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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Flying KLM B747-400 Combi with Horses!

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- Today I'm leaving Amsterdam.

- Oh, yeah? - 747.

It was actually designed by a captain on KLM.

- This is so airy and spacious, right?

It's such an elegant plane,

and it's so-- - Queen of the sky.

- The queen of the sky.

And we have very special cargo today.

- [Man] The horses!

You see that horses have to pee.

- So we woke up with a passenger sleeping next to us.

(horse neighs)

- First, have a visit at the new KLM Crown Lounge.

Look at all these houses.

Very very nice.

(light upbeat music)

- Good morning, welcome to the blue restaurant.

This is a brand new restaurant

which is open just a couple of months ago.

Part of the whole new renovation of the blue experience.

We have a bar which you can get cocktails,

all the drinks that you want.

We have over 200 liquors and sprits.

And this is our brand new a la carte restaurant

created by Michelin-star chef Joris Bijdendijk

for Amsterdam from RIJKS.

There we serve the most beautiful dishes

with the best products in the Netherlands.

- So here's the thing, there's two floor on the KLM lounge.

The first floor, everything is free.

Free drink, free food, loads of people.

Second floor is the place to come

because it's got a outdoor terrace

and it's got very very little people.

Excellent privacy here.

- Here's our cocktail menu.

So it's inspired of the hundred years of existence

of KLM airlines.

We connected a cocktail with a highlight.

We provide a little story, a classic cocktail

with a Dutch twist.

For example, the first flight to Indonesia

we have an Indonesian rum we use.

Made with William George rum.

It's a rum made by one of the most famous bartenders,

winning world-class awards.

Grated nutmeg on top.

There you go.

- [Sam] Beautiful, thank you so much.

- You're very welcome, enjoy.

- Cheers.

(glass clinks)

That's like a ice slurpee.

Fifteen Euros is not cheap, this cocktail,

but it's good quality cocktail.

(light upbeat music)

Look at all this.

Seeing all the plane at E and F pier.

Hi! - Hi, welcome!

- Oh, I'm super excited!

- Oh, yeah? - 747, yeah.

- Well, welcome on board.

Right upstairs, sir.

- Hi, hello. - Hello, sir, welcome.

- How are you?

- Good, thank you.

Nice to see you.

Oh, coming up the stairs.

Hi, hello, how are you? - Hi, Mr. Chui.

Welcome aboard, how are you sir?

- Super excited.

Another 747 flight, yay! - Yes, one of the last time.

Have a good flight.

(light music)

- I think last time I flew on a 400 Combi was 20 years ago,

also with KLM.

That was to Singapore, to Jakarta.

So what do we got here?

- Orange juice, water, Champagne, beer, or--

- Heineken, okay.

Orange juice.

- Yes, that's a real Dutch beer.

- Thank you.

I'm a YouTuber actually, you know.

I make travel videos and I meet people.

I managed to swap a seat downstairs

so I can record good take off with the engine shot

in front wing.

And here is Liner, Bashin, and Cynthia from Mexico.

They're so kind, they're giving me the seat.

- The deal was that you would get the seat,

you will take care of him for the rest of the flight.

- Right, I'll get the seat, and I'll take care of Bashin

the rest of the flight.

What a deal.

(engines revving)

(light upbeat music)

- What a great 747 takeoff, take us to warmer places.

Mexico City.

- [Flight Attendant] Okay, for the starter

I have a choice of beef with mixed mushrooms

or I have tomato soup.

- [Sam] I'll have a soup, please.

- [Flight Attendant] Soup, okay.

And for the main course, I have captain's choice,

grouper filled with pasta, miso marinated chicken thigh,

and braised veal tartlet.

- [Sam] I'll have the captain's choice.

- Okay.

I have some choice of mixed nuts or I have some cheese.

(light upbeat music)

- [Sam] Thank you.

- [Flight Attendant] Would like roll and some butter?

- [Sam] Oh, yeah, okay.

(light upbeat music)

- The main course was called a captain's choice.

It was actually designed by a captain on KLM

who won the competition within the company.

It's predominately vegetable with dumpling

with grouper fish inside, it was quite interesting.

- Would you like a KLM chocolate house?

- [Sam] Chocolate houses?

- [Flight Attendant] Yes.

- This is a very special galley because this was

the former first class.

The first class we used to have until 1994.

So I'll show you all the details in the, whoops.

Take care.

Here you see here were the sockets for the skillets.

Here were the sockets.

Here were the frying pans for the steaks

and for the fried eggs.

And we used to have two different soups

for the first class passengers.

And over here was the broth, the very thin soup,

and a very thick soup.

And always above England we started putting

the big soup cups on a tray and it started to be turbulent

because it'd always be on land and then on water

and then we start shaking, so it's always big fun.

- [Sam] Do you like working in this long galley?

This is the best galley you worked?

- Yeah, it's so spacious, you know?

The newer aircrafts, they're so efficient,

especially for the passengers but this is so airy

and spacious for us, so we love working here.

You know, I can help here very easily.

It's a very strange idea that this aircraft

will not be flying anymore for KLM.

- It's very very sad.

- It's very sad and very strange.

- Very strange. - Right?

It's such an elegant plane and it's so smooth during

the landing mode.

Most of the time it feels like butter, you know?

It's so smooth,

and it's so quick-- - Queen of the sky.

- The queen of the sky, absolutely. (laughs)

- Now I want to share with all of you,

in five days time on 21st January, 2020,

is the 50th anniversary of Boeing 747

since it's first commercial flight

with Pan-American.

And KLM is not far away, KLM got it in 1971, one year later.

- Oh, how very special.

- I love it, thank you so much--

- Oh, sorry, I hit my microphone, I'm so sorry.

(both laugh)

Actually this is the director chair.

- [Sam] Oh yeah this is director chair, that's me.

I be director here. - Absolutely.

- I'll be your director, I belong here.

- Yes, it's fitting. - It's great.

- It's like a Hollywood chair, you know?

Of course we feel a little bit

as if we are in a film always,

so we deserve these chairs as well.

- Only for special people.

- Very old coffee machine, has never changed

from the beginning on.

So you open this one and you can put a tin of coffee in

and you push it through and then coffee comes inside,

and it's nice coffee.

Oh, it's good coffee.

So sometimes people come on board

and say, "Oh, I smell the coffee."

That's nice, very Dutch coffee.

So Combi aircraft, and half of the plane is filled

with containers with cargo.

And we have very special cargo today,

and the Captain will go and show us

what special cargo we have today.

We'll follow him.

(light upbeat music)

You go ahead.

- [Captain] You'll have to be

a little bit careful here. - [Sam] Oh, yes.

- Because we have to--

Is that okay?

- [Sam] Yeah, yeah, oh!

- [Captain] The horses.

- [Sam] Yeah.

- You can come around the corner.

Hello, guys.


Big horses, all going to Mexico.

- [Sam] One small one in the middle.

- [Captain] The small one, yeah.

- [Sam] Big horses.

- [Captain] And here we have another stable

with a few smaller ones.

- We can come over here, you see they are all boxes

and it's almost full.

- Amazing to see the cargo hold during the flight.

Oh yeah.

There's one more pallet position here.

- Yeah, this one is empty.

- All right, yeah.

Look at this, the pressurisation bulkhead.

- [Captain] That's the aft bulkhead, so that's where all

the pressure is.

So this is the rear part of the normal passenger cabin

where normally about 150 passengers are seated

and where now seven containers with cargo are standing.

So we have three containers with horses

and four containers with all other kinds of cargo.

And all the pipes and lines you see here

are also overhead of the cabin.

But of course there is a ceiling installed

and here it's all open.

These are the drive units.

These are the wheels that move the containers forward

and aft, and they can rotate

so they can also move the containers left and right.

And the red ones are the locks and this also is a lock bar.

- We're seeing some water coming out and it smells.

- [Captain] You see that horses have to pee. (laughs)

- [Sam] Oh!

- [Captain] We can walk around via this side

and then through the front.

- [Sam] You smell the hay.

- (speaks in foreign language)

This is the animal attendant. (laughs)

- Hi Sam, how are you?

- [Captain] Yeah, he's taking care of the horses.

- They're doing very well actually here with the groom

and it just a little bit smelly around.

(light upbeat music)

- We don't feed 'em, there are hay nets hanging

in front of the horses so that's enough

for the whole flight.

- [Sam] You have to check every hour or?

- No, every two hours--

Yeah, I check them every two hours and offer them water

and that's mainly if everything's okay.

- [Sam] Are they doing okay today?

- Yeah, they're doing fine.

Yeah, they're doing well, absolutely.

(light upbeat music)

- Welcome to my purser workstation.

Here is my little office and I work with this screen

to reset systems for the in-flight entertainment

but I also can send personal messages

like happy birthday or please close the window.

All kinds of different things.

I can send it to the whole cabin

but also to one individual seat.

And this is a very old plane, so in former days,

we used to have cassette players,

and the two cassettes would be in here.

It's incredible that they're still here.

And we used to have a big tower

of video cassette players as well.

And every two hours, I had to switch the video cassettes.

Took me quite a long time to keep track

on when to use it and when to change it.

So now my work is completely different

for the new modern times.

This is the trolley for the second service.

Upstairs we have small galley

so we don't have space for the service

and so we're going to change them with the elevator.

- [Sam] Ah, so you're shifting all the new trolley

to upper deck, 'cause upper deck's too small.

- Put it in here.

- [Sam] This is the elevator?

- [Flight Attendant] Yes.

- [Sam] So your colleague will receive this upstairs.

- [Flight Attendant] Yes, yep.

So, close the door and send it up.

There it goes.

It's gone.

- How many trolley you got to shift?

- I have to shift four trolleys.

- Four times, trolley come down, bring it to the long galley

and bring the new one up.

Ah, this one came down.

- Yes, this one came down.

Take it out and I go back here to the galley.

(light upbeat music)

- Woo.

It's been a crazy long flight, 12 hours day flight.

Now is about 30 past midnight in Amsterdam,

that's why I'm getting so tired.

Slept a few hours.

I mean, the 747 doesn't have the latest product,

the airline won't upgrade 'em,

you don't have the latest IFE, wi-fi.

The seats are okay, long bed.

The downside is you have to cross over my neighbour

to get out every time so it's not a most convenient one.

But speaking of 747, the crew were stellar here.

They were amazing.

When they found out I was a 747 fan, they really opened up.

They were just doing their very best

to show me everything as a favour

so I had fantastic, fantastic KLM 747 flight.

(light downtempo music)

- This is our collection of Delft Blue houses

and there are also passengers who specially fly

with KLM just for the house.

We have this every flight, we give you one house.

They're made especially for us.

It's a real collectors item, there's a number on the rear

and every passenger can follow in the app, KLM houses app,

which number they still need,

what they have collected at home,

and they're filled with Dutch gin.

And this is something we have specially made for us

so it's real gift for the passengers.

- I'm going to show you something that you never see before.

I had a very special house, but I got it with KLM

from a recycled plastic.

Here, this one.

- I've never seen that.

- You've never seen this one?

I've never seen that--

Wow, fantastic, fantastic. - [Sam] Look at that.

It's a green one, it's made of recycled plastic.

(light upbeat music)

- [Purser] He has a system.

'cause we also have small brochure with information

about the KLM houses app.

So lots of people have their telephone--

- [Sam] This gentleman is serious collector.

- Yep, he's very serious collector.

Did you enjoy the flight sir, is everything okay?

Before we land, Sam, I would like to show you

one more thing, follow me, please.

(light upbeat music)

- So hold tight when you go up.

- Wow, this is the crew rest.

- [Purser] This is the crew rest.

- It's a bit hard to come in.

Wow, eight beds here.

- The beds are made for the way back already.

So we have the seat belts because we always have to wear

a seatbelt when we lie down, of course.

Safety first in our airline.

- [Sam] Whoa, this is better than business class.

- (laughs) And you know it's lovely

that we can stand up here because in other aircraft

it's so tiny and of course they want to use the space

so efficient, as efficient as possible,

but this is so nice because it's spacious here.

Once, there was a passenger who said, "Well, let's try

"to open this door" and he opened it and went upstairs

and he laid down on one of the beds

so we woke up with a passenger sleeping next to us.

It was very, very, very funny.

- [Captain] We just started our descent towards Mexico City.

Remaining flight time slightly,

depending on the traffic situation,

Mexico is approximately 20 minutes.

Current Mexico weather, it's partly cloudy

with a light southeasterly wind

and the temperature, 20 degrees celsius.

- Bye, sir.


(speaks in foreign language)

- I'm the last one to leave the upper deck on the 747.

Thank you.

Thank you very much. - Bye!

- Thank you, bye bye.

Thank you very much, thank you!

- You're welcome! - See you, bye.

- It was a pleasure having you.

- See you next time. - See you next time, bye bye.

(air wooshing)

(bell dinging)

(bubble popping)

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