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Hey guys, uh, real quick before we jump right into this video,

I just want to say that this video is really really really special to me.

It has been months,

if not years in the making. My good art YouTuber friend Art of Chloe Rose and I have been collaborating for a really long time,

we've been talking and we finally,

finally, finally got to meet in person for the very first time and we decided to film this video for not just my channel,

but one like this for her channel too and Chloe Rose, you guys, is such a wonderful person. She's beautiful inside and out.

She's been such an inspiration to me and she, more importantly, she's been such a wonderful friend to me here on YouTube so

yeah, without further ado let's get into it!

Okay, guys hi, so we're here currently at the Michaels and

I'm gonna give myself a total of three minutes to do this whole entire thing.

So I'm gonna try to get everything I need within the three minutes. Now

I, there's no Michaels where I'm from. Like, let me just get that out of the way right now,

so I don't really know the layout. I don't really know what's here. I'm assuming the same stuff at Hobby Lobby, right?

(Chloe): Mm-hmm, yep, exactly the same. Kind of, kind of.

-Okay. Kind of? Oh god. -Yeah.

And I've been thinking last night about like what I want to draw, what's the medium,

I'm thinking of like a realistic charcoal because I haven't done that in a while and you guys really love my charcoal drawing so...

-You ready Chloe? -I'm ready. Are you ready?

So yeah, I'll go ahead and turn up the volume you guys, and I guess we'll start the timer.

-Three minutes, okay, let's do this thing! -Go go go!

Okay, so the first thing that I'm gonna definitely need is some charcoal so...

Okay, um...

(Chloe): You got a lot of options. Oh god! Distress!

-This is 20 dollars! That's a lot of money. -Damn! That is a lot of money.

-Just like, a regular pen. I bet it was back over there with the charcoal. -Yeah.

-Eraser pencils, regular pencils. -Perfect, yes.

-$4.99, and then, paper! Paper. -Oh damn.

Yeah, that's kind of essential. You can't draw on your arm.

*Chloe laughs*

-I'm gonna get toned. Should I get toned, tan or gray? -Go with gray. You like gray, right? -Yes, I love gray.

*Both laugh*

(Chloe): You've got erasers, you've got charcoal paper, uh, highlight!

*Rae whistling*

(Chloe): Okay, you're doing good! You got a lot.

-Tortillion thing! You said that to me before. Perfect, right. -Oh, tortillion!

-Where are they? -Pencils, I think.

(Chloe): Sorry.

Oh, you're there! And they are $2.29, okay perfect. Pencils, erasers, charcoal,


got 34 seconds left, I can get one more thing.

(Chloe): I think you got most of it, right?

Oh, yeah.

(Chloe): Paint pen or something?

(Chloe): 17, 16, 15...

Oh, that's a color.

(Chloe): Dammit. Umm, I can't see anything.

(Chloe): Arrrgh!

-Dang. -You did good though.

*sighs* Okay, I think I got everything that I'm gonna need.

-I think I got everything I need and I even have like a little wild card right here. -Oh, that's gonna be fun!

Yeah, I think it's gonna be awesome!


Yeah, I guess I'm ready to go ahead and check out and um, I will see you guys back home.

Hello everybody, I'm back at my house in New Mexico

and, and please don't mind the hot mess that is on my arms right now.

I try to do this spray tanning thing and I just, I literally don't know how to spray tan.

So now I like literally have two different colored arms right now!

*Screaming goat sound effect*

I had such a wonderful time in Florida, I'm back now and yeah, let's do some drawing, shall we?

So first things first as you guys know, I LOVE the Strathmore Toned Gray paper. You're probably thinking to yourself

like, why would somebody want or need gray paper? And the answer to that is that black paper,

it gives you the ability to not only pull out the darkest depths of shadow,

but it also gives you the ability to pull out the whitest of white with it, which in my opinion

that's such a superpower right there. So great paper all the way.

*Burps* So besides the paper,

obviously the first thing I'm gonna need are some pencils, and the pencils that I got are the general graphite art pencil kit, which is...

interesting. I've never used these before, and this will be good for the face of my drawing.

Like the outline or something.

Now for the drawing I thought long and hard,

you know, what I wanted to do, who I wanted to draw, what I wanted to draw, and I felt that I had no other

option but to draw miss Chloe Rose herself.

And Chloe, I love you, but drawing her was easier said than done and that's for a few reasons:

first one being that she doesn't upload selfies that often and the second reason is the selfies that she does have, they're very, very

colorful, you know what I'm saying? And when you turn down the saturation...

boom, all the magic is gone from the photo. And after a little bit of stalking her Instagram,

I did find one photo that when you turn down the saturation,

turn up the contrast, you get a beautiful

black-and-white photo and that's perfect for a black-and-white photo because not only does it look good in color, it looks good in black and white.


*Background music*

Now for all the artists out there who, you know like me, mess around with realism a lot,

uh, I would say arguably one of the most important parts is trying to get the proportions right and

with Chloe Rose, my sweet sweet Chloe Rose,

she has very

defined but soft delicate features, like for example, she has really large eyes that are like piercing blue,

but at the same time they're like really feminine and round. She also has like really nice eyebrows that are very prominent, but they're

snatched to the gods and she also has like really

large lips, but they're not too big. You know I'm what I'm saying, they're all very feminine. Like she has a good face,

and so I spent a lot of time erasing, redrawing, erasing, redrawing because I really want to make Chloe proud.

*Music continues*

Okay, so here is what we are working with, and honestly it got, it

kinda looks like Chloe has a straight-up beard going on and I will admit that it is a hot mess for now, but

this is where -

*Bottle tips over, slow motion*

Oh, that could have been so bad!

This is one of the very rare times that I fully screwed it on cause usually I just kind of like leave it

you know, just like that, but oh my gosh

*Sighs in relief* that was so scary. Oh my gosh.

But anyway, I spent a very long time on the proportions, trying to get it as accurate as I could,

and you know, I still haven't found out completely what I'm gonna do with this shirt, because you know,

she's like at an angle. So this is where the charcoal comes in.

*imitates drumroll*

*Serious music*

Alright, so I'm gonna use this next minute of footage to have some real talk with you guys.

One of the biggest comment, okay

so in my last video, the super serious video, one of the biggest comments that I got was please

show us more of your art process. We love to see you draw,

we love to see you create and we love to see it, you know step by step.

And so, if you haven't watched that video, it's a very serious video.

I will link it up here in the card,

but basically what I talk about is, you know,

just having a lot of anxiety like, "they don't want to see any of my artwork!" And so,

usually what I would do with this minute long footage is I would condense it down to like 20 seconds,

play some music and then, boom! All of a sudden, it's finished and done.

So this time I'm really trying to slow it down, show you guys my whole

artistic process and making the video about the artwork, not the race to hurry up and do the challenge kind of thing.

So obviously I'm very new to this specific thing,

So if you do like this slowed down or you want it more slowed down or less slowed down,

like please let me know in the comments because I, I don't know. *laughs*

*Music continues*

So at this point we have the pencil layer down,

we have the charcoal layer down and it looks good and everything but I just feel like it's a little flat,

you know what I'm saying?

So, I don't know if you guys remember earlier, but I had sneakily put in a white colored pencil in my basket.

And I'm not too sure exactly like what happened to it between like the airport and now, so in place of that

I'm gonna go in with a white colored pencil that I have.

This is just like a clearly used white Prismacolor.

And this will just be a great tool because now it's gonna add another dimension, like we already added in the shadows, now we need to

add in the highlights.

*Cafe music*

Now, for my non artists out there, I think you guys are gonna be


when you see the difference of what highlights can do and

objectively speaking, highlights are probably the easiest thing when it comes to, you know,

my drawing process and it's so simple to do but it just adds such a beautiful dimension to the artwork.

*Music continues*

Now for this last and final step to complete the artwork and to ground the artwork,

only the people who have been really, really paying attention will notice that when I was in Michaels

I put in this yellowish greenish paint in the basket and

I did end up throwing it away because you know,

*cough cough*

TSA, but I have one very similar at my house and it just adds such a cool pop of color!

I'm so glad that I chose it because I think it just gives it such a funky and fresh element.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end, but I still have one last surprise for you guys.

-Hi. -Hi!

It's good to see you back, you know, after Florida.

I know, it's great to see you too. I haven't seen the new face properly for ages.

So, are you ready to see what I drew?

I am ready.

*laughs* Okay.

It's you! It's kind of like a bad angle but it looks really good up close in person, you can see it.

That looks amazing! I'm so flattered!

Aww, thank you!

I think you're amazing, oh my god that's so lovely! I literally painted a mushroom.

Hey, that's awesome. I like mushrooms, too.

Aww, thank you so much. I'm so flattered.

Yeah, thank you Chloe so much for being on my channel, I really appreciate it. I

had a lot of fun so

do you want to say goodbye to everybody with me?


Trying to get my face in camera. Thank you guys so much again for watching and I will see you next video. Bye!

(Chloe): Bye! *laughs*

*End music*