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Welcome to My Hungry Family. We want to share our food with you.

Today, we are making an amazing summer smoothie. This is my favorite smoothie.

We will be using frozen acai berry, organic unsweetened almond milk, and some frozen

banana and pineapple. We are going to add in our frozen acai berry. We are using frozen

organic acai berry from a company called Sambazon. This is great for making

smoothies and it's really healthy for you. You get a bunch of great healthy

antioxidants, fiber, omegas. We found this at Costco but you can get it at several

places. Next, we will add in our frozen bananas and pineapple. Don't throw away

your bananas and pineapple. Freeze them so you can keep them for baking and for

using in smoothies. This is my favorite smoothie, it's perfect for summer.

Definitely make sure you stay until the end of the video so you can see the

complete list of ingredients and complete list of cooking instructions for this


Now we will add in our organic almond milk. The less almond milk you put, the thicker it

will be. The more you add, the less thick it will be. We want our thick like

ice cream, spoons only. You are going to love this and it is so easy to make. You can

probably guess what we're gonna do next. Let's blend it up.

Wow, look at this smoothie! I can't wait to drink it. I'm so excited

for you to try this.

Ok, looks like the blending is finished. Time to serve it up.

Look at that great color, that is beautiful. It looks like Barney fell into

the blender. This is my favorite smoothie, it's perfect for summer. You've been

working in the yard, exercising, you're hot, you're sweating, your thirsty.

This cold acai berry smoothie is a lifesaver. This is the smoothie of the

summer. You are going to love this smoothie. I don't want an orange smoothie, red

smoothie, green smoothie. No, purple, I want a purple smoothie! Look at this, it's

amazing! Trust me, drink it, enjoy it, it's amazing. You can

see a complete list of the ingredients and cooking instructions in the rolling

credits at the end of the video. Try this recipe at home, let us know what you

think in the comments below. Do you like it? Is it delicious? We told you so. If you

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Look at this smoothie. Thanks for watching. We will see you in the

kitchen next time, and remember we don't make it unless it's delicious.

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