out.

I think I'm gonna wear this.

- Do I have to lick up all the gravy?

I'm getting a no?

Okay, the guys are saying no.




- Not a good start.

- That gravy is not a good complement.


There's the heat.

- Take the jerky and Fun Dip that gravy.

- I am feeling fiery.

- Can we count it, is he done?

- He's crying.

- Agh!


My mouth is on fire, but I did it!

- Yes, congratulations, sir.

- Oh.

- And if you want to pour their servings on top of them

and then top them off with a little extra house gravy.

- I would love to do that.

- We don't know what the spice might do to your eyeballs,

so maybe close your eyes.

- This is reassuring.

- One,

- Mm.

- Two,


Kels, do you just wanna help me with Drew's?

- Ah, I'm sorry!

- Get that beard, get that beard!

- So cold, and so thick.

- [Narrator] Liquid dog treats squirted on top of Spam

with a dash of mustard soda.

Eat it or wear it?

- It's early on in the meal and we've already hit dessert?


That's right, it's time for our very first pie round.

Now that is a "petchup" pie.

Whipped cream topped with a little Spam,

and then we glaze it with a "petchup".

That is a pet condiment.

Mustard Soda also glazes the top.

Five big bites in two minutes,

or else you get the pie in the face.

- Like a pie, like that?

- Yes.

Like a pie like that.

- This is really weird,

but this has always been a dream of mine.

After seeing it on TV so much,

I've always wanted to be hit with a pie.

- I don't think I can even keep it down.

I'm gonna wear this.

- I'm gonna eat this thing.

- You're gonna eat it?

- I'm gonna eat it.

- I'm gonna have trouble watching you eat this.

- Oh, no.

- It's coming up.

- Oh, that is not good.

The texture of the Spam.

Did not count on that being so gross.



- Oh, that did not sound good.

- Mm-mm.

- There it was.


- Well done, sir.

Just another upgrade for your safety.

- Oh my God, it's like I'm on Nickelodeon!

- But like a worse version of Nickelodeon.

Should we have her go into it like that?

- No.

You gotta do this right.

- It really is a dream of hers.

- One, two, three!

- Oh.


- Oh, jeez.

I regret everything.


- I don't think Drew's gonna be as excited as Kelsey.

- Oh.

- That made a nice sound.

- I feel greasy.

I can't see anything.

It smells pretty bad.

- Which is worse, the smell or just the,

sort of like, feeling of your spirit?

- I think it's my spirit.

My spirits are down.

- I'm living life right now.


- [Narrator] Your mom's classic dessert,

with dead bugs in it.

Eat or wear Jello with scorpions, larvae, and crickets.

- I can't see anything.

I'm gonna do a little, beep boop beep boop beep boop.

- So you can see this, ah!


Pah, pah, pah, pah!

(slow motion)

So you can see this, ah!

So you can see this next dish.

A second dessert?

Yes, at this is establishment, we'll do it.

Jello topped with larvettes, crickets, and scorpettes.

Otherwise known as Manchurian scorpions.

I need you to take three big bites

loaded with each kind of insect there.

- That's a lot of bugs.

- And in two minutes, you know how it goes,

if you don't eat it, you wear it.

- This one right here is,

the crickets are the grossest, right?

Ooh, or the scorpion!

- No, the scorpion.

- Don't sleep on the scorpions being gross.

- I think I'm gonna end up wearing this.

I feel like at this point, there's not much more you can do.

- That was a mistake.

- Ah!

- I'm gonna eat it!

I'm just using my fingers.

- You got this, guys.

You got this.

- Ah!


- Jello should not be this crunchy.


It's so crunchy.

- Did I get, oh, I didn't get this guy.

- Oh, that's the worst one.

Just like the wings.


- I ate it and I hate it.

I'm just gonna go like this.

- You just do it.

- Yeah, okay.

- There you go, bud.

- Yeah.

- It's not as liquidy.

- She called me bud, though, so that's.


Are you proud of me, mom?

- [Narrator] Eat it or wear it?

Sight unseen.

It's time for the blind pick round.

- We are down to our final round, the blind pick round.

So you must choose to eat it or wear it, sight unseen.

- What does the staff recommend?

- The staff recommends a healthy dose of "eat it".

- That's a trap.

- I don't trust people when it comes to food.

- Now if they wanna pie her in the face, you go right ahead.


- I don't see what the point in eating it would be.

I'm gonna wear it.

- I'm hoping that if I keep eating weird stuff,

it just balances out in my stomach.

- Oh, let's see what this is.

- Are you ready to get healthier?

Green bean casserole in a cup.

- That doesn't sound that bad.

- Cream of mushroom,

- Oh no.

- A little ranch dressing soda,

- Oh God.

- And then it's topped with french fried onions.

I need you to drink that in three minutes,

otherwise you will wear it.

- I have to drink this whole thing?

- Absolutely!

I can't send that back to the kitchen undrunk.

- Pretend it's a Shamrock Shake or something.

- Oh, that is not a Shamrock Shake, Kelsey.

- Yeah, it doesn't smell good.

- Whoa!

- I don't know what I'm smelling anymore, its all just.

You got it.

It's just like a shot.

Just like a really quick shot.

(breathes heavily)

- I'm bad at shots.

- Oh.

- So bad.

- He is bad at shots.


- Blegh.

- Remember if you don't finish it, you still wear it.

- The old lose-lose.

- Oh man.

There you go.

- Whoa!

Came back out.

You've still got a lot left.

- Guys, I'm not gonna be able to do this.

- I don't think you can.

- It's bad.

Eat it or wear it!

- It's been fun.

- Ah!


It's so thick!

Whoo, right down the old neck.

- Oh, it stinks so bad.

- Did we win?


Check, please.

- [Narrator] Check out the full collection

of delicious and crazy foods

and shop hundreds more gifts at

- What kind of Jello is this?

- I believe that is urine jello, no.

- Ew.

- I'm kidding, I had pee in the joke.

- I think we look sweet.


Splash zone.

- Why do I smell coffee?

- Are you having a stroke?

- Kelsey's having a stroke.



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