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Hello everyone. I am Niharika, well its a scorcher today as it means, its extremely

hot. And probably you guessed it right. Today we are gonna look at some summer vocabulary.

Well, yes summers probably, its a many peoples favourite season, not mine. However

in summers its sunny, its hot. Many people like to go to the beach and many people go

on a holiday. But now in this lesson today, we are gonna look at some summer vocabulary.

So we are gonna begin with some adjectives that would help you to talk about a hot day.

Because in summer there are many days that are extremely hot. So how would you talk about

it? Well, thats what we are gonna learn.

So here in the black we have some adjectives

and we are gonna begin with the word, Boiling. So when it is extremely hot, rather than just

saying, Oh its so hot today. Well, add an adjective. You can say its boiling hot

today, so boiling is, it means, it is extremely hot. The next one is, Scorching. Now scorching

is another adjective. You can say, its a scorching weekend, so Im not gonna step

out of the house, but if you wanna use this word as a noun then you would say, Scorcher.

Like I said, its a scorcher today, it means, its extremely hot today. So thats the

way, you would use this word. Then the third one is Searing. Now searing is of course very

hot and intense, pretty much similar to the words that we learnt above, so searing is

another adjective that you can use, when you are talking about a hot day. So searing means

hot and intense. Lets look at the forth word here Sweltering. Now sweltering is because

of the heat, when you feel extremely hot and you start sweating and you feel extremely

uncomfortable too. Now of course, when its hot and youre sweating, youre not gonna

enjoy your day, youre gonna be very uncomfortable. So rather than just saying Im sweating,

its too hot. You can say, its sweltering today, so sweltering means that its hot,

youre very uncomfortable, you feel a little sick and you are sweating, youre sweating

and youre very uncomfortable. Now you sweat because of humidity, because when the air

is extremely humid thats when you sweat. And what is humidity? For your information

humidity is the water vapour thats present in the air that makes you sweat. Then here

another word is, Stifling. Now stifling means you are probably in a hot room or in a hot

area and its too much of heat, so that room is making you feel very uneasy and you

know, you feel very suffocated because of the heat, because of the hot air, so that

is stifling. So you can say , Oh my god I have to get out of this room. This room is

extremely stifling, so which means that theres too much of heat in the room and youre

very uncomfortable and you get a little breathless, youre suffocated, so you wanna step out.

So stifling means a hot room or a heated room. That causes difficulties in breathing. And

then the last adjective that I have for you is, Roasting. I am roasted or, its roasting

outside, you know I would suggest not to step out. So roasting is used when the weather

is hot, very hot. The sun is out and its very hot and its very dry, so its hot

and dry. Now in many cities or in many countries, theres not much of humidity and that makes

the air very hot and dry. Many people do get sun burnt also, because of the dry heat; it

just hits your skin so bad that you are sun burnt. So this is the right word to use, so

theres a difference between roasting and sweltering. Now in sweltering people sweat

and they feel very uncomfortable, because of the heat, but when you use the adjective

roasting. It means that its extremely hot and the weather is very dry, theres no

vapour in the air, its very dry. So hope these adjectives are helpful to you. Now lets

look at some words that would help you to talk about the summer. So the first one is,

Heat wave. Now what is a heat wave? Well, heat, wave is a prolonged period of extreme

high temperature, so the temperature is way too high and its extremely hot and its

accompanied by humidity or I would say prolonged period of hot weather. So you know in summer,

you face heat wave, its pretty common and its not nice, because its very very

hot. So heat wave there are few days in summer, wherein the temperature are so high, it is

so hot outside that, you really cant even step out. You just feel like jumping into

the pool or you feel like just dipping into a bucket full of ice, because of the heat

wave. So its hot and of course, its accompanied by humidity. So thats heat

wave for you. The next one is, Heat Stroke. Now heat stroke is severe heat illness. It

is pretty much flu like condition, when you are exposed to high temperature. In fact if you

are exposed to temperature more than 40 degree Celsius or 105 Fahrenheit, so there are chances

that you would suffer from a heat stroke. So because you are exposed to these high temperatures,

you would fall sick and this kind of illness needs immediate attention. So if you see someone

suffering from a heat stroke, please help that person, because it is a very severe heat

illness. The third one is Sun Burn. Well sun burn is wherein your skin turns pretty red,

so its reddening of the skin, so its reddening of the skin and in severe cases,

because there are so many people, who are exposed to these harmful UV rays, thats

the ultra violet rays, which are very harmful to your skin. It damages your skin to that

extent that you know, you form blisters on your skin and I have come across some girls,

who are so badly sun burnt that they have blisters on their skin. So its not just

reddening. In severe cases, you might also damage your skin terribly. So that is sun

burn. Now to protect yourself from getting sun burnt, you end up using sunscreen lotions

or sun screen creams. Which I will get to that, but before going to this word, we will

look at Sun Tanning. Sun tanning or just tanning. It is a process of darkening your skin, especially

for white people. They like to get a little darkened. They like to darken their skin,

so they end up going for sun bathing. So sun tanning or tanning is a process of darkening

your skin by exposing yourself to the sun or in fact in todays world we also have

artificial sun tanning, which means that there are tanning beds available in the market that

helps you to darken your skin artificially. But yes when the sun is out, people like to

go sun bath and they like to darken their skin, that is tan their skin. So thats

sun tanning for you, its darkening of the skin. Now lets get to the word, Sun Screen.

You would always find sun screen and its always written as SPF 15 or SPF 40, so these

are the things that are written on sun screen lotions or sun screen creams. And they are

used on your skin to protect you from the harmful UV rays. So its protection from harmful, so this summer make sure that

you invest in a good sunscreen lotion or a cream, so that you protect your skin from

those harmful UV rays and of course you will not be sun burnt. So please do that and then

the last one is, Shades or also called as Sun Glasses. So thats dark eyewear helps

you to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. So many people call it as shades

or they call it as sun glasses, so it protects your eyes from the harmful rays. So when you

step out in the sun. You end up putting some sunscreen lotion, you use your shades and

of course you can also use a hat to cover yourself from that hot sun. So these are some

words that you can use for this summer, so be prepared and enjoy the sunny days. Ill

be back with a new lesson. Till then you take care.

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