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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SNL Commercial Parodies: Babies and Kids

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-For your little ones, Macy's has

the festive fashions that'll have them saying...

-It's too hot!

-It itches! -[ Crying ]


[ Applause ] ♪♪

-Are you ready to find out? -I'm nervous.

-Don't be. Everything's gonna be fine.

-Deciding to have a baby wasn't a simple decision.

-So we didn't want a pregnancy test that just gave us a simple

yes or a no.

-We wanted more information.

-And when it comes to giving information, there's only

one name we trust to give it to us constantly.

-That's why we use the new CNN Take-Home Pregnancy Test.

Its relentless, breaking alerts let us know

that it's working hard to find out if we're having a baby.

[ Test chimes ] -Breaking --

search for pregnancy underway.

-As CNN slowly analyzes my urine, it updates me

on its breaking-news screen.

[ Test chimes ] -Breaking --

search for pregnancy continues.

-'Cause CNN believes we deserve all the information

they can find. [ Test chimes ]

Breaking -- CNN more confident than ever

that it will soon know if you're pregnant.


-Even if that information is no information.

[ Test chimes ]

-Breaking -- search for pregnancy enters third week.

-Why is this taking so long? It's 2014.

-Honey, it's not the stick's fault.

It's telling you everything it knows.

-I know. I'm not mad at the stick.

It's just, this was fun at first, but now it's like,

"Wait and tell me when you know."

-With breaking alerts every 10 minutes.

[ Test chimes ] -Breaking --

six million U.S. women get pregnant each year.


-Daytime... [ Test chimes ]

-Breaking... -...and nighttime.

-Oh, my God. -We're having a baby?

-Nope. Oscar Pistorius took his legs off in court.

-He was found guilty? -No.

It was just about the legs.

And when CNN finally does make a discovery about

our pregnancy... -Pregnancy found!

-Pregnancy found! -Yes!

-Oh, my God! ...I know it will be accurate...

[ Test chimes ] Oh.

- Breaking -- cannot confirm pregnancy.

-...15% of the time.

-Great. -Great. Cool. Awesome.

Totally great! -Fine.

The CNN Take-Home Pregnancy Test.

-For when you want to know that they don't know.

Honey, I guess I was pregnant.

-Wow. [ Giggling ]

-Thanks, CNN.

[ Test chimes ] -Breaking...

-Oh, and Kesha just took the dollar sign out of her name.

-Hmm. -Hmm.

[ Cheers and applause ]

-Meet little Sara. -Isn't she beautiful?

-Oh, my gosh. -Look at those pudgy cheeks.

-She's a good little eater.

-I love her roly-poly arms.

-Would you look at her little tubby tummy?

-Okay, let's put the baby away.

-Do you have a fat baby?

Are you ashamed of it?

Everyone loves babies, but sometimes there's just

too much to love.

That's why you need Baby Spanx.

The super elastic shapewear that smoothes out all your baby's

unsightly bumps and bulges.

-In no time, your baby will go from flab to fab.

Now that's a tight baby.

-What do you think now?

-Oh, my God. I hate your baby.

It's so thin.

-That child looks hot.

-What's her secret? A juice fast?

-Good genes, I guess.

-I would never spank a baby, but I sure as hell would

Spanx one -- with Baby Spanx.

[ Babies cooing ]

-And be sure to try Tabby Spanx -- Spanx for cats.

-The first months of a child's life are a special time.

As your baby acquires the skills of social interaction,

impressions are made that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, this baby

and millions of other male babies just like him

spend months suffering through the shame and disgrace

associated with male infantile baldness.

It's a scientific fact that males lag developmentally

behind females.

Add male infantile baldness,

and that means low self-esteem, decreased confidence,

and even lowered social status.

Is that what you want for your child?

That's why our scientists at Nelson Pediatrics

developed these -- Baby Toupees.

Thanks to our patented technology,

and the cooperation of the Chinese government,

we can now take an adult-sized toupee and adapt it

to fit your baby's head.

It's fake hair with real results.

Look at this child -- bursting with self-esteem,

oozing with confidence.

Now look at him two weeks ago.

He's like a brand new person.

And the best part is, you can't even tell it's fake!

Hey, look at Mr. Popular.

Now he's king of the play date.

He looks good, and he knows it.

Isn't that what every parent wants?

I should know.

I'm not only the President of Nelson's Baby Toupees.

I'm also the father of a client.

-Nelson's Baby Toupees.

From the good people who brought you Baby Beards.

-You gave him life. Now give him confidence.

-The holidays are here.

So head to Macy's for unbeatable deals on a winter wardrobe

for the whole family.

Men's blazers starting at $49.99.

Cashmere tops for her from $79.99.

And for your little ones, Macy's has the festive fashions

that'll have them saying...

-It's too hot!

-It itches!

-[ Crying ]

-'Tis the season for wrestling

your wiggly little monster into thick winter clothes.

So all month long, we're taking 25% off

boys' Merino wool sweaters that won't fit over his head.

-If you'd stopped squirming, it would be on already!

-And 40% off cozy corduroys that'll pinch his little nuts.


-Dad, can't he just wear his jeans?

-You don't wear jeans to church!

-And for your little girl, it's half off all hard,

shiny shoes that hurt.

-Ow! These shoes hurt!

-Welcome to being a woman, Kylie.

-And 30% off all holiday rompers

she'll never get off in time.

-It's wet! -Okay.

Well, you have to tell Mommy when you have to go!

-[ Crying ]

-The weather outside may be frightful, but at Macy's,

we've got kids' jackets so big and thick,

they won't fit in their car seat anymore.

[ Door closes ]

-[ Bleep ]

[ Laughter ]

-Here we go. -You didn't hear that, buddy.

-And save an extra 10% on snow boots that are so hard

to put on, it'll strain your marriage.

-Sorry. -You need to put

her foot in sideways and then twist it.

-Well, if you can do it, then do it!

-And deals so hot, even Frosty the --

-You need to learn, Nathan!

-Daddy's a dumb-ass!

-And deals so hot -- -Okay, well, if this is

gonna be your attitude, maybe we should tell my mom

we're not coming.

-And deals so -- -Oh, no!

And miss your brother getting drunk

and asking to borrow money?!

What ever will I do?!

-And for your new arrivals,

we've got precious winter onesies with so many

tiny buttons and snaps, you'll let your baby sit

in a loaded diaper for hours just to avoid

having to put it back on.

Plus, everyday savings on mittens they'll lose,

shirts with the wrong "Frozen" Princess...

-Elsa! [ Screams ]

-...sweaters that make them hot,

flannels that make them hot, scarves that make them hot.

-Gah! Where's my kid? Marcus?

-And button-downs with sharp, scratchy tags in the back

that'll have them bitching all season long.

Look, we know it's awful for them and for you,

but one day they'll be too old to wear cute

little clothes like this, and you'll miss it,

so suck it up and get down to Macy's.

The clothes they'll hate create the memories you'll love.

-Levi, these are Mommy's co-workers.

Can you say hi? -What's up, buddy?

You're looking fresh. -[ Chuckles ]

-Hey. You look nice.

-Alright, gimme a high five, buddy.

Ohh! Too strong.

-I bet you play football, right?

-Yeah, and you go to school.

That sucks.

Um, do you wear your clothes to school?

[ Dramatic music playing ]

-Do you have no idea how to talk to children?


-Does it make you feel like a bad person that you can't?

-Mm-hmm. -It's never too late to learn,

with new Duolingo for Talking to Children,

the first foreign-language app for grown people

who need to learn how to talk to kids

because their friends are starting to have them.

Practice just five minutes a day, and you'll be

a brat whisperer in no time.

-Very cool, bud.

Very cool, bud.

Chicken fingers. Chicken fingers.

I like your backpack.

-The one thing you know about talking to kids

is you're not allowed to call girls pretty,

but then it's like, "What do you say?"

-You look...not pretty.

I mean, you're smart.

I mean, you're an engineer one day.

-Are you okay? -I got this.

Just one second. Sorry. Um...

Cool backpack.

-Get a better sense of kids' ages.

-Identify the 12-year-old. Correct!

-Practice traditional greetings.

-I've got your nose!

-Build your stamina for long, meandering, pointless stories.

-I really like the pizza they have, too.

-Uh... [ Cellphone beeps ]


-In as little as six weeks,

you'll be ready for all kinds of kinder conversations,

like friend's new baby, the bus,

dance recital, child falls on sidewalk in front of you,

public restroom, airport gate,

hot tub at vacation resort,

and child wearing big pink dress.

Let's face it -- kids are bad conversationalists,

but you don't have to be.

-So, I bet you like chicken fingers.

-Hey, high five!

Too slow.


-Duolingo for Talking to Kids, also available in Your Dad.


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