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Hi everyone! It is Renna and k from Murasagi~

and our friend Kappa, who's off to the side here who's-

I swear that's not my hand. Who's here to ask the questions for us for the

Q&A that we posted about a month ago for our 5k celebration

So yea~ let's begin

Ok, I'm going to ask these in order and

I have to apologize if I screw up anybody's names, Some of you have very strange names.

I mean that in a nice way but in a way that I can't read them

So the first one is from- well there's 3 of them from Frasse Karlsson and we'll just start with the first one

ah, number one

when did you guys start singing together was it before you began to upload covers

to youtube

No! No.. No.. Answer is no.

But when did you guys start singing together? was the full first question

Ahh.. We were in a community called Yo!Project-

actually all three of us there and we were kinda like doing

indies dubs for awhile- mmhmm.. idol!

Ah yes, idol! And we knew of each other. Sometimes we would be put in group

collabs... randomly?

I met you before Yo!Project..? Yea... nonono..? I met you-

Ahuh, you messaged me before I even joined Yo!Project

Oh.. Not that this is about me but.. I just.. thinking

lols Join us! We wanted her in the video but she wouldn't join us..

She's shy.. I-no o! I just, I don't match...! You all match!

Match with us! We can't even see the matching shirt on this

No! Also, I'll be the random white girl in the middle..

They really match, like, I'm too OCD..

Ok! Number 2. What made you create YouTube channel and why

Vocaloid, since we all belong to a(n)

idol collaboration group, not many of us did vocaloid to begin with

number 3, do you have any plans about the future

regarding your covers and such no... like no direction. We just flow~

okay! next person

is Moonlightea's Melody. That's a really cute name.. That is~

she also asks three questions I think it's a she

question 1 how did you guys meet each other, which

you kind of answered this, yes?

I would say we know of each other but officially it was at HanaPro

Kappa, our glorious leader at HanaPro that runs it. But um.

after k joined, I think our very first duet was..

It's Two Roses. It happened, and then Murasagi happened.

k, um.. Who writes the script for each project?

She does. I do. Sometimes she translates

That's all she does.. All she does is writes scripts

and then you have to ask her for lines three months later

Ok! Is there any

webboard, I guess forum..? webboard or community that you

been visiting,we're mainly

at HanaPro and then everything else that we do is by

Google Docs! docs~ google docs~ yyes!

okay the next one's from either a Chinese or Japanese name

Is it Yukihi? Uh.. I don't know.. I feel like it's Moriya-something

But it's really small here and I know don't know if it's actually Japanese.

Ohh yea.. nevermind

Umm. Question!

Number one have you guys ever met each other?



Never. I just showed up here.. and k was like, Oh! Come in Come in!

Ok! number two. how did you guys learn how to sing

or could you sing well since you were born

if you guys ever learn how to sing

I guess took lessons, do you go somewhere or do you just learn by yourself?

..learn by yourself..

I was in choir for.. 3-4 years?

You weren't in choir? okay; No, I was in choir ;w;

oK! number three. why are you guys so perfect? Aww!

This is more a request, but

Lucky02rose says, could you do a cover of

either secret police or 1-2 fanclub?

thanks! Renna's done it. We do have a 1-2 Fanclub but it's in Cantonese

I did it with Zoey a year and a half ago (ish)

I'm in it! Yes! You are- kind of...

"Kira-chan" I know! She's mentioned in it but she's not

actually singing in it.

Ok, and also she asks is there any way I can possibly join you guys

You sound amazing; I'd be honoured if I could be of any help

Maybe. Maybe Not. We'll see

Like, we usually just look at the channels and see if anyone's fit for a role

Like we don't have any really set vocalists/cast

Most of the time, we just invite people and

based on what they have sung before and

ask if they want to join, and if they do, then it's much more likely that we'll ask them again

in future songs too

Yes.. especially if they turn in their lines on time

Yes..! This is from CeceGaming

she asks who is the original creator

of your YouTube channel

We were both there on skype when we made it but

I guess me, because I was the one who typed it in. Rennya

okay this is from Mochi!!

There's 4 questions- What are your favorite

foods and guilty pleasures? Go Rennya go!

Sushi! Lobster! Rice! Lobster sushi! Lobster sushi and rice?

Sushi! Rice! Steak.. Rice! Doesn't sound very guilty;;

It is if you eat like.. (mac and cheese?) Oh! French fries?

Anything can be guilty.. Oh! Pizza!

But rice.. Rice is a guilty pleasure if you eat more like.. 2 full bowls

So asian- Ok, number two

Renna, how did you learn how to mix? You need to pick up timing, and then-

...Do you? Yeayea! well.. hopefully;;

and then with time- I feel like just being in Yo!Project and HanaPro

You can kinda talk with people- talk with the other mixers and just

gain insight and others' tricks. They kind of add it to- Yeah but when you were still talking to me about mixing

I didn't know what I was doing either. Oh really?

Okay, we're all just- I don't think anybody knows what they're doing.

Yeah, but now luckily we have um

we have two legit mixers; like, actual audio engineers

in their field. God bless Jess- I know! Jess and Krovi, they know what they're doing


Krovi! Jess! Shoutouts!

Oh oh, you have like a phrase; when you're mixing, what you do is you just like pound your fists on your keyboard- YEAH

If you don't know how to make something happen / sound right

you just, blindly pound your fists on your keyboard- I agree

It works for me- It does! Okay, number three... who is the more maso one

out of the two of you? (I think it's me...)

It's Renna. Renna! It's really Renna.

I feel like just being a mixer kinda pre-disposes you to this.

You're pretty maso in mixing too- I'm not anymore, I got lazy...

Ohhh... lazy maso. Umm okay...

and number four, from Mochi, is any favourite songs or groups /

producers? Mitchie M!

Hitoshizuka-P. Mitchie M! Hitoshizuka-P.

Mitchie M! What about songs? ... Any Mitchie M song!

Oh gosh! Just kidding, I like them

either really fluffy or really dark, I don't really like anything in between.

I like wa, and electronica...

and trance, and wa... wa is good

Hmm.. and rock (I like rock)

Krovi! Do something!

Okay, Connie Srsly asks, when was your first encounter with Vocaloids?


Do you remember? I remember my first song

that I sang was- from Vocaloid- was like that Ievan Polkka?

How about you? My Vocaloid...

first, when it came out, my Japanese friends

told me to stop singing idol songs, and to follow the trends on Nico and sing Vocaloid; but I

sang it and no one on YouTube cared, so then I s- then a year later-

So she stopped. No I had to stop, 'cause then I had a- you know I was...

I was in University. Wasn't that you and K-Pop too? Yeah I stopped K-Pop

Yeah no one cared about my K-Pop singing either so I s- well, I had to stop because

college so... not college but, I was graduating.

So I stopped everything, and then I came back and woahh

Woah, so popular you know?

I think I sound deeper in real life- No.

k's on her own octave like, we're just normal range and then k's like, "piiiiiii,"

kinda thing.... and then Krovi's like, "rrrrrrrrrr..." Yeah, only k's subwoofer picks up Krovi.

It's ringing my house, so I was like, "I can't hear what you're saying, but I can like feel like a...

vibration from my... subwoofer"

Okay, this is from the same person, who are your favourite Vocaloids?

I like Rin and Yuzuki Yukari.

I can't pick, I love them all.

There you go! Okay.

From Jerit Bristol, his first question is...

which one of you do you think is the best singer?

I think that's what you meant...

R-Renna? I think everyone has their pros and cons so...

Like, I think it's also song dependent.

Rather than saying someone is better, I would say

that they would sound better in different songs. That's really important.

And everyone sounds better

when Renna mixes. Yeah~

I send in lines, and then I come out sounding like a different person so...

It's Renna. It's a good thing that you're not!

Okay, number two, what's your next cover going to be? Can you disclose?

Should we?

Well, everyone's been asking for... some stuff, so...

Well, I guess we can say, it's not... that

I don't know which one you're talking about we have so many- Oh really? We have so many on our progress list!

we have like 10 songs in our to-do list. But I guess like the most prominent one

would be for our two year anniversary special thing. And- what's that one?


It is Blessings. Okay. Blessings! Blessings.

Okay, number three! What's your favourite anime?

Slayers. Rurouni Kenshin. Yeah...

How about you? Me? Yeah! Fushigi Yuugi. Oh yeah, you like Fushigi.

As long as it's not Sailor Moon- I don't watch anymore though...

Like, I don't watch pretty much any anime

anymore, (oh my) but, you know, むかしむかし (long long ago) that was my favourite.

Rurouni Kenshin was my favourite... Rurouni Kenshin was one of my favourites too.

It's a good one. The movies are good...

but no live action. Okay, next! What's your favourite food? I think you said...

Rice. Lobster. Sushi. Rice. Steak. Rice.

Favourite food, that's one... YEAH, RICE!

Come on Renna! Lobster... sushi steak?

Ms.Rennya who doesn't want food to touch.

She can't have them on the same plate~ *^^* U~n how about lobster

sushi stuffed with steak. (No STOP!)

is still not.. it still does not work (Ooo~)

NegiMiku asks, well first she says you guys sound amazing and make really great covers

OOooOo~ UuUu~ *claps clap*

U~m, some of my questions are

number one: have you guys ever thought of making your own songs before?

*shake shake* nu. no. we are simple, I'm sorry m(__)m

number two: what's your guys favorite duet, that you've done?

u~n, I still like--- I should stop playing with the pen.

I still like AiDee because it was one of our first. I like that one too. Like first one so-

I like moonlight embellishment girl

lately-- pretty much. There is a story behind that one.

You should tell it. So it came out and I was like, "Look Renna~~"

and Renna was like, uun--- THAT FACE *points*

I was like, "really? you love Rerulili"

and then we sang it-- and after I was like, eh- I'm done with this song.

and Renna is like, "I LOVE IT!" That may or may not be true.

I like it tooBut Renna reeeally likes

Yaaas~ It turned out really well. I liked it. Un *nods*

okay Wizard Wing said: Apart from English,

Japanese, Chinese, and Cantonese

What other language do you know how to sing?

I think there's a difference between

knowing how to sing and like

speak the language. Um, I don't really know how to speak--

to sing in Mandarin, like Chinese but I do sing in Cantonese

and I can also sing in like Latin. Oooh~

Ser- basic Serbian and Polish. Ohh~ Oh! Talented

but I have no idea what they say so.

nYeah, I can only sing in Japanese, Korean and English. In that order.

well Korean wasn't on the list. Why is English last xD

Kappa: English is so hard. k: yaa~ Renna: nuuh You were in choir.

... so? wwww

Number one: From Lexie Jones. Have you ever met in person?

No. no. no.... clearly. Um when did you decide,

hey it let's make youtube channel and sing? When.

when... Almost two years ago?

un-- Renna decided and I was like, o~k~♥

eh~ I honestly don't remember that. ww

They're so huge! Look at this! C-canada size

is like--like that. // Okay, have you ever thought of doing a plus boy cover?

ufufu! I did many MANY times. And k doesn't like the song so--

*pshh* -rennya glare- It's lewd~

k is innocent. Oh and (not that innoce...) our Len singer at the time didn't like it either.

(cause its so..) --But now we have two more! We have two more Len singers now! So now you can do it.

Maybe, we'll have to ask. Un~ After

--Blessings. Yeah. Okay, Have you guys ever seen

Hetalia. No. Pastaaaa~


I know the pasta song only because from MMDG

SquaDus wanted like- SquaDus had really specific

uh~ themes and I think one of them was like pasta.

--and it was the only song I could find that would fit the theme.. anyway

okay um how long did it take you to learn Japanese. I'm sorry this is from

Regaan Whiteglow? This is just one question from him.

from him. How long did it take you and Japanese?

In terms of being fluent in it, I'm not fluent in it...k is fluent in it. Nyuu~I'm not.

-- teaches and she's fluent in it? Shh no I'm not fluent. Absolutely not fluent in it.

If k's not fluent in it, I'm... so far below fluent..[Okay my fluency is if-] it's not even funny.

you like get dropped off in Japan and you can like get food...etc

It's called conversational though- that's not-- that's not fluent (yeah)

that's not fluent, just because you can hold a conversation with somebody

doesn't mean you're fluent.

I agree. Really?! Ya. Yeah, co- conversational level is different from fluent.

So that means like you can get around.. Like you can read, you can write.

Like you don't really have a problem

like with any basic characters

like that you would see, like (that sounds like you) you would probably know the 2000

basic characters. I don't know the 2000 basic characters www

You know in Chinese, as long as you know the 2000 characters, you can read like 95% of stuff.

Yeah, that- it's the same in Japanese. Oh, okay. Fair enough.

In terms of speaking it I just read off romanji.

so that took like... I dunno..a month?

So how long did it take k to learn. U~n I dunno?

Slow accumulated throughout the years.

Yeah, my moms side... %^&*@??

okay the froggy one asked you three questions I think two have been answered

so-- I'm just going to ask the third one.

It's kinda--I don't think its been answered in this way or asked in this way.

How long have you been singing?

like I think in general.

Like my whole life? Same!

but in terms of dubbing we've been

I guess "dubbing" for over like 10 years. Like before youtube even began.

I started on VAA. ...and I started on

or harm me schoolroom I'm starlight

Um, Star light says, how did you get to have such a cute voice

and where can I get one? From your mama~♥ Aww, okay.

okay um he or she, I dunno, also says

please sing cyber thunder cider. thx

Okay~ Yup! okay!

Okay, Natsuki

na.tsu.kiSays can you guys sing Connecting Blessing or Smiling?

we did. we will-

She sang, we will, we might.

yes in that order. we did we will we might

And can I sing with you guys?

It really depends on who it is asking and then--

what they have on their channel already.

how do I contact you guys?

Yes!     You already did★    Haa~

And~ there's no more questions. YAY!

Just um Albascus? What is like with you peoples usernames.

sounds like hibiscus albascus?


It's like hibiscus. ya. mhmm!

I just want to hear you both do killer lady and corruption garden

happy face~ Oh~~ Killer lady almost for sure.

I would rather Corruption garden but then Renna would rather killer lady so it's probably going to be

KILLER LADY~ (mixer san♥) Oh! Or both!★

One day~ We can do both!

Where's the camera? Over here!!!

wwww Where have you been looking the entire time?! wwwwwwww

were you looking at the power button? Yeah I think so >w< Oops sorry

Ok, Owari~ yaay~~

k~ you need to ask these things at the beginning.. wwwww K!!


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