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I have only one word to say to you...

Dear George Harrison,

When I discovered the band that makes what you are today

you were in my mind the third man among the others

The fault, but however the good fortune

to an obvious alignment of planets

who a day of July 1957

has crossed on the same path

two of the greatest writers that history has given us

But checking closer, you deserve in my opinion

a place apart in the Fab Four posterity

Not only for your cheek, from the top of your twenties

nor for the hysteria you provoked on some girls

But surely for your creativity and for the aura that you inspire

What I can tell it's I never met George

I know he was the most classy man in the world but that's all

During the first years with the Fab Four

you confine very well to the role of solo guitar player of the band

Also, the tone of your voice brings to the two others

the harmonies that make the lengendary success of your band

But while John and Paul challenge each other to be the best songwriter

you feel up this creative potential

which was asleep so far in you

And you are ready to face the hegemony of the sovereign duo

And your talent brings often the icing on the cake that prepare the two others

like on this Paul's song in 1964,

where these four simple notes on the Spanish guitar

provokes in me, something that I cannot explain

This song, one of my favorites,

shows how turning around one chord reveals your sense of harmonies

and confirms that behind each great artist,

hides always a woman to inspire him

65 is the year where you are interested more and more to Indian culture

and to its traditional music

First pop song integrating the sitar, Norwegian Wood, the John's song,

symbolizes the beginning of a great story between you and India

From there

you become the front door of oriental sounds

in the Western pop music

It is this lure for spirituality who will bring you to these lands

In front of the madness of success, you will search perpetually something bigger

than what you already lived

What stair remains to climb, when we are on the top of the world ?

The Revolver album marks a turning point

in the scope that you take within the group

Position often let to the best track of the album,

Taxman is the opening one

A recognition at last to the right level of your inspiration

This song symbolizes your paradox

the one of a spiritual man, tugged by comfort that a Beatle can have

Inspired by the philosophical concept of "I Ching"

according to the events in life are not random

you compose your first masterpiece

on the basis of the first words, found randomly in a page

of a book chosen from among others

When about to record it, nobody considers it seriously

you lose patience and ask to your friend Clapton

to come bridging tensions within the band

to play the solo

Clapton becomes the first non-Beatle member to play on one of their songs

It is also in his company

on the glow of a spring dawn in your garden

that you compose another of your standards

the simple morning vision of the rising sun after a long winter

inspires you one of your best ballad song

Ultimate love song addressed to Pattie

and unique song covered by the two biggest stars from the pre-Beatles era


is certainly the apogee of your work of composition with the Fab Four

Aware that their feelings are independent of your will

and that jealousy has to be managed with ourselves and not the others

you won't hold rigorous to your muse or your friend

Like the symbol of a separation that the egos of each could not avoid

you compose the swan song of the band

Irony of the story

this waltz will be the last song recorded by the band

after the departure of John

For all of that, I won't forget

that you are the great composer that we have heard too little within the Beatles

You, that we called the "Quiet Beatle", a quiet force

which proves that it's not because we are discreet that we don't have something to say

Then, you are neither John nor Paul

and even less these two geniuses together

But even if history reminds you as the third man

you will always be to me the one in the middle of the two others

and for all of that, dear George Harrison,

I have just one word to say to you

And there it is, I think now you see the problem I had with George and why I wrote this letter

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