Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Big E cools down with post-championship power workout: SmackDown Exclusive: April 17, 2020

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Yeah, yeah,

yeah, yeah the work don't stop.

The work don't stop.

We win titles, and we keep working.

This for you Kofi, this for you Woods.

We still working, it don't matter what time of night it is baby.

Just cuz we got our babies back on the grill.

I miss my girl so much.

I miss your set.

I miss what you do to me, how you make me feel.

We keep working baby just for everybody who said we could make time.

I don't know if that was a thing people said but it's for you anyways.

I dedicate it to you.

It's for you people who said that Big E was nothing,

that I was trash to be thrown away into a receptacle.

This is for you.

My god.

I wanted to muddy my name.

This is for you, I'm still working.

Titles or not and I get my recovery.

You got to recover too, you got to work and recover, you got to do it all.

Eight times baby.

We all go down in the annals [LAUGH] the annals, I said the annals of history.

I was one of the greatest to ever do it, and we ain't done yet.

You think we got soft but your boy ain't be getting soft.

I've been out here whorking, whorking, with an H.

I put an H after that W.

To keep whorking, that's what I do.

And I won't stop and I won't quit.

They tried to put me through a table.

You have the balls to put me through a table.

Well, I said, this hurts.

But no, sir.

You can't stop me.

You can't deter me.

You can't slow me.

You can't stop what I got coming.

You can't stop it.

Let me hit some diamond push ups too.

Work on my chest and triceps.

My chest and triceps, post match.

And y'all think I was out here winning titles just for me?

No, this ain't even about me.

This about my boys, and my mama.

And my papa and my grandmamma,

grandmamma, grandmamma Claire.

Grandmamma Claire.

This is for you too.

We're gonna do all these work for you.

I'm gonna hit some side planks too.


Just like Jalen Hurts, after games he said I keep working.

Grind don't stop me.

I got a chip on my shoulder.

I'm gonna get the other side too.

You got to be balanced.


That's balance.

Yeah, thank you all.

I appreciate you.

What other things I got to do?

More sled push ups.

Sled push ups.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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