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Alright, we're here!

Great works, my watchmen!

See you you two again later!

Such handsome young men they are!

Welcome everyone to the King of Food Season 6!

The King of Food is brought to you by HTV and Dien Quan Media & Entertainment.

The show is aired on HTV7 Channel, every Wednesday at 20:35.

Thank you Color Man Fish Sauce for the accompany.

We've invited here today some of the tallest celebrities in Vietnam. Come in everyone!

Yen, please!

This is fun!


What are you doing?

- You guys can stop now. - Tell us where you hid our stuffs first!

- Huh? - How could a chieftain go stealing our stuffs like that?

- What did you say? - People in the crew said you were the one stealing our stuffs.

- Nonsense! I never steals anything! - You're lying! We have lots of witnesses confirmed that!

- Hurry and return them, so I can stop bouncing! - I just told you to stop!

That said... while I can understand it since they're all young men and women,

Long, you're the big brother! Why did agree to go along with this childish game?

- You're the oldest one here, no? - Did you have to emphasize on that?

- I can't believe you did that, Long! - Nah! He's here as a player like us, so that doesn't count!

- Okay... so who is it you're saying that's been stealing your stuffs? - You are!

- What? What did I steal? - Many things! 'Cause they says you have a habit of pilfering!

Such atrocious accusation! I never did such thing!

- But Tu said so! - Don't listen to her! She don't know what she's saying!

Hey, I haven't even said anything yet...

Why... you look beautiful today!

Tha... that's obvious, 'cause I'm always beautiful.

- Are you implying that we're ugly? - No, I mean: she's shockingly beautiful today!

Right? She normally doesn't look this pretty!

- Whatever! Just give me back my stuff already! - What stuff? I didn't take anything from you!

- Tu is in debt, yet you still steal from her! - That's right!

- Just give the poor girl back her stuffs! - I didn't steal anything from her!

Let's search for our stuffs!

I already did! He hid them in those chests. Just open them and you'll see.

There it is! I can't believe you, chieftain Giang! Stealing this cheap water bottle of mine!

This only worth VND499,000, and you still stole it!

You even this small, cheap lipstick tube of mine! Unbelievable!

- I'm starting to doubt his gender. - You know I'm very shy in public without my lipstick, don't you?

And this leather watch of mine! You stole it 'cause you knew my cloth-set wouldn't be complete with it, didn't you?

- Isn't that a ladies watch? - No, it's a men watch! And it goes with my shirt!

- Why did you took my lipstick? You can't use it! - He took it for Nha Phuong!

- I didn't steal anything! - Then why are they in those chests of yours?

It was all a scheme!

- But we have evidences! - It was all just a scheme to frame me! There's no fingerprint of mine on those!

- Yes, there is! - No, there isn't!

- As if I'm gonna let you do that! - But there's footprint...

I can smell it. There's his scent on my watch!

- Your nose is that good? - Yep.

- Are you a man or a canine? - Nah, it's just a thing that runs in my family!

You mean the Marsupilamis?

So... you're finally back with us after that who-knows-how-long-it-is trip around the world huh, Tu?

- Why yes, I've just... - You should lend her some money to pay her debts. You're rich, right?

No, I don't want to borrow money from him... Only gold!

Can you at least stay still when you talk?

Sorry, that's a bad habit of mine.

Alright, let's get ourselves some real chairs and tables to sit and free these poor plushies from these people's harassment!

So, as everyone can see, our players today are of some of the most famous celebrities in the fashion world of Vietnam.

These are the people who have made big names on the CAT-walk!

- CAT-walk? - Is he implying we're cats?

Firstly, an important notice!

From this season, the concept of the show has changed significantly. For instance: I'm now the Chieftain of Happiness!

That's why, everything you do here, from walk to talk or eat, must convey a sense of fun and joy.

And if you fail to do so, you're going home.

- So... we have to laugh all the time? - No! I mean you have to make people watching you laugh!

...unless you're crazy, then it can't be helped!

But in short, being boring is not allowed here!

Now what's into them?

Let's start with the introduction. You first, Yen!

Nice to meet you, everyone! I'm Vo Hoang Yen - the smiley girl!

- She's the younger "sister" of Vo Vu Truong Giang, - That's right.

who's usually mistaken as her younger "brother" because of her height!

You're next, Long!

- Hello, everyone. I'm the laugh-along man of the team. - Laugh-along man!?

My name is Truong Thanh Long, and it's my honor to be here today.

You might be surprised if you didn't know, but Long is only 22(!?) years-old.

A heart for you, chieftain!

- Wait, so you're the same age as me? I'm 22(!?) too! - High five for same-age teammates!

Those 2 look like they were just born yesterday together!

Hi everyone, I'm Ngo Tuan Kiet - the positive and energetic young model! Please to meet you!

- Tell them your age too! - Of course! I'm 18(!?) this year.

Please to to meet, everyone!

- You too, chieftain! - Yeah, nice to meet you too.

- What a bland introduction that is! - Ouch!

Quynh, your turn!

Hey everyone, my name is Dong Anh Quynh. I'm a girl whose heart is a big sack of joy and fun!

Girl, you have to express it for everyone to see! Nobody can feel nor do they care what your heart is like.

Up next, the lady that got stuck in Bali!

Hello, my honeys! How are you?

Greetings, everyone! I'm Minh Tu - a supermodel from Bali(!?).

My nickname is Thuy Lieu, but people also call me Lovely Stella.

I'm here today full of energy and joy!

Just look at me and you'll feel like laughing!

Well... uh... please do forgive her if she said something awkward.

Alright... lastly, Huy!

Hi everyon! I'm Huy Tran!

I'm a big food-lover, so when I heard there will be lots of good foods here, I accepted the invitation right away.

Give the man a round of applause, everyone!

The "funniest" introduction ever!

- You must be having a lot of pressure huh, young man? - Sitting next him makes me so nervous!

Time for some cuisine questions! Starting with... what kind of food do you like to eat most?

I love eating things live!

- Stop with the joke already! - No, I'm serious! I like eating raw foods.

- Oh, you mean like... Japanese foods? - Yep! Those "live things!"

But the other day you told me you loved to eat those that feed you!

- I said I loved to eat WITH those that feed me! - Ah, I see.

What about you, Long? What's your favorite food?

I like foods that has mm in them,

any kind of mm, like: mm c, mm c, etc...

- Right, you're from the Central Region! - I could eat 3-4 bowls of rice with mm alone.

What about fish sauce?

- I like it too. - But you prefer the organic sauce, right?

I could literally just eat a bowl of hot rice with fish sauce and chili!

But is there a specific dish that you like?

Yes, I love feasting on gossips and rumors!

Just kidding! My favorite food is seafood.

- Seafood, huh? - Yep! I always eat seafood at least once a week.

I see.

And I like salad!

Or, to be more specific, I like foods that are made simply by mixing fresh, uncooked ingredients with spices.

Okay, noted!

- What about you, young girl with a joyful heart? - I like sweet stuffs.

Things like cake, candy, chocolate, etc...

- We're talking about savory foods! - If it's savory food, I like ph.

- Beef ph? - Chicken ph!


Your turn, Huy!

I can eat almost anything. I'm not a picky eater.

- "I can 'eat' anything," he said! / - Tu, stop interpreting other people's statement by your weird way of thinking!

It seems that none of you guys has our theme ingredient of today as your favorite, which is...


This is wonderful! We'll get to eat Wagyu beef today!

- We're having a beef party today! - Beef party! Woo hoo!

Specifically, we'll be eating Kobe beef.

And our menu today is called: the A5-Beef menu. In case you don't know, A5 Beef is the highest-rate beef in term of quality.

It's the most superior beef in term of flavor and texture.

- A5? - Yes, A5! Beef is categorized into 3 levels of quality: A, B and C...

Like paper size A4 or A3?

Yes, but those are of the lower quality.

A5 beef is taken from cows and bulls that were fattened but not get to exercise much to limit the development of muscles.

'Cause the more muscle there is, the chewier the meat.

So it's like... the meat will be tender when Yen and me were talking friendly with each others.

but if you create drama or quarrel with each other, then it'll become chewy.

Yes! But don't worry, that scenario will never happen!

'Cause I'll kick you out of the stage myself if you try to do anything!

Now, let us see what we'll be having in the first round!

I know this restaurant!

- Have you ever dine in it? - I have.

So rich! Even I don't have money to dine in there even once.

Yeah... but It was a very long time ago, so...

Beef is a pretty common ingredient in cooking, albeit a little more expensive comparing to other meat.

A meal with beef once in a while is already considered as luxurious for many of us.

But that's nothing for our wealthy and generous chieftain, for today, he's going to treat everyone an all-you-can-eat beef party!

Where did he get the money for this, you asked? Why... from selling chicken salad at his private restaurant, of course!


So, let's not waste this once-in-a-lifetime chance the chieftain has given us and have the best beef in the world - Kobe A5, as the star of our 1st feast.

My my... look at that juicy and finely trimmed piece of Kobe beef!

The meat and fat intertwine beautifully like marble stone!

Our super chef from Kobe Teppanyaki restaurant will now prepare our appetizer:

Kobe A5 Beef Tataki - these luxurious and delightful bites will sure to kick off one's appetite!

Firstly, thinly shave some onion and roll them into small lumps.

Next, cut some pickled olive fruit,

and put it next to the onion lump, on a bed of diced red, green and yellow bell pepper.

Finally, place a slice of red beet on top.

Hearing this makes me so hungry!

And that's our side vegetables!

Now, cut our Kobe A5 beef into thin slices,

season them with salt and pepper, then use a blow torch to slightly grill them from the top.

Those are perfect with a little wasabi!


Put the grilled beef slice on top of the onion lump. One slice for each!

A little wasabi and some lemon peel on top of the beef!

Lastly, some special tataki sauce for a finishing touch, and the dish is ready to serve!

The tender, umami beef combines with the tartness of the sauce, enhanced by a little citric from the lemon peel!

She's still not finished?

Just one bite and even pickiest eater will be filled with delight!

The next dish on the menu is Grilled A5 Beef!

Different from most other dishes, this dish must be eaten right after it is done cooking to fully savor and appreciate its exquisite flavor.

For that, we'll need to prepare the side foods on the plate first.

Draw two parallels lines of pea sauce.

Then, put on the side a little Himalayan pink salt...

- The narrator girl's voice sure is high! - ...along with some wasabi.

And that's our plate to serve the beef dish!

The Kobe beef is seasoned with salt and pepper,

then flambeed with cognac... simple as that!

Once the flambe finishes, cut the beef into edible pieces.

Such smooth and clean cut is indeed because of our chef's professional skill;

but in this instance, it's also because of the Kobe beef, which is so soft and tender that it seems to break apart just at the touch of the knife.

Place the beef on the plate, top each one with a piece of fried garlic,

then sprinkle on some crumbled egg to finish!

1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6!

6 pieces of shiny, juicy beef line up so perfectly on the plate!

Pick up a piece of beef and dip it slightly in the Himalayan pink salt!

The tender beef is very rich in fat but not overwhelmingly so,

combined with the crispy, fragrant garlic makes a perfect combination of flavor.

The simplest yet most exquisite, luxurious, superior, heavenly and delicious beef dish one could imagine!

A set of A5 Beef Nigiri contains 2 pieces of nigiri, each with its own distinctive flavor.

Here's how to make this wonderful dish!

Add some sushi vinegar to the cooked Japanese rice and mix well.

Take 2 small portions of rice and shape them into the nigiri shape, like this.

Then put a little wasabi on top of the rice.

Cut 2 slices of Kobe A5 beef,

and lay them on top of the rice.

Use a blow torch to slightly grill the beef.

As the beef cooked, its fat oozes out, creating a delicious, shiny coat!

Next, cut a piece of foie gras.

Oh my god!

Season it with salt and pepper, then grill it slowly with the blow torch.

Once cooked, put the foie gras on one of the beef nigiri.

This nigiri will have a piece of dry seaweed to tie the rice with the beef and foie gras,

while the other is topped with some fresh seaweed as a finishing touch.

And that is our set of A5 Beef Nigiri!

Dip the piece of nigiri into the teriyaki soy sauce, then take a bite!

The rich, buttery foie gras; the tender, juicy beef; the soft and tart sushi rice!

It is, indeed, a wonderful...


and sublime combination of flavor!

The final dish of our 1st feast is the A5 Beef Burger.

Cut the Midnight burger bun in half.

- Midnight burger bun? - What's that?

Move your hands so we can see, mister chef!

Toast the bun then spread on some ketchup and teriyaki mayonnaise.

Put some lettuce, tomato and onion on one of the bun's half.

For this dish, the Kobe A5 beef is ground and shaped into a round slice like this,

then seared for about 2 minutes both sides.

Once cooked, put the beef on the bed of vegetable in the bun we've prepare...

then place the other piece of pun on top to finish!

The classic beef burger is already a treat to many, has now been taken to a whole new level by the superior Kobe A5 beef.

As you cut the burger in half, the layers inside appear, gleaming with vibrant colors! What a treat to the eyes!

From the beef to the tomato, lettuce and onion, all... were sliced in half!

The Kobe beef feast is now ready!

Hurry and win our game to claim these wonderful gourmets to yourselves, everyone!

Only the winners get to eat! Gosh... the pressure is real!

This is a very big feast, everyone! The Kobe A5 beef feast!

I was saving my stomach to eat here. But with that team as my opponent, I might have go home hungry.

In order to be qualified for the feast, you will have to win in this upcoming game! A game you might now from your childhood.

A very simple game, but it requires you to be fast and smart!

- Objection! - Huh?

How does my team, with 2 naive members, suppose to win against that team with those two as members?

- You yourself is enough to face both of us, Tu! - Impossible!

- See, chieftain? I say one and they reply with two! - Then come here and join our team, Tu!

I wish I could!

In this game, members of the 2 teams will compete in respective pairs based on their number.

Choose one number from 1 to 3!

- I choose it in my head or...? - Speak up so everyone can hear.

Okay... 3!

- Okay, you're next, Yen! - 2!

- Then my number is 1. - That's all 3 members!

- Your team's turn! - I choose 5 - my favorite number.

Go home and play then!

- But you said... - I said chose one number from 1 to 3!

- Again! - Okay...

I already have to much no.1 things, so I'll chose... 3!

Then you'll be his opponent!

- Oh my god! - Quynh, your turn!

- 2! - Then you'll be competing against Yen!

And that means Huy will go against Long!

Alright! Everyone go back to the grass area!

Whenever you hear me call your designated number, you'll run up here, try to grab this flag and run back to your team to earn a point.

But... if your opponent touches you when you're holding the flag, the point will go to your opponent team instead.

- I see. - This is gonna be difficult!

In case I call more than one number, you have to catch the opponent that has the same number as you. Remember that!

Everyone understand? Do you want a test run?

- Yes! - Okay then...

Number 1, go!

Long, you lose!

Alright, get ready folks!

Number 2!

He said no. 2!

Quynh wins! 1- 0!

I thought you'd start with no. 1!

Number 3!

- Touch it! I dare you! - No, I dare...

You fell for it!

2 - 0!

Everyone, go!

I touched him!

What did I say? Catch the opponent that has the same number as you only!

- Number 3. - Mine's number 1.

I touched him!

3 - 0!

Number 1 & 2, go!

Hold it! Hold it!

- Which number did I call? - 1 and 2!

- And which number are you again? - But I already ran back before they started to...

4 - 0!

- Stay clam, everyone! Calm and collected! - This is a bit confusing.

You know the rule and still break it, meaning you did it on purpose. And that requires punishment!

Number 2, go!

You just have to run to the grass area right?

No, the grass area of your team!

4 - 1! Number 3!

- I can't believe you! - You fell for that twice!

- Darn it, Kiet! - But she...

5 - 1! Are you forfeiting this game, Kiet?

Everyone, go!

Number 2, go back!

Or not! Nice one, Yen!

5 - 2!

Number 2!

Touch her!

Done! Quynh wins!

- What? - What do you mean "what"?

You have to run back to your team's area!

6 - 2! 3, go!

Wait, what is she doing here?

He said 2 and 3!

- I said: "6 - 2! 3, go!" - Okay, so this round doesn't count since...

No, no, no!

Number 3, go!

Number 2, go!

- Run! - Get her, Yen! You're no. 2!

Wait, where's the flag?

You have to touch her for it to count, Yen!

Why did you stop, Quynh?

I'm going to have a headache with these teammates! I want to quit!

6 - 4! They're catching up!

Number 1!

Don't grab the flag yet!

- Number 2! - Go go!

- Did you touch him, Long? - Yes, with my finger.

That means: 6 - 5!

They were in lead with 5 points, yet now...

Number 2, go!

You can run that way! Just grab it and run!

Just grab it and run, Quynh!

No, Yen's arm is long...

- Unbelievable! - Oh my god!

She dropped the flag after grabbing it!

Number 2, go!

You should have stood here!

Why do you keep calling number 2? You know she's the weakest member in my team, right?

Number 1, go!

Nice one!

That makes it 7 - 7 now!

Number 1, go!

Number 3, go! Number 1, go back!

Long touched him!

8 - 7!

2 more points and you'll win!

Number 2, go!

That's right! Little Quynh has learned her lesson!

There's no way Yen can get pass her now!

Number 1, go!

8 - 8!

- Things are getting intense! - I'm exhausted!

Number 3, go!

Oh my goodness, honey...

Oh my god! Honey, look at you!

- What happened? - I'm exhausted!

Everyone, go!

And that means, the Kobe beef feast now belongs to you, everyone!


I mean you guys!

This is the Kobe beef feast for the winning team!

Losing team, don't expect anything!

- Thanks for the meal, Yen, Long! - It makes you look pitiful.

But... why do they give us bowls if we aren't allowed to eat?

- They're for decoration! - Oh no, they're pain amplifiers!

Okay, let us try the nigiri first!

Bon appetit, everyone!

Here you go... actually, on second thought...

There's a piece of foie gras on top!

There's no way you guys can eat all of these alone!

It's so rich!

- It's so delicious it's... - It's what? Tell me!


Gonna take a little wasabi...

Put that on the beef, then dip in the salt, right?

- Is that Himalayan salt? - Yep, Himalayan pink salt.

Beef: super tender! Garlic: crispy and fragrant!

- Can we try now? - Dig in!

- That plate is a little far away. - I'll help you get it!

You look so emotionless, Tu. You're okay?

- Delicious! - Here, let me help you braid your hair, Quynh!

- The beef is so tender! - Look over there, girl!

If only Quynh gets to eat this as well...

Here, you can have this, Quynh!

- What's that? - Fried garlic.

- No, I don't want garlic. - It has some beef flavor on it!

- Are you finish eating yet? - No! Each feast is at least an hour long!

Japanese foods are meant to be eaten slowly!

- Now look here! - What is it, Tu?

Do you really want to start a war just because of a meal?

- You wanna do it? - But this is the show's rules!

You really want to let those one-time rules destroy our relationship?

- Just ignore them! - I'll listen to the chieftain!

There must be lots of garlic in that!

Still the fine, tender beef, but now with the crunchy onion...

and a little pungent flavor from the bell pepper. A wonderful combination for your taste bud!

The beef piece is super juicy... like Tu over there!

- I'm dry now! - And there's this pungent bitterness from the wasabi too!

- Just like Tu! - Yep, that's her feeling right now!

So delicious!

- Hey, can we go to your restaurant and eat together later, Huy? - Sure!

Try soothing each other more! You'll need that!

- These beef are superb! - You said it!

The meat from the rich cows and bulls!

- They got to listen to music, drink milk and even have massaging! - How luxurious!

Moving on to the burger!

I heard you could eat all the entire burger of this size in one bite, right? Show us, chieftain!

That's Bao Lam! My mouth isn't that big!

Must be wonderful for you!

Ground beef... but it still has that signature tenderness!

Try it, you guys!

- Here you are! - Thank you!

- Hey, let's eat this the royalty way! - What royalty way? Show me!

It's gonna take you 'til tomorrow to finish that burger eating like that!

I think I hear a crack in my jaw!

- Can I just get a piece to look? I won't eat it! - Nope!

That will just make it more painful for you!

Say... this burger tastes just like a piece of beef itself.

How interesting!

Did you have your annual health-check before you come here, Kiet?

Alright, we'll now eat the nigiri again. But this time, we'll eat by hands.

'Cause nigiri is supposed to be eaten by hands in Japan.

So good!

- In Japan, this is how they usually give food to the guests. - And then they throw it up?

- No way! - And then?

Excuse me, chieftain! The opponent gives this to me. Can I eat it then?

- Your parents are watching you. Please behave! - No problem. They know their daughter.

- Gee, you gotta stomp your feet that hard? - Beautiful!

OMG! He stomped his feet and a pomelo appeared.


That must be magic!

He just needs to stomp his feet.

Like how a chicken lays eggs.

If you manage to overcome this challenge, you get to eat, not your whole team.

He's trying to break your team.

- Be united and don't play. - I'm the oldest here so I quit.

- I don't eat. - Really?

- Quynh? - So I'm the only one gets to eat? Great!

No more game then.

- I just ate it earlier. - Your teammates refuse to play.

- So no more game for your team. - But you gotta share your opinion after eating. Not just "delicious".

- No game, no eating. - Is that so?

- You gotta play to eat. - Okay! Let's play!

Too late! You run out of time.

This show is really absurd.

- I'm going home then. - Our rule is you have to win a game to eat. But you didn't wanna play.

- Just play! Grab your chance! - He doesn't allow me to play now.

- Please give them another chance. - Don't bully your juniors!

He asks us to eat a whole pomelo in one go. That's ridiculous!

Come on! Be a venerable chieftain! Let them eat!

Okay. Hold it!

Sing a song that all 3 of you are familiar with.

When the song ends, the one holding the pomelo doesn't get to eat.

2, 3!

Sing it my way!

[Change the pitch]

Keep passing it!

[He intends to let the girls win]

Don't stop!

[This duo is annoying]

[Stop it already]

Not over yet!

[They sing no matter what]

[We're tired, guys]

[But we're not]

He wants to let the ladies eat. A real man!

[They keep singing though]

[Man of the year]

He wants to let the ladies eat. A real man!

'Cause right now, we're filming this episode on 20 October, Vietnamese women's day.

So Huy wants to let the ladies eat. Good job, young man!

I'll let your whole team eat. Enjoy!

Enjoy the meal!

- I feel like I sing better after eating this beef. - Excuse me, your singing still sucks!


[Finally I get to eat]

[I've been starving]

- Where's the last piece of nigiri? - I ate it.

How cruel! I was going to give it to Quynh.


- Which cut of beef is this? - Tenderloin.

I see. Superb! It has intense beef flavor.

- Where is the tenderloin located on a cow? - Here.

- I see. It's in the back. - It's found within the loin.

The tenderloin is an oblong shape.

- The smallest cut? - It's the most tender cut of beef.

Since this feast is so extraordinary, we can't stand to see our colleagues suffer.

- True that. It must be painful. - I know right.

Many artists got their parents mad after joining the show.

Their parents were like, "why did you watch people eat while there were lots of food at home?".

We don't want that to happen again so we'll let them eat.

I'm not sure about the next feast but it's obvious that the fierce competition doesn't end here.

The further you go, the more delicious the dishes are. Stay tuned for the next round!

[The King of Food season 6]

- Everyone, how was the Kobe beef? Tender? - Absolutely!

Wait and see! The upcoming feast is much cooler.

Let's watch the video!

I feel so sorry for the losing team!

Doraemon! Hey Doraemon!

How could you resist such a luscious feast?

No worries! Here comes another beef feast brought to you by the chieftain.

It's not any less splendid and delish than the Kobe one.

This is Chef Duy.

He's gonna prepare a Meat Lover set for us as requested by the chieftain...

which is packed of beef!

The set includes beef tenderloin. The muscle in this part of a cow is completely inactive...

making the cut lean and known as the most tender cut of beef.

Next, we have beef sirloin. It's tender with a good degree of marbling.

And this is rib eye with a generous amount of marbling forming an eye in the middle of the cut.

If you prefer a rich and fatty steak, rib eye is perfect for you.

Lastly, a rack of lamb gets lost and ends up in our beef feast.

Prepare it by trimming off excess fat and removing gristle.

Rack of lamb is known as...

the most delicious, beautiful with highest quality cut.

Season the meat with Kosher salt and Phu Quoc pepper on both sides.

Massage each piece to enhance absorption.

Look at them juicy meat! Hardly could anyone resist such a temptation.

It's cooking time!

Let's prepare a side dish first which is Sauteed Vegetable with Garlic Butter.

Place steamed sweet corn in.

Add carrots, baby potatoes and broccoli.

Shake the wok steadily and let the flame leap inside.

It requires advanced cooking skills! Be careful not to burn your house!

Let's start pan-searing!

Add olive oil then place the steak into the skillet.

Cook over high heat...

for the outside to be a little burnt while the inside just reaches medium rare.

Flip the steak and add some rosemary branches.

Drizzle hot oil all over to boost the flavor.

Do the same to other pieces.

That's rosemary, right?

I prefer thyme though. Rosemary's aroma is so intense.

It's often used to cook soup.

After pan seared, the rack of lamb will be covered in a layer of mustard...

and sprinkled with the restaurant's exclusive mixture of herbs and crispy batter.

Then bring it to bake at 200 degree Celsius for 12 - 13 minutes.

The rack of lamb is cooked perfectly...

as there's a pale pink hint inside without any blood.

The aroma is gonna cast a spell on your senses.

Place the rack of lamb in the Meat Lover set.

Oh my!

It's like a tray of Rice Noodles with Tofu and Shrimp Paste.

With Pumpkin Soup, our set is now complete.

There are 4 types of sauce, guys!

- OMG! Not over yet! - Dip the lamb chop in Phu Quoc pepper sauce.

Dip the tenderloin steak in red wine mushroom sauce.

Dip the sirloin steak in yellow mustard sauce.

Dip the rib eye steak in blue cheese sauce.

Then dip... Oops, that's all!

You can tell how heavenly it tastes just by looking.

The creamy sauce totally compliments the juicy meat.

As our chieftain is being so generous today, let's eat until you drop, everyone!

OMG! What's that?! It's annoying!

Gee, we may not be able to finish all that.

- That's right. - But don't forget that each round has its own prize.

You won the last round so please choose 1 treasure chest.

We're gonna reveal the prize money at the end of the show.

Oh, I see. Number 1 then.

- So chest no.1 is yours. We'll find out later. - Okay!

- Now, here comes a game that requires strength. - Not another physical game, please!

- So we just sit still and play a brain game? - No way!

Still another physical game!

Everyone, this is a childhood game that many of us used to play as kids,...

especially on those camping trips. Yes, it's sack race!

Each team gets a sack.

The race lasts for 3 minutes.

Place your legs inside a sack and hop towards this basket.

Take a balloon and put it in your sack.

Then hop back to your team...

and immediately give the sack to the next member.

After 3 minutes, which team gets more unbroken balloons wins.

- How about the broken ones? - We don't count them in.

Okay, got it!

You should remove your heels then.

- Is it slippery? - No worries. We've tested several times.

And there are always people tripping.

It's slippery, guys. Be careful not to drop your manner.

- You're the only one I'm worried about. - True that.


- She's right. - Anyone doesn't get the rule?

No one 'cause we got to eat iodized salt as kids.

3 minutes!



- OMG! - It broke!

- Let's go back! - You're finished!

- Take one only. - Hey, it's slippery!

Indeed. Take the balloon out!

- Take it out already? - No, it should stay in there.

- Really? - Keep the balloon inside.

Is that so?

- Hurry up! - Yet you said you'd been eating iodized salt.

Anyone doesn't get the rule?

No one 'cause we got to eat iodized salt as kids.


[Singing while hopping]

[Please let me focus]

Your manner has dropped.

Put it in.

Yen hops so fiercely.

[My turn already?]

Oh my, I don't feel good about this.

[Sorry sister, I'm leaving]

[Wait for me]

The balloons are breaking! Gosh!

They're all breaking!

You should blame yourself then.

- It's so wet in here. - Moving like this won't pop the balloons.

It's a strategy, you know.

Trust me, bro! It's a strategy.

Move like this, alright?

[Ok leave it to me]

How do you do it? Like this?

[Walk like a robot]

Well, I'm pretty certain that Minh Tu's team is gonna lose.

- You said you'd let me win. - I did. I was like walking you know.

Why didn't you just stand still?!

- Just stand there! No moving! - Okay. I'll just stand here.

Alright! Cool!


That's right. Hop a big higher!

It breaks! Yen's balloon has broken.

It's broken.


- Oh gosh! - It broke!

It's okay.

- I'm gonna fall. - You should move like this.

Hop! No walking, guys!

[No cheating allowed]

Stop right there!

- Stop already! - Come on! I did let you go first!

- Don't you dare take the balloon! - I'll let you go first, alright?

Now, surpass her!

[Chieftain attempts to break their bond]

OMG! This is tiring!

Whose calcium levels are dropping?


What kind of game is this?!

[Run as fast as they can]

- Gosh, I break it! - It's inevitable. What matters the number of balloons left.

Hang in there!

- Yen, you said you'd let us win. - Hop, not walk! Stop cheating!

[I'm not cheating]

- So many balloons explode. - Sure. We popped like a lot.

- What? It's our business. - Nah, I'm talking about my team.

Come on!

[Stay calm, guys]

- I let you go first! - Be a man of his words!

OMG! The balloons are exploding!

- No way! - Yes, they are! Be gentle!

- You're being tough on them. - They're breaking!

I figure out a tip. Take the small balloons, sis!

Bigger ones tend to explode easily.

Oh my, they all exploded.

- Nah, there are still many. - Hop gently!

I'm exhausted! Come on! This game makes my posture look ugly.

Hey! Be careful!

I'm having vestibular disorder.

[Each runs their own way]

30 seconds left.

- Now, it's you and me. - Please just quit!

I'm counting down. 5!

4! 3!

- 2, 1, time's up! - All the balloons are now broken.

Here! Let me do it.

This one belongs to Minh Tu's team.

What's up?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 balloons.

7 is a lucky number.

Come on! We've got 15 balloons here.

15 balloons! Excuse me!

- We've got 15 balloons. - What? How many balloons did you take each time?

15 balloons!

- How could it be? - Yeah 'cause I'm lying.

[I'm just bluffing]

This one doesn't count!

[A tiny balloon]

- This is the 7th balloon. - 7!

It's a tie, everyone.

Come on! It's broken! The water has been leaking out.

- It's not broken yet! - Give it to me!

Gee, there's only a little water left.

Let's compare these two! It's supposed to be this jiggly!

I'm just trying to clarify it biologically.

It's a tie, right? There will be a bonus game to determine the winner.

- Now, let's see. - What game?

- No more running, please. I'm out of breath. - This time, just stand still.

- The calcium levels are dropping low. - Each team chooses 2 members.

- Let's go, Yen! - 2 members each team?

- Yeah right. - We'll play then.

- Okay! - 1 stands there and 1 comes over here.

- Catch the balloon? - OMG!

- We're dead meat! - This team, please choose 2 members.

- Well, I quit. - OMG! I'm not good at catching balloon.

- Here you go. - What do we do exactly?

- Throw it. - He'll get wet.

- 1 throw equals to 1 turn. - Find a balloon with less water.

- Find a small one. - No way. Pick the big one.

- Here you go. - Gee, you're into big things, aren't you?

Alright. 1 throw equals to 1 turn.

- What do we do? - Just throw and catch.

Miss the balloon, your team loses.

- Throw it high! 1, 2, 3, go!

Do your best!


[What just happened?]

My goodness!

Miss the balloon first, your team loses.

[Quynh throws the balloon]

[Huy gets it]

[Yen throws the balloon]

[He misses it]

OMG! We're done!

He misses it first.

- He misses the balloon? - Yep!

Cool! Tu's team is the winner! Congrats!

[Casually blows the whistle]

The feast belongs to Minh Tu's team.

- We let you guys win. No big deal! - Yeah, 'cause it seems like you're starving.

- Thank you! - You lost 'cause you played badly. That's it!

Ladies and gentlemen, the chef in this round shows a bias towards the losing team.

It means they also have their own food.

[Is that fair to us!?]

- Wait! I think it's just beef stew. - I'm leaving! I'm going home!

Nah, it's just beef stew or beef hot pot.

I know nothing. But since they're the winner, they must get some priority, right?

So let's choose first!


It also depends on luck.

[The odds are in our favor]

Be careful not to choose the beef stew.

- Pick it up! Choose the heavier one. - You can't touch it.

We can't touch?

- Take the heavier one. - But no touching allowed.

Hold on! It's not always right to judge based on weight.

Tu, what did you say earlier? Something about green or red.

Green or red, it depends on whether your mind is big or small.

According to psychology, please look in my eyes.

Now, please look in my eyes!

Which one is tasty among these two?

[And the answer is...]

They're both tasty!


Each tastes good in its own way.

My fengshui element is earth. I go for yellow.

Sit still!

Wait! Her fengshui element is fire. She picks pink.

- Nah, yellow is fine. - Then we go with yellow.

What's your birth year?

- 1990. Earth too. - Yellow then!

We share the same fengshui element.

What's wrong?

[Pretty heavy]

- My goodness, is this one the real deal? - It's so heavy.

Oh no, I feel sorry for you guys.

What's wrong with the fengshui?!

Oh my poor kitty!

[What did we just do?]

You decide your own fate. Let's see if it turns out good or bad.

- Wait and see! - Are you sure?

They're the winner so they get the priority.

We're sure.

- Really? - Yes.

- Sure! - Let's open it.

Cool! Oh my, just tear it open.

The ribbon flower is no elegant at all.


[What's in store for us?]

[Anxiously waiting]

[The real beef feast]

- How lucky you are! - Hold on! You gotta see this!

- Stay tuned! Let me show you! - They are the same?

I saw you guys get meat too.

Come on! Open your eyes and see it!

[Pork bones]

These are good too.

You're the winner and you're lucky too.

The fengshui here suits us.

Alright. Let's try the rib eye...

with pepper sauce.

Amazing! Beautiful!

Is it good?

Look at my mouth!

[See how I enjoy it? You can tell how good it is]

- Delicious! - Enjoy the meal!

Guys, let's have some corn.

And tomato too. It's packed with vitamins. Very good for your health!


Tomato tastes so good.

- How do we eat this elegantly? - Guys, mind to share some veggies?


- I just take the vegetable. - You have your own food.

But there's no broccoli.

- Take some asparagus. - You lost so don't ask too much.

Beef is utterly moist, tender and aromatic.

[So is this thing]

The chef's skills are amazing.

The steak needs to hit 58 degree Celsius internally...

to reach medium rare with a pale pink hint inside.

It's advised to eat steak medium rare. For this one, the beef flavor is strong but delightful.

Personally, I don't enjoy Japanese beef. Simply because it's too fatty.

- It contains more fat, right? - Yeah. It makes the steak juicier and more tender though.

- Sis, please have some. - What's going on?

[Sisters' love]

[While they were busy analyzing the dish]

[They are playing with flower]

[Are we cute?]

Let's distract them!

[I don't get it either]

The flower drops.


[Sing to relieve hunger]

[Don't mind them]

Quynh, say something! You just keep eating.

They won't let you eat next time.

We don't receive emails.

Speak up, please.

Everyone, this piece of steak can make you feel the sea.


Well, you know, it's made from Japanese fatty beef...

seasoned with salt and Phu Quoc pepper. Phu Quoc is an island in the sea.

What do you usually see at the sea? Waves!

Where does salt come from? The sea, right?

That's why a piece of steak can make you feel the sea.

Ladies and gentlemen, everything in life happens for a reason.

There are many reasons why one doesn't have a boyfriend.

Everyone gets it, right?

Somehow there's lamb meat.

Yeah, it's included in this combo.

The lamb is well cooked.

Normally, I don't fancy lamb due to its distinctive smell.

But the lamb here is tender without any odor.

Listen to him!

Look how a gentleman speaks!

Guys, do you know what this is?

This is a piece of beef. Do you know where it comes from?

From a cow.

Well, in order to cook it...

[Trying to hold it in]

- I'm listening. - In order to get this tasty piece of beef,...

all you need to a dash of salt, ground pepper and olive oil.

[That's all?]

That's all?

The corn is so sweet.

Sometimes, you should reflect on yourself to see why love doesn't come.

Alright. What is your ideal man like?

- I don't have any idea. - Just follow your heart, you mean?

That's right.

It's like you prefer someone smart or funny, for example.

Fair skin or black skin?

[Let it pass please]

Oh please!

[That's not nice, sis!]

- It's just a simple question, right? - Come on!

Look! Huy is a fair-skinned gentleman.

[Huy has no idea]

He's fair, right? Or do you prefer a macho man?

Me? I have no idea.

I don't set any standards for my ideal man. I just go with the flow.

But there are at least some qualities that you especially enjoy, right?

Go with the flow? Are you sure? Come with me.

There's a single security guard out here.

[Let me help you]

- But he must be able to cope with me. - No worries. The 60-year-old man is good at it.


Obviously, women prefer a gentleman with a sense of humor, right?

It doesn't mean that he must be like a clown.

But the way he talks always entertains you and his presence makes you feel warm.

I don't think I have anyone in mind.

Someone like me.

[I'm right here]

[Can't believe he actually says that]

My favorite color is pink. Would you like to be my darling?

[Poem to look for husband]

A big hand to encourage her please.

Thank you, guys.

Thank you everyone for listening to our endless babble.

Everything happens for a reason.

Life is fair, you know. God gives you beauty and numerous beauty pageant prizes. In return you lack of...

- Social grace, you mean? - Of course not.

- Don't you dare to say I lack of grace! - Nope.

I'll take it out to show you.

We'd like to stop here. For real.


[The King of Food season 6]

Tu's team has just won the previous game. Let's choose a treasure chest.

- Well? - Number 2?

- How about number 3? - Time to play Bingo game.

Number 3.


It doesn't matter 'cause we'll win them all anyway.


[I'm just kidding]

[You mean I'm gonna lose this round too?]

[Well said, Quynh!]

- Guys? - Number 3.

Cool! The no.3 chest is yours.

The remaining chest will belong to the winner of the upcoming game.

But before that, let's take a look at some delightful dishes.

[The King of Food season 6]

The King of Food crew is still at The First Steakhouse.

In this round, let's refresh our palates with some other dishes made by another chef.

Delicious dishes and a pretty chef. What a great combo! Don't you agree?

This is Chef Tien. Please smile for us!

- Hi Tien! - Tien cuts cucumber without looking.

Tien doesn't need to look at what she's cutting.

What a beautiful smile you have! Please keep smiling!

The first dish that Tien makes for us is Steak Salad with Sour and Spicy Fish Sauce Dressing.

Tien seasons the sirloin steak with salt.

Now, Tien adds ground pepper onto the steak and salt.

Tien adds olive oil and massages the steak to improve absorption.

It's time for pan searing!

Tien flips it and puts a garlic, thyme and rosemary on top.

Drizzle the steak with oil and butter like Tien does.

Tien realizes the steak is ready to serve,...

as well as the herbs and the garlic.

Thinly slice the skillet steak.

Look at all the ingredients of our salad.

The sour and spicy dressing is made from Color Man 40N fish sauce,...

a little vinegar, sesame oil,...

chopped red chili and fine lemon zest.

The salad includes romaine lettuce,...

radicchio, lollo rosso,...

lollo bionda, cherry tomatoes,...

red radish, sweet corn, cucumber,...

olives, carrot strips and cress.

Drizzle with the sour and spicy dressing and mix it up well.

Place pieces of sliced steak on top.

Add the dressing and parmesan cheese powder for the finishing touch.

Steak Salad with Sour and Spicy Fish Sauce Dressing is ready to serve!

Take a long look to appreciate our masterpiece then try it out.

The juicy beef goes oh-so-well with the mildly sour dressing.

and the refreshing veggies.

Eat it daily and you're gonna get glowing skin and a beautiful body just like our super models right here.

The second dish is Steak with French Fries and Cheddar Cheese Sauce.


Fries are sprinkled with a dash of salt, pepper and parsley.

Shake it well.

Place sliced skillet steak on top of fries.

Pour a generous amount of Cheddar cheese all over.

Sprinkle with some parmesan cheese powder and chopped parsley.

The taste is just as fascinating as its appearance.

Fries are crispy and pleasantly salty...

paired with a piece of tender steak and super creamy cheese sauce.

Everyone is gonna get hooked on it.

Next, we have Steak Crostini with Sauteed Mushroom and Ponzu Sauce.

It's made from shiitake mushroom, shimeji mushroom, bread,...

and of course, medium rare beef steak.

This is how ponzu sauce is made.

Mix Japanese soy sauce, vinegar and lemon juice.

Stir up well and voila!

Place some butter in a pan.

Oops, butter is a bit sticky.

Saut mushroom until golden on both sides.

Season the sirloin steak with salt and Phu Quoc pepper.

Bring it to cook in the usual way.

Don't forget to flip it or your steak won't be cooked properly.

Next, put some shallots on the baguette.

Then add some pan-seared mushroom, mustard sprouts,

beef tenderloin,

chiffonaded scallions and fried garlic.

Decorate the dish with a small flower.

Crispy baguette.

Tender beef.

Sweet and aromatic mushroom.

Fresh vegetables.

Take a bite of it and you will be blown away by the heaven taste of the dish.

The last dish of the feast is Steak and Pesto Spaghetti.

With special green pesto, the spaghetti isn't greasy, but heavenly flavorful.

Compared with other types of spaghetti, this dish tastes peculiar.

First, put the pasta into a pot of boiling water.

Boil it until it gets soft enough.

Soak the boiled pasta into cold water to prevent it from turning soggy.

Drizzle the olive oil over the pasta.

Shake the sieve until the pasta is evenly coated with the oil.

Pesto is made with basil and parsley.

Boil them for a while and soak them into cold water to get the perfect green color.

Blend them with garlic,

pine nuts,

a pinch of salt, pepper,

and parmesan butter.

Turn on the blender then we will have a perfect bowl of pesto like this.

Pan-sear the beef for a while.

Mixing pasta with pesto is the essential step to make Pesto Pasta.

Put the pasta on a dish, then put the pan-seared beef on the top.

Sprinkle it with some peanuts and parsley.

Although simple, it's heavenly tasty.

Sure that you can't help yourself enjoying the spaghetti until the last spoon.

The feast is ready to eat now.

But it's only for the chieftain and the winning team.

[The King of Food]

- We'll let you win this round. - Thanks, Tien.

Ladies and gentlemen, before joining the feast, you have to win this game.

It's gametime now.

[The King of Food]

Ladies and gentlemen, we will play the game "Kicking the Pomelo".

- Where's the pomelo? - It's in the goal.

Here it is.

[Looking forward to seeing the pomelo]

This pomelo is rotten. That's why we save it for this game.

[Are you sure, chieftain?]

Each team has three members.

Here's the rule.

Yellow and red cards are used as a means to discipline players for misconduct during the game.

- Do we have goals? - Yes, two goals.

How about the goal keeper?

- Who's the goal keeper? - Me.

- No lying down. - Oh really?

- You're just allowed to tackle the ball. - Is that so?

Oh no.

Well, that's okay.

No lying down anyway.

That's challenging.

Which team gets 5 scores first will be the winners.

[Let's get started]

- Who's the goal keeper? - It's me! Hang in there, mates!

Go away!

Be careful!

The road team is attacking!

The ball is on the pitch of Minh Tu's team!

It crossed the sideline! Throw it in!

Kick the ball in!

This is Huy Tran! He's dribbling the ball now!

- Oops! - He's kicking the ball to nowhere.

Dong Anh Quynh is jumping as a rabbit.

Watch out!

Mr. Long!

[So tense]

- Shoot! - Whoa!

Bravo! Long!

1-0 for Long's team!

The losing team is about to kick off.

[Let's start]

Dong Anh Quynh and Huy Tran are passing the ball to each other!

Long's got the ball!

Long is so good at football.

Please don't, Long!

Be careful, Long! You're not young anymore!

Tackle it!

- I'm exhausted. - Minh Tu doesn't know what to do.

Good! Kick the ball!

Keep going!

- Huy Tran's got the ball! - Anh Quynh!

Quynh's drained out.

Seems that Long usually plays football at home.

He's so into this game.

The ball has crossed the sideline.

[Let me]

It crossed the line!

Good, Tu!

- That hurts! - Long!

- That hurts! - Keep going!




[We lose again?]

[We get one more score]

- Good job! - The score is 2-0 to Long's team!


Ladies and gentlemen, Minh Tu wasn't born for football.

- I got hurt! - Long is so good at football.

Get ready!

Another kick-off!

That was close! It's nice, Kiet!

How skillful you are!

That's great, Kiet!

Great! Minh Tu has just pulled off a great save!

- My legs hurt so badly! - Kick it hard!


Man on!

Long! Long!


That hurts!

Please don't!

That hurts!

Huy Tran is keeping possession!

They hit the woodwork!

Long has got a lot of pace! But he couldn't pass Dong Anh Quynh!


Pass the ball to Huy!

[I did try my best]


- Wait! - Tackle it!

- Keep going! - Long!

He's passing the ball to Quynh!

Do your best, Quynh!

Kick it, Quynh!


That was close!

- Dong Anh Quynh is keeping possesion! - Quynh!

[Running to the chieftain]

Come on!

Shoot the goal, Long!

Come on!

Wait, wait!

[Putting the ball in the back of the net]

I think we can stop here. The score is 3-0 now.


Game over!

You're the winning team.

You've got the right to join the feast.

[The King of Food]

- So many delicious foods! - Wow!

We'd better let Long enjoy it first.

Because he's the eldest here.

Don't say that again, bro.

- You're so good at playing football. - I play soccer well, not football.

- I don't play football. - What are you saying? He's just 22 years old.

Let's try baguette first and tell us how it tastes.

- Which dish should I try first? - It's all up to you.

You can eat it all if you want.

I'd like to try beef and salad.

Wow! Let's imitate the voice actress.

Wow! Pan-seared beef is just like melting in your mouth.

Thanks, Tien.

The chef Tien.

As we can know, the voice actress doesn't have a lisp.

But I do, bro.

Tender beef.

It's perfectly paired with fresh vegetables.

So flavorful and refreshing.

Such a great combination of crispy veggies and tender beef.


Good job! Now, it's your turn.

- It's great. - Again?

Perfectly tender beef.

Aromatic garlic.

- Fresh mushroom. - Wow.

How about baguette?

- It's... - Mushy?

It tastes good, too.

Let's dig in!

Wanna eat with us?

Just eat together, mates. The football match totally drained us out.

Enjoy it.

We're all close friends. It wouldn't be appropriate if we didn't allow you to eat.

Let's dig in, Tu.

Rejecting my kindness?

Just eat.

Alright, let's eat.

Here's some cheese, Tu.

- Don't need to care about your weight. - Yeah, I'm not going on a diet.

Let me try some spaghetti.

Yeah, tender beef.

Aromatic pepper.

So delicious.

- Perfect rare beef. - It's so tender.

Beef blends well with cheese.

[Keep eating, Tu]

It's melting...

What's wrong with her, Long?

Seems that the loneliness badly affects her mind.

- Perhaps her nerve cells don't... - They don't work properly.

Kinda problems with neurons.

[What are you saying, mates?]

On the first date, how's your attitude with your partner?

I haven't ever had a date with anyone.


So you just go straight to this part?

I haven't done that with anyone before.

She must be telling lies.

Her ex is a singer, right?

I've met him on the hair salon many times.

- Who do you mean? - I don't know but he gave you a lift on his SH motorbike.

It's your ex, sis! Your ex sells gold and has a SH motorbike.

Your ex, sis.

Not mine.

Your ex sells gold, right?

He has a SN motorbike.


[Behave yourselves, guys]

This is not a place for you to speak ill of each other.

We're actually not, Giang. We show our respect to our ex-boyfriends.

Thanks to our ex, we have got a chance to be here today. But I haven't got one, anyway.

All the feasts today are especially rich in protein.

That's why the producers hold many activities for us to join.

But she still keeps silent.

- Besides being an artist, do you branch out, girl? - I look after some cats.

For sales?

No, I just take care of them for fun.

- I'm asking whether you have a side job or not. - No, I don't.

She's actually a rich kid.

- Ah, such a rich kid. - No, I'm not.

That's not true, mates. She just gets several townhouses in the Old Quarter.

- Oh dear! She seems so rich. - Yeah, right.

I heard that Vo Hoang Yen was gonna get married.

- I've asked me about this so many times. - I haven't.

A lot, bro.

- When your marriage? - I'm waiting for "Ms. Vy" (Covid-19) to go away.

She's interfered in my life a lot, just like a home wrecker.

It's not the right to hold a wedding party, right?

- So when will you get married? - As soon as "Ms. Vy" is chased away.

- It must be a long time. - I know.

- We dunno what will happen. - You're so mean, bro.

Our feast is mainly about beef.

For the last round, I would prefer to find a refreshing dessert to eat rather than enjoy more meat.

Let's wait for our dessert in the last round.

[The King of Food]

Ladies and gentlemen,

we're gonna enjoy a dessert in this round. It's Silken Tofu in Ginger Syrup.


Going back to our childhood

Running under the rain and getting yourselves wet.

[The King of Food]

Hello everyone, my name is Nguyen Ngoc Dinh Dinh.

I'm 21 years old.

I'm selling Silken Tofu in Ginger Syrup at 167 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1.

I took over this staff from my mom.

My mom had sold Silken Tofu for more than 34 years.

Back then, my family struggled with some troubles. That's why she couldn't sell it anymore.

I've sold it for almost one year and a half.

At the time, I was studying at university.

Then I dropped out of my school and restored my study result.

I intended to go back to my university but I couldn't do that until now.

Back then, I helped my mom prepare Silken Tofu every afternoon.

My mom showed me how to do.

Thanks to my mom's instruction, I knew how to cook tofu when taking over the stall from her.

I soak soy beans in water at 4 o'clock every day.

Around 9 am, I wash and put the soaked beans into a blender to break down them slightly.

Then I use a sieve to collect the soy pulp and bring to boil.

As you might know, I have to handle with everything myself.

I prepare coconut milk, grated ginger and ginger syrup.

It's around 1 pm when the soy bean milk is well-cooked.

I have to wait until it the soy milk begins to curdle.

I set up my stall from half past 4.

In a serving of silken tofu,

there's tofu, pears,

syrup, ginger and coconut milk.

Back then, a serving of traditional silken tofu consisted of tofu and ginger syrup.

Nowadays, we add some coconut milk, then tapioca pearls, and many else.

It tastes very delicious.

It would be a great choice for you to eat in cold and rainy days.

It's hot and aromatic.

The pearls are tender as well.

I've come to know her stall through Facebook.

I'm really into Silken Tofu. Whenever I crave for it, my dad will take me to his favorite eatery.

Silken Tofu in that eatery tastes good as well.

But it can't be compared with her tofu.

She's a pretty, cute and energetic girl.

Her customers like her so much.

When I began to sell tofu, just few customers came to my stall.

They asked for my mom's tofu all the time.

That's why I couldn't sell much tofu at that time.

Such slow selling days.

After three or four months, the customers started to go back to my stall.

So they had chances to taste my tofu.

And my stall became busier and even more crowded than my mom's stall.

They told that my tofu even tasted better.

Ladies and gentlemen,

our guest today is such an adorable girl.

Let's welcome Dinh Dinh!

Hi, Dinh Dinh!

Come here with me, girl.

- Why are you laughing? - I'm embarrassed.


Why are you crying?

We'll pay for tofu, girl.

Tell me why, girl?

Why crying?

Meeting up with Giang?

Why crying?

- I'm scared. - What makes you scared?

We won't do anything harm to you.

We will pay money for silken tofu. Don't worry.

- Tell me why? - Calm down, girl.

Take a deep breath.

- I'm a bit nervous. - Why?

Alright, calm down.

Give a big hand for her.

I'm wearing light makeup, girl. Don't be scared.

- Why are you scared of me? - Calm down.

Perhaps she's embarrassed about joining such a big show on TV.

Or she might be unhappy about something.

- Why are you crying, girl? - I'm just a bit nervous.

Should we go home now?

- How could you join this show when you're too nervous. - I'll do my best.

That's okay.

- How old are you? - I'm 21 years old.

- You're a student at university, aren't you? - I dropped out of my university.

Why so?

I'm to busy selling tofu as well as I can't afford it.

That means you don't have time to study when you sell things.

You wouldn't afford to study unless you sold tofu.

I understand.

A 21-year-old girl quit her school to sell silken tofu.

- Any customer comes to buy your food? - A lot.

Lucky you.

- So you can afford basic living expenses, right? - I do.

Anyone works with you?

My sister worked with me in the past.

But she has recently found another job to earn more money.

So your family gets more money.

- Do you have a boyfriend? - I'm still available.

The same with them.

[Please don't talk about us]

- Do you want to go back to the university? - When everything goes well, I'll continue to study.

It's still not good now?

- I have to deal with many things. - What things?

Just my business.

I'd better set aside some money before getting back to school.

Which university did you study at?


Oh, Midu is now a lecturer at HUTECH.

What's your major?

My major was restaurant management.

I studied restaurant management for one year and a half, then quit it.

Do you want to get back to your university and work as a restaurant manager in the future?

Of course yes. I love that job so much.

I'm the owner of many homestays. I promise to instruct you how to manage them.

You will be the manager.

Just apply to manager position if you can meet my requirements.

Then you can work for me.

- I'll give you the priority. - It's very kind of you, Giang.

But it's not the time, girl. We need time to get prepared for it.

- Is that okay? - Yes.

You'll apply for any position that's suitable for you.

I'll help you with the accommodations and travel expenses. You just need to work to earn money.

That would be great.

- Now, please give us some bowls of Silken Tofu. - Yes.

- Please wait for a while. - Don't cry, girl.

- I'm calm now. - That's good.

[The King of Food]


- Hot Silky Tofu in Ginger Syrup. - Wow!

Gosh! This is the most expected dish in the show today.

It's my favorite.

- A popular dish. - I love it.

Gosh! It looks so tempting.

It was my favorite dish during my childhood.

When I was little, I couldn't afford to buy it.

I remember when I was a student in secondary school,

an old lady who sold this dish usually appeared in my neighborhood.

When she said: "Anyone eats tofu?", I would run to her and get some.

Excuse me, I'd like to take off my hat first. The feathers keep ticking me.

But they didn't serve tofu with tapioca pearls in those days.

Why do you choose to sell tofu instead of other things?

There are so many things to sell, right? Did you take over it from your parents?

- My mom had sold it for over 30 years. - Oh, I see.

Oh dear! Her silken tofu is very tasty.

So good.

Anyone wants to eat silken tofu, don't forget to come to Ms. Thuy's Tofu stall.

- What's the address? - At 167 Bui Vien Street.

Oh, on Bui Vien street.

- Do you have iced silken tofu? - To be honest, her tofu tastes very appetizing.

Smooth and soft silky tofu. Creamy and flavorful coconut milk.

Chewy and somehow crunchy pearls.

Her major is restaurant management.

That's why she chose to sell Vietnamese Silky Tofu in Bui Vien, where lots of foreigners live.

Such a good choice.

How clever she is!

Another bowl?

Then we have to work out a lot tonight.

- You won't gain weight. - You sure?

- It's just slightly sweet. - Yeah, right to taste.

- So good. - Here's a gift for you in this show.

Thanks, everyone.

- I'm so serious about what I've just told you. - I know.

I've never try ti fool anyone.

We'll have chance to work together one day.

Is it right?

It's not the time, right?

We should be well-prepare for our next plan.

We'll meet each other on day.

Don't worry, girl.

Wanna eat tofu? Ah no, you must no longer crave for it.

Thank you for joining this show and serving us delicious Silken Tofu in Ginger Syrup.

It's possible that your stall will attract more customers after this show.

Or you'll hire someone else to help you with the tofu. 'Cause you can't handle everything yourself.

And open a second location.

Thank you all for bringing the laughter to the show.

Let's open your envelop. These are for you.


There's a number 0.

- One number 0. - Let them open it first.

Let's open it first.

It's quite heavy.


There's one number 0.

2 numbers 0.

- 3 numbers 0. - Just focus on the first number.

4 numbers 0.

5 numbers 0.

- 6 numbers 0. - 6 numbers 0.

- The last one is number 1. - It's VND10,000,000.

- What? - Just VND1,000,000.

- How about this? - VND3,000,000.

So you've got VND4,000,000. And this team has got VND6,000,000.

What a surprise!

We all agree to give her VND6,000,000.

Just take it, Dinh Dinh.

We give you all the prize we have just got. It's worth VND6,000,000.


Hope that you can go back to school in the near future.

A big hand for this team.

Thanks for giving her VND6,000,000.

Thanks, everyone.

Hang in there.

- Just give her. - What ya mean?

You want to give her this? Alright, thank you.


- This is for your school fee. - That's it.

Here it is.

- Just save it for your school fee. - VND10,000,000, right?

It's worth VND10,000,000.


Wait a minute. I'll give you the board of VND10,000,000.

Here you are.


Thanks, everyone.

It's not a big deal. If you feel embarrassed, I'll take it back.

Just kidding.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have lots of fun and enjoy many delicious foods.

Dinh Dinh's Silken Tofu in Ginger Syrup especially tastes so good.

If you love her, please come to Bui Vien to support her.

- The address is... - 167 Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao Ward, District 1.

- Ms. Thuy's Silken Tofu staff... - It's open from 3:30 pm every day.

Until 6 pm or sometime 9 pm.

If you want to order her food online, then I don't know.

Maybe you can order it on

Ladies and gentlemen, everything happens for a reason.

Thank you for following our show.

The King of Food is brought to you by HTV and Dien Quan M&E.

The show is aired at 8:35 pm every Wednesday on HTV7.

Thank you Color Man Fish Sauce for the accompany.

Goodbye and see you next time.

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