Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout

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(Jaiden) So, *clap* keeping it brief, we're just gonna watch some old videos of me. (James) Sweet.

(James) First of all, I just want to say that I love that it's in a four by three aspect ratio.

(Jaiden) And I mean, it's... this is like 15 years ago...

*Both Jaiden and James laughing*

(Jaiden's Mom) Now what are we gonna do, Miss Jaiden, today?

(James) Awww! (Little Jaiden) Make cookies....

(James) Make cookies!

(Jaiden's Mom) for wh-- what?

(James) HAHA! Why do you... (Jaiden) Haha...

What are you making cookies for? (Jaiden's Mom) What are they? (James) Just 'c-- oh, sprinkles!

(Little Jaiden) Spwinkles. (Jaiden) Sprinkles!

(Little Jaiden) Spwinkles!

(Jaiden's Mom) You tell me what happens on Easter.

(James) What are you saying?

(Jaiden and James) *laughter*

(Jaiden) Riiiiiight. Obviously! (James) The Easter Bunny

*both giggles*

Look at that. Those cookies are probably bad by now. (ehhh, I dunno.)

(Little Jaiden) This is... veeery good!


(Jaiden) Very good... I'm eating the sprinkles. I'M NOT EVEN EATING THE COOKIES

(James) I was gonna say, you put sprinkles in videos first. (Jaiden) Yeah. (James) Wait I just- wait- pause it

(James) I just want to go over all the cookies that you've made.

(Jaiden) Yeah, my mom said that she helped with some... and I--

*James and Jaiden both laugh*

(James) The J. That's supposed to be... James. This one, you were just like... "oh, there's a bunch of sprinkles"

(Jaiden) Looks like I just dropped a bunch of sprinkles on. (James) *laughing* These three up here, your mom did.

(Jaiden) Give me some credit here! *James and Jaiden both laugh*

(James) This one was definitely you.

*laughter* (Jaiden) I don't even know what that is.

(James) This one was definitely you! *laugh*

(Jaiden) This one even actually has a question mark on it. (James) Yeahhh *More laughter*

(Jaiden) it's like, "I don't know what I'm doing here"

(Jaiden) Obviously, I was gonna grow up to be an artist. (James) Yeah, the J one's my favourite. Is it backwards? No, it's not. I'm dyslexic.

(Jaiden)Look at that monster bite.

(Young Jaiden) Mmm, mmm, mmm!

yummy for tummy!

*James and Jaiden break into laughter*

(James) Wait, how old was Jax? (Jaiden) He's not even born. Spoilers. (James) He's not born? This is BJ? Before Jax?

(Young Jaiden) A "S" one...

(Jaiden) An S one...

(Young Jaiden) And the... second... one!

(Young Jaiden) A dot one...

(Young Jaiden) And a uh...

(James) Wait... *chuckle*

(Young Jaiden) A line one!

(Jaiden's Mom) Mhm

(James) Is this loss..?

*heavy laugher*

(Young Jaiden) *COUGH*

(Jaiden's Mom) And what are these for? Easter..?

(Jaiden's Mom) Don't cough on the cookies! (Young Jaiden) *COUGH*

(James) *imitates heavy coughing*

*James and Jaiden continue to cackle*

(Jaiden) Easter-- *makes an over exaggerated cough noise*


(Jaiden) You can see my old dog.

(James & Jaiden) Awwwwww!

(Jaiden & James) Kaisha...

(Jaiden) Looking for the egg.

(James) *laughs*

(Jaiden) It's right there..

*James and Jaiden laugh*

(Young Jaiden) Can't see it...

(James) *laughs*

(Jaiden's Mom) The big bottle.

(Jaiden) Yeah, where could it be?? *James and Jaiden both laugh*

(James) Is this coming out on Easter? (Young Jaiden in the background) OHhhh (Jaiden) I don't know.

(James) When is East- that's in April..?

(Jaiden) I took a good seven seconds to find that. (Jaiden's Mom) Ha HA...

(James) Yeahah, it was camouflaged. Give yourself some credit. (Jaiden) Yeah.

(Offscreen Male Voice) Walk to your right.

Your RIGHT. (Jaiden) That's a the face of someone who doesn't- *James breaks into laughter*

(Jaiden) -know their rights and lefts *James continues to laugh* (Unknown male voice) Jaiden...

that way...

(James) Your dad has to point it out!

(Jaiden's Dad) To your RIGHT. *James continues to laugh* (Jaiden) Dad, I still don't know my right... (Jaiden's Dad) behind you...

*James and Jaiden continue to laugh*

(Jaiden) *chuckle* I know that one.

(James) Yep.

*James and Jaiden both sigh* (Jaiden) Obviously, I keep on walking forward

(James) You're warmer... colder, COLD--! (Jaiden) I don't even find it! (James) You don't-

(Jaiden) I'm hiding under the... table...

(Jaiden's Dad) Jaiden..

(James) Yeah....?

(James and Jaiden) *burst into laughter*

(James) She just looks so disappointed (Jaiden) What was that face?! *Continuous laughter*

*James and Jaiden still continue to laugh*

(James) Aw, it's Disneyland! (Jaiden) Aww.

(Jaiden) Who are those people? (James) Oh wait, I was gonna say, like, which one's Jax?

(Jaiden) Oh I was in someone else's photo

(James) Oh! *laughter*

(James) Oh, Mickey! (Jaiden) Oh, Mickey.... I looked really...

(James) Y-you don't know who that is. *laughter*

(Jaiden) I remember my parents,

like, they gave me... that hat... and it had, like, an engraving of my name in the back. (James) Awww.

(Jaiden) I think, like, I was, like...

"Oh... I like... the other one better, but this one's okay!" and my parents were like... "We'll get you the other one!" as a kid

I was like... "Oh my god, I feel so bad..."

*Both James and Jaiden laugh*

(James) Even as a kid, you... you were that conscious about spending money, basically? (Jaiden) Yeahhh

(Jaiden) I was like... "I don't need two hats..." *James cracking up in the background*

(James) Those characters in Disneyland... it must be, like, really hard... to have that job, because you have to be high energy all day.

(Jaiden) You just have to have high... body movement and...

(James) But then I was all, yeah, I was thinking about itlike, they don't have to smile in pictures. (Jaiden) No...

(James) They don't even have to smile at all. This guy could be frowning right now.

(Jaiden) Someone could be, like, mouthing "I hate you" in photos...

(James) Yeah, no one would know. Yeah, seehe could just be like "Get over here, kid."

*Continuous laughter*

(Jaiden) *quietly* Get the frick-

*Continuous laughter by Jaiden and James*

(James & Jaiden) Awww... (James) Tigger and Eeyore!

(Young Jaiden) I HAD FUUUUUUUNNN!!!!!

(James) What? (Jaiden) I had fun. (James) OHHH Awwww

*Young Jaiden yells happily*

(James) You just trip. *James and Jaiden laugh*

(Jaiden) Oh, Naruto run! (James & Jaiden) Yeah, not too fast.

(collective group) HAPPY BIRTHDAY... (James & Jaiden) OH MY GOD!

(James) Oh, goodness... (Collective group) ...Dear Jaiden... (James) Is this YOU?

(Jaiden) Yeah! (James) Whaat?!

(James & Jaiden) We went back in time!

(Jaiden) That's my first birthday!

(Jaiden) Blow it out.

(James) Do it! C'mon!

(James) Just- (Jaiden) HEY! (James) AHHH


*James and Jaiden laughing in the background*

(Jaiden) Someone get me some cake! (James) Trying to remember what my first birthday was like.

(Jaiden) My mom's, like, force feeding me cake--I'm crying! *James laughing*

(Jaiden) MOM!

(James) Do you remember any of these... (Jaiden) Oh, of course not.

(James) Well do you remember the Disneyland? (Jaiden) I don't know any of these people. (James) HAHAHAH

(James) Except--not even your mom.

(James) *GASP.* WHOA! (Jaiden) *GASP!* Oh my gosh.

(James) Oh, this is Jax. (Jadien) Yeah. (James) Okay, I thought you were in the stom...


(James) *unintelligible*

(James) What is that? (Jaiden) But look at Crab!

*light laughter*

(Jaiden) but crab!

(James) Bu- (James) but crab!

(Jammies) Did you-- did you realize that this was gonna be your brother forever?

(Jaiden)I don't think I knew, nay. (James) What movies were out at this time?

(James) Like, what would have a kid liked? (Jaiden) I'm literally forcing my dad to videotape the crab.

*James laughing*

(Jaiden) My poor brother. He's going to be born...

...tomorrow and I'm like, "but..." (James) "But look--"

(Jaiden) "Look at this awesome shot!"

*laughter that turns to silence*

(Jaiden's Dad) Zoom in a little bit.

Oh, look at your pretty friend. (James and Jaiden) *LAUGHTER*

(James) Oh, it's Jax. (Jaiden) Aww, Jax is born! Look at him.

(Jaiden's Dad) SUPER-JAX!

(James) Ah, Super-Jax. (Jaiden) He used to put his blanket over--

(James) Oh, it's SpongeBob!

(Jaiden) Yeah, we loved SpongeBob!

(James) *makes a silly car noise*

(Jaiden's Dad) SUPER-JAX! (Jaiden) Oh--! Look at that... that pose.

(James) Is it weird that I also had a Super-James? (Jaiden) Really? Oh, yeah! (James) That's not weird.

(Jaiden) I remember you talking about that.

(James) Yeah.

(James) Oh, a horse. Wait, this is like a neighborhood! (Jaiden) Okay, s-so what happened here was, this was on Halloween, and some - this gir- (James) ...someone dressed up as a horse.

*James and Jaiden laughing* (Jaiden) This girl just brought a horse to the cul-de-sac, and everyone's like...


(James) Guys, check out this horse! (Jaiden) Can we pet it? I remember I was scared of that horse.

(Cameraman) Ohhh boy, who's here?

(Jaiden) OH, MY, GO--! (James) Wha--!

AAAAAHAHAHAHA! (Cameraman) SpongeBob?

(James) If you didn't tell me it was Halloween, I would have been like... "What?!"

(James) Oh, I love how I can't see anything. Oh, I see Patrick! (Jaiden's Dad) I think Jax is part of the KKK.

*extremely loud laughter*

*more extremely loud laughter*

(Jaiden) I mean it's not... Am I allowed to have the-?

*more laughter*

(James) Well, it was your dad who said it.

(James) Did you get candy? Oh-- (Jaiden) I guess so. (James) So, do you remember any of, like, dressing up as spongebob? (Jaiden) I r-- I do remember dressing up, but--


(Jaiden's Mom) Play the drums.

(James) Nice.

(Jaiden's Mom) You're playin' me the drums?

*sound of bowls being smacked*

(James) He just breaks one.

(Jaiden) I remember we would take out the bowls and play them like drums with chopsticks. (James) Do kids even know what drums are at that age?

(Jaiden) I dunno.

(Jaiden) I think we just-- our parents were, like, "Drums!!" and we're like, "ok."

(Jaiden's Mom) Oh, careful, oh, not so--!

[jaiden grunts loudly, emulating car noises]

(Jaiden's Mom) Jaiden's first day of school! (James) *GASP* (Jaiden) Aww!

(Lil'Jaiden) *silly singing* La-da-da! (and so on)

(James) Oh man, my--my niece, next year, she's gonna start her first day of school. (Jaiden) Really? Is she as excited as I was?

(James) I don't know, but it's just, like, weird to think, like, because my niece, I still think of her as a baby.

(Jaiden) Yeah. (James) And, it's like, "she can't talk!" She CAN talk. I just haven't seen her in a while.

(Jaiden) Yeah, you're just not there for her. (James) Yeah!


(Jaiden) It's weird for, like... we're, like, done but some kids are just starting...

(Jaiden) It's like *peculiar noise* (James) Whaddya mean, done? Oh, done with school, yeah. (Jaiden) Like, you went through 12 years...

...and some people are just starting. (James) Do you think there's any kindergartners watching this?

(Jaiden) Maybe.

(James) *Chuckles*

(Jaiden) Best of luck out there, troops! (James) Yeah.

Yes, you can do some messed up stuff in kindergarten. You can eat glue, and people were like, "Oh, it's okay." "Yeah, he's a kindergartner."

(Jaiden) Ohhh, Powerpuff Girls backpack. (James) Aww.

(Mommy Jaiden) It's Powerpuff Girls, of course!

(Jaiden) I loved them. *Camera switches over to baby Jax*

(Jaiden) I'm really excited.

(Jaiden) I don't just dance--I don't have anything to dance for in glee anymore.

(James) I was gonna say, did you dance like this...

...for the first day of school in any other years? Because, I feel like, since first grade, you, like, would not be happy to go back to school.

(Jaiden) Yeah, like after this first day, I'm like, "Oh..." (James) "This is what school is."

"How much do I have left? 12 years? Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh......."

(Mommy Jaiden) What do you think you're gonna do today? (Young Jaiden) Umm... (James) Do you not realize? (Young Jaiden) Color!! (Jaiden) Cuddle!?!

(Jaiden) Did I say cuddle?

(Lil'Jaiden) Have fun!

(Jaiden) Cuddle and have fun!

(James) School's the best!

(Mommy Jaiden) Let's go!

(Mommy Jaiden in the background) Dance! Dance! Dance!

(James) Wait, what song is this? (Jaiden) Celebration (James) Oh wow

*Baby Jax enters* Mommy Jaiden: WOO!

(Jaiden) Jax, dance.


(Jaiden) I don't remember any of this. So like, if these weren't recorded, they'd be lost in the world's history.

(Jaiden) Thank God they were resurrected. (Jaiden) I remember this Jeep. (James) Yeah. (Jaiden) It would always run out of battery.

(James) Wait, did you get it for, like, Christmas, or a birthday, or just..?

(Sad lil' Jaiden) I ran out of gas! (Jaiden) "I RAN OVER FRANCE!"

(James) Put your hands on the wheel! (Jaiden) Look at me.

(James) Wait, th-the front's all busted up.

*James giggles*

(Jaiden) I drive little bit better. (Camera man) Turn to the right!

*laughing* (Jaiden) Oh-- that's it! (James) That's it!? (Jaiden) That's all I have!

(James) That's a good way to end it; driving off into the sunset. (Jaiden) I'm a better driver now.

I don't start and stop in the middle.(James) You're not as, like... push and go. (Jaiden) I used to-- that's how I started. I would like...

*starts and stops making car noises*

(Jaiden) And my mom's, like... you should... just... keep your... foot on the... pedal. (James) Yeah. What did we learn?

(Jaiden) Umm... it's weird that I was that person. *James and Jaiden laugh*

(James) I-I saw one of those, like, fun fact website things... that your cells...

(James) ...regenerate every 7 years.(Jaiden) Yeah. (James) So it's, like, every 7 years you are technically a different person.

(Jaiden) So, we just watched some random kid. (oh no) *James and Jaiden laugh*

(James) Every 7 years. (Jaiden) Is it, like, gradual?

(James) Maybe it's gradual. Because I-- I don't think it's, like... (Jaiden) Just morph--we're all just morphing butterflies.

(James) Yeah, I don't think it's "oh seven years, time to shed my skin!"

*spitting laughter*


(James) That's just what I think all children are like, they're all excited, full of happiness.

(Jaiden) Excited to go to school and cuddle and have fun. Now here I am, bags under my eyes. (James) Oh no, having a job.

(Jaiden) I can't make three batches of cookies and just scribble all anymore.

(James) No one's filming you just going like...

*silly voice* "Wooow!"

(Jaiden) wooww!!

*silly voice* "Yummy for tummy!"


(Jaiden) Thanks for stopping by and watching that... those videos. (James) Thanks for having me, Jaiden!

(James) Trip down memory lane. Now, you know, I want to look at some of my old videos. (Jaiden) You should, it was really fun. (James) Yeah.

(James) Okay. WEAR YOUR SEATBELTS, HAHA! (Jaiden) Alright, bye!

The Description of Watching my childhood videos w/ theodd1sout