Practice English Speaking&Listening with: November Energy Update with Lee Harris (2019)

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Hello, Im Lee and Im an Energy Intuitive and every month, I take the pulse of whats

going on collectively energetically.

And this month, three of the key themes are Identity Shift (both personal and collective),

Crazy Getting Crazier (just when you thought it couldn't get any more crazy in the outside

world!) and last but not least, The Power of Listening - a new level of consciousness.

Stay tuned for more details.

Hello, welcome to the Energy Update for November and this month, Im coming to you from incredible

Costa Rica.

So hopefully you can feel some of the energy from this magical place - magical and powerful

place - which is an important energetic holding space for the message this month because its

a pretty interesting message for this month and the months to come.

Im going to start with the second headline which is, CRAZY GETTING CRAZIER.

When I was tuning in a couple of days ago about November and beyond, this was one of

the messages that I got.

And I know that over recent months, you will probably have heard me talk to you about learning

how to balance your own reactions to whats going on in the outer world.

Whatever area of the outer world might be triggering you, disappointing you, causing

you grief, causing you sadness - well all of thats about to go up a few more notches

in the coming months.

And November seems to be a month where that is going to start to peak and rise.

So, Im not exactly sure what that means or how it will look but if the crazy in the

outside world is getting crazier, then its going to mean that for you, you will stay

more balanced, more centred and more able to be part of what is needed during these

times - if youre able to constantly reconcile your own feelings, your own thoughts and separate

whats yours from the crowds.

This is very important because we are living in a time where there are a myriad of different

opinions, beliefs, feelings about what is going on and we cant be in all of them

all at once.

So for you to have your process and your journey with how the stuff in the outside world is

playing out is going to be very important, and it doesnt serve to get into arguments

with other people about it.

If you have a difference of opinion, you have a difference of opinion.

But underneath every difference of opinion is a difference of feeling.

So its no different to when we are an activist in a very angry, judgmental way - and thats

the only note that we have in our emotions because we are so upset and triggered and

traumatised that thats all we can bring to the situation.

Its no different to that being a place where people who cant really go with anger

or who dont feel the same level of anger as you - they cant hear you.

They will separate from you, theyll judge you, theyll defend against you.

So, we see this going on and this is why its important for you to understand (and for all

of us to understand) whats going on on a worldwide level is completely overwhelming

to any of us individuals, but that all of us have a part to play and piece to play in

the puzzle.

So, if we can continue to find what it is that we are here for, who we are here to be

on the planet, and thats two-fold - its in this moment who are we here to be

and its in our lifetime, who are we here to be?

And the truth is, I dont think we can really answer that question until we have lived a

long life or were at the end of the lifespan that were going to have and we look back.

But I know many of you right now are activated healers, lightworkers, activists, people who

are wanting to help with the environment, help with many of the problems that were

seeing - social, economic.

So, youll be feeling activated in your purpose but its going to be really important

in order for you to stay on purpose to keep coming back to yourself and checking how you

feel, checking where you were triggered, Oh wow, that conversation really triggered me

and if I hadnt come and sat down for five minutes and just reflected on it and noticed

that Im off balance, I wouldnt have been able to recognise that.

And I might have taken that same fractious energy into my next meeting or into my next

conversation with somebody, or into my next piece of work.

And the one thing I will tell you thats very different to several years ago - if you

are somebody who is holding consciousness in your focus or in your work or wanting to

be helpful in your work or wanting to be part of a solution that we need, its going to

be really important that you are as clear as you can be.

And that doesnt mean that you have to be meditating five hours a day or becoming vegan

if vegan isnt your leaning - its not about those prescribed rules that we often

see in the outside world that dont work for everybody.

Its about what you need and its about recognising, Ah - Im really good under

stress so Im fine right now - this is cool or Im really not good under stress and

I know that about myself and Im still learning to develop that side of myself, but while

Im seeing this as a stressful situation, it would be the most sensible thing for me

to now take a break from it because Im going to lose my sense of center, and then

anything Im doing in the world is going to be blocked.

Thats the difference at the moment.

Things that you are trying to do in the world but your internal world is a little triggered,

a little off, a little scared, processing something, moving through something thats

passed for you - youre going to find it very difficult to make it real - make it 3D.

And years ago, that wouldnt have been the case in quite the same way.

So thats why this is a really deep healing phase and the Crazy that were seeing in

the outside world - its a sickness detox.

So we are all coming to terms with seeing the sickness in our world right now, seeing

the sickness in us as a humanity right now and we can look at that in the outside world

but the best place for us to look at that is ourselves as well.

So to be sure, especially if youre a leader, a healer, a way-shower, a teacher - its

a really important time and its a time that I think is quite unforgiving from what

Im seeing, feeling and hearing up here.

Its quite unforgiving that if we arent figuring out how to balance ourselves and

able to bring ourselves back to center and know how to do that, sometimes in difficult

situations where we maybe dont have anyone else around for support, if we dont figure

out how we come back to center - maybe we need to sit and breathe, maybe we need to

do some yoga poses, maybe we need to channel for ourself or sing or dance, maybe...who

knows what its going to be for you.

Because were all a little different and our methods and our tools change over time

as we do too.

So, Crazys getting Crazier but then again, its interesting, it's like an irony that

Im saying this but Im told to say it, but the energy of peace and consciousness

is also stronger than ever on the planet and theyre really juxtaposed.

So you have access to new levels of peace and consciousness in yourself and then you

will be able to bring that into a hungry world - a world that is hungry for more of that


And none of us are right for everybody, but all of us are right for some people and it

works both ways.

There are some people in the world who are perfect for us in the moment that we need

help or support.

So trust that flow.

And when youre getting overwhelmed by the world at large, remember that youre seeing

this enormous picture out here but what you can really affect is, What can I do from

in here that can contribute towards the enormity of that picture?

Cause I cant do everything.

But I can maybe target - oh thats an area I am passionate about!

Im going to figure out how to help women in their power in that area of their life

and thats what I feel is my calling right now.

So, with all of that said, the other theme that came up is, IDENTITY SHIFT.

Now this is interesting for me because I feel like weve been in an Identity Shift as

a planet for years - of course, collectively.

But personally a lot of you are going through an Identity Shift right now or about to have

one hit you.

I did say in October that there would be elements of surprise and explosions.

So some of you may have come through that in an Identity Shift, meaning relationships

have changed - perhaps quite suddenly or unexpectedly.

Doesnt mean that cant be peaceful but there might still be an element of surprise

that it changed so quickly.

New ideas about the job that you are doing or the project that you wanted to launch or

where youre living.

Apparently, a lot of us are going through that Identity Shift right now and November

is a month where its going to get stronger and louder than ever.

And that will go on for a good three to six month period.

So some of you will be entering into this big Identity Shift and it relates to your

personal power.

We talked about power in the month of October so those of you that are owning your power,

taking on your power - you are about to go through an Identity Shift - and that can look

like changes but it can also look like huge upgrades.

So for example, lets say you have a store and you run a store.

Suddenly, you might realise youre going to have three stores in the next year - and

thats an Identity Shift.

You know, if you go from running one store, one shop to running three in a year, youre

going to go through a shift in order to hold the energy thats required for that.

So Identity Shift is going round.

And if you identify with that, if you can feel that bubbling in your stomach but youre

not quite sure what to do with it, just keep asking yourself, What do I feel I need

next in my life?

And write down qualities.

Dont write down the things.

So write down, I need more peace.

I need a less stressful way of working.

I need to feel more joy and community.

And then write down, What do I feel I am able to offer the world at this time?

So you might write down, Unconditional love!

I am actually (from everyone I know around me), I am pretty good at unconditionally loving

people and seeing the child in them.

So that if their wounds are coming out, I dont judge them, I dont pull away from

them, I can just love them.

So, write down what it is you think you can give the world and what it is you would like

to receive more of in these coming months of your life, if youre somebody whos

feeling the need for an Identity Shift but you cant quite get clear.

And its not because when youve written those things down that you have to act on

them, I firmly believe these things take care of themselves and theres a perfect timing

for all of us.

So what it will do for you is it will just help you bring some of that energy that youre

feeling in your stomach into consciousness and help you start to see with it a little

bit, and move with it and get used to it and see if it feels right to you before you take

some further steps.

Okay, and last but not least, the third major theme of November is, the POWER OF LISTENING.

This is an interesting one because the Power of Listening kind of goes without saying.

I think when were able to listen to others in a deep way, its like, What are they

really saying?

Their words are saying one thing but their tone and their energy is saying another thing.

And all of us can get into that place where we are a little off, were a little off

center, were not quite seeing what were in.

So, you know, its so helpful when a friend says, Hey - are you ok?

You seem a little bit stressed.

And youre like, Oh, I am stressed but I hadnt noticed.

The power of listening to others and the power of listening to ourselves.

So, deeply listening to, How am I right now? and doing these check-ins.

If youre somebody whos like, Lee, I dont really know how I feel, Im not

very good at that well then start to stop, two or three times a day and just write down

how you're feeling.

And just write down a few words that come.

And its not a contest, no one's judging you so dont worry if you dont think

your words are very good.

Its not about what you can see, its about the practise of beginning to see.

Its about the practise of inviting yourself to become aware of how you feel and whats

going on.

Because the more youre able to listen to yourself in that kind a way and in a way that

helps you recognise, Oh wow - I am stressed right now.

No - I need to stop, I need to do something.

Let me just review the last hour.

What happened?

What was it that triggered me?

Oh, no Im not going to have that phone call right now cause Ill bring stress

into it.

The more mindful we can be about noticing and listening to ourselves then the kinder

we are in the way that we listen to others.

So, one of the things with the Power of Listening is that intuitive listening is really on the

rise on the planet.

More and more people are becoming more emotionally intelligent, more emotionally aware.

Now sure, youre going to meet people where that might not look like the case, but in

general, as a planet that is developing on the planet - that is part of the rise in consciousness,

so too is Intuitive Listening.

So the power of listening to your intuition and messages you get is great too but I am

a big believer in, Intuition comes to us for us to work with it - we are not the servants

to our intuition.

The reason I say that is Ive seen many people lose their way because they have given

their power away to an intuitive message.

But clearly the timing isnt right on the ground.

And because the intuitive message gave them this message, they keep following it and banging

their head on a wall.

So, intuitive listening is on the rise.

You might get messages, you might get visions.

But I always say, let the visions sit with you for a while and be a scientist and observe

how these visions or messages are positively or negatively impacting your life.

But more importantly, pay attention to how you as a human being interpret those things.

For example, you might be a person whos running some manic energy in your life.

And perhaps thats trauma-related, perhaps thats partly the way that youre wired

and you know, your diet and your high blood pressure - who knows whats going on there

- but its important for you to recognise if you're someone who runs quite manic energy,

and a vision comes down, you might go, Oh my god - the vision told me I have to immediately

move to Portugal - ok - Im going to move to Portugal!

And, you know, its chaotic because it isnt grounded.

The vision is something thats inviting you to see a new possibility for your life

and now its your job as a human being to work with it and see if you can ground it.

Because an ungrounded vision can be very messy for all involved.

So the reason I just bring a little caution in there is, I believe intuition is a great

teacher for us.

Not just because it connects us to the unseen realms and the energy worlds that we are all

a part of, but because it gives our human ego a chance to clean up our act.

You know, I know that I am not alone when I say that I am one of many of us who have

like, jumped off a cliff because of a vision - and you know, Im going back

about 10 years.

But its fun to do and its certainly exhilarating and, you know, you figure it

out because life always finds a way to put you back on track.

But those times are over - theres a little more measure now and a little more support

on the ground for your spiritual messages and your spiritual visions so it is a little

easier to make them real.

But it is an internal rewiring process that goes on inside us to allow our visions to

meet our outer reality.

Last but not least on the Power of Listening, there are new notes in consciousness.

There are new notes that we can hear in consciousness and in the music of the Earth and the music

of us as a people.

Its a little bit like, you know when one of your favorite music albums gets a really

good remastering - and they re-release it and its remastered and youre listening

to it and youre like, Wow, I never heard the guitar or the backing vocal quite like

that before! or Wow - thats really changed the base! or The vocal is suddenly

so much clearer!

Its kind of the same process were in right now.

For those of you who have been intuitive and listening for a long time, you are about to

notice (and you probably many of you, already are), there are a whole new series of notes

in consciousness and new messages and its changing.

So this all relates back to the Identity Shift because the Identity Shift is both human and

personal and its a soul shift.

So, I hope you have a wonderful month of November everybody.

Its been lovely to do this here from Costa Rica where we are doing our Soul Magic retreat,

so it feels very appropriate.

I am actually coming to New York on November 23rd and we still have a few tickets left

for our one-day workshop, Intuitive Power, so if you can join us there that would be


And were also doing Intuitive Power in January in Los Angeles, in February in Portland,

Oregon and in March, in Toronto in Calgary.

Im thrilled to tell you that we are bringing back my training event for entrepreneurs,

Impact The World.

We had a sold out event in San Diego in 2018.

Its basically for soul-focussed entrepreneurs and we are bringing that back next April.

Its going to be in Scottsdale, Arizona and its 5 days and its focussed on the

behind the scenes of what you go through as an entrepreneur and how to develop mindfulness

and consciousness to help you with that.

But also, how do we put our ideas out into the world and what are the nuts and bolts

of that.

So check out the booking page if that appeals to you - wed love to see you there.

This month, I have a very special CD release - CD and MP3 release.

Barry Goldstein, who is an award-winning composer and has worked with

many different people in the self-development field, asked me to create a CD with him - so

we did!

And its called Journey Into Your Heart.

Its a 75 minute journey - its channeled, it takes you into the consciousness of your

heart through developmental stages of childhood and there is an original song that we created

that concludes it.

So we are going to play a clip of that for you in just a minute if you want to stay tuned

and get a taste of that.

But that will be available on Amazon, on iTunes and on CD Baby.

Again we will put all the links below this video.

And last but not least this month, in The Portal - those of you who are in my Portal

community - we again have exclusive MP3s for you this month.

I have a channel called The Zs on Fear of the Future.

You know, theres a lot of fear of the future and so it just felt like it was time to really

address it.

So, I have an intuitive talk about it and then theres a full channel from the Zs.

So thats in The Portal this month - The Zs on Fear of the Future.

And also a bonus channel - The Zs - Being A Gardener of Heart and Light which is an

exclusive that you can learn more about in The Portal.

And of course, The Portal gives you access to my monthly live video Q&A, QiGong from

Steven Washington, several other things including the private Facebook group so we love our

Portal community - thank you for being with us those of you who are with us.

I think you are going to really enjoy this months recordings.

And if you havent checked it out, check it out this month - and you can try one month

and see if it works for you.

So here is the excerpt from Journey Into Your Heart.

Thank you everyone for tuning in and hope you all have a beautiful month.

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