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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Teacher Explains: 5 Keys to Studying Shakespeare

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hey guys my name is Miss Guevara and I'm

a high school English teacher today

we're gonna be talking to you about five

keys to understanding Shakespeare if

you're studying English you're

definitely going to be spending a lot of

time with William Shakespeare the goal

of this video is to help you get the

most out of reading his work you

shouldn't be intimidated or put off by

people who might love Shakespeare just a

little too much some Shakespeare

superfans have an annoying all-knowing

way of talking about Shakespeare as

though they are part of a secret Club

that you aren't allowed into if you

haven't had much exposure to Shakespeare

yet this could put you off from wanting

to study more please don't let that

happen whether you end up believing that

Shakespeare was truly the greatest truly

overrated or somewhere in between will

be up to you in the end but I think

there's a really good chance that the

more you study Shakespeare the more

you'll find alike

what comes to mind when you think about

Shakespeare's writing if it's I have no

idea what this guy's trying to say then

you're not alone Shakespeare wrote more

than 400 years ago and language has

changed a lot since then so it can be

daunting to read his plays in their

original form when you can't understand

the reading assignment doing well in the

class is tough fortunately there's a way

to read and comprehend Shakespeare

without missing out on the beauty of his

original language no fear Shakespeare

offers free side-by-side translations of

Shakespeare's works the original

language is on the left side of your

screen with the modern-day English

translation on the right you can still

read the plays as they were originally

written and I strongly recommend that

you do and then after you've read a

passage just glance over and read the

modern-day translation to make sure you

got it it's the ideal way to read

Shakespeare which is why the no-fear

Shakespeare translations are used by so

many students actors and teachers like



what do you think that ten shakespeare

titles listed here have in common have

you studied some in class already or

maybe you're reading one of them right

now there's a really good chance of that

since they're probably the ten most top

Shakespeare plays starting in junior

high and going all the way through to

college these are plays that everyone

should read if you see any that you

haven't studied yet you might want to

check them out on your own either to get

a jump start on your classmates or to

catch up with them knowing something

about the context in which a book or a

play was written will almost always give

you valuable insights into it and this

is especially true in the case of

William Shakespeare Shakespeare's life

experiences and the world in which he

lived had a tremendous impact on what he

wrote knowing about the author and the

social and historical context of his

lifetime will give you a much deeper

understanding into his plays plots

characters and themes and if you're

worried that reading about some dead guy

is gonna be dull

don't be Shakespeare lived in

fascinating times so studying him is

never boring there are many places you

can go to learn about the context of

Shakespeare's life but I recommend going

to sparknotes calm and looking through

their life and times of William

Shakespeare materials you'll find a

concise but thorough biography of

Shakespeare as well as discussions of

topics such as the influence of the

Elizabethan theatre on Shakespeare's

writing and the role of women in England

at the time of Shakespeare's plays



speaking of context it's important to

keep in mind that Shakespeare's plays

weren't originally written to be read in

a book but rather to be performed by

actors on a stage to get the full force

of Shakespeare's writing it's really

helpful to see and hear it being

performed if you have the chance to see

a Shakespeare play performed live do it

if not there are many movies based on

his plays and there are countless

examples of scenes online you can also

just read the scenes aloud to yourself

go ahead I won't judge you seeing and

hearing Shakespeare performed will give

you a much better understanding and

appreciation of his writing when you

study it I've mentioned the life and

times of William Shakespeare materials

that are available on sparknotes comm as

well as the no-fear Shakespeare

side-by-side translations of his plays

you can also find free literature guides

for all of Shakespeare's plays on the

site and these guides can help you get

the most out of the plays as you study

them all of the features I've talked

about can be useful while you're reading

the plays and they can also come in

handy later on when you're studying for

a test or planning out of paper each one

offers discussions of plots context

themes motifs and symbols as well as

analysis of characters and explanations

of important quotes I hope you found

these Shakespeare study tips helpful

make sure to check out no fear

Shakespeare at sparknotes calm


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