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Meet Nicole. She wants a natural latex mattress, but she's been frustrated by

half-truths and jargon.

Every website claims to offer the best latex mattress,

but she learned several are made with urethane foams, sub-grade latex,

or synthetic blends. Some contain natural wool,

but use just a pinch, mixed with chemical fire barriers.

What if the mattress is uncomfortable, or worse, what if she needs to return it?

Hundreds of dollars in hidden shipping costs can easily turn a good online deal

into a nightmare. Fortunately,

Nicole found PlushBeds. As America's largest distributor of

Arpico organic latex, PlushBeds brings the world's finest latex

directly from Arpico's certified organic plantations to your bedroom.

Every Botanical Bliss is made in the USA, with organic cotton and up to 10 pounds of

natural Joma wool,

over three times what competitors use, allowing your body to get a comfortable

sleeping temperature quicker

and maintain it through the night. Unlike most competitors,

PlushBeds' entire latex mattress is certified by

GreenGuard Gold for sensitive people such as children and the elderly,

an extraordinary accomplishment less than one percent of all mattresses in the US

have achieved.

And, only PlushBeds offers a free

and easy comfort exchange through the mail, to guarantee you receive

just the right firmness; plus a completely free 100 night trial,

including free return shipping if you are not completely satisfied.

Join thousands of happy, well-rested customers,

and order PlushBeds' latex mattress today.

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