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Hello everyone!

Last week we began our siege upon suramar where we ended up with our troops frozen in

time and our spy on the inside, Lyleth, she should have warned us about this, but she

did not.

There has been no word from her in some time.

This cannot be a coincidence.

Now we need to go out and investigate whats going on with Lyleth.

Only the most vigilant scryers could have detected her message and Thalyssra believes

that the only spot possible to do this from would be the terrace of enlightenment.

The duskwatch must have set up a listening post there so we check the crying orbs for

traces of Lyleths message.

Scry 1: “Thalyssra, I hope this message finds you well.

I have just come from an emergency council regarding the Horde and Alliance forces amassing

outside Suramar.”

Scry 2: “Elisande has appointed a new first arcanist: a dreadful woman named Andaris.

Together they are working on a massive enchantment to break the siege.”

Scry 3: “An attack on the main gate is ill-advised, but there may be another way.

Andaris has dispatched her arcanists to the Sanctum of Order.”

Scry 4: “It seems there is some kind of breach that runs beneath the Nightwell and

into the palace itself!

They are trying to seal it, but I am sure you can find a way to- “

Someones coming...Who are you?!


Unhand me!

How dare you!

Do you know who I am?!”

Lyleth appears to be taken captive but before they took her, she was able to send

out a vital piece of information.

We must investigate this breach she spoke of immediately!

Over here!

I sense energies converging below, but aggressive guardians bar my way.

I need you to clear a path.”

Very efficient!

Let us get a closer look...Say, this is impressive spell work.”

A mana bore, perhaps?


This requires a great deal of power to maintain.”

It is not attached to the Nightwell, but to the ley lines.

Yet we control them, so how can she...ah, yes.

I see!”

The Nightwell is so overloaded that they could not spare anything for this seal.

Instead, they are borrowing power from the ley lines.

Valtrois has traced one of their power sources to Kelbalor so thats our next destination

to figure out how best to disable this barrier.

Ah, you have arrived.

I expected to find something here but...

“ “This ley line is being leeched, but I cannot


I have an idea.”

A clever cloaking spell, but what is that device?

Keep watch.”

Casts her magics, protect her from ley line channelers.

Hmm... they are redirecting a portion of the ley lines power directly to the Sanctum

of Order.

I am hesitant to take any action at this point.

Ill return to Shalaran and continue my research.”

Our assault on the front gates couldnt have gone any worse, but theres still hope.

Valtrois will do some more research as to how were going to lower the shield and

now we also know why Lyleth wasnt sending any more sweet messages.

Week 8: We distribute the latest batch of the Arcandor fruit and then a new message

waits for us but sadly its not from Lyleth.

Poor Thalyssra... you try so hard to save your people, yet you cut them off from the

one thing that can restore them!

I fear Lyleth shall pay the price for your arrogance.”

Let us test the mettle of your rebellion!

Send your best to face me at Lyleths estate...before I bring in more citizens for...questioning!”

I will take the teleporter to the estate and bring our most powerful Withered.

Meet me there.”

Elisande made YOU first arcanist?

The pickings must have been slim indeed.

Release Lyleth now!”


This is what you bring?

An outlander and a pack of mindless, mana-starved corpses?

You have fallen on hard times indeed.”

Ill show you what these corpses can do.


As if I would bother with facing you myself.


Kill them!”

The Withered...defeated so easily by fel magic. those you can.

My wounds...are of no concern!"

The newly appointed first arcanist, this Andaris is dangerous and all the hours weve spend

guiding our withered through the collapsed tunnels of Falanaar seems to be for nothing.

Theyre weak to fel magic, something that our enemy has in abundance, so after saving

a few of the terrified citizens, its time to get back to some training and come up with

alternative tactics.

Oculeth has a plan which requires specific coordinates to allow him to focus his teleportation

with extreme accuracy so we go about following the shiny light and doing some readings.

While he shifts through the gathered data, Thallysra sends us out with the withered into

felsoul hold.

The fel crystals anchor the Legions power here.

We should see what the Withered can do against them.”

We toss some mana onto the fel crystal which lures the withered into trying to devour it.

Getting in touch with the fel deals incredible amounts of damage to them.

You can almost hear them scream in torment, but their addiction pushes them on, pushes

them through the pain as they devour all that delicious fel magic.

Ive seen enough.

I believe I can dampen the effect of fel magic on the Withered.

Go to the Soul Engine and I will send new subjects your way.”

That worked even better than expected!

I shall continue to refine my work for the next step.”

Those poor, poor withered...

In the meantime Oculeth has another job for us, in order to advance his studies he will

need a bit of equipment from his workshop.

4 discarded orbs and some telemancy notes are brought back and now the fun can begin.

In the next test Thalyssra sends us to fight with some felborne who have begun to expand

their grasp beyond the citys reach.

Their outpost leader, Valthis Amaran serves Andaris directly and now is the perfect time

to put our withered training and Oculeths devices to the test.

With the readings weve gathered and the additional fel resistance added to our withered,

were now able to out pokeballs and call upon them at will.

No longer does the fel one shot them and weve gained a new powerful tool for our arsenal.

The telemancy orbs are working perfectly.

Best we keep this quiet until were ready for the real push.”

Week 9, the last week and another piece of fruit to hand out.

Valtrois has finished her research and has come up with a plan.

There are several key archway locations through Suramar that harness the power necessary for

the sanctums energy barrier.

Were send out to these locations with a energy disruptor and by placing them while

avoiding the enemies and traps within the areas, were able to remotely break the

link simultaneously, causing the barrier to fall.

Oculeth will teleport us into breach and then its up to us to secure the area.

We wont be alone though, we have our telemancy orbs to back us up in case anything goes wrong.

Very well, I shall begin.

When I am finished, all the devices we haveadjustedwill cease working.”

It is done.

The barrier should be down.”

I will open the portal.

The element of surprise will be in your favor!”

If anything goes wrong, have your Withered at the ready.

Good luck hero.”

My spell!

What just happened?!”

You think we didnt notice your skullduggery?!

Your old tricks are no match for true sorcery!”

I dont know how they co-opted my spell, it shouldnt be – “

We have prepared for the possibility of discovery.

With the telemancy orbs and the fel-resistant Withered, you have the tools required to secure

the breach.”

Die outlander!”

It seems you are unable to enter.

Find the power source for that barrier and take it down.”


Those casters are using generators to shield the Sanctum.

Eliminate them!”

Training those Withered distasteful!

Dalion, defend the entrance!

Slay my foes!”

Kill Dalion and his troops

Now that Andariss dog is put down, you should have access to the building.

Get to the breach!”

Reach the bottom of the sanctum of order, kill demons and duskwatcher

Youll go no further!

Ill die before I allow you entrance to the Nighthold!”

Fight the guards

Andaris has made a critical mistake!

Her shield is vulnerable to the WIthered.

Drop some in a safe spot and they will leech the magic in her shield.”

We are chosen to rule!”

Withered draining all that delicious fel energy while we fight duskwatch spellblade

More Withered tricks!

I shall not fail Elisande!

You will fall!”

Andaris Narassin is our last obstacle in the road towards the nighthold.

She has gone way into the fel, but thankfully are withered are now far more prepared than

ever before and together were able to put her down and clear the way.

Andaris was the key to their defenses.

Telemancy is working inside the Sanctum again.

Im sending Thalyssra and Khadgar to your location.”

With her finest arcanist dead, I doubt Elisande will send reinforcements.

We have the breach.

Follow me

I can sense the Nightwell from here.

Elisande must truly be desperate to overload the Nightwell like this!”

Once we break the time lock holding our forces, Guldan will fall.

The Withered wont last long in there, hero.

Gather an elite group of champions to fight your way through.

Im sure youre familiar with such tactics.

Well be right behind you, of course.”

As we speak, Guldan is using the Nightwells power to pull Sargeras into our world.

They have separated Illidans soul from his body, ready to be a vessel for the dark

titan and they possess the final pillar of creation that we need in order to shut the

gateway at the Tomb of Sargeras.

Thalyssra and all those that have joined the rebellion have worked very hard, have sacrificed

so much to put a stop to all of this and now its up to us to gather our allies, venture

forth and defeat anything and everything that the Nighthold has in store...

A big thank you to Savage and his guild Scrubs from SIlvermoonEU for being my allies

and carry my butt through the nighthold.

If youre looking to join a fun guild with lots of friendly people, check out the link

to their website in the description down below!

With our allies gathered, the journey into the Nighthold starts at the bottom with a

couple of scorpions here and there, until we find the big daddy of the place.

Thalyssra: “What madman thought to infuse this creature with the Nightwells power?

Have a care.

If this abomination was created to protect lower reaches of the citadel from invaders,

it must be particularly deadly.

Deep within the foundations of the Nighthold, beneath the sea, lie long-forgotten vaults

that give access to the Nightwell itself.

This monstrous armored scorpid has made its home in one of the vaults and in order to

move forward, well have to put him down, so we do just that.

Thalyssra: “This is a momentous day, my friends.

Until the Legion came, no outsider was permitted inside the corridors of the Nighthold for

ten-thousand years.”

Now the fate of my people rests in the hands of outsiders...all of save

us from the terrible bargain made by our queen.”

Shanar daloras!

I have no idea how such an entity came to be, but the essence of the Nightwell is surging

through it.

Tendrils of power are emanating from the aberration.

I believe Elisande is using this creature to maintain the time lock spell.

In order to free our allies at the gate, this monstrosity must be destroyed!”

At the base of the Nightwell we find a maelstrom of raw energy as the power to fuel an entire

civilization courses from the earth.

From this chaos the Chronomatic Anomaly was born, an embodiment of the power of the Eye

of Amanthul.

This being holds power over time which is not that strange considering that the bronze

dragon Nozdorume, the aspect of time was also empowered by Amanthul.

My time has come

Despite time being against us, were still able to defeat this creature and free our

allies outside from the spell that keeps them frozen in time.

Thalyssra: “The time lock is broken!

They are free!”

Khadgar: “No doubt our forces will be disoriented.

I will inform them what happened and see that they make ready to resume our assault.”

From here, we can open the gates from the inside and gain access to the palace grounds.

We do have an obstacle in our way namely Trilliax.

This construct was once a proud servant of the nightborne aristocracy that has a bit

of trouble with picking a personality.

Trilliax: “The master has returned!

We must ensure the household is immaculate.”

Trilliax: “Thats not the master, imbecile!

Unless he manages to claw his way out from under two tons of solid stone.”

Trilliax: “Oeeeeee, that would be impressive...considering I still have his hands in a jar.”

Trilliax: “Please, dont say such things!

The master is back, and things need to be kept tidy.”

The first time I heard this dialogue I actually thought there were more discarded servants

in this area, but nope...all of that comes from trilliax himself.

Some of you asked me if his master is known, but sadly I couldnt any information on


It seems like hes been discarded here for quite some time and the switch on his core

labeledpersonality settinghas eroded away completely explaining why goes from insane

to homicidal sterilizer back to doting caretaker.

His masters demise was probably by his hands and we try not to drop too much blood on his

clean floors, politely decline his murderous cakes until the construct falls.

Pain is an effective teacher and I endeavor to learn your lesson, master.”

Thalyssra: “The palace grounds are just ahead.

Youll find them even more heavily defended than the lower levels.”

We move up the stairs into the Nighthold with the citizens crying out in fear at the sight

of the outsiders.

Its a shame that they dont allow outsiders in since the city looks absolutely gorgeous

and once the area is cleared, its time to fight Spellblade Aluriel, Captain of the

Magestrixs Guard.

I let you strike first and thats the best you can do?”

Aluriel always had an affinity for magic and a natural talent with the sword which allowed

her to rise through the ranks of the Nightguard without any effort.

Yet no matter how strong she became, she always wanted more.

Her weapons and armor were forged in the Nightwell itself, magical spells weaved into the precious


She is the first spellblade who conquered the schools of fire, frost and arcane and

she uses all that knowledge and skill against us.


With her death, our forces move further in, well happy with us doing the hard work, as

we make our way through the nightspire unto the shattered walkway, the bridge that used

to connect Suramar to the temple of Elune or as most know it as today, the Tomb of Sargeras.

There we see Felweaver Pharamere, Chaos Mage Beleron and Summoner Xiv hard at work at making

the waters around us deadly and green.

Theyre using their fel magic to restore Krosus, the one who was called upon by Guldan

to smite Tirion Fordring and nearly end his life.

Come your end!”

The combined might of the alliance and horde were able to force Krosus to retreat, but

thats been quite a while and the doom lord is ready for round 2.

This gigantic monster not only uses his master over fel against us, he also chips away the

very ground that were standing on.

I will shatter your world!”

Now thats simply not fair, but thankfully hes not smart enough to immediately destroy

all of the bridge and send us to our felwatery graves giving us enough time to defeat him

and avenge Tirion Fordring.


Archmage Khadgar yells: “That was for Tirion Fordring, monster!

Krosus may have not struck the killing blow, but he played a part in our great champion's


The image of Khadgar is kind enough to give us a boost back up into the Nighthold and

he senses that Guldan ritual is growing in power, so we must hurry.

We move back into the area where we defeated Aluriel and there we find our missing agent,

there we find Lyleth Lunastre.

Ah, free at last!

Thank you outlander.

I told Aluriel you would come to rescue me and she merely laughed.

Well who is laughing now?”

And thats it.

Shes been missing for weeks, who knows what happened to her, but she doesnt really

seem troubled by it.

She just thanks us for rescuing her and walks away.

At least she doesnt suddenly switch sides or mysteriously finds her weapon, what can

ya do, lets move on into the captains quarters where the dreadlord Tichondrius awaits.

Incompetent mortal filth!

These Nightborne cant even defend their own palace from invasion!

If it were up to me...

Ah, but I suppose we will reward ouralliessoon enough.

Until then, Ill amuse myself by cleaning up their mess!”

Tichondrius, leader of the Nathrezim was slain during the War of the Ancients by Huln Highmountain,

only to be send back to twisting nether, reform and make a return during Warcraft 3.

He was send by Kiljaeden to keep an eye on Arthas and Nerzhul the Lich King to

make sure that their plans would come to fruition.

They were successful in summoning Archimonde into the world who figured that the Lich King

was of no use to them anymore and he handed over leadership of the scourge to Tichondrius.

This allowed the Lich King to put his own plans in motion since he wasnt too happy

with serving the legion.

Arthas informed Illidan about the skull of Guldan, our Guldan, a powerful artifact

which was being used to corrupt their forests.

With its power, Illidan was able to banish Tichondrius from their lands, but again this

merely send him back to the twisting nether.

With the latest invasion of Azeroth the dreadlord has returned once more, to burn this world

to a husk and ensure that alternate Guldan does not once again fail his masters.


Get in here!”

Not even the aid of the incompetent mortal filth is enough to stand against us and I

assume that the lord of the Nathrezim is once again going to spend time recovering in the

Twisting Nether.

But I...was supposed”

We go back outside, through the area where we defeated Aluriel, into the astromancers

rise, probably one of the most beautiful fights and also one of the more interesting ones.

If only you knew what lay beyond...”

Star Augur Etraeus is an astromancer that has spent many years of research scouring

the skies of Azeroth searching for answers to the great mysteries of the universe.

His scrying has shown him worlds beyond our understanding.

Such insolence...very well.

I shall show you!

See for yourself the cruel, frozen void that lies beyond the margin of Azeroths skies!”

The powers of the Nightwell allow him to draw upon the essence of these worlds to amplify

his power, starting off with a frozen planet which lies beyond the margin of Azeroths


I was wondering if this planet was supposed to be Azeroth or not since we dont see

the recognizable maelstrom that we know from globes, but it does seem to have the same

moons as Azeroth does.

Perhaps just a planet nearby?

I have no idea, but the second one is a bit easier to decipher.

The Burning Legion.

Slayers of whole worlds.

Could we hope to resist?

Can you?!”

This is a planet, like so many, that has been conquered by the Legion, but lets not forget

why Sargeras decided to form the Burning Legion and start his burning crusade in the first


Is that not enough?

Must I show you the true horror of our reality?

Very well....witness what I have seen, and TREMBLE!

Avatars of non-existence...knowing nothing but hunger.

These are the beings who will devour the future you so futilely fight to protect!”

The third and final planet shows one taken over by the voidlords and their minions the

old gods.

The voidlords seek to twist reality into a realm of eternal torment.

They were envious of the titans power who were going about bringing life and order to

the universe and they sought to make them into an instrument of the will.

They found that they were unable to corrupt the titans so they figured theyd just attack

them while vulnerable, while they were still slumbering as a world soul.

From the void they send out the old gods to infect the planets and once Sargeras found

out about their plans, he knew that action had to be taken.

If the powers of the void were successful in corrupting a slumbering titan, it would

awaken as an unspeakable dark creature.

No power in creation, not even that of the pantheon could stand against it.

In time this warped titan would consume all matter and energy in the universe bringing

every mote of existence under the void lords will.

Sargeras recruited the demons into his legion with the mission of burning away all creation.

Only then could the titans stand a chance at stopping the void lords.

In Sargerasmind even a lifeless universe was better than one dominated by the void.

Life had taken root in the cosmos before, perhaps after they scoured it of its corruption,

life would take root once again.

As you probably know, Azeroth itself is also infected with the old gods and it also has

a slumbering world soul, part of the reason why our planet is such a target for the Legion.

Theres more to be said here especially when it comes to speculation for what might

the future bring, but I want to dedicate a video to that later this week, hopefully on

wednesday, where Ill go further into the hints that we have so far and speculate a

little bit about the future.

Do not think...the future will be so easy.”

We leave the eternal observatory behind and move into a different part of the nighthold,

the shaldorei terrace.

High Botanist Telarn: “Suramar owes its beauty to my blooms!

I alone have mastered the delicate intertwining of magic into natures grand cycle.

Not much shocking I can say about Telarn, he has been fascinated by plant life ever

since he was a young nightborne and with the aid of the energies from the Nightwell, he

has transformed himself into a plant, something that he considers to be far, far greater than

being an elf.

Throughout the fight he splits up into different parts, eventually ending up with a nature

side, a solar side and his arcanist side.

Some of you did ask why exactly we fight him and thats because their strongest mages

and warriors must fall before we can hope to face Gul'dan, basically hes an ally

of Elisande and therefor her has to die.

A bitter...harvest...”

We backtrack into the area where we defeated Aluriel, into the Nightspire and now that

weve secured the lower areas, its time to take the portal up and confront Grand Magistrix

Elisande herself.

I foresaw your coming, of course.

The threads of fate that led you to this place.

Your desperate attempt to stop the Legion.

My people faced a similar dilemma.

I peered into all possible futures in search of an answer...and found only one.

The Legions victory is inevitable.

Every time stream shows it to be so.

Had we resisted, they would have taken the Nightwell by force and left us bereft of it.

I could not allow my people to starve, to waste away without its energies sustaining


So a bargain was struck.

Now I see future where the Legion is victorious and my people endure.

This is the thread that must be preserved.

I will do everything in my power to make it so.

Your deaths ensure the future of the Nightborne.

Come forward, then.

Let us speed you toward your fate.”

With the powers of the nightwell at her side, Elisande has control over time, using her

energy to stop the flow of time for everyone but herself.

She then sends us back in time and resetting the fight before shes killed.

This does drain her energy significantly, something shes not able to keep up for

very long.

Time shifts again, and your doom draws near!”

Where once Elisande resisted the Legion and stepped away from their queen Azshara, now

her scrying has showed her that joining the Legion was the only way.

She has seen a future where the Legion wins and her people endure, but you have to wonder

how that would work out considering Tichondrius was planning on rewarding their allies soon


You might think that shed see reason before its too late, see that now we have the

arcandor and the forces to fight back that now is the time to switch sides, but unfortunately

she clings to the future she has seen and we have to bring her down.

Its ... not possible...I was destined to win...”

In all the possible futures I scryed, I did not foresee one in which you were victorious.

I wonder...

Will you defeat the Legion?

Will you fail?

Time eddies about you in fits and starts.

Nothing is certain!

Perhaps you will win...”

Have to admit, her fortune telling skills could use some work, would have prevented

a lot of problems.

The echo of Elisande gives us her support as we take one final portal into the Font

of Night where the last boss awaits...

Now heads up, naturally Im going to talk about the final encounter of the Nighthold

but Im also going to tell you what happens on Mythic mode so be warned...spoilers ahead.

Guldan: “Ah yes, the heroes have arrived.

So persistent.

So confident.

But your arrogance will be your undoing!

Have you forgotten your humiliation on the Broken Shore?

Alliance: “How your precious high king was bent and broken before me?

Will you beg for your lives as he did, whimpering like some worthless dog?

Horde: “Have you forgotten your humiliation on the Broken Shore?

How your mighty warchief was stuck in the belly like a helpless piglet.

Will you die slowly as he did, consumed by fel corruption and squealing for a merciful


Your pathetic Alliance will fall to dust.

Your new boy-king will bow down and serve will all of you!

Your pathetic horde will fall to dust, in the end death will inherit this world and

she will be waiting...”

The husk of Illidan will prove an ideal vessel for my masters glory.

Sargeras will rise, and together we will watch your world burn!

Let the endgame begin!”

What began with our Garrosh being send to alternate Draenor has now come to its climax

here at the top of the Nighthold.

Guldan locks himself in the eye of amanthul, working on the ritual to use the powers of

the Nightwell to bring his master Sargeras into Azeroth.

We fight against his minions and upon their defeat the warlock decides to indulge himself

a little bit and face us himself.

You failed heroes!

The ritual is upon us!

But first, Ill indulge myself a bit...and finish you!”

A taste of the masters might!”

Being close to the eye gives us great power as well, speeding up our relative time which

is removed by taking fire damage.

I will not fail you, master.

More power...just need more power...”

Despite giving it all he has and more, the orc is unable to finish us as quickly as he

would like.

No more distractions!

I have work to do...”

He opens up a freaking rift in space!

Surrender, I may yet show mercy!”

A rift opens up, the sky is torn asunder and Guldan tries to bring the dark titan into

our world, but weve come prepared.

Time to return the demon hunters soul to his body...and deny the Legions master

a host!”

We have collected Illidans soul from Hellheim itself, which was plucked from the Nether

and taken to the underworld which we then placed within Lights heart and archmage

Khadgar uses it to release Illidans soul into his body.

On normal and heroic mode, thats all there is to it, you defeat guldan and the raid

ends, but on mythic mode something special happens.

You topple a pawn and presume to challenge its master?

Such arrogance!


Its not 100% clear, different sources say different things, Ive even read on WoWpedia

that its the dark titan itself that shows up, but I didnt find anything to support

that claim.

There is a screenshot which says that an outwordly presence was filling Illidans mortal shell

and the consequences of Khadgars actions incite deadly consequences.

My interpretation is that Azzinoth, the demon within Illidan either made his own way back

into his body or came with his soul that we collected in Hellheim.

The demon that provides such great power to Illidan...

The demon that Illidan, like all other demon hunters has to constantly keep under control,

that one makes an appearance and it takes the full might of our forces to bring it down.

He will....yet claim...this titan....”

This is the reason why I dont believe its actually Sargeras inside Illidans body

since it makes more sense that by he, the demon means Sargeras and claim this titan,

that would be Azeroth and the slumbering titan soul inside.

Thats the mythic part which obviously I havent done myself so here we still have

guldan to defeat.

Guldan, Lord of the Shadow Council, Darkness incarnate is brought low.

I am Guldan!

I am darkness incarnate!

It cannot this.”

Illidans soul is returned to his body and remember the lies the warlock told about Varian?

Its time for some sweet, sweet justice...

Cinematic: Guldan is smacked down, , the planet we

saw in the distance quickly moves away.

The rift turns red, unstable, he gazes upon it.

Explosion shoots forth and hits Illidans crystal to the ground.

No...whispers guldan, seeing his dreams shatter.


This cannot be.

And zap, the portal is closed.

Empty hands, nothing to show for, all his work... but thats not the end of it.


Guldan hears the theme music and he knows he dondiddelygoofed.

Illidan grabs him by the throat and gives him the same farewell as Guldan gave Varian...

Justice... and with the final flap of his wings the orc warlock is gone.

Nothing remains but his skull, nice call back to TBC.

You have seen, what I have seen.

You know what we face.

Now mortals follow me into the abyss.

Illidan has returned, the summoning of Sargeras has failed and the last pillar of creation,

the eye of amanthul is in our possession which means that we hold all the keys to shut

the legion gateway at the tomb of Sargeras.

Its a bit large to put on a pedestal so instead Khadgar teleports it into the chamber

of the guardian and places eyes of the kirin tor as a symbol for the actual pillar which

is in the floor.

The nightborne have been liberated from the Legions influence and now that they no

longer have the eye of amanthul, the thing that they used to create the nightwell to

begin with, a choice will have to be made...

The nightwell...”

I thought I would never see it again!”

It is dying.

Without the Eye of Amanthul, the Nightwell has become unstable.”

We could stabilize it!

We no longer need the Nightwell to sustain us, but we can still harness its power...”


It is your call...”

Let it die.”

We must put the Nightwell behind us.

We must take responsibility for our failings, and repay our debt to the people of Azeroth.”

They turn their back on the incredible powers of the well and bravely look towards a new

future, one not dictated by this source of power.

This is where the story of the Nighthold ends and unfortunately nobody really talks to you,

theres no real dialogue hinting at whats to come.

Despite that, our next destination is clear, were going to return to where we failed

miserably and were going to fight our way through the tomb of Sargeras and eventually,

hopefully, seal of that gateway.

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The Description of The Story of The Siege of Nighthold [Lore]