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(children chattering)

- [Teacher 1] Children, stop running!

- [Brandon] Get off me, get off me!

- Was it?

- (Both) Oh!

- Get off me, get off me!

- Sister Houston, are you Okay?

(muffled yelling)

- Hold up, hold up!

Im'ma teach this little heathen a lesson

he's never going to forget!

- He must have used a year's supply of tissue.

- I'm gonna tell my daddy!

- And my daddy's gon' beat your daddy up!

- Miss Houston!

You have got to get control of yourself.

- Sorry, I --

- Working with children is definitely not your strong suit.

- Especially that Brandon Smith.

He'd test the patience of Job.

- Mm-hmm. (chuckles)

- Oh, no, no. Ah, no.

You go on.

We'll take care of the children.

- But.

Oh, yeah, Okayay, Okayay.

(piano music)

Thank you.

- [Both] Mm-hmm.

- She sat on that boy! (laughs)

- She sure did!


(horse neighing)

(car horn blaring)

- Sorry!



- [Woman In Apron] You know, I am such a good coOkay.

- Smells good.

- Ah, mmm!

Oh, look at that, ah!

- Mmm.

- So good makes you want to slap your momma!

Oh, oh, funny! (chuckles)

- You know I was going to smack you like Big Momma did

Martin Lawrence in that movie, Nothing to Lose.

- What about those legs, huh?

- Hey!

- What about those legs?

- Hey, uh-uh.

- Hey!

- No, no, no, no no!

Do not put me in the middle of this fight.

I done already lost one battle this week.

- I didn't see you in church again this morning.

- Oh, you know, I caught it on the radio.


- Okay, let's set the table.

- Okay.

- Let us bless this food.

Father, thank you for allowing my beautiful family

to partake in our Sunday dinner once more.

A family that eats together

and prays together stays together.

Bless the hands that have prepared this food.


- Amen.

- Amen.

- I didn't see you at service this morning, Faith.

- Ah, yeah.

- What happened with you in the Smith boy?

- He just confirmed for me

that I don't need to be volunteering for the Youth Ministry.


What's so funny?

- Oh, nothing, sweetheart.

You know, you just never been that good

with animals or children.

- Momma!

- But remember the goldfish that we got

that died every time she walked into the room? (laughs)

- Angela, leave your sister alone.

- Thank you, Daddy.

- You know, John, you spoil her.

- Well, if I don't, who will?

- Speaking of which, when are you going to find yourself

a good man and make me some grandbabies?

- First, I'm not good enough to be around kids,

but you want me to have grandbabies?

- First, you got to get a man.

- Daddy, um, I'm moving to Red Springs, Texas.

- Excuse me?

- You're moving?

What is a red spring?

- Honey, let me handle this.

I think you need to explain, sweetheart.

- I think that God is trying to tell me this is my calling.

- God?


- Shut up.

- Okay.

- This is some kind of a joke, right?

- I'm dead serious, Daddy.

- Don't "Daddy" me and talk straight, young lady.

- I heard it as clear as

you guys are talking to me right now.

- Ain't this a blip?

- So, you don't believe me?

- Well, sweetheart, it's not that we don't believe you,

but you don't go to service but once a month.

- And then you leave five minutes before the benediction.

- You know, this is the reason why

I didn't want to tell you guys in the first place.

Because I knew that you wouldn't believe

anything that I had to say.

- Now hold it.

Don't forget who you're talking to.

And let's talk this through.

- When Maxine Johnson moved to India because God sent her

a message, you guys threw her a going away party

and you basically raised her $10,000 for her trip!

What makes me so different?

- First of all, she was a devout Christian.

She never missed a service!

She was on the Mission Board, the --

- Fed the homeless.

- She fed the homeless, and she used to read to the sick.

- So, basically you're telling me that because I don't go to

church every single Sunday, God won't speak to me?

- No, sweetheart, that's not what we're saying.

What we're trying to tell you --

- Listen.

What did God tell you to do in Red Springs?

- He told me

to go to Red Springs

and work with children at a hippotherapy farm.

- Hippotherapy?


- You don't even like children?

- Sweetheart, do you realize how huge those animals are?

They will trample you to death.

- Mom, I didn't say, "hippopotamus!"

Hippo is a Greek word for "horse."

You know what (laughing), forget it.

I knew you guys wouldn't approve or understand.

- I understand Greek.

Hippo, horse, I get it!

What is she talking about we wouldn't understand?

- While you're talking to God,

you can ask him about finding you a husband.

- God, I don't know why you chose me, but you did.

I know I'm not crazy.

I know you sent me a message.

So, I'm just going to ask that if you could just send me

one more sign so that I don't have any doubts

and I promise you I will trust you.

Just one more sign.


- What's up, Chica?

- Swamped trying to get through payroll.

- How was your weekend?

- Crazy! Got into a fight with an eight-year-old boy

at church and, to top it off,

got in a bigger fight with my mom and dad.

- Who won the fight?

- Which one?

- Eight-year-old?

- Mmm, I did.

That little snotty nosed, smiley faced kid held his own.

Closest I've been to a real date in a long time.

- You're silly.

- (chuckles) How was your weekend?

- My brother's best friend swept me off my feet.

I literally mean swept me off my feet.

- Do tell!

- Some things you just can't explain.

This is one of them.

- Oh, come on now!

Not until you tell!

- Okay.

- Mm-hmm.

- So, Saturday night, my brother set me up on this

double date with him and his best friend.

Long story short, I drank a little too much and I slipped.

Stay with me.

So, I'm heading down to the ground.

Next thing you know, these huge arms engulf me,

- Oh!

- and lift me up. - Aww.

There's just something about being in a man's arms (sighs).

You hear me right?

- Yes, I do. (chuckles)

- I thought I was going to melt.

- Oooh, you're a bad girl.

I love it.

- Go away, you're going to get me in trouble.

- I'm not going to get you in trouble.

- Faith, can I see you a minute?

- Ah, yes.


Go, you're going to get me in trouble.

- You need this.

- I'm not going to get you in trouble.

- Yes, sir?

- Can you processes this for me, please,

and get a check out today if you can?

- [Faith] Absolutely.

Shane, could you tell me why you decided

to donate to this particular charity today?

- I just happened to answer the phone this morning

and the next thing I know, I committed to a $1,000 donation.

- Wow. I'll get this out today.

- Thank you.

(bright music)

- Hey, what are you doing here?

- I need to talk to mom and dad.

Are they here?

- Yeah, they're in the living room reading.

- Are they still upset?

- Are you still leaving?

- Yes.

- (sighs) God really spoke to you?

- And I got confirmation today at the job.

- Well, Sis, then I'm on board with you.

- Then have my back with mom and dad.

- Ugh!

(kissing) (chuckles)

- [Angela] Get a room!

- Hey, this is my house.

If you don't like me canoodling with my wife,

then there's the door.

- So, what are you doing here?

- I wanted to talk with you and dad.

- About?

- Now, now.

Let's hear her out.

- Okay.

- I know you both don't approve of me moving to Red Springs,

but this is something that I have to do.

- Honey, how are you going to survive?

- I have over $2,000 saved.

- Faith, that's not going to last you a month!

- I should have a job at Steps of Faith by then.

- Faith, have you forgotten

that you don't even like animals?

- I know this is hard for both of you to comprehend,

but I got confirmation today at work.

- Well, what do you want from us, sweetheart?

- For you both not to be upset with me.

- Faith, if this is your calling,

then what does it matter how we feel about it?

- Are you going to move

even if we don't give you our blessings?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- Well, then, there's your answer.

- I'm leaving on Wednesday.

- What?

Wait, Faith!

Are you two just going to let her walk out the door?

You sit in service every Sunday,

but because your daughter is following the voice of God,

you're ready to shoot the messenger?

(sighs) You know, I might just have to

rethink this whole religious thing.

I mean, I sit in service every Sunday.

I feed the homeless.

I help take care of the elderly,

but I've never actually heard God's voice,

not once.

- Angela, you're too young to understand.

- Save your breath.

- Faith --

- I'll see you, see you later.

- Faith, wait!



(sad music) (sighing)


- [Woman] Pastor Brooks, Sister Faith is here to see you.

- Oh, hey.

How are you?

- Hi.

- Before you get started, I have a couple things

I need you to sign for me, please.

Thank you so much.

- Mm-hmm.

What can I do for you?

- Well, Pastor,

I'm not even really sure if you will believe me.

- Well, try me.

- I now know what God wants me to do.

He revealed it to me yesterday.

- Hmm, well, I was a little taken aback.

You said that you were thinking that I wouldn't believe you.

- No!

- But I am in the believing business, you know.

- No, but, Pastor, I'm sorry.

It's not that I don't --

Actually it's just,

I wasn't even sure if I believed it myself.

I mean, but I got confirmation today at work.

- And what was the revelation?

- God told me to move to Red Springs, Texas,

and work with children on a hippotherapy farm.

- I heard about you and little Brandon Smith.

- Look, Brandon got all of the toilet paper and he --

- I'm just kidding, just kidding.


How's the deacon taking it?

- Not so well.

Not well at all actually.

- Just be patient.

He'll come around.

- I hope so.

- You know, God puts these obstacles in our path

so we don't go around feeling like saints.

- I have to admit, Pastor, I'm scared.

- Do you have time for an old story?

- I would love to hear a story.

I love your stories (laughing)

- When Claire and I first moved down to Dallas,

we had 1,400 bucks between us.

She was pregnant with our first child

and God told us to move to Dallas.

I had so many people telling me that I should move down here

first and then send for Claire.

And by people I mean Christians.

I said all that to say this,

follow your heart and God's message.

[Pastor] You have my blessings.

- Thank you, Pastor.

- I taught a young pastor

that finished at theologians school

and I think he would be a good shepherd for your transition.

- Okay.

- Now, Faith?

- Mm-hmm.

- Don't sit on any of those children

down there at the hippo.

- I won't. (laughing)

- All right.

- Thank you (laughing).

- Any time.

She sat on that boy.

- [Teacher] Working with children

is definitely not your strong suit.

- [Mom] If this is your calling,

then what does it matter how we feel about it?

- [Dad] This is some kind of a joke, right?

- [Mom] First, you got to get a man.

- [Teacher] (laughing) She sure did!

- [Mom] When are you going to find yourself a good man

and make me some grandbabies? - Have you forgotten that

you don't even like animals.

- [Mom] How are you going to survive?

- [Dad] Are you going to move

even if we don't give you our blessings?

- [Faith] I should have a job at Steps of Faith by then.

- [Dad] Ain't this a blip?

- [Pastor] Follow your heart and God's message.

(contemplative music)

- Yes, yes, yes!


- You don't have to look so happy!


Yes, well, now you finally have your own apartment.

Rent is paid up for like the next six months.

- You are the best! (laughing)

Oh, wait, wait, wait.

Now, let's get one thing straight.

No matter what happens in Red Springs,

I get to keep this apartment, right?

- Yes (laughing).

I'm not coming back, all right?

- Oh!

I'm really going to miss you.

- I'm going to miss you too.

I hope you come visit.

- I will.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Are they still upset?

- Yes, but they'll come around.

- Yeah.

Yeah, okay, well, I guess I better get out of here.

- Okay.

Will you call me when you get there?

- I will.

- Thank you, thank you.

- You're welcome.

All right, get inside, it's cold.

I'll see you around. - Be careful.

- All right, I'll call you.

- Bye. - I love you.

- Bye, I love you.

Ahh hah!

I'll ride with the horses

I'll swim through the sea

I'll climb to the mountain tops

Won't you come follow me

I'll take time to notice

All that I see

And after I've come so far

You know where I'll be

I'll fly away, fly away, fly away, fly away, oh

I'll fly away, fly away, fly away, fly away, oh

My life is a vision

That's how it should be

The world is a canvas

And the choices are free

At the end of the journey

Where all is complete

They'll all wonder where I've gone

But you know where I'll be

I'll fly away, fly away, fly away, fly away, oh

I'll fly away, fly away, fly away

(phone buzzing)



Yeah, girl, I made it.

I just got in.


Uh, about -- I don't know.

Maybe about an hour and a half from Dallas,

maybe about an hour and a half, hour and 45.


No, that's my stomach, I'm hungry.

Yeah, okay.

All right, I'll call you later,

I'm going to go grab something to eat real quick, okay?


All right, I'll talk to you later bye.

Love you, bye.

Forget it, I'm going to eat.

- What can I get you to drink?

- Sweet tea, please.

- [Waitress] All right.

- Thank you.

- I suggest that chicken fried steak.

It's the best in Texas.

- You know what?

I'll take that.

- All right.

How about some loaded mashed potatoes with green beans?

- Yes.

- Chicken fried steak loaded!

All right, be right back.

- Thank you.

- Hadn't seen you here before.

You new in town?

- Yeah, is it that obvious?

- Yeah, you stick out like a sore thumb.

- I'm from Dallas.

- Oh, well, let me be the first to welcome you to R and S.

- I'll have to remember that.

R and S.

- [Waitress] Yeah, you got any family here?

- No, I'm trying to get a job at Steps of Faith.

- Oh, that's cool. (bell ringing)

Sounds like your food is ready.


(phone alert)

- (sighs) Autism.

- All right, chicken fried steak!

The best in Texas. - Oowee!

Look like the biggest in Texas.

- (chuckles) Yeah.

Enjoy it, all right?

- Thank you.

(relaxed music)

- Let these boys on out.

Come on, baby, come on.

- Just let the horse do all the work, nice and easy.

Okay, Jan?

- Hi, I'm Faith Houston.

- Hello, ma'am.

Marshall Lee.

- (sighs) Nice to meet you, Mr. Lee.

- Well, everybody around here calls me Marshall.

- I will call you Marshall if you stop calling me ma'am.

Makes me feel old.

Faith works.


What's so funny?

- Well, I guess it's our ranch is called Steps of Faith and

you just said, "Faith works." - I just meant

that my name is Faith so, you know, you can call me --

- No, I'm sorry. I know, I get it.

Well, how can I help you?

- Could you tell me who I need to speak to

about applying for a job?

- That would be the silver headed lady over in corral three.

- What is that god awful smell?

- Oh, well,

that sweet pungent smell,

that'd be the smell of horse manure.

Seems like that's all I shovel these days.

- Yeah, well, I wouldn't want your job.

All right.

- All right, ma'am.

Oh, by the way, her name is Bell.

- [Faith] Thank you.

Eh, oh.

(laughs) Hi!

I was told you were the owner.

- If you're selling, I'm not buying.

- No, no, no no.

I'm not selling anything.

I didn't think about how I was gonna

say this until just now.

- Darling, I shoot straight,

and I expect people to shoot it straight to me.

- Okay.

I was told by God to come work on your farm with your

children through your hippotherapy program.


- You're joking with me.

- No, no no no.

- Did Marshall put you up to this?

- Marshall?

Marshall, right, no.

- What's your name, darling?

- Faith Houston.

- Faith?

Where you from?

- Dallas.

I packed up everything that I own

and moved to R and S yesterday.

- And what exactly did God tell you to do?

- He told me to do what you are doing right now.

- This is all a little too cuckoo for me (laughing).

I have to get back to my client.

We're not taking on any new staff right now.

Check back in six months.

- But God told --

God told me that I --


- You're having way too much fun, Jan. (laughing)

- Give me my tip, though.

- See you later, Nicole.

- I'll see you tomorrow.

You back.

- Yeah, I ran into a brick wall.

- What brick wall was that?

- The owner wouldn't even let me through the door.

I don't know what to do.

- Yes, you do!

You got to knock the front door down, honey.

If you want that job, you got to get it.

Maybe some food will help you feel better.

We got some chicken fried steak again.

Want that?

- No. That's a little too heavy.

- The meatloaf is good, it's rally good.

- Can I just have a plain

old fashioned regular cheeseburger?

- (laughing) Yeah.

That's good, with the works?

- Yeah, with extra pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, onions.

- Hush, girl!

Okay, what about a drink?

- Give me a Coke.

- All right.

Jean, heart attack special!

Keep your head up.

(mellow music)

- Who are you looking for?

- I'm looking for a church that has Pastor Olson.

(Phone Ringing)

- Pastor Olson.


Hey there.

- Hi!

- I assume you're Faith.

- Yes, Pastor Olson?

- I am, want to get rid of these?

- (laughing) Sure.

Ah, yeah, did you know that you're white?

- You know, I'm actually quite perceptive.

I picked up on that.

- Ha.

- So I assume Dwayne didn't tell you I was white.

- No, he kind of left out that little tid-bit.

- Well, I can recommend an African American church.

- Oh no no no no.

I -- I go to white churches all the time.

(singing scales)

- Nice, nice.

You know, you will fit right in.

- Yeah. (chuckles)

On a serious note,

did Pastor Brooks tell you about my situation?

- He did.

- Do you think it's crazy?

- No.

Let's get you inside.

We'll meet the staff, get a new member packet for you.

- Yeah.

- Oh, have you been out to --

oh, Faith, this way.

We go in the front door usually.

- Thank you.

- So, have you been out to Steps of Faith Farm yet?

- Um -- yes, but I didn't get a warm reception.

Well, that's Bell for you.

I'll be nicer, if you're nice.

I mean, if you're not nice, then I can't promise anything.

(bright music)

(birds chirping)

- You're back.

- I'm a glutton for punishment.

- Bell's not around.

She's out riding right now.


you're more than welcome to hang out here and wait for her.

- That smell!

How do you stand it?

- You get used to it after a while.

- Is this what you do all day?

- Nah.

I work with the children a lot,

but since there's nobody to clean out the stalls,

well, that falls on me nowadays mostly.

- Yeah.

- I see you're keeping Marshall from his work.

- No, I was just looking for you.

- The answer is still, "no."

- I'll do anything.

- Darling --

- Faith.

- Okay, Faith.

We have a lot of work to get to.

So, if you would please just leave the property.

- God told me that I was supposed to be doing this.

- Well, he didn't tell me.

- I'll be back every day until you hire me.

- Goodbye.

- See you tomorrow!

She likes me!

(playful music)

- Hey!

- Oh!

- Stalk much?

- No, no, not -- I don't stalk people.

No, I'm just out taking in the town!

- Well, I'm just saying it looks like you're following me.

- I'm not following, now, why would I be following you?

- Because you need a job.

- I'm just -- I heard about this --

realty place because I need a place to live.

I need to find a place.


- Okay, you know, I'm just saying because -- my mistake.

- Oh, Marshall -- um -- just --

just one question.

- What's that?

- How can I get Bell to hire me?

- Why would I want to tell you that?

- Because I really need this job.

- Hmm.

All right, you know what?

Maybe I'll tell you if you admit that you were stalking me.

- I wasn't stalking you.

- Well, Okay, that you were following me.

- I was -- I -- I was trying to get a place.

Okay I was following you.


- Be at the barn, 6AM,

make sure you can wear something

you don't mind getting dirty and smelly.

- Why do I have a feeling I'm going to regret this?

- I'm going to leave you a note.

Look for a note.

- Okay.

- Morning.

You know, I didn't actually think you'd do it.

- It would go a lot faster if I stopped throwing up.

You didn't give me this job so that you could

stop doing it, did you?

- (scoffs) Well (clears throat),

you asked for an opportunity and I think this will

definitely get Bell to notice you.

- I think I'm going to be sick.

- Too prissy.

That turns Bell off.

She likes people who can roll up their sleeve

and get the job done.

- You're right.

I can do it.

- Well, you showed her that you're persistent.

Now get the job done.

- Got to hand it to you, you have tenacity.

- I'm willing to do anything to prove to you

that I wasn't lying.

- I never said you were lying.

Job pays $7.25 an hour.

You want it?

- Yes.

- It's from sun up to sun down, five days a week.

- I'm your girl.

- You need to feed and water the horses,

brush them down good every night.

You think you're cowboy enough to do that?

- Yes, ma'am.

- Just Bell.

Faith, your journey begins today.



(laughing) I give her a week.

- She is exactly what we need on this farm (laughing).

- [Bell] I'll give you 10 to one odds!

(uplifting music)

(door slams)

- You alive in there?

You okay?

- No, I hurt everywhere.

- I -- I'm sorry, but you really got to speak up.

I can't hear you.

- I can't move.

- Oh, yeah (laughing).

That's some real hard work you were doing.

- What are you doing here?

- I figured you might be exhausted and you didn't have any

time to stop and eat so --

brought you a little something something.

- Thank you!

Do I have to get out of the car to eat it?

- No.

I mean it's really nothing fancy, just a burger and fries.

- Ah!

You are a life saver.

- Soda.

- [Faith] Thank you.

- You worked your tail off today.

That says a lot.

- Thank you.

But, to be honest with you, I quit about 20 times.

I just couldn't muster up enough energy to go tell Bell.

- Hey (laughing).

Well, you know what?

It's either going to get better or it'll get a whole lot

worse, but I think in a couple of days

you'll be a pro at it.

- I hope not.


- Let me -- ah -- let me walk you to your door.

- Oh!

I don't think I can walk.

- You serious?

- I could barely get in the car and drive home.

- You stay right there. (clears throat)

- What are you doing?

- All you have to do is

give me your key. - Oh, I can't lift that.

Okay, 110.

(mellow music)

(moaning and laughing)

- It's not funny.

You didn't tell me it was going to be this hard.

- Oh, this might take all night.

Ho oh oh oh hey, hey.

Here you go, here you go.

I got you, I got you. - Alright.

Put your arm -- there we go.

All right.

Ah, all right. - Ugh! (chuckles)

How's that?

A little better?

- Mm-hmm.

- Faith!

Come on get in here a little bit.

I've been watching how you've been dealing with the horses.

And you got to connect with these horses like you do humans.

All right?

- I have to admit I don't have a good rapport with animals.

- That's Okay.

Neither do most of the children that come here.

Ain't that right, Buttercup?

See how I'm stroking him?

- Mm-hmm.

- Touching him?

I want you to come on the other side.

I want you to do the same thing.

- Eh -- Marshall.

- Come on, don't worry about it.

I won't let him bite you.

Come on.

There we go.

There you go.

Laughs) Nice and easy.

- Ooh! (laughing)

My heart is beating so fast.

Ooh, I feel like it's going to jump out of my chest.

- [Marshall] Take a deep breath.

- See, when your heart's racing, horse,

they can hear it from at least six feet away.

There you go.

Just breathe.

- Where are you -- what are you doing?

- Relax.

Just stay there.

Just keep stroking him.

- Where are you going?

- Keep stroking him.



There you go.

Something so comforting and something so powerful

allows us to be a part of it.

It's like being in love, engulfs every part of us,

takes your breath away.

Don't want to let go of that feeling forever.

- Thank you for being such a gentleman last night.

- Don't mention it.

You know, truth be told,

I didn't even think you were going to show up today.

- I have a great responsibility.

God told me that I was supposed to be doing this.

- (chuckles) You know, I think Buttercup likes you.

- I like Buttercup. (kisses)

- Well, I got to get him groomed and dressed.

- Yeah.

I guess I got to get back to shoveling.

- That's right, work, work, work.

(upbeat music)


- Oh!


Are you stalking me?

- No, no no.

Just checking up on you

and I think that's a good thing (laughing).

- I thought I got out of the car already.

- No, no, didn't seem to happen.

But you know what?

I got a better idea for you.

I'm going to be your car hop.

Come on.

Get on.

Let's go.

- Okay. - Come on (laughing).

I don't know if you can make it.

I hope you can.

Oh, There you go (laughing).

(mellow music)

- Going to make this a habit?

- I don't know.

The way you jumped,

I'm definitely not going to make this a habit.

- So, what's on the menu for tonight?

- Here you go.

All right.

Luanne's famous club turkey sandwich

with big baked potato chips.

- Ooh!

A girl can get spoiled like this.

- Well, you know, I guess you're on to my evil plan.

If you look in there,

you might even see an oatmeal raisin cookie.



- Oh!

- All right.

So, get some rest.

- Ah Yeah.

Well, I'm definitely going to do that.

It's going to take me two days to recover.

- You know, if you're up to it this weekend,

maybe you might want to catch a movie?

- Are you asking me out on a date?

- Well, you know, best way I know how.

- Well, I won't go to the movies with you,

but you can accompany me to church Sunday.

- Church.

- Mm-hmm.

- Yep -- yeah.

I'll be right here with bells on.

- You don't have to look so excited.

- Oh, no no, I'm excited, yeah!


Nah -- I'll be here.

I'll be here.

- All right.

- [Marshall] All right.

- Sunday!

- [Marshall] Yep, Sunday!

- Thank you for the cookie.

(mellow music)

(choral singing)

- Please, after you.

- Hey, you do know this is a white church, right?

Yes, Jesus loves me

And I love Jesus

- Marshall!

- (laughing) Okay, wait, wait.

Jesus forgive me.

You know I'm joking.

All right.

Okay, all right.

- You may be seated.

Thank you guy so much for being here

and thank you for that music.

That was great.

You know, believe it or not,

the attendance was actually up by two this week.

So maybe if we all get here at the same time,

we might have more people.

I'd like for the church to welcome Miss Houston,

who is all the way from Dallas, and her friend.

Give her a great welcome.


You guys are stuck now.

These doors only open from the outside.

All the way up to the front here, guys.


It's actually softer up here.

It doesn't get used much.

Come on down (laughing).

You know, a good friend of mine told me

that one of his sheep was moving to Red Springs

and was in need of a really good shepherd

to make the transition smooth.

I accepted that honor.

He also told me something about Miss Houston

that was a little refreshing.

Do you mind if I share with the congregation?

Faith accepted a vision from God

that her calling was to move to Red Springs

and help the children on the Steps of Faith farm.

Now, that's spectacular, but what I find even more

spectacular is the action of God.

See, my good friend went on to tell me that Faith

doesn't have a great rapport with children or animals

and she wasn't even a regular attendee

at her previous church.

Now, I have assurance that Faith will be here every Sunday,

but the miracle is that God uses us all in different ways.

We don't have to be pew members or career saints

for God to speak to us.

In fact, my sermon today asked a question.

Would you know God's voice if it spoke to you?

I think that's something we all need to ask ourselves.

So, let's open up our bibles now.

Thank you so much.

Hey! How are you?

Hi there. - Thank you.

Thanks, we'll see you later.

- Lovely service.

- Thank you.

- Hey Scott.

Yeah, thanks, man, we'll see you later.

- Hi.

- Hey, how are you guys?

- Yeah, your sermon, you were on fire today.

- Ah, I think you're being just a little too kind there.

You know, I think the congregation perked up

when you two walked in. - Ah!

A few members were asleep during bible study

just perked right up.

- That's funny.

- I think that was the first time

they ever heard one of my sermons.

You know, I've seen you around town,

but I don't know your name.

- Oh, I'm sorry, Marshall Lee.

- Marshall.

Are you Dorothy's grandson?

- Actually, yes, I am.

The one and only.

- How is your grandmother?

- Mean as ever.

- Well, hey, she wouldn't be Mrs. Dorothy

if she wasn't (laughing).

- Well, you'll come back and visit us, won't you?

- Yes, sir.

- Great.

Faith, Pastor Brooks tells me

that you have an angelic voice.

- Well, he's exaggerating a little bit.

- Well, I'd like to put in just a small request.

- Okay.

- I've been really wanting to kind of branch out

with our music lately, just kind of, I don't know,

add more styles and just kind of --

I don't know, broaden a little bit.

I just want to build things up and build some excitement

going and I just think you'd be perfect with that.

Would you mind?

- Sure.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- That was easy.

Please don't leave

until everyone has a chance to introduce themselves.

- Alright.

And I'm going to call Pastor Brooks and let him know

I learned something.

- Just don't call him from his porch.

- He's never going to let that go.

- Not a chance.

- Yeah.

- Not a chance.

- Let's go (laughing).

- Yeah, we'll see you later.

- So, snacks outside?

- Ah --

- No snacks?

- If you brought some, there will be some out there.

- Oh, okay, no no no it's fine.

- Big Momma, Marshall's here, he got a girl with him.

- Oh, hush, girl.

Get that corn and put it over there on the table.

- Now, why are you so late?

- Well, uh, I was in church.

- Oh!

- Wow, wow, wow.

Big Momma, you Okay?

What -- give me some water.

Is -- is it your heart, Big Momma?

- I been trying for years to get you to go to church.

I thought Jesus Christ

was going to have to come and get you.

- Oh, my goodness. (laughing)

Big Momma, this is Faith Houston.

She's from Dallas.

- My name is Dorothy, but everybody calls me Big Momma.

I was just fooling with him (laughing).

- You're too much.

- Okay, well, now, have a seat anywhere.

The food and the conversation's all free.

- I like that.

- Lord.


- Ah, Yeah.


I can't believe you scared me like that, Big Momma.

I think I aged 15 years. (laughing)

I see Cheryl dumped the kids on you again.

- You know your sister.

Work, work, work.

- Mm-hmm.

- Did I hear him right?

You're from Dallas?

- Who is, "him?"

- Oh, hush, boy.

- Yes.

- Well, what church do you attend?

- In Dallas, I've been going to Mount Taber Baptist Church,

but here I've been going to Pastor Olson's church.

- Oh.

- On first Street.

- That's a good pastor.

You got any children?

- Oh, I'm sorry.

I forgot to tell you.

Big Momma, she don't go for the jabs,

she goes straight for the knockout.

- I'm not going to tell you to be quiet no more.

- No, ma'am.

- There.

She looks like a nice woman, Marshall.

Got you to go to church (laughing).

Well, let's bless the food.

- Well, Big Momma say you're all right, you're all right.

- Father, bless this food and bless this family.

Let it be a nourishment to our bodies, Amen.

- Amen. - Amen.

- What, Miss Giggles?


- What?


- Has any -- has anybody ever told you that your grandmother

looks like the woman from Soul Food?

- What, no, she doesn't look like the woman from Soul Food.

- Yes, she does!

- Oh, come on, really?

- Yes!

- Are you serious?

- I'm dead serious. - No.

I don't see that at all.

All right, well, you know what?

Maybe I'll tell her.

She'll probably get a kick out of it.

- Yeah.

Big Momma would get a kick out of it.

I had a good time today.

- You know what?

I had a really, really great time too.

You know, it's the first time I've ever been on

a first date at a church. (laughs)

It's pretty nice.

- It was, huh?

- Yeah.

- Well, I guess I better turn in.

- Let me get the door for you at least.

(romantic music)

- You're going to need to pick up the pace.

Our job agreement is based on you cleaning out the stalls,

feeding the horses, as well as grooming them.

But the most important part is the children.

Those children depend on us to do our job every day.

- I'll keep up.

- I haven't seen you interact

with one child since you've been here.

It seems your focus has been other places.

- I'm just trying to do my job.

- Last man who had this job did it in half the time

and you still need to work with the children.

Can you handle that?

- I'll be up to speed tomorrow.

- I hope so.

- Hey. Thought you might want to grab some dinner?

- (sighs) I need your help.

I need a crash course on how to work with the horses

from dressing them to brushing them down.

- (laughing) You know, there is no cliff note version.

- Please.

Bell's going to fire me if I don't.

- Okay, all right, all right.

First thing you want to do is you want to respect the horse.

Trust has got to be established.

Take Buttercup for instance, 1,200 pounds,

power and grace in that body, but, at the same time,

act just like a child.

One kick from that magnificent beast

will kill you instantly.

Now, you already got a fear of animals

so you got to get over that quickly.

All right, because they can sense it.

- How do I do that?

- Think of somebody trying to hurt somebody you love.

You don't think about it, you just react.

You got to control the horse and mostly by the reins.

All right with a firm hand.

Not abusive, but firm.

You and Buttercup already have a rapport,

so you got to continue to build that relationship.

- Okay.

- All right, first thing's first.

You wanna put the pad next to the horse's skin.

- That's the pad?

- There you go.

- Okay.

- There you go, nice and easy.

- Okay.

- And you want to get the saddle.


Like so.


There we go.

And you want to make sure the mane is not underneath

so when you're riding, the horse doesn't get uncomfortable.

You always want to keep this on top.

We going to let this down.

There we go, that down.

And the girth.

So we take the girth right here.

Here we go.

Would you step back a little bit?

There we go.

We want this girth to be nice and tight.


But we don't want it too tight where it irritates the horse

because irritate a horse, oooh, that is not a fun horse.

Now, all right.

How you catching up with all this so far?

You holding up good?

- It's a lot of information, but -- but I'm getting it.

- Next important step.

When you're walking behind the horse,

you always want to touch the horse

just like you're doing right there.

That lets the horse know that you're there

so the horse doesn't get spooked.

You don't want to get kicked.

- Got it.

- If you forget just about everything I just told you,

you don't ever want to forget that one.

- (sighs) I got it.

- (chuckles) All right.

I'm going to give you this hat.

My daddy gave me this hat.

Nothing ever, ever happened to me on a horse,

nothing but good things wearing this hat.

Now, this hat is yours.

All right?

- Okay.


- All right, I think you're ready.

(upbeat music)

- Does she know this starts at 7PM?

- Hi!

Sorry I'm late.

I'm Faith.

- Don't worry about it, sweetheart.

Let's just get to practice.

- But, on behalf of the choir, we are so excited.

We welcome you with open arms.

We hear that the pastor is going to

make you head of the choir.

It's so exciting.

It feels like joyful noise choir or Sister Act.

- Yeah.

I wouldn't quite put it like that,

but we'll -- we'll see.

So, what is your favorite song?

- Mighty Fortress is Our God.

- Okay.

I don't know that one.

- Oh, how about Lord, I Come Home?

- Okay.

Let's try something different.

Actually, let's try Amazing Grace.

Everybody knows Amazing Grace, right?

- I lead the majority of songs for the choir.

- Perfect!

All right.

So, let me hear your rendition.

Amazing grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me. ♪

- That's awesome, awesome.

A little room for improvement.

Anybody else want to try?


Can you sing?

- Oh, no. no no no.

You on your own.

But, you know, I did text somebody

and I think help is right on the way.

They should be here in like a few minutes.

- Thank you.

Okay, so, why don't we practice a little bit

until they arrive?

Okay, so,

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound

- Hey, ha-ha!

There goes my nephews.

Hey, now, they started in Georgia,

all the way in California putting it down.

They call themselves the Jackie Boys.

- All right. good, good, good.

- Anoint them!

- Okay, alright.

So, can I hear --

- Pound it.

What's going on?

What up?

Give me some.

Give me some.

Oka, all right all right.

- Can I hear your rendition of Amazing Grace?

- Sure, no problem. - Absolutely.

- Come on, nephews, give it to 'em.

Amazing Grace

How sweet the sound

That saved a wretch like me

- Yeah!

I once was lost

Oh, but now I'm found

Oooh ♪ ♪ Yeah

Was blind but now I see

Take your time, take your time

Oh Holy ♪ ♪ Oh Holy

Holy ♪ ♪ Oh Holy

Holy ♪ ♪ Oh Holy

Holy is the lamb ♪ ♪ Woo well

Say whoa Holy, yeah ♪ ♪ Oooh


Holy is the lamb, ooh hoo ooh hoo

- Whoo!


- Myrtle?

How was that?

- A little better.

(playful whistling music)

- I see you made a new friend.


- Well, I think you can tell better than anyone else

she's becoming a little more than a friend.

- Mm-hmm.

I didn't think she'd last a week.

Probably wouldn't have if it hadn't been for you.

- Oh, come on.

(chuckles) I don't know about all that.

You know she been sleeping in the barn the past few nights?

I think she's going to make a believer out of you yet.

Oh, yeah (laughing).

She's growing on you.

Down goes Frasier (laughing).

- Hey! - Hey!

- How are you? (laughing)

- I've been good.

- Good, good.

Is this for me, this my table?

- That's your table.

- It's my favorite.

- We've been waiting on you, where you been?

- Oh, I got that job at Steps of Faith.

- Oh, really, how is it?

- The hardest work that I've ever done in my life.

- Hey, well, we got a dishwashing position open back there

if you want it. (laughing)

- Thank you, but I will hold on there a little bit longer.

- All right, well, what will you be having today?

- I want a chicken fried steak

with double mashed potatoes and a slice of apple pie.

- Oh, Okay.

You got a grown man's appetite today, huh?

- Yeah, when you have a grown man's job, you eat like one.

- I hear you.

All right, what are you going to have to drink?

- Give me a big, huge lemonade.

- All right.

- Yes.

- All right, coming right up, sweetie.

- All right, it's good to see you.

- Likewise.

- I'm hungry, tell them to hurry up!

- All right.

(gospel music)

Oh yeah


Ooh yeah Holy

Ooh yeah Holy is the lamb

One more time, sing it

Thank you Jesus, Oh thank you Jesus

Holy is the lamb

Oh oh yeah

- Woo! (Applause)

- Man.

That is what I'm talking about.

You know what?

I think we should just stop right there

because I'm not going to be able to beat that at all.

Thank you, Faith, so much.

You -- you definitely brought out the best in our choir.

All right, guys, open up your bibles to Matthew 13:1-13.

In today's sermon,

we're going to address sowing good seed onto good ground.

- [Marshall] You see that star up there?

- [Faith] Mm-hmm.

- I look at that star every night

and I always just wonder what allows it to glow so bright.

It kind of does something to me.

You know, I never asked you, why is it that you're single?

Or, are you single? (laughs)

- Ah, well, my mother asks me that every time I talk to her.

You know, I just -- I just had different priorities.

It wasn't -- it wasn't on the top of my list at that time.

- Hmm.

- So, what about you?

- Oh, me?

I'm single.

- Yeah.

- Well, I mean, yeah.

I guess I -- well, got tired of using that excuse that men

like to use that I'm just a man chasing all these women and,

I don't know, I've got to finally spend time with myself

and focus on important things at the ranch.

- Hmm.

- Yeah.

- So, what is it that attracts you to me?

- Well, right off, your smile.


And the way you said

the first time I met you, "Faith works."


- Faith works (laughing).

- Yeah, Faith works.


But as time went on, I have to be honest,

that would also be shared with your heart.

- How so?

- Just the way you open up to me

and showed me who you really were.


(romantic music)

- Whoa.


- Tell me what you did.

- I -- I put the pad on the horse's skin

and then the saddle on top of the horse.

As you can see, I connected the lead rope.

- You made sure the girth was tight?

- Yes.

Absolutely, double checked, twice.

- Good.


I need you to be a side walker today.

- I still have to prepare the rest of the horses.

- Faith, eventually you're going to have to

work with the children.

- I will,I promise!

- Tomorrow!

I don't want any excuses.

- I'll be ready!

(mellow music)

- Ugh.


Marshall, not now, I'm too tired to eat.


Come back later!


Better have a juicy T-bone steak with an apple pie -- Okay.

I will knock you --

- And who is this Marshall? (laughing)

- Sis!

- Hey!

- Hey!

- Oh, ooh, uh-hun.

Back up (laughing).

- Come on -- come on in.

Don't worry about the whole Marshall thing.

And what are you doing here?

- Well, I just came here to surprise you.

- Oh, well, I am definitely pleasantly surprised.

- So, tell me, how are things going?

And, honey, why do you stink?


- Because I just got in.

I haven't had a chance to get in the shower yet.

- Well, you -- you smell like a pig pen.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

You hungry?

- I am starving.

- Oh!

I know this little restaurant

that's got the best country fried steak.

- Sounds good, I'm ready.

- Okay.

- But -- but -- you need to go find you some soap and water.

- (scoffs) Shut up.

- Where is it, that way.

- Help me, help me take this boot off.

I can't reach it.

- Act like you 50 something years old.

Okay, ready?

- Yes?

- You ready?

- Go.

Thank you.

- Go on to the bathroom (laughing).

- I don't know why you fall for that trick every time.

- Got my pants dirty -- favorite pants (sighs).

(sighs) This place.

- This is the place.

- Yes yes yes.

- Hi, thank you.

- Thank you.

- You can sit in my seat.

- Your seat, okay.

- Hi.

Nicole, this is my baby sister, Angela.

Angela, this is Nicole.

- It's nice to meet you, Angela.

- Likewise.

You know, Faith says that you guys have the best

chicken fried steak in the whole town.

- So, you want two, right?

- Yes.

- I got you.

- Um -- I'll be right back.

- Okay.

- Y'all want some tea?

- Yes.

- All right.

- So, where's my dinner?

- (laughing) Oh, well, you know, I invited you.

However, I thought you'd be in a deep sleep by now.

Why are you awake?

- Thought I was too,

but my baby sister showed up at my doorstep.

- Your sister?

- My little baby sister.

- Oh.

Why don't you two come over and join me?

- Yeah?

- Absolutely.

- Okay.

All right.


- You know she got our tea, right?

- Yes.

- I really like Nicole, she is so nice.

- Good, good good.

Get your stuff. I want you to meet somebody.

- Okay.

- Come on, hurry hurry hurry.

- Okay, what -- what?

Where are we going?

Meet somebody.

- Yes.

- Where are we going?

- Marshall, I want you to meet my baby sister, Angela.

Angela, this is Marshall.

- Well, it's nice to meet you, baby sister, Angela.

- For some reason I want to shout out, "We are Marshall."

- Well, you could shout out, "We are Marshall,"

but they might kick us out.

- Uh, yeah.

No, sit down.

- He is cute.

- Sit down, sit down, sit down.

- You two ladies have just made my night.

- [Both] Aww.

- So, how long will you be in town?

- Oh, just a couple of days.

But, real question, how do you guys know each other?

- Well, we're coworkers and --

- Okay.

- Shh.

Stop embarrassing me.

- Here you go, babe.

- Oh. - Oooh!

See, look look look look look.

- This steak is huge. - Ah, Nikki?

- Yes?

- Would you mind putting their food on my tab?

- Oh, is that right?

Okay. - Yeah.

Behave yourself.

- You don't have to do that.

- Please.

It would be my pleasure.

- Thank you.

Thank you, Marshall, thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Okay.

I know you ate, but I'm about to dig in. (laughs)

(birds tweeting) (dog barking)

- She seems to be coming along well.

- She's great with the horses.

She won't go near the children.

She always makes some excuse to disappear.

- I'll talk to her.

By the way,

I want the company to pay for her to get certified.

- That's a huge commitment.

And a lot of money.

I think you're letting your emotions get the best of you.

- You might be right.

But I'm going to follow my instincts on this one.

- What makes you think she's got what it takes

to do this kind of work?

- First off, we're not using her in the right way.

We got her working in the barn.

She's an accountant.

She needs to be in the office taking care of payroll.

So, hire somebody else to take care of the barn this week.

- It's your company.

But you asked me to make sure the children come first

and to keep the doors open.

- That's right.

- She's going to have to do both jobs

until I can hire somebody else.

- We'll find somebody in a week.

You tell her about the certification.

- I will.

Right after she works with the children.

- Fair enough.

- You know, it's not just your head

you're putting on the chopping block.

Mine's lined up right next to yours

if this doesn't work out.

- See, we are much more than an idea over here.

I mean, we really, really help people.

Now, you know, our kids mostly our mainstay,

but we also have 20 active adults ranging from the ages of

18 to 65. So, for us, it's all about equine assistance.

Now, our staff consists of two therapists who work with over

30 kids annually, but we never -- we never work with more

than three kids at a time.

And we may be four years new,

our mission is quality over quantity.

Which brings us up to you and what this ranch

would like to accomplish.

We want to hire on a hippotherapist.

That way, we'd be able to work with people with

Cerebral Palsy, autism, learning disabilities,

speech disorders, make us a much more effective ranch.

When you got here, you were afraid of horses.


- Yeah.

- Now look at you and Buttercup.

You're practically inseparable.

So, imagine how much inspiration that would give

all those children that are just looking

for a little bit of hope.

I want you to think about it.

All right?

Really think about it.

All right.

- Okay.

So, tell me again because I don't understand.

- What if I mess up and one of those kids gets hurt?

- Faith, honey, you moved to a whole new city and you got

a job without anybody's help.

Girl, I'm sure you can get over this.

- I hope so.

- Yeah.

All you need is a good night's sleep

and then you'll be fine.

Hey, hey, remember,

God said that this was your purpose, huh?

- You're right.

- Yes.

- Who's the big sister here?

- Looks like I am (laughing).

- You really have to leave tomorrow?

- Yeah, I'm due back at work at 10.

- I really enjoyed you being here.

- I'm glad I could come down.

Oh, you know something?

- What?

- That Marshall, girl, he is fine.

- What'd you say?

- He's fine!

I mean, who knows.

Momma might be getting them grandchildren

sooner than she thinks, huh? (laughing)

- [Emily] I'm scared, I'm scared!

- [Bell] You're doing great, Emily.

- I'm scared.

- Sit up tall, they're right there to help you.

- That's right, doing well.

- I'm scared!

- [Bell] You've got lots of people there helping you.

- Okay.

Buttercup, slow down a little bit!


(dramatic music)

- All right.

- What just happened?

- I don't -- I don't know.

Buttercup -- Emily -- I can't --

- You got her?

Hey, Faith, wait!

- I got to go!

- Wait a minute.

- Bell, not now.

- [Marshall] Faith!

- [Marshall] Faith!

- Faith.

- Marshall, just - What are you doing?

- Not now, Marshall. - Are you Okay?

- I'm fine, okay?

- What are you doing? - I am fine.

I got to go home.

- Why?

- Because this isn't for me, all right?

- What isn't for you?

- All of this, the kids, the farm.

It's just not for me.

- Whoa whoa whoa, slow down and just talk to me.



Why don't you just -- come on?

Take a moment and

just talk to me. - What?

What do you want?

Did you see what happened today?

- Yes.

I know what happened.

- I could have hurt that kid.

- Yeah, but you didn't.

- Yeah, but I could have.

- Look, it wasn't your fault, okay?

And these kids know the difference

between pity and compassion.

You told us that God sent you to our farm.

- I was wrong.

He was wrong.

Why would God send me here when He knew I would fail?

- And, what, you think running away

is going to solve anything?

- I'm scared, Marshall, Okay?

- That's fine if you --

- I'm scared!

- And that's fine if you scared.

We all get scared, Okay?

You leaving now changes nothing.

You've come so far in such a short time.

Look, I get it.

It's cool.


Where does that leave us?

- I don't know, Marshall.

I need time to think.

I just -- I just need a little time -- I don't know.

(dramatic music)

- Did you talk to her?

- No.

I thought you were going to talk to her.

- Oh, I tried.

- Steph, try again.

- Do you know that your daughter has been on that couch for

a week and I haven't seen her take as much

as a slice of bread?

I need you to talk to your daughter.

Come here.

Honey, I just need you to be the kind and loving,

compassionate father that you always are.

Oh, please.

- Babe, Okay.

And then?

- Go talk to your daughter first.

- And then?

- We'll see (laughing).

- Faith?

What's the matter, sweetheart?

Come on, now.

Come on, Faith.

What's the matter?

We -- we've been trying to wait until you were ready to

talk, but it's been a week and your mother and I,

we're worried.

- I -- I couldn't do it.

- Couldn't do what?

- I just -- I couldn't do it today.

- Shhh.


- You guys were right.

I'm not good with children.

Why would God send me some place that

He knew I was going to fail, daddy?

Why? (sobbing)

- God doesn't make mistakes.

- Well, He did this time.

- Faith, look at me.

Look at me.

- Daddy, I --

- Come on now.


God said His word would not come back to Him void,

but it shall accomplish all that He pleases,

and it shall prosper in the thing for which He sent it.

- Yeah, but you -- you guys didn't believe --

you didn't even believe me

when I told you what God said to me!

- Now -- now, I didn't say I didn't believe you.

- But you said, "What the blip,"

and then all of you guys sat there --

- Faith.

Faith, you have to understand.

My job as a husband and as a father is to protect my family.

When you are away from me, I can't protect you.

- I don't know, daddy.

Maybe I was wrong.

- I don't think so.

- How do you know?

- You sat right down over there at that table,

you looked me in my eyes, and you told me and your mother

that you heard Him clear as we're talking to you right now.

Am I correct?

- Yes, but --

- There are no "buts."

Now, everything God sends you to do,

it's not going to be easy.

However, with Him, you can accomplish all things.

- Why does He make things so hard?

- Because He doesn't want a whole lot of

weak Christians walking around here.

- I guess He's trying to make me into Hercules.

- (laughing) Listen.

You overcame your fear of animals.

Maybe God wants you to overcome your fear of children.

That might be part of his plan.

I think it's time for you to pick yourself up

and go and get what God has for you.

- Yes, sir.

- Okay, baby.

- Daddy?

- Yes, sweetheart?

- Thank you.

- Any time.

- Bell?

Sorry for losing my head and leaving.

- What do you want, Faith?

Marshall's not here.

- I didn't come here for Marshall.

I came here to get my job back and to make everything right.

- Walk with me.

Keep up!

Marshall's dad and his brother, Patrick, are buried here.

His dad ran this place

back before it was Steps of Faith Ranch.

You know, Faith, when you first came here,

I thought you were one of those mission seekers.

- Mission seekers?

- People who try to build themselves up

by traveling around the world helping people.

- Yeah, no no no no. I'm far from that, to be honest.

I probably went to church maybe once a month

before I moved here.

- That's news.

- My family thought I was crazy

when I told them that God spoke to me.

- You know why I ride every morning?

I want to make sure I pray at least once a day

so I have the strength and wisdom to help those kids.

When I'm on that horse, I feel the wind in my face,

I see the sun peeking through painting the sky red

and purple, and I realize I'm here to do more than just

think about myself.

What we do is special.

When you see a child walk or talk for the first time,

it's like a glimpse of God.

This ranch means everything to Marshall and me.

- I understand.

- No, I don't think you do.

Marshall founded Steps of Faith Ranch.

It's his calling.

His brother, Patrick, was autistic.

He needed a lot of help when he was a kid.

It wasn't always easy on Marshall.

He left home when he was a teenager.

Didn't come back until after his dad died.

He didn't know anything about running a ranch.

That's why I'm here.

You know the reason I didn't fire you?

Because of Marshall.

He put his neck on the line for you!

He never questioned anything I did.

He thought you were the missing piece.

He had a dream that one day

you two would run this place together.

- I feel like I let everybody down.

- Faith, do you really want to commit to helping these kids?

- Yes.

- Then you need to become a licensed therapist,

trained and registered.

Takes at least three years.

- I'll do whatever it takes.

(laughs) I guess we've heard that before.


- I understand on your last job, you were an accountant.

- Yes.

I did payroll amongst other things.

- I could use someone in the office.

- Yes.

- Now, go find Marshall.

- I don't know where to begin.

- I think you might find him at his grandmother's house.

- Bell --


(inspirational music)

- Now, get out of here!

I'm going to put you to work shoveling.

- Please no (laughing).

- How are you?

- Good.

- Good.

- Well, come right on in!

- Hi.

Big Momma, do you know where I can find Marshall?

- Down at the church I think.

- Okay. Thank you.

- Where you going?

- To find him.

- Baby, women don't chase men.

Let him come to you.

- But I really, really, really need to talk to him.

- Baby, he comes here every Sunday for dinner

and I don't hardly think he's going to stop now.

Come on.

Help me fix dinner.

- Yes, ma'am.

- What are you doing here?

- I needed to see you.

- You needed to see me why?

- I wanted to try to -- try to explain what happened.

- You wanted to explain how you just left?

- I was confused.

- You were confused?

- I know that "sorry" does not help everything,

but I -- I would like to try to make it up to you

even if it takes a lifetime.

- What happens the next time you get confused?

- I'm not perfect.

I'm a work-in-progress.

I know that I'm going to make more mistakes, but I will do

my best to try to make it up to you as soon as possible.

You are my best friend (laughing).

And I am madly in love with you.

- And what about the children and the farm?

- No one will work harder than me with those kids

on that farm.

I've already spoken to Bell and she's hired me back.

- No.

She didn't hire you back.

I did, I just needed to hear you say it.

- [Dorothy] Boy, you better go on and kiss that girl

and drag her to the altar.

(inspirational music)

Let's eat! (laughs)

- I helped cook so (laughing) --

- Did you?

- I did!

(laughing) So I hope it's good!

A child with ASD such as Levi,

our first goal is to make sure

he's not afraid of the horses.

If he doesn't cry or stops crying in the first 15 minutes

of the process, he's a good candidate for the program.

- Levi is severely withdrawn.

It's like he's in his own little world.

We've been to every doctor and specialist.

No one has an answer.

I just don't want to get our hopes up.

- If you give us a chance,

I think you will see a remarkable difference.

It won't happen overnight, but it will happen.

We've seen it time and time again.

- What if he gets hurt?

- I can assure you safety is our first priority.

We have a staff that is very well trained and we have

the best hippotherapy program in the country.

- [Levi] What mom?

- Levi?


Want go see horse?

- It's Okay.

Levi, it's Okay.

- Levi?

- What?

- Want go see horse?

- Levi, stop, shh.

- Levi, go see horse.

It's okay.

It's okay.

You can go.

- Okay.


Levi, meet my friend, Buttercup.


- Yeah.

- Yeah.


- [Levi] I love you.


- Hey, honey.

- Hey, hey!

Hey, princess.

- Say, "Hi, mommy."

- There.

- You been working so hard.

- Come here.

Come to mommy.

Oh, I've missed you!

I missed you!

(R & B music)

It's the way you be blessin' me

Reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

The reason why I keep comin' ♪

It's the way you be lovin' me

The reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

It's the way way

Let me tell a little story

About when I was younger

When I first fell in love

I fell in love with you

I went to church with Amy

Then she introduced me to the love of Jesus

And I haven't been the same

I don't know where I would be

Without the love for me for me

It's the way you be blessin' me

Reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

The reason why I keep comin' ♪

It's the way you be lovin' me

The reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

It's the way, the way ever since the day

I met Jesus I have found everlasting love

You got me addicted to your love

To your love

Comin' back to your love

Comin' back to your love

Forgetting how I found your love

Your grace and yes it shows your love

I don't know where I would be

Without your love for me for me

It's the way you be blessin' me

Reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

Reason why I keep comin' back

It's the way you be lovin' me

The reason why I keep comin' back

Comin' back

It's the way, the way

When I stay away

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