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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 一蓑一笠,一株芋艿挖出了21个芋子,足够让吃货小莉吃好几顿了!

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Hello everyone, I am Xiaoli.

Im wearing this coat on a rainy day today

Im going to order the food in the field.

On this one, you see that this should be long and tall.

This rainy day, the mud is still not shaken.

This is still quite a lot.

This is a hoe

This girl can also eat.

Its just that this hoe is not so easy to soften.

This girl is quite big, its about the same size as my palm.

Lets see if there is any falling.

No more

I can dig it.

Have been dug up

Go to the creek and wash it.

Let's count a few of this strain.

This is Shantou 1 2 3 4. . . . . .

19 20 21

21 have

Look at a hoe and dig up more than twenty scorpions

Do you say that this output is high?

I can eat a few meals.

The Description of 一蓑一笠,一株芋艿挖出了21个芋子,足够让吃货小莉吃好几顿了!