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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 12 Cases Confirmed in Jamaica - March 16 2020

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good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with the midday news a special welcome if

you're watching on one spot Mediacom five more cases of Kobe 19 have been

recorded in Jamaica following preliminary test results yesterday

Jamaica now has 15 cases of the corona virus a release from the Health Ministry

said two of the cases resulted from contact tracing with a confirmed case

from the United Kingdom three cases are new including two from the western

region one with a travel history to Trinidad and Tobago the other case is an

American child with a travel history that includes Miami Florida the fifth

case is from Kingston with no travel history but had visitors from the United

Kingdom and there's a possibility that the Kingston 20 area in st. Andrew may

be placed under quarantine this following reports that a confirmed case

of Kobe 19 is from that area in an interview on primetime news last night

Health Minister dr. Christopher Dalton said a decision will be taken today

following a risk assessment the team would go into the area they would

determine the extent to which that individual had interacted with persons

the number of persons and then they would do interviews as we have done if

persons are showing symptoms multiple persons then the the possibility of

community spread would be of concern to us and then the appropriate actions of

the team dr. Topton said the patient was not linked to any previous confirmed

cases he explained that the patient who recently traveled to Trinidad and Tobago

to attend a carnival from the Kingston 20 area who seemed to have been outside

of the country Trinidad I think it's Trinidad Carnival

develop some symptoms went to the doctor got medication got worse went back and

based on that return visit I was isolated tested and came back positive

so has the process then started to trace the people with whom

that person who came from children might have come in contact with you yes that

process has started the health team have been in the area some of the communities

in the Kingston 20 area include Marvell a Pembroke Hall Patrick City Doheny Park

and New Haven in the meantime dr. Tufton said the

ministry is expected to receive additional tests gitsune I don't think

the public should be concerned too much about the availability of kids because

we're getting quite a bit more next week

meanwhile there's a strong warning from the World Health Organization for more

kovat 19 tests to be done the directive came from the director-general of the WH

o during a pressed press briefing a few minutes ago we have not seen an urgent

enough escalation in testing isolation and contact tracing which is the

backbone of the response social distancing measures can help to reduce

transmission and enable health systems to cop hand-washing and cracking into

your elbow can reduce the risk for your ear for yourself and others but on their

own they're not enough to extinguish this epidemic it's the combination that

makes the difference the w-h-o director-general says based on

the lack of testing globally the real numbers are not available you cannot

fight a fire blindfolded and we cannot stop this pandemic if we don't know who

is infected we have a simple message for all countries

test test test test every suspected case if they are if they test positive

isolate them and find out who they have been in close contact with up to two

days before they developed symptoms and test those people - and the death toll

in Iran from Covina tene has reached 853 with 129 new deaths

in the past 24 hours meanwhile fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety-one

people have been infected in Iran officials have called on people to stay

at home to contain the outbreak and it's one of the deadliest outside of China

and as the spread of Kobe 19 continues health officials in the United States

are warning Americans to adjust their social calendar and stay away from large

crowds we have details in this report the corona virus still poses a serious

threat to the United States as I've said many times and I repeat it the worst is

yes ahead for us and that's why there's a push for social distancing schools in

more than 30 states have shut their doors we've informed the

superintendent's while we've closed schools for three weeks that the odds

are that you know this is going to go on a lot longer the Centers for Disease

Control and Prevention recommends canceling or postponing events that have

50 or more people for the next eight weeks large gatherings are banned in

some states including California and New York while bars and restaurants in some

states are closing early Illinois is shutting them down completely to dine in

customers until the end of the month I tried earlier this week to appeal to

everyone's good judgment to stay home to avoid bars not to congregate in crowds

it's unfortunate that many people didn't take that seriously

president Trump says more testing will be available soon and that Americans

shouldn't raid grocery store shelves you don't have to buy so much take it easy

just relax relax and stay away from large crowds for the time being it is

how we respond to that challenge that's going to determine what the ultimate end

point is going to be and it's time for a break here on the midday news but stay

with us we have more stories right after these messages

welcome back and we're continuing the news path students are to receive

nutritional support over the next two weeks since they will be out of school

the Education Minister said under the food support plan nutrition products

limited will prepare snacks comprising baked products fruit juices milk and

water it says a limited number has been prepared for today while the

distribution points are being finalized principals will be asked to suggest

distribution points for schools the ministry will also be collaborating with

the select food suppliers supermarkets and other major areas to distribute food

packages in communities the list of distribution points will be announced

via traditional and social media in other news palace resorts has

scrapped its multi-million dollar plan multi-billion dollar investment rather

in arterial Saint Ann the company outlined its position in a letter to the

Urban Development Corporation UDC the Mexican hotel chain made a deal with the

Urban Development Corporation UDC for the purchase of two prime beachfront

properties in each area Santana the rooms of the beach properties adjacent

to the recently refurbished Moon Palace Resort which is owned by the Mexican

investors it was expected to create close to 3,000 jobs in the first

construction phase there was controversy surrounding the deal with a former

contractor general Dirk Harrison in a report indicating that the property was

sold below market price resulting in potential revenue losses

he said ministerial interference was at the heart of the deal the integrity

commission distance itself from his the Harrisons report no the investors have

written to the UDC saying they're backing out of the deal the company says

it came to our attention much to our displeasure that our name and brand were

the subject of political discussions inimical to our reputation in which

sufficient care had not been taken to ascertain all the facts surrounding our

negotiations with the UDC it also says were careful at all times when we do

business both in our homeland contra Mexico as in any other country we invest

in to comply with their laws and regulations and not to become involved

directly or indirectly in the political process of those countries the company

adds that we seek to be good and considerate corporate citizens of every

country in which we invest and the adverse publicity both locally and

internationally given to the acquisition of land and buildings bios from the UDC

has caused us much discomfort and to seriously rethink whether or not Jamaica

is a suitable place for us to make a substantial or indeed any further

investments Palace resorts also adds that we hereby inform you that we will

not be developing the Ocho Rios lands purchased from you and that you should

proceed to re transfer the said lands to yourselves as provided for in the sale

agreement and repair to us the purchase price paid to you in accordance with the

terms of the agreement the deal was criticized by the opposition people's

National Party with some members calling for forensic probe

construction of the hotel would have started on April 30 this year

businessman and president of the New Kingston Citizens Association Raja Qiang

who was reported missing yesterday has been found dead his body was discovered

about eleven o'clock along the border of a Portland and st. Mary mr. Chang

reportedly left his house yesterday for a waterfall in Portland he was traveling

with a woman and in sports even with uncertainty surrounding the staging of

this year's Olympic Games in Japan due to the corona virus outbreak sprinter

Kumar Bailey Cole is remaining focused on putting his career back on track

beset by injuries for the last three seasons Barry Cole says he is finally

getting back to full fitness Jeremy brown reports between 2013 and 2016

kamar Bailey Cole was among the very best sprinters in the world and was

being earmarked as the next big sprint talent out of Jamaica among Bailey Cole

the proudest moments was winning the Commonwealth Games 100-meter title in

2014 in Glasgow Scotland the former Old Harbor High star also

placed fourth in the 100 meter final at the 2013 World Championships in Moscow

Russia he was also a member of Jamaica's sprint relay gold medal winning

Kwan's at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games up but since then

Bailey Cole has been hampered by injuries which have resulted in him

failing to make national teams it's basically answering injury leg

after leg pull to time in the left leg one time gonna write so yeah I just been

straightening and doing lots more stuff that I never normally do a lot more

lasting report Providence's nobody stands were lots

more lots more over distance and sprinting now 28 years old

Bailey Cole says he's taking things stage by stage basically just to make it

to the finals I'm the iran's our trials and hopefully make it to the only picks

individual spot once guided by Glen Mills Bailey Cole is now being coached

by former national 400 meter hurdle Gregory little he has already run for

the 7.5 two seconds for the 400 meters this season just off his personal bests

are 47 points to 9 and he says things are falling into place nicely well the

preparation is going very well as I can see where the 400 very well

coach Berger later and I really have fun feeling today because I've been working

with him for years now from my career so yeah

Bailey Cole has a personal best of nine point nine two for the 100 meters and 20

point six six for the 200 meters Jerry main Brown reporting for TVJ sports and

that's the midday news I'm Andrea Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime

time news package on behalf of the news sports and production teams good


The Description of 12 Cases Confirmed in Jamaica - March 16 2020