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BD: Welcome to "Something More," I'm your host, Bob Duvall and

with me today is Elaine Hollmer. Elaine is a singer and she's an

evangelist and we're grateful to have you with us today Elaine.

EH: Thank you.

BD: Now, I want to go back, way back you know, to your childhood

and your parents were both Pentecostal preachers. So, you

must have had an unusual childhood or unusual upbringing.

And your dad and you would go out to the street corners,

to the courthouse lawns and he would say to you, he would say

sing loud and draw a crowd. And what would he do after

you would draw a crowd?

EH: Well Bob, after the crowd came he would step out.

I would sing. He would step out and begin to preach.

BD: Wow.

EH: And it was kind of different because I was short,

I had a large accordion, about 38 pounds.

BD: Oh my! [Laughter]

EH: A man's accordion and I would sing and draw the

crowd and then he would preach and then, my mother would

pray for the sick.

BD: Wow. Now, I imagine that was an unusual childhood.

Of course, you didn't know probably any different but what

was it like growing up and you all probably traveled from

place to place and so on. What was that like?

EH: Yes, it was different, especially at school.

Because all the people in the neighborhood thought we were

holy rollers or fanatics. And so the children of my neighborhood

were afraid of our church because people danced

and we spoke in tongues. We prayed for the sick,

cast out devils and they,

BD: You did what the Bible says to do! [Laughter]

EH: Exactly! just like the believer is supposed to do.

And they, at school when we would do our dances in,

in the physical education their moms had told them,

"If you touch Elaine Craze," that's my last name by the way,

Craze is my maiden name. "And if you touch her, what she has may

get on you and you may start speaking in an unknown tongue."

BD: Oh my! [Laughs]

EH: Or, you may start dancing so don't touch her.

BD: Oh boy.

EH: So, that was really different.

BD: Yes I'm sure it was. Now you were, so from an early age,

you were a singer, and actually at the age of 13,

you recorded an album.

EH: Yes I did.

BD: And who is your backup singer on that album?

EH: This is the greatest story I think I can tell you.

My idol at that time was Dottie Rambo. Dottie Rambo was very

famous you know, everyone knows who Dottie Rambo is but she was

just like an idol to me and in a good way.

BD: Right.

EH: And I was in the studio with my headset on and singing,

going over my songs, which three of them were hers

that she had written, and all of a sudden this person tapped me

on my shoulder and I looked around and it was Dottie Rambo.

She said, "I've been praying today. The Lord directed me to

come to this studio because He

wants me to do your backgrounds."

So she and Reba did all the backgrounds on my album.

EH: What a deal!

BD: Wow! Absolutely! Absolutely.

Okay, let's fast forward again. You're in your 20s.

You're married. So you're a wife.

EH: Yes.

BD: You have two boys.

EH: Yes.

BD: So you're a mom, you're working, and you've,

you've identified all these years as a singer

because you're great at it and you're going different places,

you're singing, and then God speaks to you and says you

know you've got something to say as well because you would sing

and then you would be done and go back to your seat.

EH: Right.

BD: But you'd be charged up ready to go.

EH: Yes, yes.

BD: And so now God's released you to begin to speak.

So I want to talk briefly about a tent revival you went to

in Shelbyville, Tennessee and you were speaking and you

were looking in the back of the room. There was a

woman and she had a coat over her arm.

EH: Correct.

BD: What did you say to that woman?

EH: The Lord told me, "I want to heal." You know the voice of God

is more real than your voice to me. And the Lord spoke to me

and said, "Go to the back row, I'm going to heal a lady's arm."

When I walk back to the back of the tent.

I saw this lady. She looked perfectly normal with the

coat over arm. I couldn't see the cast and I said to her,

"God is healing your arm now." She took the coat off and there

was a cast. That morning she had fallen and broken her arm in

three places. And the doctor just put the cast on and I said,

"Your arm is totally healed." She said, "You don't understand

this morning I broke my arm." I said, "Go back to the doctor

tomorrow have him X-ray the arm because it's totally healed."

She did that and the doctor didn't want to do it. He said,

"No, there's no way I'm going to x-ray."

BD: Yeah, he just put the cast on,

why is he going to take it off?

EH: Right! So, so, she said I'll pay you extra,

please x-ray my arm.

BD: Yeah.

EH: Because she said there was a warmth come into her arm when,

when that word was spoken to her. That's the word of

knowledge. And so he did x-ray it and he said, "You have a

miracle. This arm is totally healed and you should have worn

that cast for eight weeks. But, I'll take it off." She came back

the next night, to the tent revival dancing with her arms

up and everybody, just you know, just a crescendo of praise,

it was wonderful.

BD: Now Elaine, that's amazing. But even more amazing

later that week the same tent revival, Ken, your husband

came to you and said, "You need to come pray for this man."

But the man was, He had passed away right there in

the, in the tent on the front row.

EH: Exactly!

BD: And you went to go pray for him. What happened with that?

EH: Well, you know, I'm, I'm thinking God heals the broken

arms but I'm sure not thinking about raising the dead.

BD: It's a little jump to that.

EH: It was a jump, a real jump. So I said to my husband, "Well,

there's about 40 preachers in there." We had a huge attendance

of ministers in church representation. And I said,

"Let them pray." He said, "They did!"

BD: Okay [Laughs].

EH: And I said, "Oh no!" He said, "No they want you,"

and I said, "Oh Ken, I can't raise the dead!"

He said, "Yes you can!" And so I said, "Okay."

So I went in and I started trying to do what I'd seen

other people do.

BD: Sure. Yeah!

EH: You know it's like putting on someone else's armor.

BD: Right!

EH: It doesn't work.

BD: Ahhh!

EH: So I thought about this man I was a little girl. He was kind

of what we called, he snuck up on you and prayed for you

kind of real quickly. And so I tried that and nothing

happened. And I tried several things, I prayed three times,

BD: Okay.

EH: Nothing happened. The paramedics are standing there

that pronounced him dead.

BD: Yeah, yeah?

EH: He's blue. His eyes are in his back in His head.

His wife is standing there crying.

And finally I heard the devil laugh and he said,

"This won't happen for you." He laughed! And so then, I just

said, "Oh yes!" And I went over to the man with all my might and

I jerked him up and he fell like dead weight because he was dead.

BD: Right, oh yeah!"

EH: And when he did, he regurgitated all over

my only silk dress to my name.

BD: [Laughs].

EH: And I was standing in vomitous

and he looked up at me and he said, "Praise God!"

And he began making laps around the tent, running and running.

People going wild in the Holy Ghost!

BD: Oh, wow!

EH: He was raised from the dead.

RB: Wow! Now Elaine, that's amazing.

EH: Yes!

BD: But when it comes to things like that, these miracles and

these healings, somebody might be watching us and say,

"Well, that's, that's you." But, you know, and that might be

you right now watching and saying, "Well, that, you know

she was raised in that, she was trained in that," and so on.

"What about me, can, can I learn how to be healed?

Can I learn to pray for others?" Yes, you can!

And when we come back, [Music]

we're going to learn about healing from a book of

the Bible you might not expect. So, join us in just a moment.

We'll be right back.


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BD: Welcome back to "Something More."

And before the break, I talked about we're going to learn

healing from a book of the Bible you might not expect.

And Elaine, that book is he book of Proverbs, Proverbs

actually. So let's jump right in because if there's one passage

that people know from the Book of Proverbs,

it's Proverbs 3: 5 and 6.

And I want to read that. Now, it might

sound a little different to you because I'm reading from the

amplified but it says, "Lean on, trust in, and be confident in

the Lord, with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your

own insight or understandings. In all your ways know, recognize

and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and

plain your paths." So Elaine, how do we learn about healing

from, from this famous passage in Proverbs.

EH: Well, you see that the Lord

has so graciously given us insight about leaning on Him.

Many times when we're sick, when we need a miracle, we lean on

different things, and when we do that we're divided. You know the

Bible says a divided house cannot stand. And I was thinking

of that one day. You can think of a house that's built maybe

with a cracked foundation. Well the wind's going to come and

it's going to blow the house down. In fact we had that in

Luke Chapter Six. He's talking about a you know a house that's

hit vehemently with the storm. It falls if it's not

founded on the rock. So when we lean on the Rock, the Chief

Cornerstone which is Jesus, and we get our understanding in the

word, the rock built the house. It's not just speaking of a

normal house. We are a house. So when we're divided in other

words if you're thinking in your head one thing about your

healing and you are believing or speaking with your mouth a

confession that is of doubt and unbelief then, you're divided.

And what we need to do is get our heart and our mouth, our

thinking, our mind, our emotions together and not be divided

against it. So lean on Him. What does that mean? That means

totally leaning on the Word of God because the word is

forever settled.

BD: And acknowledging it. What does that mean?

EH: Yes. That means putting God number one.

Acknowledging what He has said.

He is His Word and He is a rewarder of those that seek Him

and the way we seek Him is to read and to learn what He says.

That is a wheel. The Bible is a wheel that He left for us and we

want to find out. We want to hear God or we want to know how

to acknowledge Him. He is in His Word, number one. If you are

sick and you need a miracle, find scripture in the Bible for

you to stand on that scripture, no matter what, even if you get

a report. The medical profession is great. But even if

you get their report which is true, which is right, God

changes the report because

His report which is the Word of God, is above every man

science, anything we can think of, His Word is above that.

BD: Absolutely. Now part of hearing Him is in prayer.

I think most of us when we

think of prayer we think of us just taking the time and

we're saying stuff to God, and we're giving our petitions

and so on and boom we're done. Prayers over.

EH: Right.

BD: But that's only half of it. Right? What's the other half?

EH: Right

Fifty percent of prayer is listening.

You know, if I come to you and I just talk, talk, talk, talk,

talk and I have no conversation with you, we don't commune

because I don't let you speak and I just get up and leave.

That would be very rude. We have to listen to what God says after

we ask or we make our petitions or we converse

with Him; listen to Him.

BD: Well, there's another thing we learn in the book of

Proverbs which has to do with with what we say.

In Proverbs 18:21, talks about life and death being

in the power of the tongue. So what does that have to do

with our healing?

EH: We are co-creators because in the beginning,

everything that God made, He said, "Let there be," and there

was, and it was good. Everything He made, He says

"And God said," and He breathed breath into us, made us

like Him, "Let us make man in our image,"

We have been given the ability to create with our mouth.

Your tongue and the Bible is full of scriptures concerning

our confessions and we believe that the Word is true.

So therefore if we say, "Unto this mountain be though

removed and cast into the sea and do not doubt but believe

what we say, we will have what we say." One time it says

believe three times. It says, in that one scripture in

Mark 11: 23, 24. So the more that we believe that and we

speak the Word, then it will become reality.

You must even to be saved, you confess with your mouth,

Do you believe in your heart and you are saved?

BD: Okay. Here's another one from Proverbs. Proverbs 3:7, 8.

It says, "Fear the Lord, depart from evil." Okay, we know

that but then it says, "It will be health to your flesh and

strength to your bones. It, does it mean physically?

is it talking about health? Physical health?

EH: Yes, Yes it is talking about that because, see when you

are; let's just take bitterness or unforgiveness,

when you are bitter it dries up your bones,

when you are in a state of unforgiveness you can't be

forgiven yourself. The Bible says in Matthew that we cannot

be forgiven, if we don't forgive. If we judge, we will

be judged. If we're condemning, we will be condemned. So what

we say condemns us if it's contrary to the Word of God.

What He's saying there is speak the Word over your life and over

your circumstance because every situation you're in today God

has made the way out. I make a way He said and if you will not

again, be divided. Don't divide, agree with God, agree with

the Word, say what He says about your situation not

what you feel.

BD: There is, there's one more verse from Proverbs. I want to

hit real quick and that's Proverbs 4:23, it says,

"Keep your heart with all diligence. For out of it spring

the issues of life. " So it's very important that we don't

give the enemy a foothold in our life because if we give him an

inch, he'll take several miles.

EH: Ah, yes! [Laughter]

BD: So, when we come back we're going to talk

about three things the enemy uses to make you sick.

Would you like to find out so you can close the door at all

three of those areas? We'll be finding out about that

in just a moment when we come back.



BD: Welcome back to, "Something More." Before the break,

I talked about there are three doors that the enemy

uses to make us sick.

So Elaine, what are those three doors? Because I don't know

about the person watching; I don't want to be sick. I want

to close those doors. So what are those doors the enemy uses?

EH: Ah, number one, disobedience.

You know the Bible says, "To he that knows to do good and

doeth it not, to him it is sin." So, when I think about

disobedience, I think even about Adam and Eve. They had

everything. Everything was perfect. They were God people.

They had wisdom, thought like God, were in the image of

everything God, and they disobeyed God.

They ate from the tree that God said don't eat.

When they did they brought sickness, disease on all

forms of disobedience to the whole human race.

The next one is the mouth. What you say is so important,

for from the mouth, life or death.

BD: Yeah. You spoke before about confessing God's Word,

His promises but,

EH: Yes. Exactly! It's so,

BD: It works the other way too because so many people say,

Well, you know it's that season, I'm going to get sick again.

EH: Right. Right. Right.

BD: What effect does that have on people?

EH: That's terrible. Because all you do, you're either

speaking life or death. When you say it's flu season,

I'm going to have the flu or I feel like I'll have a

heart attack or something is driving me crazy.

This is mental sickness also we're dealing with that now

all over America, all over the world. A lot of people,

emotions and mental. So we say we give the enemy a lead and and

open door by what we say and then the third one is, about not

discerning the Body of Christ. You remember that the Bible

says, "Many sleep and many are sickly because

they don't discern the Body of the Messiah."

BD: That's right.

EH: Who is the Body? Now, we are the Body that the Church

of the Living God, the born again believer is the Messiah.

The Body of Christ. So when we don't discern them. If I again,

am hateful, arrogant, mean, lying, deceptive, to you. I'm

not discerning you as a part of the Body of Christ. So when

He says, "Many are sick and asleep," dead, then we open

the door for the enemy when we don't

discern the Body of the Messiah.

BD: Yeah. So often I think even sometimes

we share something as a prayer request.

EH: Oh, yes.

BD: You know, it really is just gossip.

It's just it's hurting the body. And that's really important.

EH: It is! It is.

BD: So, again thinking of the person who's watching us right

now Elaine, maybe they've been watching ISN for a while.

They've been watching "It's Supernatural," they've

been watching, "Something More," and they really, they want to

get healed. But you know maybe nobody has spoken

out word a of knowledge about their condition and you

know they're getting discouraged.

Is healing for everybody. Can everybody get healed?

Does God want everybody healed?

EH: It's a part of the atonement. Isaiah 53.

"He was wounded for our transgressions, He was

bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace

was upon him and with His stripes we are healed."

And then I Peter 2:24, "By His stripes you were healed."

So we have already been healed, we have already.

Jesus cannot take these stripes again. He's already taken the

stripes. So I believe that the scripture is

very plain that He has already provided

salvation, deliverance, healing, everything a person that

is born again needs. So number one. Go ahead and accept the

Lord, the Messiah. Let Him be Lord of your life and then start

reading the Bible. Find every Scripture that you need to cover

your situation. There is healing just like there is salvation for

every person listening, for every sick person.

However it is up to us. It's provided.

BD: Right. We have a part to play.

EH: It's been given to us. We have to receive it.

BD: Elaine I don't want to finish this show before

I give you the opportunity to look into the camera

and minister to that person that's watching

for just a moment.

EH: Okay. I feel today that you need a miracle in your

emotions. And the stress level. I just feel like there's

many of you today that are bombarded. You feel like there's

no hope because of the situation emotionally you're facing. This

is not just physical healing that we're speaking of. This is

emotional. This is mental. This is tormenting spirits that have

tried to come against you and tell you there's no hope.

Jesus Christ the Messiah the Son of the Living God is your

hope today. And I want you to remember God is not given you

the spirit of fear, but of power!

Think about that word, power! Love and a sound mind.

So today, receive that scripture and as I speak these words

to you in the Name of Jesus, be made whole by the

power of the Living God!

BD: Amen! Amen! Elaine, thank you so much

for being my guest today.

EH: Thank you!

BD: And thank you, for watching "Something More."

And now, again, don't lose hope. You might not see the answer

immediately. You might still see some symptoms

but continue using your mouth to speak life, not death.

Close the doors on the enemy and don't give up.

As Elaine said, it's been done. The price has been paid.

The atonement that covered your sins, provided for your healing

as well. And if you haven't received forgiveness for your

sins, today is the day. Call on Him and be saved.

Thank you for joining us on "Something More."


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